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  1. Accepting? Yes!


    Genre: Modern Fantasy

    Rating: PG-13

    Setting: The city of New Angeles

    Story: A city distraught and run by two rival gangs. The goal? Gain more territories then your rival gang



    The highlight of America, the new city, the new place for dreams to come true, and everyone’s favorite vacation spot is known as, “New Angeles”. It’s the American dream to visit this town and everyone idolizes this city.

    What they don’t know is what really goes on behind the scenes. This city is run by two rival gangs. These two gangs are called, “Sons of Satan” and “Faceless Assassins”. Both believe they are the cities vigilantes, fighting for “justice” and “mercy”. While some of their actions are closely related to a real life Robin Hood, they are often done with some selfishness or intention to boost their own gang.

    These two gangs are fighting as Vigilantes and for territories of New Angeles. Whoever controls more land is obviously more powerful, correct?

    Back-story for both Sons of Satan and Faceless Assassins can be found by clicking here.


    In this role play you can play as the following races:
    • Human: Well what can I say? A regular human. Honestly I love being a regular human. They have the perks of being normal with no real downfalls or dire consequences of their race. And they blend in easier
    • Half-Vampire: Half vampires are part human part vampire. Therefore they sleep and can eat human food to survive, though they prefer blood. They have enhanced abilities and often can be a bit more murderous. Even as a half vampire though they should be weary of day time and will find themselves more as a night owl. The downfall is blending in, they have a tendency to stick out in a crowd. And they are a rare species so therefore.
    • Half-Vampires can only belong to Faceless Assassins
    • Half-Werewolf: With the perks of being only a half werewolf you can blend in as a human except for at nights, where your wild side comes out making you a bit more vicious and itching for conflict or fights. You will still look like a human, even at night, until the full moon in which you transform into a full werewolf until the moon goes down.
    • Half-Werewolves can only belong to Sons of Satan

    What are territories? Territories are inner places in the city, mini towns, suburban’s, shops, etc. Places worth claiming and taking control of. (Often they have advantages if they are owned by a gang. Like providers of a certain thing, safe houses, etc). If a gang owns a territory it usually means they are protecting the place or “own” it. (Meaning if you are of the rival gang, don’t be caught there).

    Key: Blue means “Sons of Satan” owns land

    Red means “Faceless Assassins” owns land

    White/Regular Colored means unclaimed

    · New Angeles Center Mall (Biggest mall/shopping area in New Angeles, found in core of city)

    · West End Suburban (Less nice area, more homeless people, and run down houses)

    · East End Suburban (Very nice area, rich housing community)

    · Madison Circle Grove (Performing Center)

    · West End Strip Mall (Smaller mall, but still a very nice place to shop)

    · Main Street (Various shops, eating places, and key hang out)

    · Vine Street (More ghetto shops and thrift stores)

    · Baldric’s Row (Street with various pubs, bars, etc)

    · Alleyway #1 (Just a street/alley way, good meeting place)

    · Alleyway #2 (Just another street/alley way, good meeting place)

    · Alleyway #3 (Just another street/alley way, good meeting place)

    · North End Suburban (Meeting and HQ for Sons of Satan)

    · South End Suburban (Meeting and HQ for Faceless Assassins)

    · Monroe Lake and Port (Popular tourist site and boat dock)

    · Winterton Country Club (Rich people’s hang out, possible has its own cult following)

    · East End Strip Mall (Smaller mall, but still a very place to shop)

    · Housing Area #1 (Just a small housing area)

    · Housing Area #2 (Just another small housing area)

    · New Angeles Zoo (A… Zoo?)

    Gaining/Taking a Territory:

    How do you claim a territory for your gang?

    · If a territory is not claimed then you can easily take it by gang signs, constantly watching over it, taking control of the area, etc.

    · If a territory is owned already by the rival gang usually a fight is involved. You can cover up their already prominent gang signs with your own, fight off the rival gang that is currently hanging out there, and you have to get the people on your side. You may claim a territory but the regular civilians will not recognize you as the owner unless you win them over or something else. Remember: The purpose of territories is to gain something, to have a supplier of food or anything else, and if the civilians don’t recognize you as the gang in charge of their area then they won’t provide for you and they will ostracize you.


    Other information/rules:

    Here you can find other facts about this Role play and rules
    • All natural rules of Roleplays:
    • Site rules
    • No Godmodding (No overly powerful characters, control other people’s characters, etc)
    • Have Fun
    • Don’t fight with the GM (Me)
    • ----------------------------------------
    • Maximum of 3 characters
    • I would like there to be more gang members then civilians.
    • I would like the humans to out weight the supernatural characters. The supernatural characters should be rarer and they are like the gangs secret weapons.
    • Gangs are supposed to be like family in this RP. Therefore we will have no real “boss” or leader of each group. But it is expected that everyone works together
    • Don’t kill of other characters without full permission from both the person you are killing and me
    • Be Smart: Don’t have your character pull out a gun in a heavily populated place with civilians. Or shoot random people on the street. These people are part of a gang but they aren’t vicious and ruthless. They do what they need to do to get things done but they aren’t a mafia or cult.
    • Romance is allowed, but let’s try not to have to many “Romeo and Juliet” romances going on. (Forbidden affairs with other gangs. I mean a little bit is okay as long as everyone isn’t falling in love with someone in the rival gang)
    • You should be living in or close by the correct suburban as your gang. (If not directly in the HQ) If you are a Faceless Assassin don’t be thinking you are going to be living in North End Suburban. And vise versa. You don’t have to live in your suburban but don’t be living in the other opposite gang’s main place.
    • Note: You don’t have to be male to be in Sons of Satan


    Character Sheet:


    Age: (Age range for gangs should be 16-30, civilians can be any age range)


    Gang: (Put civilian if you are a civilian)



    Strengths/Weaknesses/Skills: (Mental and physical)

    Specialty: (What makes you special to your gang? What do you do best?)


    Bio: (Include how you were introduced into the gang)


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  2. Map of Town


    -All Updates/Events/Significant Happenings will go here-


    Sons of Satan:

    -Jared Anderson (Half-Werewolf)
    -Ryker Winterton

    -Tinley Winterton (Unofficial SoS)
    -Michael Willson
    -Iris Noire
    -Ace (A.C.) Colt (Half-Werewolf)

    Faceless Assassins:
    -Victoria Heart (Half-vampire)
    -Bella Kirsch
    -Rowan Sted
    -Joy Tanner Sted

    -Anna Sullivan
    -Isaac Cee
    -Clyde (Half-Werewolf)
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  3. This looks very interesting. I just have a question - I'm a little new to the site, so forgive me if I ask something that's normally obvious - but do you already have a thread up? Or would you prefer we post character sheets here?
  4. Thanks! ^_^ And don't worry! I'm still fairly new too!

    There are 2 threadsfor this RP.
    1. There is this one that you post character sheets and talk to other roleplayers in this RP while OOC (out of character). So you can discuss plot things or have a good laugh with people you are roleplaying with and talk about your character. (So yes character sheets go here)
    (If this was a jump in RP then you would roleplay here and post character sheet like things here)
    2. And then once we get enough sign ups I will be posting the IC (In character) thread where you will post only as your character!

    Hope that helps!
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  5. Alrighty then! Thanks for the heads up. :) I'll post my character sheet up now, then.

    Name: Jared Anderson

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Gang: Sons of Satan

    Species: Half-werewolf

    Appearance: Jared sports shoulder length, dark brown hair and vibrant green eyes. He stands at a mere five foot seven inches, with a small, lean build that he's still growing in to.

    Strengths/Weaknesses/Skills: Jared isn't the strongest werewolf around, but what he lacks in physical attributes, he makes up for in mental. Jared prides himself in his ability to strategize while under stress, which has given him some usefulness to the gang. However, his submissive disposition prevents him from climbing very high in rank.

    Specialty: As mentioned before, Jared is an apt strategist. He can work his way around problems that most would find difficulty with, making him a ready asset.

    Personality: Jared is quiet, and a bit shy, but that doesn't mean he isn't willing to stand up for himself if he needs to. It just means he won't be the one to start a confrontation, usually. He isn't terribly bloodthirsty, and so when he isn't being pressured by the higher ups, he's more likely to concede victory rather than push an issue.

    Bio: While still very young, Jared and his elder brother found themselves without a mother and abandoned by their father on the streets. This left Jared entirely dependent on his brother, who provided the two with everything from food to whatever meager shelter they could manage. It was his brother first who joined the Sons of Satan, hoping to find a place for the hapless pair to call home. It was only when Jared came of age did his brother petition for him to join the group. Shortly after, however, Jared's brother turned up missing. He's led to believe the rival gang may have answers to his brother's where abouts - if he's still alive - and seeks to take over enough territory to begin his investigation.

    Relationships: None.

    Other: Nothing at this time
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  6. Yay! You are definitely accepted, I love your character sheet! Good job! (:

    I'll post my character sheets too!

    Name: Tinley Winterton / Ryker Winterton

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female / Male

    Gang: Unofficial Sons of Satan / Sons of Satan

    Species: Human



    Tinley Appearance:

    · Height: 5’6”

    · Weight: 120

    · Green eyes and brown hair

    · Very small frame

    · Pale

    · Often wears what you see in her appearance picture

    · Small scar across her cheek from accident 3 yrs ago

    · Button nose

    · Thin pale lips


    Ryker Appearance:

    · Height: 5’ 7”

    · Weight: 150

    · Green eyes and brown hair

    · Medium frame, medium muscle density

    · Medium skin tone

    · Wears jackets and fitted dark wash jeans

    · Manly button nose (if there is such thing)

    · Thin lips

    Strengths and Weaknesses:

    Tinley Strengths/Skills:

    · Smart

    · Wise

    · Good at Analyzing people

    · Quick on her feet

    Tinley Weaknesses:

    · Physically weak

    · Not good at fighting

    · Believes there is good in everyone (And yes, that’s a weakness)

    Ryker Strengths/Skills:

    · Strong (Good at punching people!)

    · Street Smart

    · Good at Analyzing people

    · Great observation skills

    · Quick reactions/good fight or flight responses

    Ryker Weaknesses:

    · Not very wise

    · Tendency to pick fights

    · Left arm was injured in an accident and now it’s use is sometimes limited


    Tinley’s innocent face comes in handy / Ryker is really good at observing his surroundings. This comes in handy a lot


    Tinley isn’t exactly innocent; she has seen a lot of the world and the corruptness. She knows things. She is innocent in the way of actions; she’s never done anything to dirty herself or her reputation. She is innocent because she believes in happily ever after and that there is good in all people. She is really sweet, kind, and she holds firm to her standards. Tinley also has a wilder side that longs for adventures and stories that she can tell. She doesn’t pass up an opportunity to go out on the town or do things with people. She wants to learn about everyone and their stories. She is a good listener. / Ryker isn’t innocent. He has done things, hurt people, stolen, lied, cheated, etc. But he isn’t a bad person. A lot of the things he does is purely for the people he cares about. He holds grudges, especially against those that have harmed him or his loved ones physically or mentally. He is stubborn in his actions and won’t admit when he is wrong. Ryker loves a challenge and a good street fight. Basically he cares for people close to him and loves to fight anyone who isn’t close to him.


    Tinley and Ryker are twins born into a struggling family at the wrong time. Their dad was busy trying to start a business and the pregnancy was not planned. Their father wanted to give at least one of the twins up for adoption but their mom wouldn’t have that. It caused a lot more tension on their parents, who were already fighting because of stress previous to their birth.

    Often their dad would have long nights and it came to the point where they almost never saw him. Basically the only parent they actually knew was their mom. She was a loving and caring women and Tinley is a lot like her.

    Finally their dad hit it big and began his business, his very own country club in the biggest city in America. New Angeles. The country club was finished built on the twins 15th birthday. Things started to settle down in their family, fights happened less often, tension wasn’t as high, and everyone seemed kind of peaceful. Though their father had missed out on 15 years of the twins lives. It didn’t seem to matter though, everything was okay.

    The night their family was moving to the Country Club, to live on the top floor, they were in a car accident. Their father was not in the car it was only Tinley, Ryker, and their mom. Another car just ran a stop light randomly being impatient for it to turn. The driver hit the left side of the car, the side the driver (their mom) and Ryker were sitting on. Ryker’s left arm was shattered, Tinley hit her head against the window and gave her a concussion, and their mom died on impact. The driver was a member of the Faceless Assassins. The first people to come to the scene were actually the Sons of Satan who helped out the three and visited Ryker and Tinley in the hospital. They took a liking to Ryker, maybe because of his hatred for the man that killed his mother and harmed his twin, and quickly adopted him into their gang. Especially since Ryker had no desire to live with their father since he had never really known him or liked him. So Ryker went to live in the North End Suburban while Tinley had a choice: Go live with her father or stay with her twin.

    Tinley decided she would live with the Sons of Satan in their HQ, but she still takes dangerous trips down to the South End to visit her father and sometimes stay the night at the Country Club. This can be dangerous because the Faceless Assassins live very close to her father’s Country Club and actually they currently claim it as their territory. Their father actually likes the Faceless Assassins. Therefore Tinley hasn’t declared herself as an official Son of Satan for safety reasons.

    Relationships: Twin brother – Ryker / Twin sister - Tinley

    Other: The flower and bow necklace seen in Tinley's appearance was once her mother's. It was a necklace that was supposed to bring goodluck and the flowers, which are fake, are the same type her mother had on her wedding day.
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  7. Name: Victoria Heart

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female (Cis)

    Gang: Faceless Assassins

    Species: Half-Vampire

    Appearance: Long black hair, dull red eyes, pale skin. Tattoo of a red heart with black lace around it on her upper left chest.

    Strengths/Weaknesses/Skills: Physically fast and flexible, not as strong but quite quick.She likes to sneak around and explore and hide around places she shouldn’t be. Has worked with many guns and weaponry before, and continues to do so. (Love weapons a whole damn lot) Very good at debating and talking out of bad situations. Weaknesses: Physical hand to hand combat, impatient, and doesn’t take things to seriously which can be bad in a serious situation where she pulls a move that gets her hurt. Everything is a game.

    Specialty: Drink the blood of innocents! Haha, just kidding (kinda). Weaponry specialist, great at handling deals with illegal weapons and getting them cheap, showing the youngings how to use them properly. Also used for scoping out territory to label out cameras and guards and such.

    Personality: Impatient, quite aggressive.

    Bio: Orphans are kicked out onto the streets at the age of 18, more than 70% of females kicked out of the orphan edges become prostitutes, 12% kill themselves, and another 5-8% are banged right into a jail cell within the first 2 years on the streets. Not Victoria. Victoria had grown up with a single military dad as an only child, he died in war and had been disowned by his parents therefore deleting him from the family. She was 13 when this happened, and headed to the orphan edge for 6 miserable years of her life. She practiced at the shooting range whenever she scrounged up money, remembering her dad’s military service. When she got kicked to the streets, she took all her belongings with her, including a gun banned from the US for obvious reasons. Poor and hungry, she went to a pawn shop, gang owned, and tried to pawn it, unknowing it was illegal. They brought her out back and gave her quite a bit of cash for it, and when she realized how much money she could get for guns, she began buying and selling and making a huge profit. Not only guns, but weapons of all kind. She got a little bit into the drug selling and counterfeit money making as well, but had to run from NYC because the pigs were starting to get on to her. She fled with her money to the new city, not knowing anything other than black market style gang life, and fit her way right into the faceless assassins.

    Relationships: None to speak of

    Other: I am a giraffe.
    Also Im not putting a ton about the character done because that makes the RP boring.
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  8. I respect your choice of not telling us to much about her! It should make it more interesting! I'm very glad to have you aboard! I very much so like her! (:
  9. I'm hoping to start this when we have at least 5 people in each gang. That way we will have plenty of people to interact with and nobody will be a lonely gang. Haha!
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  10. Anna Sullivan
    Gender: Female
    Gang: Civilian
    Species: Human

    Not particularly short, nor the tallest in her graduating class. Anna has always been average, just like her average brown eyes and just as average brown hair. In fact she is the perfect specimen of average that one could possibly com into contact with. The only quality that could be seen as extraordinary being her presence. Something about the way she commands attention begs to be compared to that of a princess or even a queen. But she rarely ever commands attention. Anna wears her fringed hair either down, in a bun, or in a messy ponytail.

    Normally, Anna can be seen in a black turtleneck and a maroon skirt or possibly navy jeans. She is a fan of blazers during the winter or fall but any other time she is wearing her turtlenecks. Anna hates jewelry and cannot stand scarves or bows. In fact she is repulsed by anything even slightly related to the word "Accesory". Even if she is a girl, her footwear is sensible and the only bag she carries is a ratty old brown leather messenger bag that carries her laptop and a book or two. She is almost always carrying a large Vanilla Latte on skim milk from the coffee shoppe right down the block from her apartment.

    Strengths // Skills:
    Though Anna is nothing special, her strength is within a supposed weakness. Being so normal, she is often ignored granting her the ability to listen in on thing that others would normally not talk about around someone who they deemed a threat. Anna is also a technological genius, having attended a high profile college for four years as she graduated from high school at the age of 16.

    Her abilities are limited to the fact that she is often unsure of her self. Insecurities have always gotten in the way of her excelling completely.

    Specialty: Technology & Information


    • Insecure
    • Quiet
    • Friendly
    • Effeminate
    • Driven
    • Intelligent
    • Perceptive

    After graduating High School so early, she was already an outcast before she had the ability to change anyone's mind. So instead of fighting against this misconception, she embraced it and took her college by storm. She was the top of all her classes, but it is as they say; Lonely at the top. She found herself cooped up at her monster of a computer during the weekends, after all she had already caught up on all of her essays and projects. That is until she met a guy who had completely turned her world upside down. He had shown her a whole new world of crime and intrigue, that at first scared Anna. But eventually she grew fond of hearing his outrageous and colorful stories. Before she could even realize that she had fallen for him, he had completely disappeared. Not one call or email retrieved. In fact his email had been deactivated, so she had been left to drown in the countless tears that she had cried. But it wasn't for the boy she hardly knew, it was for the life that had passed her by. So Anna had been forced to continue just surviving day to day. Aching for excitement.

    Marianne Sullivan - Mother
    Jack Sullivan - Father
    ??? - Old Friend & Romantic Interest
    Lily Carrigan - Close Friend and Roommate


    • 5"6
    • 125 Ibs
    • Blood Type - AB Negative
    • Pet Kitten - Frankenstein
    • Has four cellphones
    • Owns the most high tech computer in the city
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  11. Name: Bella Kirsch

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Gang: Faceless Assassin

    Species: Human

    -short denim skirt that is about 5 inches above her knees
    -black laced tank-top underneath shirt that she occasionally(rather rarely) takes off
    -Height: 5'4

    Strengths/Weaknesses/Skills: Bella is pretty athletic in general.She has knowledge in close combat and sword dealing.She sometimes carries around a wooden sword and uses that,but she can do it with anything sturdy and long(i.e. baseball bat,random pipe,etc.).Despite these skills,her hot-tempered personality can be a weakness,since she sometimes ends up just exploding and just letting her temper overcome her.She's trying her best to collect herself though.Another weakness of hers is her caring and protective side.Yes,it's a good trait,but because of this she either gets hurt(which is fine by her) or she breaks down after someone she cares about gets hurt then she ends up putting the blame on herself.

    Specialty: Like mentioned,she is athletic and good in close combat.She is pretty open with whatever they make her do;spy/watch over someone/something,do an errand,be a distraction,they name it.

    Personality: Bella is pretty cheerful and friendly.She is very open and likes to get along with everybody.She is also very protective towards the people she cares about,but sometimes she denies it when she does something nice to people.She can also be pretty hot-headed and is not afraid to hit you when needed.Despite the toughness she tries to show,she's actually pretty sensitive on the inside,but she tries to keep this hidden.

    Bio: Long story short,Bella is just a normal girl until she ended up kicking some butt in some alleys.People say she's unreadable,since they don't quite know what she plans on doing next.One minute,she's pretty chill living normally just like a regular teenage girl.Then the next thing you know she had already knocked out some trouble makers.She can't really remember how she got in the Faceless Assassin,but she thinks that it was that day when she was beating up a member of the Sons of Satan without her knowing.Probably they thought that she was against them,then they walked over to her and recruited her.Since she didn't really see any reason to decline the offer,she joined them—and she's pretty glad about her decision for a reason that she herself can't explain.

    Relationships: she has divorced parents and lives(lived) with her mother.She doesn't like talking about her dad.

    Other: n/a
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  12. Haruka, you are accepted! Glad to have you! I like your character, she's very different then our other characters!

    Rosie, tell me when you finish your form, okay? (:
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  13. Yay thank you~

    Can't wait for this RP to start xD
  14. @Rosie , I love it! You are accepted! (:

    I can't wait to get started either! But I still feel like we need a few more people. So we have bigger gangs and more happening. Fighting each other would be hard with very few people. Haha!
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  15. hmmm
    i might join this, depends on another rp...
    character sheet tomorrow!
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  16. This is still open! We just need more people, really. I'm very excited for this RP! It has a lot in store! (:
  17. Hmm... I was just thinking... Should this RP be classified as miscellaneous or like fantasy or something else?
  18. Hello Alice :D

    Gonna get a CS up later, its 2:22 here o.o
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