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    If you would like to fill a Mentoring Request, please post here naming the Mentee that you will be claiming!​
  2. [MENTION=3049]CosmicWeinerDog[/MENTION], you've been requested. Going to take him?
  3. Who Southern Swell? He was in my fallout game and I haven't heard word one from him in the better part of two months when he made the original request
  4. Actually, I meant ThE_DeAd. He just posted a request.
  5. Oh no kidding? Heck yeah I'll take him. That dude's great.
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  6. I'll take Jappy. Anyone else going to grab one of the other two? They need [MENTION=user_group,12]Mentors[/MENTION] who can RP with them.
  7. Citizen of Worlds looks like someone I can help.
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  8. Tulpa kun looks like someone i could help XD
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  9. I would like to snag IvoryEye and Aleksander. I feel confident that I can help them out.
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  10. o.o thanks for the thanks? lol does that mean i've claimed him?
  11. I would really like to claim darkened_shadow, Cryax Forgotten and Joker The Clown since my latest mentees vanished into the void of no return :/