Clearing Out Darkness

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  1. Angels start heading to earth to clear and protect the human world from the oncoming onslaught of demons. Though they wish to do it quickly, finding human help with this mission is hard. Humans have lost hope and strayed down more of a path of destruction.

    Greed circles most people and the Angels find it difficult to determine a human from a demon. They figure it is corporate bosses or crime leaders but find it shocking to discover that a human is so devastatingly evil. Some angels decided to go back to the heavens and let this world end.

    Some though, wish to find peace in this lost world. They hope to make a difference and destroy the evil that surrounds cities. Some are just bent on killing humans as well, thinking it necessary for a peaceful world to come. Angels have fought angels over the controversy and have been forced back to the Heavens where they are judged once again.

    Jayce sighed, looking for his partner to enter the bar. They had just killed a group of demons down town and he had went to a bar to rest up, he needed a drink. He looked around the bar, not many people and the waitress was rather nice to him, just the way he liked it. He wore a suit, his tie being a dark blue mixing in with the black fairly well. His shoes weren't very dressy compared to what he was wearing but they were comfortable to run in if he needed. "Long day." He said, mostly to himself but the waitress caught it and refilled his coffee. He looked outside, it was midnight and the streetlamps were dim. He looked down at the table, trying not to drift into thoughts he'd rather not revisit.
  2. Malina sighed, resting her back against the wall of the pub. It was cool out, and she was tired, but the air was refreshing and she welcomed it. Even in this city, with the stentch of evil all around, she had learned to appreciate the simple pleasures.

    She'd found it overwhelming at first. The human world was so far gone, it had been crippling to come down to such a dense atmosphere. And yet, every so often, she saw a spark of goodness that reminded her what they came down here for. Even at the thought of it a smile touched her rosy lips. She had a heart shaped face with long, light blonde whispy hair. It fell around her head in bobs and waves, complimenting her bright blue eyes and pale skin. She was a lithe creature, a little over average height, and even in these streets she carried an angelic aura about it. Even now she sometimes found it hard to conceal. It was something she'd been working on.

    Malina pushed open the door of the bar, searching the tables for her partner. How many of them were left now? How many angels hadn't lost hope? It was rare to come across them, these days. She tried not to think on it.

    "Hi." she greeted softly, pulling up a chair and sitting down across the table from him. She turned to the waitress, "Do you have any hot chocolate? thanks." and settled down, resting her hands on the tabletop.

    "What's the damage?" she asked, "They looked like stragglers... I bet more will be coming later tonight."
  3. He looked into her eyes, his green eyes had a sad look about them, he sighed. "Hey." He wanted more then coffee, he wanted more then being at this bar. She was right, they weren't done tonight. "No damage. We will deal with them as we always do. Doing as much as we can and eventually getting there." He was normally strong willed and had done a lot since he got here, especially since joining up with Malina. But something about him was off tonight, he wanted to give her the confidence he normally gave her. That special pep-talk before every mission or every bust. They had a ton of leads and could follow them anytime they wanted.

    He looked out the window for a moment, thinking to himself. The dim street light looked more like a dim light that surrounded the pit of darkness that was around the bar. He realized they were that light. He looked to her frowning, he avoided looking her in the eye. His words came in softly, "Do you think we should go back." His eyes darted to the side. "They're are few of us left, and all our leads aren't anything major by the looks of it. Plus, with all the clearing we have been doing lately they are on to us the most." He refused to look her in the eye.

    He knew he was giving up hope, as much as he hated admitting it to himself. His weapons and skills would only get them so far as soon as everything hit. He had wanted to rely on those things but got depressed as some of the demons were almost stronger then him and Malina both. He didn't plan on backing out until the end but even some of his close friends had left, Malina was the only one really left. That bothered him, he saw her smile from time to time but was that really enough for her. Was she so strong willed?
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  4. Malina leaned back on her chair with a sigh of relief. It was good to know they'd managed to control the fight and keep it contained, this time. Good planning and strategy certainly helped, but in the midst of battle, sometimes Malina found it hard to tell if they were really winning. The waitress returned with her drink and Malina cast her a warm smile. She was a good person, Malina could tell.

    The angel took a sip of her drink and peered over the rim across to Jayce as he peered out the window. She'd noticed it when she'd walked in the bar. He seemed a little down tonight, weary. It's tougher on him then me, she thought to herself. He's been at this way longer then I have...

    "Do you think we should go back." What?


    He wasn't looking her in the eye.

    "They're are few of us left, and all our leads aren't anything major by the looks of it."
    Why won't you look at me?


    "Plus, with all the clearing we have been doing lately they are on to us the most."

    she leaned across the table, knocking over her hot chocolate as she cupper her hands around his chin and looked him dead in the eye.

    "We.... we have to keep going, Jayce. The humans need us here. I took a sacred vow to defend them, and I'm going to do that, I know this war is hard on you... but we haven't lost yet. Not by a long way."

    She quickly removed her hands and sat back down in her seat, reaching for a napkin and clearing up the spill. "I know I'm not as powerful as you... and maybe I can't do as much as you can... but, I really think we've saved alot of people while we've been here. That waitress... those bar patrons... would they be alive tommorrow if we hadn't cleared those demons out this area? When they go home to their families tonight, they'll be the same people. The same wonderful, flawed people they've always been. And they'll get home safely tonight because of us."

    Malina stared in silence at the tabletop for a long time, and then smiled softly. "I think we're doing a good job."
  5. He had been shocked when he grabbed her face, her words of encouragement sank down to his very heart. She is really good with words when she wants to be. He smiled and caught her hand with his, holding it gently. He was giving her a honest, warm smile, "We do everything together, though I may be doing a little more since you seem to be slacking a bit lately." He gave her a wink, to tell her he was joking. He was glad to have her as a partner, he had to remember that it was his job, as well as hers to keep themselves in check as well as each other. "We are doing fine, we'll keep going at it until we get it."

    He stood up, and made an exaggerating stretch. He put the money on the table for his coffee and her hot chocolate. He sighed. "Need to find a resting spot for tonight. Nothing we can do until tomorrow plus we'll be getting chased by a mob of them most likely." He stood there for a second, looking back out the window. It was going to be a long walk toward the nearest resting area. Hotel was probably the best option at this point though there were less fancier and more run down places but he honestly wanted a good bed tonight.

    He hated that he was so tired, even with the coffee it hadn't helped, he gave a slight yawn as he sat back down. He ordered another hot chocolate for her spilled one and tipped the lady quite nicely. "When you are done and actually get to enjoy your drink, we'll start going. Plus," He leaned back in his chair, stretching again. "I'm debating whether to get food here or at our rest area." He cracked his neck, and looked back out the window watching out for anything to come their way. "Later. Definitely later." He looked at her, smiling, "Enjoy your drink then lets head out."
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  6. Malina relaxed a little. He was tired, that was all. He'd just needed some encouragement. Goodness knows, so did she from time to time. The work was hard, and it didn't get easier.

    We do everything together, though I may be doing a little more since you seem to be slacking a bit lately."

    She scoffed at that and raised an eyebrow at him, but a smile was on her face. "Looks like I'll just have to try harder and show you up next time round, then." She batted his hand away gently and crossed her arms, pouting at him. But it was clear she was just messing around.

    "We are doing fine, we'll keep going at it until we get it."

    "Yeah." Malina relaxed back, feeling a little more lively already. "We're doing good, Jayce. Besides, we've been ahead recently. We've got a good pace going." Malina smiled as the waitress brought her a replacement hot chocolate. "Thanks," she said, smiling to her partner. "I'll be done right away."

    True to her word, she finished off her drink quite quickly. There was something comforting about a good cup of cocoa that made her feel safer, and she looked out the window, into the night, without fear.

    She turned to look at him and grinned. "Ready when you are. I'm happy to catch a bite to eat when we get there." Malina stood up, rolled her shoulders and leant against the table, happy to follow Jayce outside.
  7. Jayce stretched again, smirking at the confidence she showed, "I expect nothing less of course." He looked outside and gave a blank look, Why do I know we are going to fight. He watched her finish her hot chocolate and made a slight laugh, he smiled. "Let's go." He looked at her and got out from his seat. They walked to the exit and he gave a non-look wave to the waitress, and opened the door for Malina. He walked beside her, glancing around looking for sudden movements. He looked back to the bar, and thought a dark thought but tried to shrug it away. "So should we just try to do all those leads tomorrow. I mean I figured a princess figure like yourself needs the beauty rest but we might be able to squeeze it in through your busy schedule and all." His tone was sarcastic, but he looked completely serious as he made the comment.

    He checked his map,
    Not that far. The closest hotel was only a couple more yards. Just a left and a right turn and they'd be there. He searched the surroundings and noticed they were in complete darkness besides a few street lamps. He looked to Malina and noticed her aura was showing slightly and she practically stood out to a demon that payed enough attention. I need to work on that with her, he thought as he saw a dark figure come from above one of the roof tops. "Great." He just kept walking forward, his angelic smile showing on purpose. "Would you like me to hold your hand before or after this one?" He chuckled, offering his hand as mostly a joke.
  8. "Why, I didn't know you thought of me as a princess. How sweet of you." she said with a grin, batting her eyelids at him with a mock puppy dog look. Malina slipped out the door and into the cold air, looking up at the sky. She couldn't see the stars from the clouds. Still, she thought, it was nice to know they were up there somewhere.

    "I can take it. I'd sleep better knowing we'd followed the leads anyway, better then lying awake worrying about them." she replied as she leaned over his shoulder and looked over the map. Hmm, it didn't seem too bad. She felt Jayce tense beside her and looked up at him. Following his gaze, she saw the figure briefly before it darted behind a chimney.

    "ooooh." she said, standing there for a moment before catching up with her partner. "Whenever you start getting scared is fine." Milena cooed back.
  9. He shook his head, pretending as if he was flipping long hair. "Me scared?" He laughed, as soon as he laughed three figures popped out, they were demons clearly, sharp claws and black bodies that look grotesque to even stare at. They were everything opposite of what Milena and Jayce stood for and looked like. He nudged her with his shoulder, smiling. "If we don't get our sleep, you might start looking like that, love." He smiled at her, knowing they were going to fight again. And he pulled out his sword, it glowing brightly as he kept his gun to his side.

    Another creature appeared on the roof top, this one much bigger by a good two feet. "Great.. You want these three or the big guys." The demon jumped down and took out a ax that steamed with dark material, his face formed into a grin, dark slim oozing out of his mouth. The three other demons, closed in and one acted quicker then the others and caught Jayce's blade straight through the face. He moved it to the ground and took out his blade and slashed it's head off, making sure it was dead. "The big one kind of reminds me of a guy you use to see." He smirked, and got into a fighting position.
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