Civil Love and War (A steampunk Roleplay)

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  1. Why hello there everyone!! I've been craving a roleplay i once tried long ago, unfortunately i was unable to complete it due to my partners disappearance. So, here it is in a nutshell:

    Basically the equivalent of the American Civil war but steampunk, and i'm looking for a girl to play a renown blacksmiths eldest daughter (Around 20, 21, years old) who is rather tomboyish and a Tsundere, she has 3 younger sisters aall extremely girly and rude and interested only in marrying wealthily. (Remember, that was a big thing those days.) And i am a orphaned boy whose mother, about 6 or so years ago, died shortly after my father whom was extremely close with the blacksmith. My mother was dieing and as a favor the blacksmith bought my childhood as his apprentice and now myself (whom is treated more or less as a servant by said family as they paid good money for me and is training me to one day take over the business if i play my cards right since he had no heir.) And he is a strict, hard teacher and his eldest daughter is also his apprentice she is rather tall. And this will be a romance between my character and the eldest daughter. With possible plot twists and such later on, he will be several years younger.

    I took the apprenticeship idea from the old Civil War book "Johnny Tremain"
  2. So is there a war going on that the characters are fighting in? or no?
  3. There is a war and initially they will not be in it but they could later on. For now they are helping supply the war
  4. I see....I like the this is more of a romance thing?
  5. Yes mostly, though like a fluffy shy romance and later when it gets alittle more intense i was thinking of adding some plottwist, perhaps involving the war?
  6. Yes I love it
  7. Yay~ PM me?
  8. Hey uhmmm.....i'm still looking for people to roleplay with this ^.^
  9. I could try out your idea. It looks interesting and I love trying new things. Any requirements or expectations?
  10. YAY! Oh and uh..hmm, well i'd prefer to keep it in pm not forum, and 1-3 paragraphs per post (based on the situation of course)
  11. At least one paragraph? I can do that. Any basic information you'd like me to type up for the eldest daughter? Will romance be the main genre? Are other genres going to be implemented into the roleplay?
  12. Yes romance will be the main genre, possibly some adventure, maybe some hints of angst later on, and 1 is the minimum, i prefer two ^.^
  13. Oh and you can decide her detailed looks but she'll be kinda tall, deep red hair
  14. What's your definition of tall for a female? Around 5'6" to 5'8" tall?
  15. I mean like, uhm...pffft i'm tryin to think of an example, around6 foot but like wide-shouldered, not musclebound or fat but like not skinny, i can't explain it well v.v
  16. Well, I believe I know what you mean- I just looked up girls with wide shoulders who were in good shape, but not skinny to the point of being unhealthy. Is that what you mean?
  17. Yeah kinda sorta XD ever seen fairy tail? Like erza but a bit taller
  18. I've seen the first few episodes, if that counts. Alright, like Erza but a bit taller (like one or two inches?)
  19. Well shes like 5 foot something so like, around 6 foot
  20. Okay, I think I got the point now. I'll place the eldest daughter somewhere in the middle but close to 6ft tall. And just for confirmation, you stated you wanted to roleplay through private messaging, correct? If so, I need you to send me the message first because I have no idea where the private messages are composed.
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