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  1. The Brightmoon Academy has been selected out of thousands of schools to receive a FREE luxury cruise!
    All of the students, AND teachers get to live aboard the ship for the next few months as it cruises the world and makes stops at various locations. Classes will still be held as normal, but students will also be free to explore the ship at their pleasure and enjoy the festivities. Be it the pools, the fiesta deck, or just hanging out in their cabins, this is about as good as it can get for these students.

    The students and teachers have all just come aboard, and have been told to find cabins, and a roomate. For obvious reasons, teachers cannot room with students! The cabins are however co-ed.


    Hair Color:
    Eye color:
    Apparel (Outfit):
    Other Details:
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  2. Name: Kalah Sharp
    Hair Color:Crimson Red
    Eye color:Pale Blue
    Apparel (Outfit):She typically wears the female academy uniform, which consists of a Pleated skirt, and a white blouse with the school emblem on the left breast pocket. Her hair is often tied back in a long pony-tail, and she is usually wearing a pair of black shoes with short heels.
    Other Details:Nothing major

    Kalah was walking around the main deck, looking around at the hundreds of random students and faculty walking about, wondering who she would end up rooming with.. She didn't know many people at the school, but figured she could find somebody friendly to bunk with.

    She hums a soft song, standing close to the pool and looking around.
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  3. Name: Alexander Nulgrend
    Gender: Male
    Student/Teacher: Student
    Hair Color: Brownish Black
    Eye color: Blue
    Apparel (Outfit): He normally wears a slim fitting t-shirt with a over shirt on, he has a rugged pair of jeans on with trendy black shoes.
    Other Details: He stands at 5'11 and is slim but you can tell that he has a good amount of muscle mass on him.

    He was walking on board to the cruse ship wondering why he was doing this, he didn't really care as long as he can get out of his home. As he is walking down the hallways looking right and left at all of the cabbies and the room number 109 seemed to just pop out at him so he decide to take that right room. It looked like there was no one else there and for now that was fine.
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  4. Name: Xaviar O`neil
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male?
    Student/Teacher: Student
    Height: 5' 10"
    Hair: He has long brow hair
    Eye color: Smokey Blue
    Apparel (Outfit):
    Xaviar has a white tight fitting Hoodie with horizontal black stripes. He wears black skinny jeans, with green converse and a blue belt.
    Other Details: He is Bisexual but prefers the opposite sex. He is generally pretty easy to get along with but tends to flip his mood fairly quickly due to unresolved issues with a girl he once loved. He likes to sing random songs at random times when he doesn't think people are listening, or when he's near people he trusts.

    Xaviar walks through the hall of the cruise ship, walking around the deck of the ship. He looks around and notices a girl standing by the pool. Walking over he introduces himself shyly to her.

    "Hello my name is Xaviar O`neil."

    He says quietly to her as he looks into her pale blue eyes.
  5. Kalah turns towards the boy and smiles a bit, hearing him introduce himself. When she turned towards him, her hair moved slightly in the soft breeze, falling to the side.

    "Oh hi Xaviar.. Im Kalah, Kalah Sharp." She responded with a friendly smile and held out her hand, offering a handshake to him.

    She wasn't exactly sure who he was, but he seemed friendly enough.
  6. Xaviar takes her hand in is firmly, but not firm enough to hurt her hand, returning her smile.

    "Ahh, a pretty name, so do you know anyone here?"

    He asks her as he releases her hand. He steps back a bit being awkward with girls.
  7. He drops off his stuff on the bed furthest away from the door, and wonders out through the hallways towards the pools and finds a small group of people shaking hands, he walks towards them.

    " Hey how are you all today my name is Alexander Nulgrend" as he bows.
  8. She smiles and gives a soft giggle at the compliment. "Oh thanks.. that's very kind of you."

    Kalah then turns towards the other boy and smiles to him aswell. "Oh hello Alexander, my name is Kalah, and this is Xavier."

    She smiles again at both of them, happy to have met two friendly people already in her short time abord the ship.
  9. Xaviar would smile and nod to her once, turning to the guy walking up to them, he puts his hands into his pockets, smiling casually to him. As he removes one of his hands from his pocket to run I through his hair, then placing it back into his pocket.
  10. "Its very nice to meet the both of you, I am not that outgoing in these kinda situations, so its good two meet new people so soon. I hope we can become good friends."

    As he looks to both of them with a half smile and tries to make a good impression.

  11. Name:Aerith Walker
    Hair Color:Silver Platinum Blonde
    Eye color:Lilac
    Apparel (Outfit): Aerith wears a simple Striped shirt (with hoodie) and a black skirt. her shoes are a pair of black boots. Aerith has her headphones on her neck.
    Other Details:Secretly,Aerith is a bookworm but hides it in public.

    Aerith shyly approached a group of teenagers,her suitcase behind her.

    "Excuse me..does anyone know where room 109 is?im kinda...lost." Aerith said timidly. wondering why she felt shy all of the sudden.
  12. He terns around to notice a women with beautiful blond hair asking a question to the group he had just met.

    " 109 you said, it looks like you are my new roommate for this trip, let me introduce myself my name is Alexander Nulgrend, it is a pleasure to meet you."

    As he smiles and bows, " These are some people I just met its crazy that we all go to the same school but have yet to met."
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  13. Name: Nils Maupin
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Student/Teacher: Teacher (substitute/TA)
    Hair Color: Blue
    Eye color: Blue/grey
    Apparel (Outfit): As a "teacher" he is required to wear the standard polo t-shirt and slacks. But on his off time he wears jeans and a variety of regular t-shirts.
    Other Details: He has several distinct scars on his face, not enough to be disfiguring. But they are easily noticeable. Nils is a new addition to the teaching staff so nobody really knows much about him. But rumors have been circulating that he was transferred because of a vioelnt incident at his previous school. But nobody has had the courage or time to find out. Personality wise Nils is fairly laid back, he is quiet but greets everyone with a smile. Unbeknownst to everyone, Nils has several "quirks" that he tries to hide.

    Nils sighed as he looked at his room assignment. Every hallway had at least one adult to keep an eye on students and assist them as needed. He found his room and threw his luggage inside. Hearing a student mention room 109 he wandered over to the group. "If you all are on this hallway I guess that means I am gonna be the teacher babysitting you guys for the next month."
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  14. Kalah smiles another bright grin as the other girl and the teacher join the group.
    She nods while listening to each of them speak on congratulates Alexander and Aerith on finding their room-mates so quickly.

    "Haha.. sorry teach, but I'm in 212" She says, holding up her room key for a moment.
    "I'm not sure who my room-mate is yet though."

    She gave a small shrug but then smiled, looking around the group of people that had slowly been gathering around the pool, she then tucked her key away once again and continued talking to the group.
  15. He spins around to see the older man introduces him self.

    "Its very nice to met you Mr. Maupin, my name is Alexander Nulgrend. I am one of the students staying in room 109,m I look forward to your help."

    He bows as he introduces him self to the Teacher.
  16. Nils chuckles "only call me Mr. Maupin in class, out here just call me Nils. I am only 21 years old so i dont think i have earned the title of "mister" just yet."
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  17. Alexander laughs a little " My bad I dint think about that,"

    As he apologizes to Nils

    "Well its good to meet you, by the way what room are you staying in?"
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  18. Name: Jason Silman (aka: Sil)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Student/Teacher: Student
    Hair Color: Blond
    Eye color: Bright blue
    Apparel (Outfit): Jeans and a band t-shirt (mainly Fish the Whale) Usually wears a green hoodie. His long hair is always in a green beanie with his hair poking out. Always wearing a necklace.
    Other Details: Plays baseball for the school team and is also a decent artist. Is bisexual.

    Sil holds a scrap of paper where he wrote his room number, clearly frustrated. He is talking under his breath to himself "maybe a fucking map would be helpful." He gets more angry by the second and ends up just walking up to Nils "Know where room 106 is?"
  19. Xaviar looks the teacher over once, looking over to Kalah,

    "I don't have a room mate either, mind if I stay with you?"

    He asks kind of shyly, his cheeks turning a slight shade of pink once the words leave his mouth.
  20. "It's nice to meet you! My Name is Aerith Walker.Nice to meet you Alexander...its nice to meet you guys also." Aerith said,smiling at everyone.
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