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  1. ((OOC: If there are any girls, or even guys, haha, that play Japanese dating sims games, they'll know the name of this game and that this rp is based loosely on it. With that being said, this is more or less a modern high school rp that I expect will have romance, drama, and the like and be warned, it may or may not become Mature somewhere down the line. So...have fun cyber girls and boys))

    Name: Dante Krevonshaw
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Dante has hair that is naturally black with long, loose curls, but she prefers to dye it a dark red color, feeling it looked more compatible with her golden green eyes. Her skin is dark in complexion, ebony, and she stands at a whopping 5'6".
    Preferred Attire: She likes to be comfortable and could often be found in a pair of shorts of a colorful variety, a graphic t-shirt and either combat boots, ankle boots, or a simple pair of Vans.
    Usual Attire: Kensington Academy for Girl's uniform which consists of a black skirt, a white blouse underneath a maroon blazer with the school emblem on the left breast pocket, and her black ankle boots with a pair of black thigh high socks.

    The park across the street from both the Kensington Academy for Girls and the Davison School for Boys was packed with an unusual amount of students that morning, young teens, all Juniors, with suitcases and backpacks bulging with clothes as well as other material. About five buses were parked in front of the students, waiting to be boarded and then depart for the adventure ahead. However, the students of the opposite sex were eyeing each other with confusion in their eyes, the girls wondering what the boys from Davison were doing at the park with them and the boys vice versa.

    Perched on top of a picnic table in the park, Dante let her golden green eyes rove over the milling students, swinging her legs back and forth playfully and carding her fingers through her dark red hair that was kept in a low ponytail over her shoulder. Dante was curious about the boys being there, too, seeing as how this was the meeting spot for the Kensington Junior class girls who were going on a month long class trip to another state, but at the same time, she didn't really mind. She was just happy that she didn't have to wear the school uniform, instead donning a pair of red denim shorts with a multi-colored belt, a lime-green t-shirt with a purple owl on the front, black and green striped socks and her combat boots. Still swinging her legs back and forth, she stretched her arms to the sky and groaned appreciatively when she let them fall back to her knees.

    "Haaaa...well, while it's weird, it's still okay. At least I've got something to look at before we board the bus," she said to herself, watching a group of four handsome boys walked by her and smiling to herself, "Maybe they're here to see us off, hehehe."
  2. name fang kirigaya
    age 17
    gender male
    appearance fang has black hair and bright blue eyes hes very athletic and stands at 6'0 he ha tanned skin
    preffered attire fang normally wears a pair of denim jeans and a solid color tshirt and a pair of running shoes.
    usual attire Davison school for the boys uniform which consists of black slacks a white button up shirt and a blue blazer which has the school emblem on the right breast pocket along with some black dress shoes.

    fang was sitting in the tree watching some of the females but the one that caught his eyes was the girl with the red hair. he was wondering what the girls were doing here. this was supposed to be a feild trip for our school. jumps down from the tree and walks over to the girl with red hair. "hi my name is fang."
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  3. Dante felt herself jump a little at being suddenly addressed, whipping her head around to come face to face with a guy her age, his black hair and blue eyes quite a handsome contrast if she ever did see one. He was much taller than her, looming over her short frame, but she only gave him a bright grin and the victory sign.

    "'Sup!? I'm Dante," she introduced herself, "You from Davison?"
  4. "nice to meet you dante and yes im from Davison.going on, why both schools are here." This girl is cute. fang sat down at the bench and took his back pack off. "you must be from kensington. any idea why both schools are out here."
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  5. Name: Isabella 'Liz' Stafic
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: With auburn, shoulder length hair that she usually ties up into a high pony tail and bright brown eyes, Liz gives off a friendly feel. She stands at 5'4 and greets everyone with a smile. She often wears beads in her hair to liven it up.
    Preferred Attire: Usually, when she can, She'll wear jeans and a loose top with a hat set at a jaunty angle. She often carries round small shoulder bag out of habit and usually pins all her badges onto it.
    Usual Attire: Kensington Academy for Girl's uniform, peppered with badges and custom patterns.

    Liz yawned, stretching her arms high into the sky before letting them fall to her sides again. Despite having the boys from the other school in the same park as the girls, she didn't find it very exciting. Just another normal day. Well, she wasn't going to let a day go by without at least having some kind of fun! That just wouldn't be right!
    Standing up and fixing her uniform, she glanced around for someone to talk to. He sights fell on a girl and a boy some way off, who seemed to be talking. She grinned and began running over to them, waving.
    "Hey! Hello the-" She was cut off when she suddenly tripped, falling down and crashing into both of them. "I'm sorry!" She shouted, trying to get to her feet.
  6. Name: Alwyn Howell
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Alwyn has Bright medium length blonde hair which he keeps up in a half ponytail, and hazel for eye color. He's got a lighter skin tone, with freckles, and a lithe build, standing at a comfortable 5'11.
    Preferred Attire: He likes to dress in a pair of dark wash jeans, with some sort of gaming shirt, a zip up hoodie and a nice but light jacket over it. He also wears a pair of nice leather boots.
    Usual Attire: Davison school for the boys uniform, though he wears it more casually when he can get away with it.

    Alwyn watched fang jump from the tree and walk over to the red head. He looked back over to his group of friends as they were lectured by the English teacher about how they were not permitted to be at all rowdy on this trip. He rolled his eyes, and agreed sarcastically, it's not like it was a promise he could keep. He was into mischief. It was just what he did. The teacher then went on about how the schools would be conjoining for this field trip and they needed to be on their best behavior for the girls. At that, Alwyn felt almost insulted, he was always on his best behavior with girls.

    He looked back over to Fang, who seemed to be missing out on this bit of information, along with the girl he was talking to, and supposedly the one who barreled into them. He almost wanted to laugh at the stumble. He stepped away from the little group being lectured, and made his way to the others. He held out a hand to help the auburn haired girl, up.

    He looked to Fang, "Apparently, we'll be going on this little adventure together, as in both schools."
  7. Liz blinked and looked up at the guy offering a hand to her before grinning and taking it, pulling herself to her feet. She took in a deep breath before looking the guy up and down, her attention taken away from the other two for a minute. He was tall. Well, at least taller than her. She broke into a wide grin and waved at him, despite the fact that they were standing less than a foot apart.

    "Hello! Thanks for that!" She said happily, glancing down at her uniform. Her socks looked a little scuffed and her blazer had a small tear on the arm but Liz shook it off. It wasn't something to be concerned about. "I'm Isabella, but you can call me Liz. What's your name?"
  8. Dante, after narrowly missing being barreled into by one if her classmates, one she wasn't all too familiar with, and jumping up onto the table to let Fang take the brunt of the accident as she giggled, looked down at the girl named Isabella, introducing herself more so as Liz. The name didn't ring a bell, but her appearance in and of itself sure did; Dante often called her Badges...simply because of the fact that she wore badges on her uniform all the time. The Redheaded girl had a knack for given people nicknames like that when she didn't know who they really were and it was always in accordance to a distinguishing trait they had.

    Dante sat comfortably on the table again and looked at the people that now surrounded her, hyperactive Liz, Fang...and the newcomer. She eyed him curiously, watching as he helped Liz up and then spoke to Fang, his words catching Dante's attention.

    "So that's what's going on," she mused, crossing her arms over her chest and tilting her head to the side, " was nice to get a heads up, I guess."
  9. Name: Aiden "Ace" walker
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Appearance: Aiden has black hair that covers half of his face. He has dark purple eyes due to discoloration at birth. He is 5'11; slim yet fit.
    Preferred attire: A white hoodie with a red assassin's creed logo on it and black jeans.
    Usual attire: Davison school for boys uniform.

    Aiden could see his friend alwyn over with a small group of people. Aiden was just sitting against a tree listening to music then decided to go over. He put a hand on alwyn's shoulder and nodded at him before looking to the rest of the group. He gave them all a small smile "hello. I'm Aiden, but you can call me Ace if you'd like." He looked them all over, they seemed like pretty cool people
  10. Liz grinned at all the other people, waving to each of them in turn before letting herself calm down. She was probably freaking them all out slightly with her hyper-active attitude. She toned down her grin to a friendly smile and to begin to fiddle with one of her badges on blazer lapel. She felt quite small with all these tell people around her. Especially the fact that they were all older her, by at least a year. But that didn't matter! They were all nice, well, they seemed to be pretty nice.

    She turned to look at the new guy who had his hand on Alywins shoulder and waved slightly at him before frowning at the other girl. "Clears what up? Did I miss something?"
  11. Alwyn gave a confused look towards Isabella, "How did you get Liz out of Isabella?" He thought a minute, and waved it off, "Never mind, not important."

    He looked over to the red head, "Yeah, it was nice wasn't it, maybe we're just using the same transport, but different places?" He moved his bangs out of his face. "Though that seems unlikely."

    He looked down at Liz again, and ignored the question, he was sure someone else would explain it. He looked to his right, when he felt a hand clasp on his shoulder. He smiled when he saw Ace. When he heard Ace introduce himself, he thought he might as well do it to.

    "Oh, and I'm Alwyn."

    He looked around at all the students milling around."Guess the easiest way to figure it out would be..." He looked to Dante. "What're you doing for your class trip?"
  12. Liz noticed Alwyn, as he introduced himself as, glanced down at her after she spoke her question and felt slightly insulted that he didn't answer it for her. She had just as much right to know the answer as anyone else did.

    She reached up and pushed him slightly, frowning slightly, which was uncommon for her. She was always found with a bright smile lighting up her face. "Hey, can you tell me?" She asked, looking up at him. It wasn't her fault she tripped and missed something, was it?
  13. Name: Kaori Takeda
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She has reddish brown hair, her fringe covers her left eye and she usually has a high ponytail. She has light green eyes and stands at 5"1. She has a poker face most of the time.
    Preferred attire: A grey shirt and a black jacket, and a black skirt that stops mid-thigh. She wears a pair of black knee high socks and grey sneakers.
    Usual attire: Kensington Academy for Girls uniform; she untucks the white shirt of her uniform, her skirt stops mid-thigh and she wears her blazer as though it's a jacket

    Kaori stood awkwardly away from the crowd of noisy girls. In the eyes of the others, she stood out like a sore thumb in this situation. The noises of her classmates gushing about the boys from Davison annoyed her, though she knew it was normal since they're in an all girl school. She secretly plugged in her earphones to block out the noise, then increasing the volume to the max. Instead of hearing girls chattering, she could only see their mouths moving while heavy guitar riffs filled her ears. Her left hand that was holding her ipod was shoved into one of the pockets of her blazer while her right arm was resting on the handle of her luggage, that was pulled all the way up.

    She scanned the area. The chattering girls, the rowdy boys from Davison, she knew the whole journey will be a noisy one. She watched as two of her classmates and a few boys from the other school gather in a group, away from the rest of the classes chatting and socialising. She observed them intently as another boy decided to join them. Her feet urged her to move and go over to them but she decided to stay, knowing that she'll just be the odd one out.
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  14. Name: Kanda, Naoki
    Nickname: Kanan
    Age: 17
    Gender: Androgynous, leaning heavily towards the masculine side. Her biological gender is female, but she tends to prefer to act and dress as a boy.
    Ethnicity: Japanese
    Appearance: Tall (for an Asian girl-- around 5'7"), slender. Looks more masculine than feminine. Choppy black hair, cut in varying, uneven lengths; longer strand on the left side is dyed a pale blond. Dark brown eyes, paler skin. When she wears make-up, it's done in the Visual Kei style.
    Preferred attire: Anything from h.Naoto and Sex Pot Revenge.
    Usual attire: Meiyou Academy boy's uniform. White button-down shirt, light grey blazer, black pants, red and black striped tie in the Windsor knot fashion. Black leather loafers for outdoors, white indoor shoes. Typically has her tie loosened, the first couple of buttons undone, and leaves her shirt untucked. She hasn't bothered to change into the Kensington uniform, mostly because she has no desire to wear a skirt.

    Kanan leaned against the tree, hands jammed in her pockets, thumbs left free to rest against the expensive black cloth that comprised her trousers. Lips pursed, whistling silently, and her thumbs beat her thighs in time with the rhythm of the song that blared through the dark grey headphones covering her ears. She didn't seem to be paying the slightest bit of attention to anything going on around her; not the introductions, nor the girls who were going to be sharing her classes... nothing. The sleeves of her blazer were rolled up to her elbows, tangled in the white shirt, leaving her forearms bare. A black bracelet encircled one wrist, the leather dotted with small spikes, and a ring of jade beads made a circumference around the other. The shirt was untucked from the pants, the tie askew, and the first three buttons were undone, revealing the beginning of the black tank top beneath. She hadn't bothered to switch over to the Kensington uniform, and not only because she was a new transfer, only arrived from Japan two days ago. She hadn't even met any of the people in her class yet.

    She crossed one leg over the other casually, at the ankles, and tilted her head back, staring up at the sky stretched out above her. Idly, one finger lowered the volume on the MP3 player tucked into her pocket, and slowly, slowly, she allowed her eyes to wander over, glancing at the people around her. It wasn't too uncommon for people from different locales to be headed towards the same destination, especially for school trips, and she wasn't all that surprised to see the boys in their uniforms that served as a beacon, letting other people know from which school each student hailed. There were several girls, a few boys, and she hadn't understood much of what had been said. Granted, she'd had music filling her ears for the last twenty minutes, so there hadn't been much room to allow conversation in, but she still cursed silently at herself for not paying enough attention in her English classes. She had a very rudimentary knowledge, enough to say her own name, to ask where the bathroom was, maybe order some food at a restaurant. But anything more complicated than "I would like [insert item here]" was probably beyond her grasp.

    Once again, she swore at her mother soundlessly, berating the woman for sending her to an all-girls' school in a foreign country. Even if it was just for a semester, to 'finish her out' as a 'proper' lady.

    Right. Kanan rolled her eyes.

    The lanky girl, who looked less like a 'she' and much more like a 'he,' scratched at her chin thoughtfully, eyeing each one of them with some curiosity. Unfortunately, she tended to be shy around people she didn't know, despite the air of easy confidence that followed her around, and she had yet to see a face she recognized... or even one that seemed remotely interested in approaching her to make itself known. She might have to make the first move.

    But what was she supposed to say?
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  15. Name: Yuki Kasai
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Yuki has frosty blue hair, its cut off at his shoulders and parts slightly over his right eye. He has crimson red eyes. He is 5'11 and slim but not out of shape. Has a strait face most of the time but not afraid to show emotion. He normally like to stick to jean paints and a plan colored shirt with a long-sleeved over-shirt on top of that.
    Usual Attire: Davison school for boys uniform.

    As he is walking alongside the farthest outer-part of the park he is smoking a cigarette, comely just watching all the other students running around, when my attention was caught by a group of students, the one on the ground kinda made hem smile as Alwen from his class helped her up. He decided to continued to watch them as Aiden came up and joined them. He then decided to throw away the bud of my cigarette and reach into his pocket to take out a little bottle of liquid and sprays it on the sides of his neck and the wrists and puts it back in. As he makes his way towards Alwen and the others he sees that fang was also over there. He gets over there and puts his hand in the air and says "hey Fang hows it going man" as he takes a quick glance at all of the other students. He introduces himself " Hello my name is Yuki Kasai it is a pleasure to meet all of you" as he bows down. He then asks if were doing some weird co-ed activity?
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  16. Name: Kyoko Sakurano
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Ethnicity: Japanese
    Appearance: Kyoko has short brown hair and a slight frame. She is tall and athletic. Her usual clothes are a black shirt, red miniskirt, black leggings, and a red light jacket with black flats.
    Usual Attire: Kensington Academy for Girl's uniform.

    Kyoko sat on a bench eating her bento. She didnt know many here, since she was an exchange student who just transferred here a few weeks ago. She just watched quietly.
    She had noticed the different schools were here, which wasnt strange back home, but she didnt known they did it here as well.
  17. ((Text in purple in the following post is a translation of what has just been said.))

    Rey was right... I should have paid more attention in English lessons. How do I talk to these people?

    Kanan wanted to facepalm, and caught her hand on its upward journey, halfway to her head. Immediately, looking sheepish, she dropped it back to her side, and shot a glance at her suitcase. Hope burgeoned in her chest. Reyoko was notorious for her dedication to studying and school, and she wouldn't be too surprised if her friend had seen fit to pack a Japanese/English dictionary for her, while they'd prepared her luggage for her semester out of the country. She leaned forward and plunged a hand into one of the smaller pockets of her backpack, resting atop the suitcase. A lopsided grin crossed her lips when her fingers touched what felt like a small book, and she fished it out, reading the title with relief.

    I owe her big time.

    This was going to make things easier. She hoped.

    Her eye roved over the gathering groups of students once again, and came to rest on another Japanese girl, eating a bento. Luck was with her today, it seemed, and she wondered if it would hold out; the girl might not know Japanese, might have been the child of parents who had immigrated to the States, and out of touch with the mother land. Buuuutttt... she was eating a bento, and in her two days here, Kanan hadn't seen anyone doing such a thing.

    Of course, she also hadn't really left her dorm. Jet lag was a bitch.

    Making up her mind, if only to ascertain that she had an ally here with whom she could converse without difficulty, Kanan tucked the small dictionary into the back pocket of her slacks, and marched over to the girl on the bench. As she got nearer to her prey, she slid the headphones off her ears, allowing them to drop around her neck and rest there. Her grin was shy but friendly, a little abashed.

    To anyone watching Kanan's approach, the lanky girl looked like a tall, slim boy. There was nothing really feminine about her, no evidence of curves to give away her true gender. She was also dressed in a male's uniform, and should the girl she was heading for have come from Japan, she could have recognized the school symbol emblazoned on the jacket's left breast. It was a prestigious co-ed school, one of the most famous in the country for housing and teaching the wealthiest and most powerful of families, and it was settled in the heart of Chuou-ku, in the Kyoubashi district of Tokyo.

    Kanan stopped just beside the bench, and cleared her throat hesitantly. Now that she was here, she didn't really know what to say, and she wished she would have rehearsed something before allowing impulse to take over and striding up, empty-worded. She rubbed at her forearm with one hand, a little abashed.

    Well... out of the frying pan and into the fire, I guess.

    「えと。。。今日は、はじめまして。」"Uh... hello. How are you?" Her voice was low, lower than that of a typical female, but not as deep as most males. She glanced away, somewhat embarrassed. Kanan was definitely not used to making the first move with people, and typically, it was others who approached her, especially the girls in her school, who assumed she was a boy. She'd never bothered to correct them, finding their behaviour in regards to her amusing. But it was so difficult trying to strike up conversation with other people. She just hoped the girl understood what she'd said.
  18. Kyoko looked up and instantly brightened at the sound of her own language. She set her bento aside, stood up and bowed. 『今日は。はじめまして。私の名前はきょくです。あなたさまですか?』"Hello. Nice to meet you. My name is Kyoko. What's yours?" She was so excited to see someone else from home here. As she looked at the person in front of her, it was slightly hard to determine gender, but Kyoko guessed it was a girl by the sound of her voice, not as deep as a her brothers. She would wait to comment though until she heard which pronoun she used, boku for boy or watashi for girl. She was very impressed with the school insignia on the jacket though. Not many could get in that school unless they had high grades or rich families.「すごい迫力ああ、あなたも東京からだ?私は千葉から自分自身です。」"Oh wow, you're from Tokyo too? I'm from Chiba myself."
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  19. fang walked over to the 2 people conversing, when he got there he realized they were speaking in japanese. in his mind he thought, good thing dad was staioned there for 2 years "hi my name is fang, how are you 2 today."
  20. Kaori spotted another group of students. Without a second thought, she decided to join them. She walked over to them and noticed they were Japanese, like her. She plugged one side of her earphones out. 「おっす!かおりです。よろしくね!」 "Hey. I'm Kaori. Nice to meet you!" It's been a while since she met people who spoke Japanese. She is fluent in both languages, Japanese and English.
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