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    In a certain city of Japan there was one school that was called 'Ordinary High school Academy' from the name most parents and interested students already know that this a normal school that had normal students, well that's where they were wrong. In that school there was a huge building blocking the way at the back, once you enter you would see 4 buildings separating each other by fences, each building had a different class. The first ones were the Spade, the next one was the Hearts, then Clubs and Diamonds. Each of this class thinks of themselves as competitors you would be assigned randomly to any of the 4 class, once you enroll here there was no backing out.

    Of course to interest this moments in school there was only one leader per class, they would be called either a King if it would be a male or a Queen if it was a female, depending on votes. It doesn't matter if you talk to different classes in school since it was the time to be normal, but once school was over you had to stop talking to those different classes otherwise you would be punish the your leader. Every after a month, in the beginning of each month there would be a competition on different kinds, either sports, academics, luckiness and camping, once they would choose a winner their class would be on the school's board and they would receive an allowance of about 50,000 yen, yes the school had a high class family's.

    Although for years of competition their hasn't been one winner on every classes, want to know the reason why? Because each of them had an equal ability, may it be strengths or wisdom. This year a new King or Queen has been voted, will you be part of them?
    *Note ; In school they are most likely called the student council, now it's your time to vote which one should take the position as President , Vice President , Secretary and Treasurer Who will be your vote then? The vote will be by popularity from the students so yeah..
    Okay, basically whoever comes first would be a King or Queen of the classes you chosen so actually first come first serve, if you couldn't get this part then you could be a normal student here who participates in the games and activities, it doesn't actually matter if your a King or Queen... although it catches attention to others since they are part of the student council....

    RP :

    Rayne stood there in front of the building of Class Spades, she was the queen now, she's gonna attract attention from others, great. Never once did she wanted to be queen but once the person behind the desk nominated her she got peeved, she never wanted this but maybe this year was gonna be interesting She was carrying her bag with clothes and stuff heading towards the building, the building was pretty big so there must be a dorm for every student, well that's what the secretary from the office said.

    She was already wearing the uniform assigned in school as she entered the gates, her grandmother had wanted this for her also her parents, all she's got to do was made her proud, she went on the elevator then headed to the 3rd floor, that's where she was staying.