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  1. The italics is who I will play.

    Male x Female

    Roles: Vampire x Vampire Hunter

    Genre: Gothic Horror

    Summary: She is sure she's the last of her kind, or at least, the last monster anyone will ever see. She has no memory of the day she was turned, or who she was turned by. All she knows is that she's become a killing machine, trying to fit in with other humans, and not do what she regrets most- hurting others. If she finds her creator, she's sure she'll be able to drain him of his blood and get revenge for what he made her into. However, it'll be hard- because for one, finding him in the first place isn't going to be easy with a group of hunters on her tail for unintentional past doings.

    Plot: TBD

    Notes: I'd appreciate it if my partner knows for sure what gothic horror is. Like my expectations on the roleplay resume states, proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling is expected. I want at least two paragraphs with varied sentence structure and lots of detail (i.e. imagery, sensory words, etc.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.