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This is probably the first time I will ever go seeking for a FxM plot. I can play either Natasha or Clint, I honestly don't care I love them both very very much. I would like to do a plot based off of this fricken amazing fan made trailer for a Black Widow Movie:

essentially it is the story behind Clint being sent to kill Natasha but him making a different call and there being dire consequences for both of them because of it.

I ask that you can write atleast one decent paragraph, will warn me if you intend on going missing for more than a week, and don't write like you are five years old.
I personally can write 1 to 6+ paragraphs, I post either once a day or once a week, and my grammar isn't awful but it isn't perfect either.
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I'd love to play Natasha! I love this couple as well.
I'd love the chance to play Natasha in this plot! If you're still looking?
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