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Clash of two titans

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Alpha Toothless, May 6, 2014.

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  1. The sea... something so magical, so mysterious there is so much that goes on in this huge puddle, however the animals that dwell in the sea try their best to survive, humans have seen many shark and Orca lifeless bodies... what is going on? the shark family and the orca pods have for some reason became one huge group, the orcas are one group and the sharks another, what did these creatures decide? well there is a invisible boundary separating the shark's side and the Orca's side of the ocean. The orcas dwell within the Atlantic ocean all to the 0 degree mark the sharks have the opposite side. Choose which one you are, a Orca or a shark. (sorry if it sounds stupid, I wanted to make this kind of forum)

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  3. Yeah really on
  4. A group of Orcas on hunting patrol look to the border. "Do you dare me?" One male said to the rest. One scoffs "NO WAY! are you nuts!?" she says as they appear on the surface of the water, she huffs, spraying water into the air with her blowhole. "oh come on, Marie have you ever wanted to?" Marie was the youngest of the group. "well yeah but we shouldn't unbalance the force of nature. What about those stories, papa always told us?" Tucker was the very daring male. "come on, Shami what do you say?" Shami was the second youngest of the group, she was a very quiet one not really a talker, she shrugs. Tucker rolls his eyes "I'm doing it" he crosses the border not sure what could happen.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.