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  1. Why hello all~ As you can see from the title, I'm legitimately bored and I want to start up a bunch of roleplays to change that.

    To be honest, I'm pretty much open to anything right now cause that's just how boredom rolls. So if you want to come up with a RP plot with me, or if you have one and you want to try it out, I'm all ears, and eyes I guess...

    My RPing style:
    -I reply at least once a day, but I'm usually on all day, so I'd prefer someone who can reply often.
    -I can type 1-2 paragraphs pretty easily, depending on the dialogue and content.
    -I'm kind of a mix between a dominant and submissive roleplayer I suppose, but nowadays I'm leaning more towards submissive cause I haven't been roleplaying as much... But I plan to change that anyway
    -I'm pretty flexible with my characters, meaning I can play either gender or just play a lot of them at once...

    So if you're interested in roleplaying with me, send me a PM or reply below on the thread.
  2. I'll role play with you if you are still interested. Is there any type of role play you had in mind?
  3. Yayyy, and not really anything specifically, but I can come up with something if you want, or we can both come up with something together xD
  4. I'll rp with you, if you're still interested.
  5. @oli-boy Of course I am, yay more roleplay :D
  6. Yay :D Do you have any plot in mind ?
  7. Hm... Not at all, but I can come up with something soon I know it xD
  8. If you're still looking, I'd like to try my hand RPing with you. Pretty much on the same bored-with-little-to-do boat
  9. Hello~ I'd love to roleplay with you if you're still looking!
  10. @Phantom Zero I'm always looking, you can never have too many roleplays, well you can but at least nobody will be bored xD

    @Green Then we must roleplay :3
  11. do you still need another roleplay? im new here but im experienced with role playing and id like to get started now that i think i figured this site out
  12. @evanallmighty The more the merrier :3 I'm always up for another RP
  13. i have mostly group roleplay ideas but i think i can fix them to be 1x1

    orphanage (for abused kids.. or not depends on you)
    honey i shrunk the kids
    prince x princess romance (my only 1x1)
  14. Deff would be up for it if you are!~
  15. Alright!~ Honestly, I dont have any ideas at the moment. O.OBut when I think of one..
  16. Would you mind please pming me when you're on~?
Thread Status:
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