City Streets: Gang Rivalry

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  1. New Angeles, bright and vibrant. Even during the day the town seemed to glisten with a hint of love and brilliance. A bright day with few clouds in sight, enough to give the city a warm feeling but not a burning sensation. This was the perfect city. At least the Press wanted to make it sound like this city was the perfect place to be. Meanwhile much else was happening.

    Saturday, May 10th, 2014

    "Tinley, I swear to God if you aren't safe..." Ryker began his usual speech on safety. Tinley had decided to make an impromptu trip down her father's country club, dangerous as it was.

    "Ryker, I will be fine. Besides I need to get away from you guys for a day. After all, it seems like when the weather gets nice more fighting happens. Especially around Center Mall since they have that nice retractable roof. It's like good weather is a full moon for you gangs." Tinley was trying to lighten the mood but truth still stood behind her words.

    She could feel her brother's worry though through her twin sense. "Ryker. I will be safe. I always am." Ryker cleared his throat at his sister's statement.

    "Yeah, except for that one time..." Ryker was about to begin but Tinley just picked up her small bag and walked out of the Sons of Satan headquarters. Yes there was one time someone had laid their hands on her, but they did it because they were drunk. Not because she was a Son of Satan. Tinley always made sure to hide her face around there. She would often do all her activities during the after hours or just stay up in her apartment on the top floor of the club. She would be recognized as a Son of Satan if anyone from Faceless Assassins saw her, so she had to keep a low profile.

    As Tinley left and got into a bright yellow cab Ryker watched with much worry in his eyes. But he knew he couldn't do anything to help her now. She would be fine though, as long as she went straight for the country club and didn't wander the streets.

    "Weather. Making us go crazy. Yeah right," Ryker mumbled underneath his breath, "But it's true. It's a nice mall. I wonder if today would be a good day..." Ryker slid down in a love seat in the front room of the headquarters lost in his thoughts. Planning his next moves.

    Meanwhile Tinley got out of the cab close to the Country Club, but instead at the East End Strip mall, "Here, take some money and deliver my bag to Winterton Country Club." She smiled at the taxi driver, a cute smile, and he did as he was asked to do. Finally Tinley was free to wander around. She had wanted to take an adventure today, go somewhere she wasn't supposed to go.

    Tinley was wearing a plain pink caped shirt, that fit tight to her body, with a pair of nice fitting faded blue denim jeans. Her signature necklace hung neatly around her neck and she wore a white knitted hat with knitted flower on it. She had made sure to look cute but not to stand out to much, she wanted to have fun and maybe meet some people today. True she had left early today because she knew the gangs would be up to no good but she also left early today so she could be free just for a little while. Although she knew Ryker would know she didn't go straight to the country club, this whole twin sense thing sometimes got in the way of Tinley having her fun.
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  2. Rowan's face was dead serious as he stared down his opponent. One of his eyebrows raised, then lowered; then the other raised, only to be lowered soon after. Slowly, ever so slowly, Rowan's hand rose from his side into the air. With a sudden burst, it shot forward.

    "Bishop takes rook!" he declared triumphantly as he moved his piece.

    "Aaaa!" the small boy cried as he watched his piece disappear into the box. He looked up at Rowan with a face that was either about to burst into tears or an angry fit. "I didn't see that piece!" he accused.

    "He's been there since almost the beginning," Rowan insisted. His face had settled into a soft smile. "You just didn't remember to keep an eye on him."

    "Of course not! I've been busy trying to stop your knights the whole time!" the child complained.

    "Rowan, aren't you being a little too hard on him?" Rowan's head turned toward the voice to look at the beautiful girl behind the counter. He put his hands up and shrugged as though to tell Joy it couldn't be helped.

    "Jason won't let me. He says if I take it easy he'll never get better."

    Jason nodded resolutely. "That's right. Someday I'll beat Mr. Rowan fair and square! I've already gotten heaps better!"

    "That you have," Rowan agreed. Spurred on, Jason reached out and advanced his knight. Joy stepped to the table at the back of the store to watch their game more closely. That, and she had to speak with Rowan.

    "I'm going to Belle today, so you have the counter. Keep an ear out for customers."

    "Sure thing," Rowan promised, sliding a pawn forward before turning to look at his wife. No matter how often he did, it never got old. "Be safe. I'll see you tonight." He craned his neck upward and the two exchanged a kiss.

    "Heeey~! There's a little kid right here, you know!" Jason was conspicuously examining the shelf of board games, very pointedly looking away from the lovey-dovey couple. Joy smiled softly, giving Rowan one more peck before heading out.

    Rowan turned to the boy. "Okay, it's over. Someday you'll be doing the same thing, I hope you realize."

    "Yeah, when I'm old." Rowan could only laugh. And win the chess match a short time later.


    When she stepped out of the shop, Joy took one look back at it.
    Game Shop
    Buy Sell Play​

    They'd been running it for six months now, and she still smiled whenever she looked at that sign. Despite her weak objections, Rowan had stuck her name on the front of their little business. Then again, they'd done something similar with the two shops at the East End as well: the first was Belle of the Ball, a beauty salon; the second was Victory-Sunday, the gun shop. After her father... After Joy received the two shops, she and Rowan had christened them after their family, albeit not quite as blatantly as Enjoy. Both had an extra meaning, too, but most people wouldn't see it without at least a clue.

    Well, that was where she was bound today. She was due to visit this weekend, and the Steds had something to do tomorrow. Joy made her way through the parking garage to her silver Corolla, slid the key into the door to unlock it, and climbed inside. The Saturday traffic could prove to be a pain, but these were the streets she'd learned to drive on. And as tense and worrisome (mostly for her father) as that had been last year, Joy had become a good driver.

    Pulling out of the garage, she became just another car in the street as she made her way to the East End strip mall. Joy hoped that she would see Bella there, and Victoria, too; she wanted to enjoy the day with her sisters. She also hoped that the Sons wouldn't do anything to ruin that.
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  3. Victoria popped her bright red gum, sitting on the counter of the gun shop. "New admits?" She asked, a smirk tugging at her lips. An old man ran this shop, Victoria allowed it to be so. He had good intentions, wanted to keep his family safe, feed them well. He paid a fine price though to keep both his shop and his home 'safe' as well as on her turf. Victoria's voice was low when she spoke, almost sensual. The man nodded and timidly brought over the new box. She clicked with her tongue and blew another bubble as her fingers ran lightly over cool metal. An unusual sound in the back of her throat. This was her poison. When someone were to notice she was speaking of new weaponry, they would question why she called it an 'admit' as if it were a person admitting into the shop. To Victoria though, it was a special day when they got new weapons. New and latest weapons didn't come often to the shop, because normally it was just refills of the older ones. There wasn't too much need for full powered guns in the city, unless that was you were in a gang.

    Picking up a high-powered rifle from the box and it's new attachment scope she clicked them together, and peered through it. "Nice, Nice Mr. Benny boy. We gotta clean attachment n' everything. I may just uh, pick it up for myself." She laughed, pointing the gun at the balding old man, he put his hands up in response even though the rifle hadn't a bullet in it. Her Chicago accent was thick like syrup, and she put the gun down. "Any weapons I take will be written off your expenses, as always though. Some of these little explosives n' such, yeah? They look pretty good. And I'll take off full price on 'em, meanin you'll be saving money. It's a good deal." And it was, Victoria although sounding like a mobster, had a heart. A heart of black, being a vampire and all, but still a heart. She kept track of expenses though and made it a point not to trade weaponry instead of money when they were running low. Victoria wished her gang would be more open to selling drugs to the community, but for some reason no one else was too keen on the idea.

    "Ah, but I'll have to check it later, yeah? I ain't making no deals right now." It was still bright outside, and because Victoria was caught in the shop, she'd be here until it became dark again. The shop had two barred up windows, it was fancy on the outside, colored well and artistic because of a friend of hers, a known criminal for ruining property and trespassing, did tag art. Graffiti. So it was a queer little shop that got a lot of recognition, they did well with it. Lot's of fake lighting and lots of bullet proof glass cases and weapons that hung on the walls. Tilting her head back Victoria sighed, the man was quiet and put away the new weapons in the case calmly as she hopped off the counter next to the register. In the far corner was a coffee table with newspapers, magazines (of the non deadly variety) and a large black modern couch. Next to it a simple little coffee machine and a water carrier for the guests. Once in awhile Victoria got some cupcakes for the kiddies that came in with there parents, looking for either safety or hunting equiptment. She laid along that couch, avoiding a single spot where sunlight streaked in, and picked up the daily paper.
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  4. Day 1, Job 1

    "The Crack Job"

    May 10th 2014, 345 Main Street.

    I was at my apartment planning an assault on a crack den in West End Suburban. Some small time crew had decided that they could sell on our turf. They were wrong and were soon to be dead wrong.

    After 10 minutes of looking at the houses blueprints, I had decided my strategy: I'll walk through the front door and put a crap-eating grin on my face, letting the fine gentlemen take turns at killing me. It was more tactical than that, but the sentence pretty much summed it up. I got into my crap-eating attire, put on my crap-eating helmet and went outside.

    --35 Minutes Later--

    West End Suburban.

    I arrived outside of the den and had second thoughts, I still did not know if the place was an actual Drug house or was it just bad Intel. I was supposed to meet up with Ryker, but the street tough had sister problems. So I had to play it solo.

    I walked up to the front door and knocked on it. Seconds later door opened and I was in contact with a dealer, skinny brat who thought being in the game made him "gangsta".

    "The hell do you want?!" - He asked "politely".

    "I'd like to buy some of the product." - I calmly replied.

    "How much, sucka'?" - He asked.

    Showtime! That was the green light for the act, the moment when my doubts were cleared. I hit the guys head with my elbow and grappled him, pushing the guy outside. I put him against the wall.

    "How many of you are inside?!" - I demanded.

    "Two! Both are in further right room!" - He replied freighted.

    There are things in life you cannot choose: how you feel. The guy was confused and scared, but I couldn't take prisoners. I took my karambit and stabbed him in the neck with it. Don't judge me, I already have.

    I pushed him into the living room or in this case: what was left of it. There was a Stoeger coach gun on the sofa. I picked it up and checked the chamber, both rounds were loaded. Then I went for the far right room. Inside there was a dealer who was snorting his own product. He looked at me, I returned the favor by looking at him down my sights.


    "You play, you pay, you bastard."

    Firing a gun is a binary choice, after whom there is a binary ending: either you live or you don't. Then reality disagreed, just like the man with the crowbar. Kid lied: the third guy was in the toilet behind me. He hit me with the curved end. If the bastard would have been smart, he'd have hit me with the sharp end leaving a hole in my helmet, my skull, my brain.

    I used the same part of my brain to launch a counter attack. As soon as he started swinging the second time, I swigged aside, attaching my hands to his head and by using his own motion I pushed him into the ground, stomping on his head until tiny bits of his brain were stuck on my sneakers. Krav-Maga at its best.

    I took off my bended helmet and caught a glimpse of my face in the bathrooms mirror.
    I was angry at myself, because I was angry at them... I know that doesn't make any sense, but I had to think of anything cool before I would leave. The headlines would scream "Bloody Murder", "Violent vigilante unscathed". The NAPD were closing in. I could hear their sirens. Their wail was a crescendo. I had to bail. Got on my bike and rode out of the area.

    I had no plans to spend the rest of the day on, so I decided to spend my time like any other mortal and went for the East End Strip Mall, as they had a pretty good cafe there.
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  5. Tinley was wandering around the small strip mall, quite impressed by all the stores. She was glad she got to go out today and so far no one from Faceless Assassins had bothered her. She wanted to play up her luck by going into a gun shop, Victory-Sunday, but decided against it. Ryker was already going to kill her for being here.

    Tinley's stomach growled a bit and she noticed a nice little cafe at the strip mall. 'Mmm. That little place looks lovely. Maybe I could stop by and get some hot chocolate or something. After all I still have about two hours before I told my dad I would be at the club.'

    The little cafe was very cute, her eyes scanned the area for anything threatening. Finding nothing bad she decided it would be safe for her to order something.

    "I would like a medium hot chocolate and," Tinley stopped to think for a second, "and some kind of strawberry pastry. Anything is good with me!" She smiled a bit at the person behind the counter who quickly got together her order. Tinley walked over to a window seat with her food and sat down in the comfy couch like booth. She smiled to herself as she took the time to enjoy being alone and unharmed. She was content with life at this moment.

    * * * * * * * *

    Ryker, on the other hand, had begun to pace around the headquarters. He didn't know what to do today. He pulled out his phone several times to call somebody up from the gang to go and do something but he didn't want to bother anyone. Usually people would tell him what they were going to do today, he had never really planned anything himself.

    "I can't just wait around here. Maybe I should head over to the Center Mall. See if anything is happening on a Saturday." Ryker spoke to himself as he made his decision. He pulled out his car keys, the car he had repossessed from a man who wasn't paying his dues for Sons of Satan, and got into the silver Toyota SUV.

    Traffic. The usual for this time of day. He waited rather patiently in the traffic, he had never really been an angry driver. It kind of calmed him down to be driving in traffic. It gave him time to calm down from things that happen in his day to day life.

    Ryker found a parking spot near the very far back at the front entrance. He pulled in, parked, got out, and made sure to lock the doors. He stuffed the keys into the bottom of his right pocket, the left side of his pants had a holster for a knife for easy access that he kept hidden underneath his grey v-neck shirt. His dark jeans were tight to the fit, but not skinny jeans. He also had on a light blue thin jacket that he only wore for style. Ryker liked to look nice, or Tinley liked him to look nice. Ryker always wore whatever made him look best for Tinley's sake. She hated that she couldn't control what he did in the gang, she wanted to have some kind of control in her brother's life so he allowed her to control his fashion.

    Entering the mall he couldn't decide where to go first so he ended up just wandering around and observing his surroundings. He was creating a mental map of the place like he had done so many times before.
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  6. Day 1, Job 1

    "The Crack Job"

    May 10th 2014, East End Strip Mall.

    I arrived at the Mall 23 minutes later. The sun was bright, but something smelled rotten in the air. Never mind my broken helmet, I never thought that a single piece of clothing can make you stand out like a "streetwalker in a monastery". I steered into the pharmacy, grabbing a small bottle of Saline Solution and a small box of butterfly bandages. I walked into the cafe, while looking around I noticed many office workers on their coffee breaks - a hard day in the office - I had one too, too many bullets to file into heads.

    I went into the bathroom taking off my helmet, time for First Aid 101. It didn't look pretty, but even if so it was just a small open wound. Using water from the sink I cleaned the blood off my face, after that I put Saline Solution on the wound. Last but not least I put the wound together and put some bandages on it. With that I was good to go, except I didn't get my lollipop. After ordering some hot cappuccino and sitting down on a chair. I looked at the TV in front of me while taking a sip, "Breaking News" it said.

    "Figures" - I thought.

    "Today, blah, blah, blah, a man attacked, blah, blah, blah, 3 killed, blah, blah, blah."

    What killed me was however: "We spoke to the police chief and he answered quote on quote: We were already planning on busting this drug operation, but we will use all of our resources to stop this criminal vigilante."

    At that point I died: imagine choking on hot cappuccino that charred your throat.

    My description fits 75% of the bike rider community! Faceless Assassins doesn't even know how my face looks, the irony! Good luck Sherlock!

    "Hot, hot, hot!" - I screamed under my throat.

    However, I just made my 15 minutes of fame as a the clown of this community. As I looked around the eyes who were attached to my groundbreaking performance and I noticed an angel sitting at a booth near the window. Tinley...

    Now if somebody would write a book about bad ideas, she would quote the whole thing and put hearth and kitty stickers around it. As I mentioned the FA did not know my face, but they knew Tinley's. Throw the rules out the window, odds are you'll go that way too. I got up with my cappuccino and walked up to her booth asking:

    "Mind if I sit down?"
  7. Ace Colt
    Ace Colt yawned discreetly, while he was walking out of his Real Estate agency, after being buried underneath the pile of paperwork last night. Yes indeed, he never managed to get home. Luckily, his office was pretty well prepared for situations like that. He thought how he seriously needed to talk to his co-workers about getting out earlier on Fridays, and his secretary about taking and forwarding every god damn request or paper, no matter how obviously pointless it was. His hands hurt from all the stamping and signing and it was nowhere near that pleasant feeling of accomplishing something. Maybe his agency mixed up his love for work with a full-time slavery.

    As stated, his office had everything he needed, but he got a bit cranky last night when a couple of Faceless Assassins gang's goons made a fuss outside the mall that was so awful he wasn't able to work for full hour. In need of coffee, he just then realised the tragic truth. The coffee machine in his office made the worst coffee ever. His sensitive tongue was squirming and craving for tobacco instead. The same machine was driven away this morning by a garbage truck. When they found it, they weren't able to tell what it was. Ace ACCIDENTALLY smashed and crumbled it last night when he had enough. However, nobody needed to know. He got out this morning the same way he did every other evening; with smile and barely noticeable fatigue marks on his face.

    The East End Strip Mall was still pretty quiet and empty. It was Saturday so it was no wonder. Only rare dumb people would even get out of the bed this early at all. Ace proceeded to the mall cafe and was thrilled to see it was pretty much empty, and even more thrilled to find his place in the corner empty and waiting for him with neatly made menu, napkin holder and everything else. Just the way he liked it.
    EXACTLY the way he liked it so it meant only one thing. She was expecting him again. He smirked approaching it and sat down, leaning comfortably. As if it was a some kind of a hidden sign, the waitress came quickly, almost floating of happiness.

    Yes, she was expecting him. She greeted him with a wide smile, holding her tray humbly in front of her.
    "Very good morning to you, mister Colt. How are you today?"
    "Well if it isn't the most adorable waitress around here?"
    Colt returned with his wide friendly smile that instantly made her blush. "Good morning to you to, darling. And I am really fine, thank you. A little bit tired but, all in good fun." The waitress giggled. "Staying up all night again?" Ace nodded. As if she didn't know. Who would come to the mall this early for any other reason but business. "Indeed. That and a lack of good black coffee." Just as if he gave out and order, she jerked and grinned. "Oh! I am on it, sir." He smiled as he watched her go, ignoring other customers. "Silly girl."

    Just as he got his coffee, he thanked politely to the girl and she stepped away at once getting back to her job. That was good, she already learned when to leave him alone. It wasn't even half an hour since he got out of the agency, and he already got a dozen of messages on his pager. Instead of grabbing it instantly to check them out, he carefully lifted a cup of black bitter coffee, that was still smoking, and took a sip, enjoying it fully. His pager beeped loudly few times, bothering his ears and small number of people in cafe, before he slowly reached to his belt and turned it off, getting back to his coffee.

  8. Tinley was busy thinking and staring out the window when she heard a voice interrupt her thoughts. "Mind if I sit down?" Tinley turned her head to see no one other then Michael standing before her.

    "Shit," Tinley whispered, not one for swearing all that often, "your face, Michael. What..." Tinley stopped and shook her head, clearing it. She wanted to laugh about, especially with the butterfly band aids, but she couldn't. Though she shouldn't be so surprised that his face was a mess. She wanted to know what he had been up to but figured she should focus on his question first, "Of course you can." Tinley spoke with ease but in a hushed voice. Not wanting to draw attention to herself. She was slightly concerned that Michael wanted to sit with her, not because she didn't like him or anything, but because he wasn't known to the Faceless Assassins, where as Tinley was recognizable. But they wouldn't make the connection hopefully.

    Tinley took a sip of her hot chocolate to calm her down a bit, she hated when the boys were hurt like this. Tinley sometimes acted a little motherly or sisterly towards the gang, always getting worked up about everything they did. Speaking of people she was worried about, out of the corner of her eye she also noticed Ace in the cafe. 'He probably didn't even go home last night. I should really check up on him when he's in the office.'

    * * * * * * *

    Ryker stopped in front of a television store which was broadcasting something about a vigilante. Ryker laughed, he had a pretty good guess on who this guy was. 'Well done. Well done.' Ryker thought to himself as he kept walking.

    Suddenly he found himself in front of a game shop, Enjoy, was the name of it. He kind of wanted to go in and have a look around. Ryker very rarely actually went inside shops because he always wanted to spend his money on everything. He also didn't feel comfortable being out in the open of the mall without someone else from the gang with him. And if he recalled right their was several shops that were run by the FA around the city. He didn't know who he would run into whether out in the open or inside of a shop.
  9. Iris and Clyde
    Housing Area #1 - Vantage Point Apartment Complex - Suite 102
    11:00 AM

    Iris sat in the living room of Clyde's new apartment. Everything was expensive and modern, complete with a glass coffee table in which she kicked her legs up on. She sat sullenly, watching some show called "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse". She didn't pick it, it was just what was on when she walked in. Her caretaker's place of residence was located close to the Central Mall. She had demanded that they move even closer to the HQ, but Clyde insisted otherwise.

    "Brother," Iris spoke, staring intently at the screen. Clyde finished typing a sentence for his research paper from the other side of the sleek black couch and cocked an eyebrow at the girl. "Do trains really make that sound?" Iris nodded toward the television. A brightly colored train was animatedly bouncing around, it's passengers waving through the windows. "Choo-choo" she insisted, peering into the older boy's eyes with curiosity. Her face showed no sign of emotion, other than a bit of impatience. "Well," Clyde started, giving Iris a gentle smile. "I've never seen a train, but I'd imagine so. If we had a train station in New Angeles I would take you there."

    Iris smiled approvingly and nodded. She knew her brother would. He was a good brother. She watched silently as he ran a hand through his unkempt greying hair. That scared her, seeing his body change in such a way. He was dying. Slowly, but surely. He suddenly stood up, casting a reassuring glance at the girl. "I'll get you some coffee." He walked into the kitchen, turning around a moment later, "and please, keep your feet on the ground. I may be a doctor, but you have a nasty habit of breaking things that even I can't afford."

    Iris obediently complied, eyes returning to the television. It was a commercial. I wonder if big brother found anything about… them. Her brow furrowed in annoyance. Many days they've had conversations about the Faceless Assassin people who ambushed them all those years ago. So many arguments, so many headaches… The blonde girl slammed her tiny hand onto the glass table. She wanted to see them dead. But no, Clyde didn't agree. They never seemed to agree as of late. She thought she remembered Ace, or someone else from the HQ saying that people tend to "soften with age". She hoped that wasn't what was happening to Clyde. That would make him more susceptible to attack, more endanger, more likely to-

    "Here, Iris. Coffee.", the tall figure leaned down and placed a pretty piece of china in front of her. The contents steamed. Taking the cup in both hands, she winced at the burn. Clyde took the remote to the flat screen, flipping through channels. Suddenly, a Breaking News message blared up from the corner of some sitcom rerun.

    "The names of the victims murdered this morning have been disclosed! A certain Vincent Demorvic was found murdered-"


    Iris trembled as hot coffee seared into her skin. The cup fell from her hands, shattering on the ground. She immediately glared at Clyde, daring him to reprimand her. The man in turn only slumped his shoulders in defeat. "Don't act like you didn't hear that name." she whispered, anger bubbling up inside of her. "That was one of them. The one I've been trying to kill for YEARS!" she exclaimed, feeling familiar heat brew inside of her. Clyde nodded slowly, knowing better than to instigate the fiery girl. However, instead of escalating, the girl simply deflated. The news continued for a while, but nobody paid attention. Iris put her head in her hands and wearily massaged her head. "I'm sorry for breaking your cup, brother. If you want I can pay you back."

    "No… you make your money by stealing anyway. It's only a cup." he sighed and reached around the couch for the dustpan and broom he always kept nearby. Patting her head, he began sweeping up the mess under her feet. "Why don't you go and take a walk? I have a big paper I need to do for work, anyway. I'm sure someone in your… group… knows more about the murder than I do. You should ask around."

    Iris made a face, inspecting the burns that covered her arms. "I don't like talking to them. They're… not like you, brother." she murmured, but stood up nonetheless. She knew better than to bother Clyde too much when he was swamped with work. Briskly, she turned and left the apartment, making her was to HQ.
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  10. Ace Colt
    Coffee lasted shorter than he thought it would. He thought it was because of him subconsciously being in a hurry, on the impulse by the sound of his beeper, or it was just the fact that for the last couple of minutes his god damn phone wouldn't stop vibrating in his pocked. If it's not the one, then it's the other. Ace sighed and put down almost empty cup, taking out his phone that at that point vibrated once more. There was only several people that had his private phone number; gang members and his secretary. And this time it was the secretary. She knew better than to call him that persistently. Unless it was something really important.

    Ace frowned and touched the green icon that appeared on his phone's touch screen. As much as he wanted to yell out "WHAT?!", it wasn't really polite. So instead, only a polite
    "Yes, April? What is it?" At that point a loud excited voice wrecked his ears, partially because it was actually loud and partially because of his ears, and he was forced to pull the phone a bit away from his ear before he gets a headache. "Mister Colt! I am so sorry to disturb you! I have something important!" Ace proceeded calmly and a bit sarcastically but it seemed she never noticed. "Well who would have thought? Not like you called me around thousand times in the past hour."

    "I am so sorry, once again! But there was a call from that snobby guy. He decided to buy the house. And...there were several other calls but...I guess you got them all by fax." Ace rolled his eyes gently. "Oh joy. More work it is." As if she felt guilty, his secretary proceeded. "I hope you won't have this against me, sir. I am nowhere near the city right now. I would help if..." He chuckled. She was so predictable. "April. Please, I got this. Have fun. Your working place will still be waiting for you once you get back." Not waiting for her to answer, he said his goodbye and pressed the red icon to end the call. She will have fun alright, but she knew she will have all of that work to do when she gets back. He can't fire her, but He can for sure make her work harder.

    In all honestly, "can't" is a strong word. He could, but he won't. She was the only one of candidates that was married and worth of something, and not just sitting there, looking pretty with her eyes all over her boss. That disgusted him. April was just right. A bit lazy at times maybe, but just right, and he would gladly keep her even though she had left him hanging on this one. He shoved his phone back into his pocket, and drank what was left of his coffee. As he raised his head, he noticed a familiar pink vest. He chuckled speaking to himself.
    "Well if it isn't the tiny lady Winterton?" He couldn't help but wonder what was she doing there and that early. He was even surprised he hadn't noticed her before. His fatigue was stronger than he though.

    Considering their location, it was pretty risky to even look at the girl. Instead of letting her know he is there, he slowly got up and left money and a tip for the waitress on the table. One more reason that girl liked him; his tips were off the charts. As he looked at him and nodded, letting him know all is in order, he winked at her charmingly and walked out leaving her to blush. He wasn't indifferent with leaving while Tinley was there, but the Faceless Assassins wouldn't do anything that reckless with so many people around. Or so he assumed. Even so, he would hear it. Agency wasn't so far away, and he had a ton of work to do.

    Once he entered the agency and was greeted by a security guy, he instantly got to his office, just to find his fax machine going wild. He used to leave it on, so everything would be ready when he gets back. To Ace, every second was important when it came to work. He felt the new wave of strength while he piled up papers on his desk. He surprisingly worked for a long time, before he stopped to get some rest when even his glasses did no good to save his eyes from burning. He had quite strange habits when it came to "resting his eyes for a second". He would simply lean chin on his up straight arm and doze off for a while. And this time he did just that.
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  11. Day 1, Job 1

    "The Crack Job"

    May 10th 2014, East End Strip Mall.

    As I sat down, the stench that I mentioned became a picture, the same cafe, the same people, only black and white. The world became noire. I caught a glimpse of mister Colt leaving the cafe, not Samuel, our Colt! The world was getting too small for comfort, but whom was I getting paranoid, over a guy who worked nearby.

    Colors started to run again. My guts were telling me that something was going on around here. Like i'd care: I am a dumb move guy. At best I would just fight whatever they threw at me.

    "So. Weren't you supposed to meet up with your father?" - I asked Tinley.
  12. Saturday, May 10th
    9:34 AM

    Tinley sighed silently to herself as Ace walked out. He seemed over worked but their wasn't anything she could do about it. But she continued to watch Michael, worried for him to.

    "Oh, well of course I am. You think Ryker would let me down here without him? Or even at all?" She slightly laughed at herself, Ryker seriously would have her head if he knew. Tinley picked up her drink and swished it around in a circular motion to stir it. Her green eyes stared intently at the cup and the pastry that she was slowly eating. She never really had much of an appetite these days, she only ate when her stomach growled or one of her headaches kicked in. But after only a few bites her stomach was filled.

    "Michael, are you okay?" She decided to out right ask him plainly. She looked up to meet his eyes, she wished she could do more for the gang. They did so much for her, digging her out of trouble, giving her and her brother a place to stay. She felt like if she she should do more but wasn't sure what to do.
  13. 9:32 AM

    Joy dropped the key into her purse as she climbed out, hitting the lock and closing the door. She made her way onto the sidewalk leading down the line of stores. Victory-Sunday lay behind her, and she intended to pay a visit later; but she needed to go to Belle first. She made her way past the shops one by one--Verizon, the pawn shop, Comixon Me, the cafe...

    A face in the window surprised Joy, but she covered it instantly. She reached into her purse to dig out her phone as she passed the cafe, her footsteps not wavering. It took four rings before a lazy voice answered on the other end. "Whaaaat?"

    "Turk, put the comic book down. Go buy a coffee."

    "Huuuh? It's a mangaaa, and I don't liiiike coffee."

    "Then get cocoa!" Joy ordered, her voice forceful but still held low. "The Winterton sister is at Mo's. Go look at who the man with her is."

    "Alriiiight. C'mon, Joeyyy."

    "Leave Joey there. The two of you together stand out like a scarecrow in a field of dandelions."

    "Aw maaaan," was the last thing Joy heard as she hung up. She had reached Belle of the Ball, so she ended the call and put her phone away. The young girl stepped inside. This early on a Saturday, the place was empty. Most customers would be coming in the afternoon to prepare for their busy evening. That suited Joy fine; she needed to speak with Jess alone, and she wanted to get her nails done while she was here.

    Unsurprisingly, Jess herself came out to greet Joy. The other girls had the slow morning off to enjoy as they pleased, but Jess wouldn't ever leave the store she'd been entrusted with unmanned. A soft smile filling her face, Jess greeted Joy with a kiss on each cheek. "Welcome back, love. What will it be for tonight?"

    "Not for tonight,"
    Joy replied as she sat down. "This is for tomorrow, so don't bother with the hair."

    "Sure thing, love. What's the occasion?" Jess asked politely as she readied her tools.

    "Don't you know? It's Mother's Day tomorrow. The first one since Mrs. Sted became my mother. We're going to visit, and I'd like to leave a good impression."

    Jess bobbed her head with understanding. "Of course, love. Just sit back and leave it to me."

    "Thank you, Jess. I do need to talk about business, too, I'm afraid."

    Her hands paused for a moment, but quickly resumed their work. "Of course, love. Has something changed?"

    "Not yet. But it's about to," Joy answered. The face in the mirror stared back with a worried frown. Something was about to change; it was in the air. The whole city of New Angeles was bracing for whatever it would be. Joy wished she knew what was coming; the uncertainty frightened her.

    9:36 AM

    Turk sidled his way into the cafe. His pinched face held its typical smile--more of a smirk, really, and completely unsettling--as he ordered a cup of cocoa to go. As he pulled his wallet from his back pocket, several coins went clattering to the ground. Most stopped at his feet, but a few rolled off; one even made it clear to the corner before stopping. Turk quickly bent to collect the spilled currency, chasing after the runners and leaving an annoyed cashier behind him. He grabbed the quarter in the corner and lifted it up to the sunlight streaming in through the window. It seemed like he was examining it, only depositing it in his pocket after he was satisfied.

    The Winterton girl had her back to him, but the man she was with could see his antics. Turk's body was facing the man the entire time. Turk whipped his phone out from the same pocket the coin had just been placed in. He raised it up to the light for an inspection similar to the coin's before bringing it down in front of his face. He hesitated just for a moment as it dipped below eye level, blocking Turk's face from the man at the booth; then he raised it up to the light again and gave it an even closer scrutiny.

    "Nooope, no scratch. Just my imaginnnnation." Turk stuffed his phone back into his pocket and returned to the cashier, the poor girl having passed peeved and approaching angry. "Sorry 'bout thaaaat. How much waaas it again?"

    Turk gave the girl an extra tip for her patience, remaining at the counter as he waited for his drink.

    9:30 AM
    "Hurry along, now. Your mom wants you home by ten."

    Jason tried to protest, but Rowan was hustling him along with gentle pushes. When the small boy was finally out the door, he gave in and started to jog away. Rowan waved him off, then turned to go back into the shop. He stopped when his eye caught a potential customer, though.

    "Hm? Hello, good sir! You look like a man in need of a game!" Rowan had already matched a name to the face before he'd even begun to speak: Ryker Winterton, one of the most troublesome Sons they'd identified so far. But Rowan had promised himself he'd keep Enjoy!! separate from the gang disputes, no matter what. And Rowan wasn't known as an Assassin, either, so he had no reason to show hostility to the man. They'd never met before, after all. And, as unlikely as it was, perhaps Ryker was just a misguided soul who joined the Sons for something foolish like glory or money.
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  14. Victoria licked her lower lip and pinched her gum between her fingers to throw in the trash. "Benny baby." She said, and he looked up with a startle as she walked over, purposely swaying her hips and leaning over the counter with her shoulders pressed forward to show off her chest. She wore a low V neck black shirt, and simple dark wash skinnies with black heels. She was a bit curvy at her hips and thighs, her chest balanced it out though. It wasn't exactly an hourglass shape, but it wasn't a bad shape either. "I need a favor yeah?" She clicked her tongue and gave him an inviting smile, her fangs pressing against her full lower lip.

    He had wide eyes looking at her, obviously trying to keep his eyes on her face. He knew she was bad news to fuck around with. Anyone would know that really. He swallowed slowly, his eyes flickering down and up again. "A-anything." He nodded, he was a chubby man with a receding gray hairline and wide hazel eyes. He wore an "America" Tee-shirt, with jeans and was kind of short. She had known him in his younger days when he was a veteran and much more pleasant looking than this.

    Nodding her head forward her dark curls fell with her smirk. "Anything?" She purred.

    He shook his head in a no, but his voice said "Yeah."

    She reached her hand out slowly and touched his chest with her index finger, running it down, "Grenade." She whispered, her eyes heavy lidded and almost closed. There faces closed.

    The words obviously caught the man off guard, surely he could smell the scent of blood on her breath and the fear of being so close to razor teeth got to him. Because he shook as she came closer, nose almost touching his neck. "What?" He stuttered, afraid to take a step back and afraid not to. "Are you making me ask twice?" She demanded, her eyes hard as she closed in. He seemed to snap out of it almost immediately. "No, I got- I got it." He said, stepping back and she hopped back on the counter with a winning smile and a wink as he fumbled to unlock the case and give her the last grenade. Holding it in her hands he eyed her out of the corner of his eye in fear. Surely she wasn't that stupid to blow the whole place up? But maybe not... She fondled it though, almost childishly and he sheepishly sat down in a little metal chair behind the register. "Thanks Benny boy!" She chittered, running her fingers over the grooves in the bomb.
  15. 3:00 Am

    A few groans emerging from beneath as heap of blankets, which seemed like it was on a bed. Then a skinny toned figure bursted through the blankets, in fright sweat dripping down his face. His eyes looking about the dark room his chest moving quickly as he took sharp breathes, Grappling to his hair he stepped out of the bed his height that of an amazing 6'0, He was normally embarrassed by his lanky body and his height but when he took up boxing he had begun to enjoy it. Walking along the way to a speed bag on the wall, he began to hit it repeatedly. The constant thud of the bag filling the quiet room of darkness, his sharp breathing and his quick moving arms cutting the dark as if it was a knife. His hand then slamming into the wall due to missing the bag, he reeled back onto one foot " AW GOD! AUGH! " and fell over onto the bed holding his hand " O god that hurts so bad " Rolling onto the floor he continued to groan until his alarm went off. He looked up to the time 3:30 Am, " Shit.." he stood up and walked into the bathroom and preformed his daily duties, and came back out of the bathroom naked and fumbling about for his clothing " WERE IS IT! " he opened a draw and pulled out some black underwear " Hah my lucky underwear, perfect " he continued to get dressed, His outfit of black loose fitting jeans and a black t-shirt. He grabbed his camera case and his guitar case and opened the door kicking a skate board out the door with him and closing it behind himself.

    6:00 Am

    He was riding with his guitar case on his back and his camera case held in hand, he rode his skateboard easily with all this on him, he doesn't normally take his car due to the fact that it is to loud when he is trying to sneak up and take photos. He came to a stop in front of the mall and chuckled as he made rest next to one side of the doors, he set his case up in front of him and pulled his guitar out, as he leaned on one of the glass windows and strummed his guitar. Moving his long hair to one side and began playing, He usually did this on saturdays or randomly throughout the week to collect money and to let people know there is still happiness in this city. He began to play happy by Pharell on his guitar actually, he like to bring in multiple music styles when playing and he even sung along with it.


    He was still outside playing music, his genre had switched a few time and now he was playing Demons, by Imagine Dragons on his guitar, He was skilled in guitar and semi skilled on piano but he can't just drag a piano around could he. People had dropped money in and continued walking like usual, but the main reason he was here is to scope of the members of the different gangs as most of them usually pass right through here, and act like some people don't notice them but Icee does he always does. No one can slip his sight,...except those vampires and werewolves...god damnit. He continued to play and occasionally looked up to the crowd.
  16. Day 1, Job 1.

    "The Crack Job"

    May 10th 2014, East End Strip Mall.

    "Michael, are you okay?" - The magic words that created the discussion that would last for years to come. So for now I had to answer how I felt at the moment.

    "Yeah princess, I'm fine, just had a reminder about my mortality." - Death is inevitable. Our fear of it makes us play safe, blocks out emotion. It's a losing game. Without passion you are already dead. I had no worries. No worries at all.

    "Wanna' hear a joke?" - I asked her, but I started telling it to her anyway.

    "Three vampire bats live in a cave surrounded by three castles. One night, the bats bet on who can drink the most blood.

    The first bat "Culpa" comes home with blood dripping off his fangs. He says, "See that castle over there? I drank the blood of the prince."

    The second bat "Improbus" returns with blood around his mouth. He says, "See that castle over there? I drank the blood of the king."

    The third bat "Insperanti" comes back covered in blood. He says, "See that castle over there?" The other bats nod. "Well," says the third bat, "I didn't."

    When entertainment turns into a surreal reflection of your life, you're a lucky man if you can laugh at the joke.

    At that moment I heard metal rebound, didn't take long until a coin rolled past me, along with a kid who I think had speech disorder.

    "Nooope, no scratch. Just my imaginnnnation."

    "Sorry 'bout thaaaat. How much waaas it again?"

    Speech disorder it is... Now that I think about it the kid's face put Frankenstein to shame.

    I looked back at Tinley. Now it felt like it was time for my questions.

    "Anything you want to get off your chest?"
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  17. 9:30 AM - Ryker

    Ryker realized a little to late he was idling outside the game shop a little longer then he should have been.

    "Hm? Hello, good sir! You look like a man in need of a game!"

    Ryker wasn't sure if he should take the man's offer, after all it dawned on him he should probably go back to the HQ in case somebody was there and ready to do something crazy. But a part of Ryker wanted to look around the shop. Ryker grinned slightly at the man, who he didn't recognize to be an FA, "I think a game would be nice." Ryker stepped a little farther into the game shop and then said, "What do you suggest?" Ryker honestly had played games in a long time, they seemed pointless to him. He had so many other things to do besides play games. After all he was always on call for jobs.

    9:35 AM - Tinley

    Tinley wanted to say something about mortality but decided against it and instead listened intently to Michael's joke, hoping she would understand it. Sometimes she just didn't understand Michael, he seemed so complex. Although she didn't understand the "joke" she figured it had a deeper meaning behind it, something about life. Maybe about mortality?

    Tinley didn't see the man who dropped his change but she did hear him, she was kind of curious as to what he looked like because the sound of his voice made him sound like an interesting character but then Michael asked her a question.

    "Anything you want to get off your chest?"

    Tinley was thrown off guard with this question, nobody really bothered to ask her this kind of question. In the midst of troubled times Tinley always had her composure. The day she got in that car accident with her mother and brother she was the one who laughed it off, even as they told her that their mom had died on impact. She was the steady one, the one who never did anything dangerous.

    "Oh. Um," Tinley didn't know how to respond. A part of her wanted to get something off her chest but the other part screamed at her to keep it together, "Nah. I'm good. I always am. As long as everyone is safe then everything is okay." It looks like the screaming side one over, it usually did.
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  18. "Hmm. High school- no, college age student, male." Rowan stepped around behind the counter as he thought it over. "Settlers of Catan is popular, as is Ticket to Ride. Risk will always be a classic, so if you don't have a set I'd suggest it. If you want something that won't take as long, Phase 10 and Uno are both good card games. Oh, I've got it! Curses. Guaranteed to make you and your friends laugh hysterically and cry in frustration, possibly at the same time." Rowan pointed to each box on the shelf as he mentioned it.

    Rowan took a moment to look back at the customer. Most of what he was saying was probably blowing right over him. That wouldn't do; Rowan needed to do a better job of making customers feel welcome, not just peddle his wares. "Sorry, I think I'm going a bit fast. Do you want something strategic, something more luck-based, or a party game of some kind?"


    Turk picked up his cup and left the cafe, his phone appearing once again from its pocket. He went back into the comic shop next door, setting the hot drink down on the front counter. "It's all yooours, Nate." Leaving the young man running the shop with the small gift, Turk dropped back onto his large beanbag and sent off the message he'd finished typing, then picked up the action manga he'd been forced to leave off. "Maaaan, what a pain. Just for some guys pictuuuure."

    A text arrived at each member's phone a few minutes later. It was short and simple: first was the picture Turk had just taken of a man with a treated head wound; below that was a quick message.
    That was enough for the others to keep an eye out. Jess and her girls would dig for information over the next week.
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  19. Day 1, Job 1

    "The Crack Job"

    May 10th 2014, East End Strip Mall.

    When that kid walked through the door, he gave me a good lesson. If you think nothing can get to you, you're lying to yourself. At best you're dead. Heck, even then a lightning bolt could re-animate you without a warning.

    "Nah. I'm good. I always am. As long as everyone is safe then everything is okay."

    She lied, at least I think she did. The fact that her face said it and she had hesitated to say it the first time made me think like that. Not only that, ironically, she was performing the action that could cause the opposite reaction: sitting in this exact cafe.

    I chuckled a little bit.

    "So, what are your plans for the rest of your day?"

    I did not know if I was just curious or was I actually trying hitting on her.
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  20. Ryker

    Ryker watched and listened to the guy and laughed a little at all his comments towards games. 'Guaranteed to make you and your friends laugh hysterically and cry in frustration, possibly at the same time, eh? Most of my friends can't laugh. But still. Fun!' Ryker had been so relaxed in days.

    "How about a game that I can play with my sister? She likes things that make her laugh and require not a lot of thinking." Ryker also thought about the gang, if he got a game that didn't require a lot of thinking then maybe they would jump in and play to. Who knows, if he brought it back to HQ then maybe he could start a big group game and they could relax for once in their lives.

    * * * * * * * *


    Tinley smiled a bit, glad he didn't call her out on her bluff.

    "So, what are your plans for the rest of your day?"

    Tinley paused for a second for the second time today. Real answer or fake answer? Truth or small lie? Open up or keep closed? Again the lying part yelled at her so she responded, "I'm just going to my dad's," but then suddenly she decided to tell him what she really wanted to do, show that little side of her that she didn't show often, the wannna-be rebellious side, "but God knows that that's not what I want to do. Hell, I want to go do something today. Something crazy or just a little stupid. Instead of being locked up on the top apartment at the club. I don't have a brother telling me no today. And if I came really late to my dad's I don't think he would notice."

    Tinley looked down at her hot chocolate, now empty, and what was still left of her food. Still only two bites out of it and she wasn't going to eat anymore. She had told herself once she was done she was going to leave, but now she just couldn't. Maybe she came to the cafe today to find trouble, to just try to do something different. Although the girl was a "goody good" she still had that secret long for adventure. Something to give her a rush. No she didn't want to get into a fight or do anything terrible, just do something she had never been allowed to do before. Push some limits. Go into dirty waters. It was the side of her that her brother often rejected so he could keep her safe.
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