Clefs and Coffee Cups

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    The day overall was just a little off for everyone. A new manager was starting. No one was buying doughnuts. Sales were going
    more towards Iced Coffee than anything else. To top it all off, there was going to be the first open mic night. The day seemed to
    lie in wait for something to really get going.

    The sun shined brightly, on this Irish day. It has been a rather slow morning, for the employees of Clover's Coffee. The reason it was so
    slow was because of the emptiness. For the customers, it just seemed to be easygoing. None of them were in a foul mood, and they all
    were leaving good tips. If there were more, the staff would be making a bundle. Thankfully, only one waitress was getting the cash...

    "Hey! You! Could you come in the back please?" called a voice, from the kitchen.
  2. Quiet days were one of the best things about working in the sleepy little shop. You actually had time to think, rather than just working on autopilot with an insincere, often sore smile plastered across your face. Today was one of those days, and Tanya was lingering round the tables after delivering orders, fixing customers with bright, cheerful smiles before skittering off to the next table. The pleasant weather was infectious, making just about everyone docile and happy, and she was no exception.

    She had just passed out another cold cup and picked up the remnants of another when the voice shouted from the back of the shop. Her footsteps were quicker than was strictly necessary as she made her way round the room to the kitchen, throwing the occasional grin to anyone that met her eyes on the way. She steadied the tray in one hand, leaning back against the frame of the door, then smoothed a few strands of hair out of her face with the other.

    "You wanted me in here?" Her eyes flicked round the room restlessly.
  3. "Yes." said the women rather plainly.

    It was the manager. Jennifer Finnegan was a rather harmless, pale-looking woman. Shaking a bit, she handed a towel to a sweating cook. Brushing her long blonde hair out of her face, Jenny turned to Tanya directly.

    "I heard you talking a bit, before your shift. You have a nice speaking voice. Would you be interested in doing me a favor? No doubt you know of the event tonight. There are a few local musicians that need to be booked. A nice voice would be more inviting. The open mic would be a better success."

    She handed her a list with a couple names and numbers. There was a star next to the last name on the paper "Kennedy".

    "Also, if you would participate, it could mean a monetary bonus." she said, with a wink.

    With that, Jenny walked past Tanya and began to help with customers. The only phone began to ring, beside Tanya.