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Hello Everyone, I am still looking for RP partners. And i know i have not posted much in the past when i am looking for partners.

I do about everything, i prefer to play Females so please dont ask me to play a male. I will if there is a good plot behind it. But other then that i dont.

I am making things all colorful! Anyway, I would like more partners. I dont have character sheets for my people because i am still figuring things out.

So please bare with me. Now, i dont have any rules. As long as there is no one liners, your grammar is good and all that jazz.

So please! PM me with some ideas! I need something to do or else i might just go nuts!!!! Thank you and have a good day.

Oh! Before i forget, I am really into the DARK themes to RPs, but i also love romance and other things like that. So yeah :D
I'm interested in doing a possible roleplay! I don't much like playing a male either, so if you would like to do a lesbian roleplay, that'd be awesome!
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