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  1. Welcome students to Clan Academy. This is a school where students will come to learn the way of the Warrior.


    Once here, they will be sorted into one of the four houses:


    They will be given a dorm master, but they will be called leaders of the clans or houses. Each leader will have a deputy or an assistant who will help them.

    Each student will follow the Warrior Code as they gradually make it up in the ranks.

    The youngest students are kits. They will be attending our Elementary levels.

    Middle school aged students will be apprentice and given a Warrior level mentor.

    High school aged students are the Warriors they are expected to behave and assist with hunting, cleaning, and caring for their house or clanmates.

    College level are the leaders and Deputy they will run the clans and advance you to the next level.

    The same goes for the apprentice.

    The student that had shown the most devotion and skill will be promoted Deputy and then Leader.

    Each student classifying as kit rank will be called with the ending kit.

    Middle school age shall have the ending paw

    High school age and Deputy will have the ending their leaders choose.

    And the leader ends in star.

    Students who are weakened or wounded in such a way will join the Elders Village a small Village consisting of old teachers and leaders who may have lost the energy to continue or are severely wounded.

    The other position is in the medical field.

    Each clan has one, and these students are not allowed to mate!

    If that is to happen you will be punished!

    Other than that have a nice day, and may Starclan light your path.

    ((00C: This is a Warrior Cat school RP feel free to use the cats (who of course will be human) in the books or your own character.))

    Appearance: (can be real or anime, please note that they dont need cat ears or tail but if you want them to have it its all fine, I just know how hard it is to find a cat boy/girl resembling the cat)
  2. Name: Rosepaw
    Elementary/MS/HS/College: MS but is also close to HS
    Clan: Wind
    Appearance: The picture isn't working -.- so I will give a brief description. She is quite tall and thin with pale skin. Her eyes are a pale pink that matches her long curly hair, her ears and tail are a bright hot pink.
    Family: She has a mother (Sunstride) and a younger sister in Elementary (Dewkit)
    0ther: Rose has always had the talent to move around without being noticed. From her Wind Clan heritage she is very quick and agile with her movements and better at fighting with quick sharp attacks then brute force. She is very bubbly most of the time and loves a good laugh. She hates when people give her looks for her unnatural pinkish hair, eyes, ears, and, tail, her mother always told her it made her unique. She is almost never shy unless she takes a liking to someone or she is embarrassed.
  3. Name: Mooncloud
    Elementary/MS/HS/College: HS
    Clan: Thunderclan
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Family: All were killed.
    Other: Due to a damaged past, he doesn't tend to communicate.
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  5. ((of course simply fill out the character sheet found on the first page and make sure you read everything that's happened so far so that you understand what's going on and who everyone is))
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  9. Name: Graykit
    Elementary/MS/HS/College: Elementary
    Clan: Thunder
    Appearance: See picture; Is somewhat muscular for his thin size. Athletic, purple-ish/gray eyes.
    Family: Mother:Willowpelt; Father: Patchpelt; (There is more, but no point in getting into so much detail)