Cliche romance plot, anyone? :D

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    She's just another student, she isn't unpopular, but she isn't popular, either. She's what you would call an indie chick. He's one of the populars, but he's not a jock, he's the bad-ass; the one who doesn't really give a fuck about school. The two don't get along, and they have no intention of ever getting to know him.

    She happens to like his best friend, Brendon. Brendon is cold and uncaring due to problems at home. He's also an asshole towards anyone he doesn't know well. ____ is failing Calculus, and asks her to tutor him. She refuses immediately. Then he finds out that she likes his best friend, after that, he blackmails her into tutoring him, and he, in return will get her closer to Brendon. She accepts on a whim, and then finds out that it involves the two of them pretending to be together.

    She knew it had been too good to be true, so she tries to back out, but he threatens her, saying that he'll tell everyone if she tries to. She doesn't back out. Slowly the two start falling for each other, but will they act on these feelings, especially after they find out that Brendon is growing fond of her?

    Ahha, yeah, the idea is kind of... lame. But! I like it enough, I've read stories centered around something like this, and they've always been pretty good. [:. I need someone to play the guy, his personality can be whatever you like, the only thing about him that I want is that he doesn't get along well with my character. It makes for some good drama. ^^

    Now, about the Brendon guy, you would play him. But, he's not main, he's pretty minor, so a character sheet or whatever isn't necessary. He isn't that important at the beginning so, [:.

    And yeah, we'll be starting the RP like right after she starts tutoring him, before he tells her about the fact that they're now... together. And like, she finds out in some unconventional way. x)

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    And as usual, I have some guidelines. [:
    - Be able to post at least two or three paragraphs; although the rare one liner's fine.
    - No chatspeak, please. -- Unless it's needed.
    - Grammar. Try to make your posts... readable.
    - Try to post once a day. I get it if you disappear, I mean, it's life. Just... tell me. Or put it as your status, so I don't freak out. :P

    So, yay! If you're interested, VM me, or PM me, or just post in this thread. [:
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  3. I'd be interested in this, because I think I just created a character that's pretty near perfect for the attitude you want him to portray (I have a talent for 'I don't give a shit' characters).