Clive Barker's Jericho (RP)



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This RP is about a team of elite warriors with mysterious powers enter a city immersed in a sandstorm. The opening to a cave leads to a hellish labyrinth of caves to seal the breach because the breach was made and being unable to seal it any other way, they enter the Box to close the breach from within. But they get sealed and once inside, they must battle the souls of those who have breached the Box in the past; a Nazi officer, a fallen Catholic priest from the Middle Ages, a depraved Roman Governor, and an ancient Sumerian priestess. Jericho is aided by the souls of those who ultimately resealed the breach each time it was broken. But they have to seal the breach is closed and before the cavern.
You may change the names of the characters.


Captain Devin Ross - He is a psychic healer and is able to revive fallen teammates

Captain Xavier Jones - He is more of a bookworm than a fighting man.

Lieutenant Abigail Black () - She is a telekinetic sniper, her psychokinetic powers allow her to guide her bu||ets into multiple targets

Corporal Simone Cole ()- Her vast intellect allows her to manipulate space and time using advanced mathematical principles, using this to scan areas for temporal distortions, and generally keep the team in touch and aware of their general surroundings.

Sergeant Frank Delgado ()- He is dating Billie, his right is encased within a protective shell containing Ababinili, a parasitic flame spirit. But he is also hot tempered.

Sergeant Wilhelmina 'Billie' Church (Me)- She is dating Frank, She can cast a b|ood ward and a fire ward to keep enemies at bay. She a fear of snakes

Father Paul Rawlings ()- He can heal members of the squad from great distances using Ghost Heal and can drain enemies health.