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  1. Introduction
    So, Hello. I am looking for long term roleplay partner(s) who is/are willing to work with me with the development of the plots and will NOT go M.I.A unless I am informed.

    What I do expect from my partners:
    • Gender wise, Male or anyone that can rp as Male. Since I will be taking the Female characters.
    •Writing style: I do not mind your style as long as it's more than five lines long per post so that I would have something to work with and the grammar must be decent. I know we all make mistakes and seldom grammar mistakes are fine as long as they're not often. This includes your spelling.

    •Time of postings does not matter unless you are going M.I.A for quite some time. Should that happen, I appreciate if you inform me of your busy schedule. I am not unreasonable. I am working myself and I do know how busy one can get with work/school. I'm pretty sure a quick pm would not hurt.

    What my partners can expect from me:
    •I am a para/multi-para rper. It fluctuates as it would depend on what my partner would give me for me to work with.
    •I rp as a third person, past tense. My grammar is not perfect but I'd like to believe it is decent.
    •I do not post frequently as I'm busy with work. I work almost everyday (Sundays to Fridays.) However, it does not hinder me to post as much as possible.

    Well, that's all. It may seem like I'm rigid and such but I'm quite flexible and I do not bite. I do understand if you get writer's block and such because I do too but I'd definitely appreciate it if you can inform me. It is not that hard, is it?

    Plot Candies, white
    Anyway, now that that's done. Let's talk about the rp plots e.t.c.
    Well, I do not have any in mind right now, but I'm interested in these few rp genres:-
    •Modern Fantasy/Medieval fantasy/Fantasy

    Pairings I'm interested in:-
    •Human X Human
    •Mythical Beings X Human
    •Human X mythical Beings.

    Fandoms I'm interested in:
    •Mekakucity Actors
    •Harry Potter (OCs appreciated)
    •Mortal Instruments (OCs appreciated)
    •Uraboku (OCs appreciated)

    If you have any other plots, feel free to share. I'm quite open to anything. I also do not mind if its heavy romance or mature as long as it's more plot above anything else.
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  2. I would love to join you in this venture!

    All of the rp genres you mentioned are some of my favorites. :)

    The pairings you chose are also my favorites. :D

    But the fandoms......bit of a hit and miss situation there. I hope that's alright. :)
  3. Haha. XD Well, I figured that with the fandoms. Not many love what I love. So it's fine. Shoot me a pm and we'll discuss~
  4. Interesting lol
  5. @Miu Furinji Oh why, thank you. Shoot me a pm if you like to rp with me.
  6. This sounds perfect, almost amazingly so! Your genre choices are my favorite as well and I've been very curious about trying some sort of HP RP. I'm looking to commit to some sort of RP and I'd love to discuss some possible plots with you.
  7. Are you entirely looking for 1x1's? I ask because I might have something interesting if you like group too.
  8. Im interested and how do you outline like that
  9. if i may ms. Nuria Alva i would like to add my name to the draw list for the lottery i as an aspiring writer have loads of ideas and my grammar is decent to say the least and my writing as far as characters goes tend to fluctuate from first person to third person and even third person omniscient and as far as posting it can be as long or as short as required.
  10. I'd love to do Steampunk/Medieval, if you're still looking!
  11. If your still looking for a dedicated role player, give me a PM back (I'll be sure to watch this thread as well).
    I'd like to have a good 1x1 as well that, if not lasts a good amount of time, may finish itself as well.

    I've not an immense amount to showcase my writing style or experience, but you can check the links in my signature for a small example of what I've available here on Iwaku.
  12. Its
    It's not entirely 1x1 I'd participate in a group rp if it's fun. Shoot me a pm. Sorry for late reply, I didn't get any notif for this q.q
  13. Shoot me a pm ^^ I'm still looking.
  14. Aight ^^ shoot me a pm ^~^
  15. O. Sure. Shoot me a pm~
  16. I would love to do a Uraboku 1x1 with you if your still interested =D thats one of my favorite animes
  17. O. That'll be good~sure. Hmu with a pm~
  18. I am really interested lately in humanxangel pairings in a modern genre. I believe that would fall under the humanxmythical being, yes?
  19. Yes, it does. Hmu with a pm if you have any ideas ^^
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