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    Every body HATES cleaning! Whether it's their room, their dog, the TOILET, or anything that is gross!

    But what is it that you HATE HATE HATE cleaning the MOST?

    I would say the dishes, damn those dishes! My family eats and cooks and don't wash the freaking mess. SO I have to do it >.< In the mornings the pile of dishes look as the one in the picture.
  2. I hate having to clean the kitchen because maybe fifteen minutes after I'm done cleaning it, it always gets really messy again.
  3. It does, it happens to me all the time. Plus leaving with this irresponsible people doesn't help >.< I might have to wash the dishes like hmm about 6 times a day.
  4. Well at the moment I only have my room to clean because my parents takes the rest of the house so I really hate to clean up my room. Which I soon must do because we are going to have a graduation party for me in two weeks xD I never take away stuff that I have put forth in my room so everything just piles up and right now I can't find the floor xD
  5. Same here, graduation is just in a week and a half! Excited and by the way congratulations!
  6. I actually sort of enjoy working with the chemicals used to clean the bathroom. As long as it's not someone else's bathroom and they're incredibly gross, I don't actually mind it so much. It makes me feel oddly rewarded when it just looks and smells pristinely clean. When it comes to mopping, I don't particularly like mopping with a mop and I prefer to mop the way that my mother cleans the tile in spring - washrags and cleaner.

    The cleaning that I hate to do is sweeping. It's important to the process, but it's just such a pain in the ass and it's so easy to miss things. I contend that there is no such thing as "perfectly swept" when one has animals with fur. And it infuriates me.
  7. The dishes. >:[ I cook A LOT. Every day. And I am also messy. And my dishwasher sucks ass... so washing dishes sucks.
  9. So untrue. I love cleaning. :/
    I'm Mexican, though, and OCD. So cleaning's like a fetish or something. *shrugs* Whatevs, man.

    If I had to choose a chore I disliked the most, though... I'd have to say washing dishes by hand, because of my annoying skin conditions. That problem can be easily solved with rubber gloves, though. Also, it can be pretty time consuming if no one cleans up after themselves. Seems unfair to leave such a big mess for just one person.
  10. I would also say the Kitchen, or the Bathroom. It all really depends. I usually keep everything spotless. Thankfully my husband and I own our own place so its just him and I there... no messes
  11. But... o wo I enjoy cleaning...
    Honest. >> It relieves me and soothes my soul, as long as I am capable of singing while doing so, or play some music. ^^'
    I actually like it.
    I like doing the dishes by hand at my dorm when I'm not home to put em in a dishwasher. The water really takes away my stress. Like when I take a shower. -nod.-
    Also, vacuuming gives me time to dance around. >>
    And dusting also lets me dance around.
    Organizing things is like clearing out my mind..
    I like cleaning. ^^' though, I am not a neatfreak AT ALL.
  12. How could you not like cleaning? Your living area is your castle! Keep that shit in order!

    I keep my room/car/apartment clean. I cannot stand having dirty floors and such, although it doesn't bother me at other people homes...just my own. I am weird. I do dishes as I use them, keep my room organized and vacuum twice a week.

    I think organization of my things is a big part of it for me, I like to know where my stuff is and I like to keep things folded and hung up, clean and orderly.