City vs Country

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  1. To say that Thomas was pissed off was an understatement. His grandparents had send him off to some country land because he was a "troubled kid". He was 22, he should just have moved out. He didnt want to move down to some of their old friends, he never wanted to leave the city, but here he was stuck in a bus 9 hours on the way. He wanted a smoke, he wanted his pills and he wanted to get this summer over with then go back to college for another year before he was free and could do whatever the fuck he wanted.

    After a few more minutes, the bus stopped and he got out, looking at the farm in from of him. "Can't believe I'm here." He mumbled to himself and lid a cigarette as he shifted his duffel bag on his shoulder. "I'll kill my grandparents if they aren't dead when I get back." He huffed and walked up the long drive way. He was so pissed off.
  2. Trish was in her home finishing up making dinner. She had finished all her chores and was getting ready for the evening. She went out to go put her horse away and looked upretty when she saw a man on her land. She looked around confused." Can I help you?" She asked as she had her horse in hand.

    Trish was in short shorts, boots and a shirt tied up under her chest. She looked him over, he was young and seemed like he didn't fit in. He was a city boy, She was still confused how he came to be on her family's land. What had her parents not told her.
  3. Thomas was grumbling on the way up, his hands in his pockets and cigarette when he heard a voice call out to him. He looked up and saw a chick with a horse, being a man he silently looked her up and down. He didn't like her face, but he would still fuck her, she did have a sexy set of tits and smooth legs. If she was around all the time life here hopefully wouldn't suck.

    Taking the last drag from his cigarette, Thomas dropped it to the ground and crushed it under his sneaker. "I'm supposed to be here for the summer, my grandparents send me. Sarah and James Rogers ring a bell?" He asked her.
  4. Trish looked him over and sighed."Oh well my parents must of forgotten to tell me were having someone for the summer." She sighed." Alright come on I am just going to put Sage away and I can show you around. " She said and went to put Sage away. she brushed him out put the saddle aay. She set him free in the pen, put water in the trough and fed him." Night buddy." She said. she whistled " Razor let's go" She said to the dog.

    Trish looked at him." Oh your the help they said they hired. So much for hired help who knows what their doing or wants to be here. Oh well work with what you got." She said." We eat dinner now and lights out at ten. We're up 5 to start work on the farm, we don't have a computer and only one tv. We do have Internet, but only on a phone." She said
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