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  1. Name: Jayfeather
    Level: HS
    Clan: Thunder
    Appearance: Neko-boy.jpg
    Family: Lionblaze, Hollyleaf
    0ther: Is the Medical cat, ability to see the things that are to come and of the past.


    The bells rang loudly signifying it was a new day throughout the Clan Academy. Though most students who were older were already out and about, Jayfeather rolled onto his side in his mossy green blankets. He wasn't in the mood to run the Medical den today, yet he sat up and stretches his back opening his eyes only to be greeted by darkness.

    Unlike the other students here he was blind and he hated himself for that, his dreams dashed at becoming a warrior. But he didn't let it bother him much, for now he had just as an important role.

    He dresses and walks down the stairs and outside, the chilling winds hit him causing his ears to lay back in annoyance and his tail to fluff out "I hate leaf-bare..." he growls to himself.
  2. Name: Midnightstar
    Level: College
    Clan: Thunder
    images (19).jpg
    Family: Dead
    Other: is a kind and loving leader... but threaten her clan and you will feel her claws. She's a young leader that only just became leader. She will help anyone who requires her help.She is stealthy and gifted in archery.


    Midnightstar yawns as the bells wake her. The young woman gets up and stretches to wake herself up. She needed to hurry if she was going to get to the cafeteria in time to eat. The girl gets dressed and brushes her short blonde hair.
    After making sure she's presentable, she gets her things and leaves her room. She walks out of the dorms towards the cafeteria to grab a bite to eat. On her way, she sees Jayfeather. She calls out a hello to him, knowing he is blind, and then keeps walking towards her destination.
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  3. Jayfeather turns his head in her direction and smiles knowing the voice belonging to his clan leader "Good morning Midnightstar. How'd you sleep?" He asked her.
  4. I smile and walk over to Jayfeather, I could eat later.
    "I slept well, and how was your sleep," I reply kindly.
  5. Name: Sylvia Shade.
    Level: College.
    Clan: Shadow.
    Family: If there are any of the Shades left, She doesn't know about it.
    0ther: Not the friendliest of leaders, but teaches well and hard.

    Sylvia, or Syl as some called her, was already outside the cafeteria hall and waiting for the rest of her clan to get out of their beds, and arrive punctually for the morning meal she had ready for everyone on the tables in her clan's designated area of the hall. Trays of identical, healthy meals sat in front of each empty chair, still steaming, waiting for hungry warriors to sit down and eat. Sylvia did this just about every morning for her clan, She might train hard, but she took care of them and kept them fit, offering certain motives, such as a different meal than the school generally prepared for students in the morning. Most of her clan knew punctuality at this point, She made sure of that. She stood firmly, her glance occasionally changing over to the large clock as the official breakfast meal time approached.
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  6. Name: Hollykit
    Level: Elementary
    Clan: Shadow Clan

    Family: Jayfeather (brother), Lionblaze (Mother)
    0ther: She is the youngest in her family, and is often babied, despite the fact that she knows how to attack and has great grades. Her older brother is Jayfeather, a member of the Thunder Clan. She is considered an oddity, as she is only the second in her family to not be placed in the Thunder clan, instead being placed in Shadow clan.

    Hollykit woke up feeling refreshed. She'd gotten a good night's sleep the night before in preparation for school the next day, and the extra rest had paid off. She stretched in her bed, yawning and throwing off her brown and green covers. She stood and walked over to the bathroom, combing her short brown locks and pulling on her clothes. It was cold today, as the leaf-bare season had just begun, so today she wore a black long-sleeved shirt, black tights, brown leather boots, a brown skirt, and a brown vest for extra warmth. Satisfied with her appearance, Hollykit retrieved her school supplies and walked out of her dorm, making her way toward the eating hall for breakfast.

    Along the way, she saw her brother, Jayfeather, and his clan leader, Midnightstar. She smiled and ran over, ignoring the icy wind that chilled her skin even through her layers. "Good morning Jayfeather! Good morning, Midnightstar! Can I please walk with you guys?" she asked politely. It was customary to show respect and politeness to one's elders, especially the clan leader, even if it wasn't her own. Across the way, she saw her own clan leader Sylvia waiting for the rest of the clan members to arrive. She waved to her and smiled. unlike her brother, she had been placed in Shadow clan. Although it felt wierd to be separated from her brother, she was also glad she was different.
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  7. Midnightstar smiles at Hollykit and nods. She turns to Jayfeather and say,
    "Will you come to the cafeteria with me Jayfeather? I'm going to the cafeteria to make sure everyone gets fed and is present. Your sister can come along to," she says with a smile.
  8. Name: Vanna
    Level: HS
    Clan: Thunder
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Family: Dead
    Other:Is a hunter.Is very kind and helpful.

    Vanna jump out of bed and brush her hair. She wash her face and walk out her room.
  9. Name: Silverslash, although he just prefers to be called 'Slash'.
    Rank: MS, although very close to HS.
    Clan: Thunder (If thunder is getting too full, I can change it to River on request.)
    Appearance: Like so:
    Family: Lilybloom (Mother), Chromewind (Father, recently deceased.), Cobaltinia (Mentor/Cousin.)
    0ther: Silverslash is a talented individual in the ways of athletic and acrobatic ability, and is taught the ways of fighting by his mentor and cousin, Cobaltinia. Cobaltinia is a powerful female who Silverslash gets along well with, although Silverslash is often patronized by her - which usually ends in Silverslash angrily requesting a duel, which ends badly for him. His personality is often a little of a jester and a prankster outside of combat, but otherwise a likable individual. When in combat training, he becomes pretty serious, although he sometimes does some reckless and flashy moves.
    Silverslash gives a light groan as he stirs a little in his bed. It was time to get up, but he didn't want to get up... as usual. With a little temptation to go back to sleep, Silverslash suddenly widens his eyes and springs up out of bed, knowing that his today the cafeteria was serving smoked salmon - one of his favourite foods!

    As if a bucket of cold water had been poured over him, Silverslash forces himself to shake himself awake again, hurriedly getting dressed into his usual white clothing, tucking his fluffy tail through the small hole at the back of his trousers, and he gives the silver tail a little wiggle to make sure it was comfortable. Perfect. Hopping on one foot as he puts one of his socks on, he quickly dabs his face clean by the sink, slipping on his shoes as he dashed out the door. Through the corridors, he whizzed past a few individuals who looked at him disapprovingly - he was very quick on his feet, after all.

    In his sudden rush, however, he sees a small group by the corridor, mostly blocking the way through his wild sprint, and he trips on Jayfeather's foot, landing on his back on the floor with a skid as he rubs his head.

    Uh oh... now I've done it... it's Jayfeather and his sister, and M-Midnightstar, too!

    He quickly scrambles onto his knees like the klutz he was, shaking a little as he looks down at the floor worriedly.
    "Sorrysorrysorrysorry! I-I didn't see where I was going, please forgive me sir, madam, missus!" He says very quickly, mentally cursing himself for being in such a rush.

    [[If Thunder is getting to full, just let me know and I'll change this post so I'm in the Riverclan instead!]]
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  10. Name:Crow claw
    Clan: shadow
    Family: unknown; he was found on the foot steps of a church.
    Other: crow claw or known as crow is able to manipulate shadows at his own will. He likes to hide in the shadows. He is a fast runner and good at multiplication. But he is shy around everyone especially girls.
    As Crow woke up he was in for another boring day. He went to the window I. His room and opened it and felt a slight breeze. That feels good he said. He closed his window and got dressed. When he entered the halls he realized that he was late for his archery class! He ran to the archery tower as fast as he could got a bow and started to shoot targets and then at that moment he knew that today he was going to have trouble.
  11. Vanna walks to the cafeteria.
  12. Sylvia simply nodded her head as one of her younger clan members who waved excitedly in her direction as she passed by with her brother and his clan leader. A good amount of her clan had passed by her, waved, and sat down for breakfast. There were, however, a few still missing, and they were officially late at this point. She gave the campus around her a good last look before searching the buildings for the rest.

    Sleeping quarters was where she started. And she was glad she did. Most of them were still there, lazily sprawled over their beds, pillows over their heads. Sylvia woke the majority with a sudden, loud sound; an extendable quarterstaff slammed roughly against a bed post. The few who were heavier sleepers got a much less kind awakening, being thrown out of their beds. "Breakfast. Now." She announced strictly, arms folded across her chest gesturing to the doorway by turning her head in its direction.

    As they walked out and towards the cafeteria she counted. There was still one missing. Probably someone new. First class after breakfast was archery, so once all the late bloomers made their way to breakfast, She headed in that direction. Her boots clunked heavily through the empty halls, only finally coming to a halt when she reached the archery room where one was practicing- alone. as one of his arrows hit the practice dummy, a loud whistle emanated from the small woman's lips, ears perked up high, tail flicking around in what appeared to be annoyance. She leaned up against the door's frame with her arms crossed awaiting a response.
  13. Midnightstar frowns as Silverslash trips over Jayfeathers foot. She helps Jayfeather stand and Turns to Silverslash.
    "You're a loyal clan mate Silverslash and a good friend, but you must contain yourself. Please be careful when running, you could have really hurt Jayfeather or myself. Don't take my words as scolding you, simply be more careful in the future, " she says calmly, but with wisdom in her voice.
  14. Rosepaw sleepily walked down the corridor towards the cafeteria almost getting taken out by SilverSlash as he rushed past. She was tempted to claw him but she knew his favorite food was being served today. She shuffled down the hall her ears hanging slightly not their usual straight self from her lack of sleep the night before. She was about to go into the cafeteria when she saw SilverSlash getting scolded by MidnightStar and she giggled quielty to herself.
  15. As we reach the cafeteria I smile and lead my clanmates to our table. Awaiting us is a table with plates of food already set at each seat. At the head of the table was my own plate, I had less than the other clanmates because I make sure the others are given their food first. I take what's left over afterwards and it's usually less,but I didn't mind because I didn't need much food.
    As I look over my table I notice most of the clan is here, though I notice a couple missing. I look over to the ShadowClan leader and nod my head in respectful greeting before returning my attention to my clanmates.
  16. As Crow hit the target he heard a whistle and turned around. He was shocked to see it was Sylvia! Ohhhh hi Sylvia crow said. What are you doing here he asked.
  17. Silverslash nods respectfully to Midnightstar's words, still a little shaky and aware of his foolish nature... although it was all in the cause of smoked salmon. He drooled almost just at the thought of it.
    "Y-yes ma'am! Understood!" Silverslah says quickly, slowly getting to his feet and trying his best to walk, barely managing to contain himself from jogging as he walks to the cafeteria. The tables were set, and everything seemed to be ready to eat as Silverslash licked his lips, taking his usual seat at the table near, but not next to Cobaltinia - his mentor. She seemed to be talking around other adults anyway, so Silverslash gives a wave to her and recieves one back. In delight, a delicious plate of smoked salmon awaited him as he wiggled his tail a little in delight, waiting for the others to start before he tucks in. His ears go limp with delight as he eats the salmon - it was his favourite meal after all as he chews a good deal of it with full cheeks.

    Silverslash always took note of who was missing from the table. Recently, his father was one of those people due to his death - but he didn't like to think about that as it just got him depressed. Not sure who's names exactly were missing, but seeing some empty chairs, Silverslash turns to Midnightstar, who was at her usual spot at the head of the table.
    "Who's *Munch*- missing - *Gulp* - ma'am?" Silverslash asks whilst munching through a mouthful of smoked salmon. He noticed the other clans about, but his competitive nature driven him not to take too much note of them - he strived to be the best around here one day, after all.
  18. Midnightstar chuckles and turns to Silverslash to answer him.
    "A few of our newer clanmates don't fret they'll be around. Also, you don't have to be so formal with me, though I appreciate that you listen to my orders and suggestions. Always respect your elders, but if you know them well and they're your clanmate there's no need to be formal. I just don't want you to be afraid to be around me, I don't want my clan to fear me, I want them to look to me for guidance and friendship, " she says with a smile.
  19. "You're late. Breakfast is downstairs. You are alone in this room for a reason. Breakfast first, then classes. I would think that would serve as a hint that you weren't where you're supposed to be." She declared, voice and position unchanging as she stared at him blankly. Sylvia nodded her head towards the door indicating for him to stop what he was doing and follow her to the cafeteria hall.
  20. Well actually befor I came here they gave me an individual schedule and it says I have archery then breakfast.