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I need Clintasha in my life. I write anywhere from 1 good paragraph to 6+, it depends how i am feeling that day and how much i am given to work. My posting is either several times a day or once every few days because my work schedule does get a bit hectic at times. I would like to play Clint but i would be willing to play natasha if that's what you would prefer.

I have several plot idea's and i am going to just write a brief summary of them and if they catch your interest please just post here or PM me :)

1. Clint is captured by the soviets during a mission, and brought in for interrogation and then training to become one of their brain washed assassins. He, however, is very resilient and no one has any success with the interrogations so they send in their best assassin and interrogator: Natalia Romonova.

2. Natasha is sent to kill an America dignitary and Clint is sent to kill her. He instead decides to take her captive and when the soviets see that she has been taken they believe that natasha has been compromised so they send people after the both of them.

3. In which during the aftermath of The Avengers, Clint and Natasha realize it's more than just a debt owed that kept them so close to one another. So they start a forbidden romance with one another. (have an angsty twist for further down the line and explains Clints absence in The Winter Solider)