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  1. Hurrah, you get a gold star!

    Anyway, this is my last partner request for a while, seeing as how school is starting again at the end of the month. I'm one of the most patient partners you'll probably ever come across, so don't worry about rushing a post or anything. Just let me know your general activity so I can know what to expect and sort of work my schedule around. RIGHT NOW, I'm able to post everyday, multiple times a day. HOWEVER, once school starts, I may only get in one or a few replies a week, to a reply every few weeks. I'm in college, I'm hoping to get a job, and sometimes I just don't feel in the mood to write. I'm only warning you now. If I see the signs of a hiatus coming up, I'll try and let you know, but I cannot promise anything. My apologies in advance.

    I don't have any preference for how long your reply is - just give me something to work with. The only thing to consider is that the longer your replies are, the longer mine tend to take since I'm an adaptable writer. Sex can or can not happen/be written in any plot. I respect whatever you're comfortable with, and because I'm open to sex, I have also posted this thread in Libertine.

    I mainly do MxM and MxF pairings - I've only dabbled in FxF. We can double or have 2+ main characters.

    I am open to any pairings/plots/ideas that you may have. Here are some pairings, with bold characters acting as my preference. I pretty much have a character set out for all of these except for the last two, so if you'd like more details, just let me know.

    Dragon Rider x Dragon Rider/Rogue/Whatever || I'd like to play a female dragon rider, but this can be MxM.

    Head of a Mage Clan x Recruiter/Rival Head Mage/Whatever || MC would be female.

    Viking/Conqueror/Whatever x Captured Citizen with a Secret || Prefer MC to be female but can be MxM; MC would most likely be caught during the initial plunder of their land and catches YC's eye in some way.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition OC x OC

    LoK/A:TLA OC x OC

    And, well, if you're not interested,[​IMG]
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  2. I'm up for the Dragon s Dragon rider rp
  3. I can do the dragon and dragon rider rp.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.