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  1. Soooo, to start I am looking for multiple partners and am willing to take more than one partner for the same idea. I probably shouldn't be looking for a partner right now, but I can't resist.

    About Me
    •My name is Sara and I'm a 20 year old nursing student. I'm nearing the end of my current semester, so I have already finished most of my big impending projects and really just need something fun to break up the monotony of school.

    Schedule/Reply Frequencies
    •Timezone-wise I'm in the same timezone as Detroit, Michigan (which according to Google is Eastern timezone, if that means anything to you). During the week, I should be able to reply daily-multiple times a day with a majority of my replies concentrated at night time. However, on Saturdays I can only be on late at night and on Sundays probably not at all.

    If I suddenly stop replying for longer than 3 days, I recommend harassing me. I don't hate you or the roleplay. I have this thing where if I'm not feeling good at the moment I'll hold off on the reply for a day and then feel like it isn't good enough and then delete an rewrite it like twenty times and then it becomes like a week and I become irrationally afraid to post it because I feel after so long the post should be perfect and I pretty much end up never posting it, even if I love the roleplay. A quick message telling me to hurry up and post or whatever normally breaks this cycle. So feel free to harass away. Really, it is for my own good.

    Reply Length
    •I usually try to write a minimum of two paragraphs a reply and try to match if you write more.

    •Pairing-wise I only do MxF
    •I am willing to play male or female, I normally end up playing male though so my male characters tend to be better developed.
    •With romance stuff, I tend to prefer to fade to black/morning after at a certain point. This is NOT a deal breaker for me though.
    •If you want to know anything else just ask.

    •I prefer to roleplay over forum. I use my ipad and the private messages just look weird on it.
    •I sometimes inadvertently get very slice-of-lifey. It just happens. If it bugs you/things are moving too slow, tell me to stop or make something spontaneous happen. Random additions or twists to plot are always fun and usually stops this. Otherwise our characters might spend several posts MacGyvering together costumes for the demon masquerade while chatting, rather than actually going to the masquerade to go kill the demons.

    What I'm Craving (* indicates part I would prefer):
    •Demon x Angel*(PLEASE pick this! I have been dying to try it)
    •Demon x Hunter
    •Vampire/Demon/Other x Hunter/Human in a post apocalyptic universe
    •Something with faeries
    •Dragon Shapeshifter x Human/Human Sacrifice.
    •Something with Jarlaxle and Artemis from Forgotten Realms!!!!!!!! I'm dying to do anything with them and am open to almost anything with it!!
    •I'm open to suggestions, and as you can see I have a slight bias towards fantasy/supernatural elements.

    Plots/Setting Ideas
    Demon x Angel: I would prefer to play as a female angel for this one.
    Forbidden Romance. Heaven and Hell have been at constant state of war since Lucifer's rebellion and fall (which resulted in declaring a permanent war on Heaven and an ongoing attempt to claim the Earth). It has been thousands of years since the beginning of the war and Angels and Demons are still sworn enemies. Earth is still technically neutral but there are both demon and angel outposts. Both the demon and angel characters would preferably both be commanding officers, generals, or otherwise be of rank for their side. During solo scouting missions (or whatever other reason we can come up with) the demon and angel meet alone on Earth.

    1. The angel's true identity as a commanding officer is hidden and the demon that she meets way stronger than her. The demon simply assumes that she is a normal angel (of non-importance) and decides taunt and toy with her. The angel sees this as an opportunity and lets him believe that she is a nobody and pretends to fall for his games. Somehow (we can work on details) weekly/monthly/whatever secret meetings are made where the angel and demon meet and the angel pretends to be seduced in order to get close enough either kill the demon or at least get information for the war effort. But will she actually end up falling for him? Or will he somehow find out that she has rank and been trying to trick him? Or some other drama-y twist we come up with happens?

    2. They are around equal in strength in this case. They can immediately recognize each other and get into a nasty battle, resulting in the capture of the other (no preference for who captures who) in hopes of gaining leverage with a valuable hostage. And that is all I got so far for this idea.

    3.There is also the possibility of them meeting each other (initially) during a larger battle, where one character is found almost mortally wounded by the other. Out of pity one secrets the other away from the battlefield and tends to the injured party's wounds---effectively saving their life. This causes the other to feel in debt to the other and begins a a shaky friendship (which may blossom to romance) between the two. This they must keep secret from the others. What happens if they get caught? Or if there is a larger battle between the two sides coming and they will be forced to fight the other?

    •Demon x Hunter
    I have no further ideas then that. I'm pretty open with suggestions for this and really don't care what I play.

    Vampire/Demon/Other x Hunter/Human in post apocalyptic universe
    This would be set sometime in the future (near or far, I really don't care). Vampires/Demons/Other by some magic or science (it doesn't matter to me) have taken over the world by blocking out the sun and it has been 6 months to a year after the takeover. The effects of ecosystems collapsing and food shortages are just beginning to effect the humans (this hasn't reached the Vampires/Demons/Other yet, but may over the course of the role play). Annnnnd I have nothing really beyond that. I have no preference to what I play and am pretty flexible to what kind of Vampire/Demon/Other mythology we use.

    Something with faeries
    The type of faeries I am talking about would be similar to the kind in Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely Saga. This basically means invisible to unsighted humans (unless they are using a glamor), incapable of telling a lie, dies or dire consequences if they break their word, iron and steel are toxic.

    I'm thinking something perhaps we could do something with faerie court intrigue?

    Dragon Shape Shifter x Human/Sacrifice.
    By dragon shape shifter, I mean a dragon that can shape shift into a more human-noid form (but is still obviously not quite human). What I was thinking would be is the dragon has a cave with their hoard of gold and somehow acquires a human or a dragon hunter or a sacrifice.

    Something with Artemis and Jarlaxle from Forgotten Realms
    Anything. I am dying to do anything with them. I will bend to your will on this. Whatever you want. Please.

    If nothing above interests you, feel free to suggest something.

    That's about it, so post or pm me. I'm looking for multiple partners, so please be interested.
  2. Your angel/demon plots are very interesting. I'd love to help you play them out. I have a character that's been put away for awhile...Levant, he's a fallen angel who associates with Hell. I have some other plot ideas that I think would mesh nicely with yours. PM me if you're interested.
  3. Very interested. Message you!
  4. If your still interesting Id love to do a roleplay with you. I am new to the site and am trying to find some partners to roleplay with. The one I think I found most interesting was theVampire/Demon/Other x Hunter/Human in post apocalyptic universe. I guess pm me if your interested. :bouncy:
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