classic anime openings

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  1. List your favorites! !

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  2. Yeah, the Cowboy Bebop opening kind of trumps the others.
    Only anime opening I've seen that I don't want to skip after watching it twice.
    Then again, I'm no fan of J-Pop or J-Rock which is pretty much what near all anime openings consist of.

    Edit: I do like the Full Metal Alchemist OVA opening for the first and second seasons. Those aren't to bad.

  3. I think one of my favorite things about this is how it's just so oversaturated with badass and it makes Vash look all dark and brooding but then you actually watch the show and it's like




    I always had fun showing this anime to my friends, and seeing their reactions to the opening vs Vash's first few minutes of actual screen time. XD

    But, even putting that aside, the opening is still pretty awesome just by itself.
  4. Oh!! And this one:

    Now, this one took a little while to grow on me, but once it did it was just... wow. The song is just so chill and borderline hypnotic, even. It's hard to pin down the reasons why, but I just really enjoy listening to it. Most of the lyrics don't make a lick of sense and I don't even mind, honestly.

    The visuals are really nice, too.

    Edit: Oh whoops I forgot this thread was supposed to be "classic" anime. Ah well, @The Mood is Write is posting newer stuff so I guess I can, too. :P
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  5. Not an older anime, but it brings back a lot of memories of watching older ones with the tempo and the visuals.

    CUZ I'm A REBEL.


  6. The following were about pumping up the audience only, and it works, despite little lyrics. The visuals are great, since they knew viewers cared about the non-stop action, which the opening do well to capture.

    EDIT:// One more. (oh, there's a limit, haha)

    Excel Saga Opening
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  7. Excel Saga, heck yes! That was one of my first that I ever watched.
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  8. Hmmm, kinda depends on what you mean by "classic" anime. If you're talking 90s or earlier, then all my favorites have been posted: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, and Yu Yu Hakusho (though I prefer the Japanese version).

    But if we were to stretch it to something like 10+ years old (which I'm going to do because fuck you) then I've got some more I can add to the thread. If this was a general just favorite anime openings thread rather than one looking for classic stuff then I'd have a lot more, because lots of newer shows have some damn good music.

    NSFW warning on this one: it has some artistic nudity, don't blame me if you get in trouble for watching it after this warning. Linking rather than embedding to minimize chance for accidents. Elfen Lied opening

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  9. Nostalgia trip. Sigh, when life used to be simpler.

    Most of the ones I like are here o_o

    When Yamucha was a wee bit cool :P


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  11. My nostalgia is making my eyes water. Dangit.
  12. Some of the classics listed are making me feel old. o.o;

    Why can't I find the first Cardcaptors opening in Japanese?! Have 3rd opening instead. x'D
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  13. Not only one of the best animes ever, by virtue of being the first adaptation of the best manga ever, but also one of the most epicly cheesy anime themes of all time :)

    Can't believe no one's posted this yet; it's so captivating!

    Suffering from "we can't catch up to the source material" syndrome, the first Hellsing series is obviously inferior to the set of OVAs released years later. That being said, the music from first series is just phenomenal, and the OP shows it off wonderfully.

    Then, last but not least, both GTO themes, cause, just like the show, they're amazing.

    God, listening to those GTO themes really got me... might have to rewatch that gem.
  14. So, I was only gonna leave 5, since no one else left more than that, but... WHAT ABOUT SATOSHI AND SUSUMU???

  15. All my favorites have already been said :(
    INUYASHA ALL THE WAY. Just saying >>
    So mine isn't an opening but this was always my favorite

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  16. You're all forgetting the very best

    like no one ever was.

    Also, most openings I would mention have already been mentioned.
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  18. How thefuck dare none of y'all bring this in

    Shit, might as well rep for the other magical girls

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