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  1. So ok like I like my rp ideas but you need to plot twist them with me sometimes.
    my grammer is very bad so is my spelling so sorry
    pharagraghs are nothing to me write one line it would be like two lines hehe yeah thats my kobo for you
    im not on all the time on weekends but i try to write sometimes when im in class. dont tell my teachers shhhhhh
    i have alot of stuff in my head but it does not mean you dont have a say
    I love plot twist and the ones i dont really see coming I REALY LOVE THAT ONE
    ok so on to my rp ideas so come from songs, moives, roleplays done int the past ect so if you see something thats already been done here please dont ask

    My Angle
    maybe fantacy/ maybe musical/but there is romance
    in the city of Londan (around the 1780 to 1800) there was a beautful singer. they said she had a voice of an angel and her beauty would bring down the goddesses themselfs.

    there was also a ugly monster that lived in the city himself. he would hid him self in the shadows and keep his face hidden. he lived in a theather house and would only come out when the most beautfulset voice could be heard.

    but to may they did not know the truth that both the singer and the monster knew each other and that the monster was the reason she is the singer she was.

    they also did not know that the singer was just a poor girl taken in by the theater dereactor. she also had to hid the fact she was a female most of the time. and the monster would help er out without her knowing.

    but what people did not truly know was that both the singer and monster where in love

    the singer:(close)
    lives in the theater house with her adopeted father and helps clean up.

    monster: (open)
    a man hidden in the theater from the world. helps out when sometjing goes wrong and some times blamed for the problem when he did nothing.

    I can be your hero

    plot Villen in jall a person therapist/counsellor. what a funny pair dont you think. but what happens when the therapist in ill and does not have much time? and what would happen to the villen will he be put to death or live in prison.....
    to suffer.

    Therapist: Female (close)
    he sick and ill and does not have much time.

    Prisoner: male (open)
    stuck in prison for something he did and may be put to death or live in prison.

    You love is my Drug
    modern/ realicsitic/ Romance

    plot: one character a drug lord the other a police officer what happends when outh meet and realise that tey are bouth childhood frinds. and what appen when they both remener the love they both had for each other. but the other thing what if the drug dealer wants out!?!?!?

    druglord:Female/male (open)

    Officer: Female/male (open)

    silent chat.
    modern/slice of life/romance
    Two people chatting online dont realize they may have passed by each other and are at the same school

    male: open

    female: close

    the rocker and the star
    slice of life/mordern/romance

    the most unlikely of people fall for each other.

    since child hood they hated each other high school and beyound but what happens when the rock star is asked to be in a moive with the person he hates and has to play the part of her lover. will they be pleased or will this movie fall into ruin

    rock star: male (open)

    moive star: female (close)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.