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SIDE STORY Cloak and Dagger [Non-Canon]

Discussion in 'STORY ARCHIVES' started by C.T., Aug 16, 2015.

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      He cracked his neck, followed swiftly by his knuckles. "This is so much fun." He shook his head in disbelief. "You know, you'd think killing scores of people would get old after a while. Hell, I think I've killed different versions of the same people like...shit man, I can't even count. And a lot of them, coming at me with giant swords...just scoped and dropped. Heh. Never gets old." All on his way to killing every Arya Stark, every little annoying child he could find. All dead for the sins of one.

      "...Huh." He just had a thought. It was...a good idea. As much as he appreciated it, he also chastised himself for not thinking about it sooner. It was fucking brilliant! There were many Arya Starks no doubt spread across the endless multiverse and he now had the capacity to reach them.

      "Why can't the same be said for me? An army...of moi. The work would be done faster, much faster...Felix death squads. Ha! It has a nice ring to it." He stepped over to the fallen mook, reaching down and ripping his knife out of the guy's skull, absently twirling the blade. "And I'd finally have a partner who fucking gets me. Down to the smallest detail. Someone I could fucking stand. Fucking A! This is genius."

      He reached for the back of his armor, withdrawing one of the modified Teleportation Cubes gifted to him by Charon Industries. Clever little bastards. He switched it up from zeroing in on Arya Starks for the moment, instead scanning for his glorious murdering self. And with a flash of light...

      He still remained in the same spot. He glanced around briefly, scanning the area. Yes, it was the same. He tilted his helmet down, looking at the ground. "Right down to the bloody corpse!" He kicked the body in annoyance.

      "No, you stupid tech! Not "me" me! Other ones of me!" He reached out for another cube, shaking it and giving it a smack before he tried again.

      This time was more successful, his surroundings changed... "Better." He growled low, turning and looking for his counterpart.


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  1. [​IMG]

    "Yeah, yeah, have me responding.. I'll go fix it up now."

    Nice deal he had. Repay Gotham by kicking ass!

    Well, kick the bad guys ass anyways. He might be stealing some money from the treasury, but who knows? Batman won't come knocking on his door. Soon enough though, he would be jumping across roofs, swinging like a monkey and kicking up a ruckus. As he would land nearby an alleyway which apparently was where he was supposed to be. Called upon really. That Orange tint though.. He's seen it. Approaching it with a cautious stupor, it would prove what it was almost immediately. Once he stood up and looked at his counterpart, his hand reached back to his knife, quickly removing it as he stared at Felix.. Copy. Guy. "Okay, I've seen some shit but I haven't seen some pretty shit like myself... Who.. Or what, are you?"​
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  2. "..." He did a double take, looking at this other one of himself. "I'm not that stupid, am I?" He questioned, cocking his head to the side. "Take a good long look, numbnuts. This armor, the helmet, and yeah, my fucking voice. Nobody would have this armor except me and if they tried to take it, it'd be over my fucking dead body. Or yours. Ours. And not many people from back home have the skill to kill me. I'm the real deal."


    "I'm you. Except more handsome, naturally." He boasted, his smug grin underneath the helmet broadcasted quite clearly despite not being shown. "Now listen up, if you'll leave me to give the fucking questions, alright? Alright, good, glad we got that settled." He answered the question without a beat, glancing around. It was some city.

    "Namely...where the hell are we?"

  3. "So, mind doing me a favor and shutting the fuck up?" He groaned, this was worse than the Reds and Blues. Just one minute in and he was already annoyed by the bastard, but y'know.. He was him. And this Felix was a lot nicer than the annoying bastard in front of him. Was he so annoying? Goddamn. "If you gotta ask, no, I don't obviously fucking know where we are. Does miss princess have a date with Tucker and the Reds or are you just off back into your castle?" Under his helmet he gave a light smirk and a scoff, pacing himself in circles. "You u-... Did you use one of this displacement grenades!?" He yells, remembering the orange tint that encircled him for a moment, his helmet giving the vicious and onset stare directly at Felix.​
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  4. "You're the one who asked me a question, dumbass." He retorted in response to the shutting the fuck up request. "And you don't know?! Shit, did I just find the fucking Forrest Gump of Felixes? I locked onto you and got here and You. Don't. FUCKING. Know. Where. You. ARE?!" He shook his head in frustration...before his eyes narrowed behind his helmet as his other self straight up insulted him. "What?" He took a step closer, voice slipping into a low, guttural growl.

    "What the fuck did you just say? Say that again." He egged on, his sword flaring into existence with a snap-hiss.

  5. "I might've just found the most incompetent dipshit in that the universe has seen." He sighed, his hand placed over his visor as to signify a stressful situation. "Yes, you fucking moron, I don't know where we are! I've been living in the city of Gotham for more than a handful of years, don't think that because of that I remember every single goddamn thing that passes in the universe when I DON'T EVEN HAVE A SHIP!" He yelled, his hands thrown up in frustration, breathing out through a closed mouth and clutched teeth. As he saw the energy sword.. Key, turning on, he laughed, then pointed at Felix. "Oh-ho-ho-ho. Please, you think that THAT is gonna kill me!?" He laughed, assumed his fighting stance, before removing what looked like.. Batarangs. A smirk, then a command. "Activate." Led to the batarangs having a red and constant beeping light in the middle. "Still wanna play, princess?"
  6. "...Wait you live in fucking Gotham? What the hell? You trying to tell me you chill with goddamn Batman? Shove it--" He tilted his head, looking at the batarangs. "...Huh. Well holy shit. You live with Batman. I came here for entirely different reasons but I see now there's no getting through on that front. Still...I can't let this affront to my existence go undisturbed. You. You're not me. Not the real one. Not even a useful one."


    "And you didn't earn it. So go on, throw your little toys. They won't save you." He retorted, beginning to advance slowly on his counterpart.​
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