Cleansing Flames

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  1. POSTING ORDER::::::
    Below is the posting order for this role play. Please keep in order, so that no one is skipped. If you have not found a good spot to jump in yet, wait for your turn, and the person before you in the order will try their best to make an opening. If you can not find an opening by the second go-around, post on this forum to bring attention to the issue.

    1. Angel Lass
    2. Xylime
    3. Huntress
    4. Torack
    5. Liam van Alkema

    Until Liam has a character sheet and enters the RP his name shall be in Red.


    The Nation of Jor'in was peaceful in nature, known for it's scholars and mercy workers alike. If sickness or famine struck a neighboring country, the King was quick to send aid. Food, medics, healers, even soldiers in a time of civil unrest.

    Jor'in was a place loved by all, yet feared by none. It served as a refuge for magic wielders and creatures alike. The King, Father Noll, served not only as King but religious leader as well. As such, he never fathered an heir-- he remained chast. Instead, he took on Wards, raising orphans who showed magical potential as his own. One such ward, Edmund, hailed from the trade city of Mordin. Loved among the people for his services, he was made the Crowned Prince, heir to the tone-- the Prince of Light.

    Mordin, the Capital Trading city of the Jor'in people, was not the political capital, and yet it might as well have been. The city sat on the edge of the Black Sea, carved into the very cliff faces upon which is stood. The ports were home to any and all who sought sanctuary under Father Noll. The citizens needed only obey one law, as dictated by the Gods-- to never kill and eat the fish of the Black Sea-- for it was those fish who fathered their prosperous and magical nation. The people were said to be children of the God of the Sea himself-- though over the ages it had become more of a legend than religious belief.

    As with all good things, it was only a matter of time before it came to an end. A disease, referred to as "Black Blood", had struck the city of Mordin. Father Noll sent for all of his healers to respond to the crisis, yet all efforts fell flat. In the Nations greatest and seemingly only time of need-- the Neighboring Kingdoms turned a blind eye and deaf ear. Finally, salvation was only birthed at a great cost...

    Edmund approached his Father, bringing forward the only option they had left-- to stop the spread of the plague form the city. To the Kings grief, the order was given-- and none other than Edmund himself forced to lead the charge-- against his own brothers.

    Fire rained down from the havens. The cleansing fire scorched the trees, the heat driving off the nightly Mist of the port city. Fire and Smoke filled the sky, ending the city in flames. The stars themselves wept at the sight, the auburn glow of the city leaving a desolated mark of ash on the mountain side.

    Cleansing flames burn the hottest of all. They are destruction and creation simultaneously. While the plague was stopped, caught up in the flames, so were the citizens. The prince of Light brought down a veil of darkness on his fathers Kingdom...


    As for the role play, allow me to explain; the people of the city had begun to fish and eat the sea life. The Gods served punishment in the form of the plague.

    The crowned prince went out with a small group of others who could use fire magic and annihilated the city. It was his home land, and I'm thinking that messed him up pretty badly. No matter how harshly it affected him, however, it will have effected Father Noll more.

    The King has gone mad with grief. He had declared war on the Nations who refused to help his people-- blaming them for the death of his people.

    This will be a highly political Rp, with emotions running high. To save a nation, they sacrificed a city. I need people who know the Prince to join in. You can decide how they know him. They can have met in passing, or be one of his adoptive brothers or sisters-- or perhaps just a friend.

    What ever you choose, your character sheet should include:

    How are you connected to the Prince?
    Are you a citizen of Jor'in?
    Do you support the decision to burn the city or not?
    Personality/ physical flaw:
    Powers: Do you have any? If yes, pick one--
    Fire (Electricity and fire manipulation and generation.)
    Water (ability to swim better than most, ability to manipulate small bodies of water)
    Wind (ability to fly, control the winds)
    Time (seer/ prophet)
    If you want a power not listed-- explain it's limitations.
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  2. Name: Crowned Prince Edmund (Prince of Light)
    Age: 27
    Are you a citizen of Jor'in? Yes
    Do you support the decision to burn the city or not? No.
    Personality/ physical flaw: Blind in Left Eye
    Powers: Fire (Electricity and fire manipulation and generation.)
  3. Ah, we meet again...I hope you don't mind rping with me again. (I can leave if you would rather rp with others) However, here is my character sheet regardless (because I love making character sheets as much as I love roleplaying). I wasn't sure about the race part, so I used one a friend made a while ago. If you'd prefer me to use the typical races (Dwarf, Elf, etc) let me know and I'll change it.

    Name: Tabatha
    Race: Lunarian*
    Age: 23

    How are you connected to the Prince? A member of a small mercenary guild, Tabatha was once hired as a healer to accompany the Prince.
    Are you a citizen of Jor'in? Yes
    Do you support the decision to burn the city or not? Neutral**
    Personality/ physical flaw: Tabatha can be too neutral, resulting in her taking no action, even when it is called for. (this can be as simple as not speaking because she can't decide what to say, or as important as not fighting because she can't decide which side to take) She usually relies on others to choose what she should do.
    Powers: Healing***

    *Lunarian = Lunarians are identical to humans in appearance. Their discerning feature is their connection to the moon. Lunarians are stronger based on the moon and its cycle. They also glow at night. It is very faint most of the time, but during a full moon it is quite prominent, an obvious golden aura surrounds their body. They also have a moon-shaped mark somewhere upon their body (where it is varies from Lunarian to Lunarian)

    **Tabatha feels bad for the city of Mordin, but she also understands that it was necessary to save the Nation. She chooses not to dwell on the decision or judge whether it was right or wrong.

    ***Because she is a Lunarian, Tabatha's healing abilities are stronger at night, especially during a full moon. During her strongest, she can heal a single person who is near death. She, however, can never resurrect a dead person. As for the new moon, Tabatha's powers are near useless. During the day, her powers are at a normal level.
  4. I don't mind. ^_^ I like the Character sheet too! Lunarian huh? Sounds neat, I look forward to seeing her in action.
  5. Name: Bevan Moore
    Race: Human/Cursed
    Age: 24
    Picture: [​IMG]

    How are you connected to the Prince?

    Once a hired sword. But that was not how the two met. It was within the forest under rather dangerous circumstances.

    Are you a citizen of Jor'in?


    Do you support the decision to burn the city or not?


    Personality/Physical flaws:

    Typically friendly and calm Bevan does not truly seem like one for fighting. She cares and is loyal for those who are close to her. She is willing to protect those people, no matter the cost.
    Bevan is not one to judge, as long as harm is not brought to her or her friends.
    Being on her bad side is not a place one should want to be. Her rage and anger are her flaw. It can become uncontrollable and ultimately lead to bloodshed.

    Her right arm is adorned with deep claw marks as is her left hip. A deep bite wound on her left shoulder.

    Bevan is cursed, cursed by the moon itself. The tainted blood forced upon her.
    As a human she is physically stronger, faster and more durable than any regular man. Her senses sharply heightened, her wounds able to heal faster.
    Silver is her weakness, burning her flesh upon contact and weakening her body. Monkshood is a sure way to poison her, it's effects fatal if not remedied quickly.
    Under the full moon she succumbs to what is within. Her human mind trapped as her primal self sets out in search for human flesh and blood.
  6. A werewolf? Nice!

    I see a theme with the moon. That might be something interesting ^_^ I would say we only need another one person before I start up the actual Rp thread.
  7. Yay! Glad she's accepted! :)
  8. I like it. The only thing I'm left curious about is what exactly happened in the woods? Could be something to do with why the prince is blind in his left eye???
  9. It could be. I didn't put much backstory because I didn't want to add anything to your character without your approval.
  10. Ah. Well, we can always figure that out in game. ^_^
  11. This is true.

  12. Name:
    Prince Eowald




    How are you connected to the Prince?:
    Eowald is Edmund's foster brother

    Are you a citizen of Jor'in?:

    Do you support the decision to burn the city or not?:

    Personality/ physical flaw:
    Eowald is a charming fellow with charming characteristics. He's not what one would exactly call a good person as everything he does, he only does so if it benefits him in one way or another, being that it amuses him or that it gets him more wealth or power. Although he might seem arrogant to a layman, he is in fact quite humble but hides the fact with an air of supreme confidence, and in his view, whoever is not part of his foster family is expendable.

    His physical flaws include a scar going horizontally across his nose, and his eyes going pitch black along with cracks forming along his face when he uses his magic

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  13. Awesome-- a brother!

    Alright. I'll get this RP up tomorrow. ^_^ Right now, I'm going to finish my drink and enjoy the fire works!

    Happy New Year, all!~
  14. I am quite eager, haha. Can't wait to get this started.

    Happy new year to you as well!
  15. I'm quite excited for this to start as well!

    Happy new year! :D
  16. Hello, I was wondering if you were still accepting people into this RP or not. If you already the amount of people that you want I completely understand, but I'd thought I ask regardless.
  17. If you would like to make a character make a sheet. You will be last in the rotation and have to wait for an appropriate time to join in-- but that aside you are welcome.

    I will be posting the turn order on the first post of this thread, and again on the bottom of the first post of the actual RP.

    If you have any issues with it, let me know! :)
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  18. That's fine! Not being able to join in right away sort of fits with the character idea I was tossing around. I'll have a CS up soon.
  19. So glad things are starting to roll!
  20. ^_^ I'm excited too! I can't wait to really see things moving!
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