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      This is a 1 x 1 rp between @Zaira and @Klutzy Ninja Kitty

      Ruby (A werewolf from the TV series Once Upon a Time) arrives at a Halloween party and meets a mysterious vampire named Thomas. The two hit it off, immediately finding themselves drawn to each other with a strong connection they are unsure about. Both of them are very different, from their races down to their live-span. Towards the end of the night, however, Thomas decides to ignore their differences and leave his number with Ruby, asking her to call him sometime after the party so they could meet again. Several days later, Ruby gives in and does decide to contact him. But how will things go from there?​
    • All of iwaku's rules apply. :)
    • The Main Characters

      Ruby (open)
      Name: Ruby

      Age: 24

      Gender: Female

      Race: Human / Werewolf

      Appearance: [​IMG]

      played by @Klutzy Ninja Kitty

      Thomas (open)
      Name: Thomas Ranger

      Gender: Male

      Age: 65, looks 21

      Race: Vampire

      played by @Zaira

    And so their story continued...​
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  1. The clanking of dishes could he heard in the background inside of a diner Ruby was currently in, mixing with the sound of people talking, laughing, and chewing. Sitting on a table before Ruby was a cup of red fruit juice, which was sorely distracting her from getting up to return home. It reminded her of how she had met Thomas the other day. It reminded her of how she had spilled her drink on him. It reminded her of the strange connection she had felt with him, a connection she hadn't felt since her only love had died.

    Ruby tapped her fingers on the table, unsure what to do. The diner she was in right now sat between StoryBrooke and the town she had gone to so that she could attend the halloween party. After she had left the halloween party, she had returned home to drop Queen Elsa back in town so she could get some help. But after she had dropped her off, Ruby couldn't find it in her to stay home. She instinctually felt herself drifting back to where she had met Thomas...

    She sighed in frustration. The only way she could think to get him out of her head was to call him. But what if he wasn't interested in talking to her anymore? Several days had passed after all. Maybe too much time had passed. Still, she would never know unless she called him. It was the only cure she could think of to help her get over this strange affliction.

    With that thought, Ruby dialed for Thomas, not speaking. She froze up. Even if he were to speak over the phone, she probably wouldn't be able to say a thing. This whole situation had made her too anxious.
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  2. He still couldn't believe she was gone. Thomas always knew that day would eventually come, but, even if he got a chance to say goodbye before it was too late, it hurt him as if he wasn't prepared at all. Even though Mary Anne hadn't been a part of his life for the past 44 years, Knowing that she was a happy woman u with a good life somewhere in the same city he was, and having the opportunity of seeing her even if she couldn't see him back, gave him comforting feelings. Feelings that he would never feel again.

    A few days before, he had the chance of meeting her in the hospital. She had been involved in a car accident, which lead her into a cerebral-vascular stroke. This accident left her unconcious until she passed away 40 hours after it. Thomas had the possibility to approach her without being noticed and spent a moment with her. He had a chance to tell her how sorry he was for everything he did all those years before and kiss her forehead once again. Of course she couldn't hear him or see him, but he believed that in some level she had been able to feel him. Anyway, seeing her once again had been a great moment for Thomas no matter her condition. But it certainly didn't make losing her hurt him any less.

    At that moment, he was in front of her grave. The fact that he suposely died a long time ago took away his posibility of assisting to the funeral, so he waited until that day to see the place that the remains of the woman he loved would rest for eternity. It was a nice and calm place. A place that would make him relax if Mary Anne wasn't buried under that ground.

    The peacefulness that allowed all those souls to rest was interrupted by Thomas' cellphone. A song from The Beatles kept ringing for a few seconds until he picked it up.

    "Hello?" he said, almost in a whisper. It was an unknown number, so he just waited for the other person to speak to see who it was. As many days had passed, the thought that Ruby may have been the woman in the other side of the phone didn't even crossed his mind.
  3. Ruby didn’t manage to unfreeze. She only tensed more when she heard the voice of Thomas on the phone. Her cheeks flushed red and she wasn’t sure what to say. Ruby pulled the phone back from her ear and hung up. She dropped her phone on the table in front herself and put her head in her hands. Embarrassing. She finally thought she had the nerve to call this guy who had seemed interested in her, but Ruby just couldn’t do it.

    Maybe it was better that way, anyhow. If, on the off change she did meet up with him and they hit if off again, it wouldn’t be a very long lived relationship. Ruby’s lifespan would prevent it from being long. And he had a wife somewhere out there who as going to pass away someday, didn’t he? (Who she didn’t know had actually passed away already.) Ruby didn’t want to burden him with losing a second love interest.

    After gathering her thoughts, Ruby grabbed her phone again and put it in her pocket before standing up. She picked up her cup of juice and quickly chugged it, placing it back down on the table before she whirled around to leave.

    //ooc: By the way, you can have Thomas call her back right away if you want. Since she called him, her number can be saved on his phone under recent calls or something. Then I’ll have her answer him so he’ll hear her voice. lol. :)
  4. OOC: Awesome! Anyway, he'll probably take a while to call back.

    It seemed that the other person hung the phone. That was weird, but Thomas didn't think much about it. When he put his phone back in his pocket, the peacefulness scattered right away, which made him automatically go back to his grief. It was still hard to believe that the vivacious woman he knew was long gone. And he took a few more hours trying to assume that thought. A few more hours simply staring at the piece of stone with her name on it.

    Out of the blue, he stood up and left the graveyard. He just felt it was enough. Of course he wouldn't stop thinking about her and missing her, but it was something that being close to her dead body wouldn't change. That was why it made no sense to stay longer at that place, which had changed from peaceful to depressing. He headed back to his apartment, walking with a weak pace.

    In an attempt to clear his mind, he took his cellphone out and checked the call that he had received earlier. It was probably someone who called him by mistake, because he was expecting no calls, and people rarely called him to say hello. Well, he was actually expecting one call, but, it was only a silly idea to think it could be her. With all the time that had passed, he had already assumed that she didn't want to see him again. Even though he believed that, at the party, she had felt the same connection he did, she probably just changed her mind. Besides, it was stupid to believe they could keep seeing each other, due to their different natures. Anyway, the number was saved on the recent calls, so calling back to check would be easy. And so, he did. He heard the tone and waited for an answer.
  5. After leaving the little cafe, Ruby made her way out and sat on a bench in front of the street. She called for a cab and waited, looking off into the distance while she did. She knew she was going home, but after that the girl wasn't sure. She always did the same thing. She worked in her Granny's diner, occasionally visited with friends, went home, and then went to bed. Her life was a little boring and repetitive lately--that Halloween party from before was actually the most interesting thing that had happened to her in a while--but she would just have to live with it for now. At least it was a safe, easy life where she didn't hurt anyone.

    While staring off into the distance, she gasped in surprise when her phone rang. She frowned, realizing it was probably her grandmother. She had been out a lot lately and Granny probably wasn't so happy about it. Without checking the number, Ruby answered, and actually spoke, thinking that the person who had called was her mother.

    "Hey, Granny, I'm heading home now. What's up?" she asked, standing up from where she was sitting. The cab wasn't in sight, but she could smell it coming so she readied herself. Little did Ruby know that it was actually Thomas who had called her back.

    //ooc: Still at Grandma's house with internet so I sneaked in another reply. ;)
  6. He recognized the voice at the other side of the phone right away, and it made a smile to cross his face. Hearing her once again made him forget about everything that happened to him. For a moment, his wife wasn't dead, and he was the same Thomas at that Halloween Party who was on a great mood.

    Apparently, she thought it was her Granny who was calling her, so he didn't find a serious way to reply to that. "Hello, sweetheart, I just wanted to know if you were far away. I'm getting hungry and can't wait for that delicious basket of yours. Oh, and remember, don't talk to strangers." answered, changing a little his voice, but not enough to be unrecognizable. After his joke, a quick thought crossed his mind. Would have she picked up if she knew it was him? Anyway, Thomas just hoped that she wouldn't hung up. Not again, at least.
  7. Although Thomas changed his voice when he replied to her on the phone, Ruby still recognized it. Her face went hot and quickly turned a shade of red that matched the streak she occasionally had in her hair. Oh god, she was mortified! Ruby was certain she had called her grandmother, not the man she was too nervous to speak with and had hung up on!

    "Uh, I'm sorry! Wrong number!" she exclaimed, her voice going an octave higher with how anxious and surprised she was. "I was going to call you but, uh, I was waiting to hear from my grandmother first and had to hang up in case she was going to call me."

    More like, she had just been too nervous.

    "Thomas, right?" she asked just to make sure she had the right person. If it was the wrong person she was about to be even more embarrassed.
  8. He chuckled silently at her reaction. She sounded really... nervous? Was she like that because of her mistake or just for talking to him? Anyway, it was nice to hear an explanation for hanging on him earlier, even if it may sounded as some kind of excuse.

    "Yes, Thomas. Hey, don't worry, I'm glad you called anyway." answered her with a calm tone, trying to make her relax a little. Her high-pitched voice was somehow cute and funny, but still he wanted her to be comfortable. "Um, can you talk right now or you are still waiting for your grandmother?" asked, just to make sure she wouldn't hung again.
  9. Ruby was certain her embarassed, nervous tone was easy for Thomas to hear in her voice. When he spoke, however, he didn't seem to mind. He seemed calm and relaxed. When she could hear him speak that way Ruby found it easier for her to calm down herself.

    "You're glad I called? Well, I'm just glad you haven't forgotten about me," she replied, twisting a lock of her brown hair around a finger as she spoke. When he asked if she had time to talk, Ruby thought for a moment before deciding how to answer him.

    "I have some time. I'm waiting for a cab to come that I called, but I can talk while I'm waiting. How've you been since the party?" she asked.
  10. Thomas smiled at her statement. Of course he wouldn't forget her, not even if he would want to. But, that she cared about it meant that she was still interested on him... Right?

    He stayed in silence for a while after hearing her question. So far, during the little time they had spent talking, he could clear his mind from the thing that was tormenting him those days. But, at that moment, he went back to his reality. How could he answer that question without lying or explaining what happened?

    "I've been better." He simply said. His voice turned into a more quiet one, but didn't actually show any emotions. "How about you? " asked back, without giving her enough time to answer before adding, "Would you like to meet me somewhere? It would be great to see you once again."
  11. Ruby heard the cab coming in the distance, and when it stopped she ignored it for a moment. She wanted to speak with Thomas first just in case she had a change of plans after she got off the phone with him. When Thomas spoke at first, his voice was devoid of emotion as if he were trying to conceal it. This made Ruby wonder if he had a rough past couple of days, but she didn't question him on it.

    "Sorry to hear you've been better. I've been okay. I've just been helping that woman I met with at the Halloween party and helping out at met grandmother's restaurant."

    She paused when Thomas asked if she would like to meet up. Ruby was a little nervous, but agreed. "Yeah, that would be nice. Do you want to meet up now? I was going to head home, but I'm close to town and I can actually stay out a little longer."
  12. Her answer took a smile from his face. Not being questioned about what he just said was a relief, but the idea of seeing her was a lot more amazing. Anyway, even if he wanted to see her at that very moment, he needed to do a few things first. He hadn't been himself for the last couple of days, and he looked like a complete mess. Feeding and taking a shower before seeing her were fundamental. Luckily, he was just a few blocks away from his apartment, and he hoped that doing those things wouldn't take long. Anyway, he sped up. He didn't sense no one around, so he went faster than the speed he usually limited himself.

    "That would be great. Is there anywhere you'd like to meet? Or I can just pick you up from wherever you are." told her, as he arrived to his apartment.
  13. Ruby tapped her foot on the ground, watching as the cab finally arrived. She waited before approaching in, continuing to talk to Thomas for a moment.

    "We could meet somewhere to eat if you'd like," Ruby offered, pausing for a moment before asking, "You do eat, right? Human food?" She teased him lightly, starting to finally relax a little. She ignored the can driver trying to tap on his window to catch her attention.
  14. "Yeah, of course. I love it. Just as much as you love grass." answered, teasing her. Still, he thought it was a good comparison. He could eat human food with no problem, but it tasted as nothing and he didn't digest it. It just left his body exactly the same as it entered. Anyway, he used to eat regularly, mainly just to keep a human appearance. So, eating wouldn't be a bad idea actually. "But I'd love to eat grass with you." added, being actually sincere about it. "You should pick a place anyway. I'm not really good choosing human food restaurants."

    As they spoke, he was already entering to his apartment. Holding his cellphone with only his shoulder, he approached to his refrigerator. He needed to feed, but with the little time he had, he could only drink blood from bags, stolen from a hospital. They tasted pretty bad and it didn't have an effect as strong as "fresh" blood. Besides, they were hard to get, so that was why he only kept them for emergencies, or situations as important as that one.
  15. Ruby was about to get into the cab, but stopped herself when Thomas compared human food to grass. By that did he mean he wasn't interested? Ruby wasn't sure until he spoke again, saying he would love to eat grass with her. He sounded serious. Maybe he really didn't like human food but was just going for the sake of seeing Ruby again? She smiled. The thought flattered her.

    "Fine, I'll choose a place. There's a restaurant my grandmother loves. She talks about it all the time so I think I'd like to try it out. It's right next to Nighthawk Hotel, the place we went to for the Halloween party. The name escapes me, but I'll stand in the window and wait so you can find me," she said, finally moving to get into the cab.

    "Oh, and if the food really tastes that bad to you, maybe I'll swing by a blood bank and pick you up a snack. What do you want me to pick you up? AB+ ? O+ ? B+? Or do you like the negative blood types better?" Ruby teased. She spoke to the cab driver to tell him where she wanted go and took off.

    //ooc: Sorry for the slow response. Someone wanted me to help GM a roleplay while they were gone the last few days and I've been so busy with it I forgot to reply to my other rps. XD
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  16. "Sounds perfect." he said, talking about the restaurant. At the same time he was talking, he was already preparing his meal, pouring some blood into a glass. Luckily, that place was actually near, so he wouldn't let her waiting for long.

    He chuckled at her joke. She probably had no idea that he really took blood from blood banks and hospitals, and that he was doing it at that very moment. "That's very kind of you, but you know, blood bags are pretty terrible." told her, keeping her joke. "Anyway, if I had to chose, it would definitely be a O+." added, even if it wasn't exactly true. The factor actually had little influence on the blood taste, which was mainly determined by what a person ate and how he or she lived.

    "Ruby, I'll have to hung up right now. I need to take a five minutes shower before leaving and I would hate to make you wait, so I better hurry. See you very soon!"

    OOC: Don't worry! ^^
  17. "Great," Ruby replied when Thomas agreed to meet her at the restaurant. She glanced out the cab window, while keeping the phone to her ear, watching the driver head off. "If O+ is your favorite then I wonder if I would be more appealing if I had that type?" she teased, realizing her comment came off a little flirty. She just couldn't help herself, apparently.

    "All right, I'll see you there then," she replied, hanging up when Thomas let her go. For the rest of the ride, Ruby tapped her foot on the floor of the car, anxious to arrive. When she finally did arrive, she paid the cab driver and left, walking into the little restaurant.

    Ruby intended to wait at the door for him, but decided to run to the bathroom first. She hadn't planned for this "date" to happen, so she wasn't prepared. What if her hair was a mess or she had food stuck in her teeth?! She needed to double check and make sure she looked decent.
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  18. (OOC: I'm kind of lost IC... they are having lunch or dinner? haha.)

    Thomas smiled at her question. He would have loved to keep talking to her, and flirt her back at her comment, but he should really hurry. Anyway, he would have plenty of time for that at the restaurant, right? After ending the call, he finished drinking the glass of blood. He chuckled silently realizing it was actually a O+.

    After it, he rushed to get into the shower. He had been a complete mess for that couple of days, and he couldn't even remember when was the last time he took a shower. Two days ago? Maybe three? Anyway, he couldn't see her how he looked: all dirty for spending the whole day sitting in the ground of a cemetery. Luckily, he didn't lie to her and his shower really took him 5 minutes.

    Anyway, the next step slightly delayed him. What should he wear? Wait... was he really taking so long to decide that? It seemed that he was actually nervous, even if he wouldn't admit it. Well, it would be a normal feeling to have, after all, he hadn't been on a date for a long time. He did meet some girls from time to time, but they were merely meals for him at the end of the day. And that was definitely not one of those cases. But... still, doubting on what to wear was a little too much.

    Finally, he wore a simple white shirt, some jeans and a leather jacket on top. He took the keys for his car and left the apartment. Driving a little faster than the speed limit, he arrived pretty quickly. Thomas parked his car, which was a black old mustang from the 67' in great conditions, and walked around the block where the Nighthawk Hotel was. For the moment, he couldn't see Ruby anywhere.

    The car (open)

    I thought he should have a car as old as him haha
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  19. //ooc: That's a good question... I don't think we really established that, did we? Haha. Let's just say they're having an early dinner I guess? It doesn't matter either way. :3 //

    Ruby took a little too long in the bathroom. She ran her fingers through her hair a few times to fix it, wishing she would have brought a brush or something along. She opened up a brown purse she was carrying with her, hunting for her lipstick and blush so she could touch up her makeup a little bit. Afterwards, she checked very carefully to make sure she didn't have anything in her teeth. She couldn't understand why she wanted to look so nice for this guy all of a sudden, but nevertheless, she did.

    Once she had finished up in the bathroom, Ruby slowly crept out, glancing out from around a corner to see if she could spot Thomas. She didn't see him in the doorway, but she did see him walking around outside. Ruby swallowed, staying still for a moment. Was she really going to go through with this? She had anxiety when it came to dating now. She had ever since she'd lost Peter. What if this was a bad idea? Ruby swallowed. She had already asked him out and she was at the location she was supposed to meet up with him at. It was a little too late to stand him up, wasn't it?

    Walking out into the open, Ruby went to take a step out the door and approach Thomas, hiding her anxiety. Where had all that confidence gone when she had been the cursed Ruby from StoryBrooke with no memories? She had no problem approaching guys then. But now that she was herself again, it was much more difficult. "Wow, you made it here fast," Ruby simply said, her eyes shooting to his leather jacket. He looked nice too. "You must either have a pretty fast ride or super vampire speed like those vampires off Twilight," she teased lightly, mostly to help her own nerves.
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