Civil War or Revolutionary War

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  1. I'm going to keep this interest check short and sweet. My partner should be able to write three or more paragraphs. I'm REALLY craving an rp based in either the Revolutionary War or the Civil war. I would like to play the female for this so of course you would be playing the male. I have a few ideas for both of those and my ideas go along with these pairings:

    Revolutionary War
    -Colonist GirlxBritish Solider
    -Colonist Soliderx Daughter of a British Soldier/Captian (maybe even one of the woman that followed the soliders about and were basically 'servants' to them)

    Civil War
    -Southern BellexUnion Solider
    -Union Girlx Southern Solider
    -Woman Disguised as a SoliderxAnother Solider

    Those are the only pairings I have for now. If you have some other ones in mind, let me know. PM me if you are interested in this roleplay :3
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  2. Still looking for more partners.
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