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What is your favorite bird?

  1. Raven

  2. Owl

  3. Eagle

  4. Sparrow

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  1. Its starts like any morning in your apartment building feeling alone you know only person with bird wings kind of thing. You go onto your balcony and sit passing the day by waiting till you can fly and feel the rush. But theres a catch the only reason you arent moving constantly... The scientists havent found you. Continues on.......
    Subject number:
    Bird dna in you:
    Name: Kara
    Subject number: 001
    Age: 18
    Wings: Black with white tips about 15-20 feet fully stretched out.
    Bird dna: Raven
    Personality: Clumsy, violent, kind, smart, agile, strong
    Bio: She was captured at 5 And escaped at 10, She was turned into a cold blooded murderer there. Then she escaped and became softer she was given the ability to aim perfectly.
    Kara sat in her room looking out the window waiting for the night to come where she could fly freely through the clouds. She thought maybe it was for the best that she was alone.... She wouldnt want anyone else to feel the pain of being alone and forgotten. She turned the tv on watching animal planet and then switching it to discovery channel Man these channels are boring.
    Kara always thought a movie or show without blood wasnt a show at all, thats why she watched sherlock (the new one) there was always some kind of murder. She looked out her window again seeing a pigeon flying out I bet everyone thinks your just normal huh? She envied the bird it didnt have to hide from people in fear of being tormented for being different. One day she would be like that one day she wouldnt have to be afraid....
  2. Name: Jinx
    Subject Number: 079
    Wings: White, but the feathers on the supporting bone are black.
    Bird DNA: Laggar Falcon
    Looks(white one.):[​IMG]
    Personality: Detatched, Loud, Perverted, Agile, Brainiac. Thinks out loud. Oblivious to emotions signaling love and Rude.
    Bio: Jinx was born into experimentation. Since the bird DNA made the Laggar Falcon small. It made Jinx small as well. She is only Four-foot-five.She escaped last night. She escaped by killing all the scientists in her wing. She has the ability to throw her feathers like daggers.
    "I'm Hungry. Where can I get food?" She spotted Kara "A fellow test? Maybe she is nice. I'm tired. I'm gonna take a nap." Jinx glided straight into Kara's living room and went to sleep on her couch.
  3. Kara looks at the small girl "Wha-What are you doing in here!" She looks at the sleek wings connected to the girl. She pats the girls head "Hey answer me!"
    just my luck a little kid -_-. Kara looks at the girls wing pattern Very intricate.She pokes her wing "Ow!" Razor sharp.
  4. Name: Aria Flantia

    Subject number: 002

    Age: 21

    wings: pure black wings, 20 ft fully outstretched

    Bird dna in you: Raven

    Looks: tumblr_mx5g1dBj801szwmk6o1_500.jpg

    Personality: Calm and nice usually unless you're a scientist then run. She can fly off the handle when she gets angry and be quite destructive, she's normally a sweet person though. She's intelligent and often speaks intelligently, she's quiet more often than not, but she has two different quiets, calm quiet and angry quiet, if she's glaring at nothing just walk away even if she's utterly silent.

    Bio: she had been born to the experiment, born specifically for the experiment honestly, her body was enhanced and messed with using the DNA of a large raven. It didn't mess with her personality, she grew up with her nature fighting the way she was nurtured, her nature won out thankfully. She bares a spear that's long and blue and she's quite destructive with it when she's angry. She was taught spear wielding techniques by the combatants that the scientists had to train them to be killers; which she can do that just as easily as any other. She escaped when she was 16 and finally strong enough to fight on her own.

    Her Weapon Appearance: Spear_staff_thing_by_ShadowsMonre.jpg

    Aria was calm today, hiding inside an empty inn room waiting for night to fall. She needed the darkness to be able to fly, her black wings were too large to hide during the day. She had intentions for moving on soon. Aria wasn't aware that there was a building just across the way where another experiment resided, though she did happen to notice in the mirror someone standing on their balcony and then she noticed an idiot who had been flying in the day time dive into the other person's room. What the hell...that idiot is going to get others in trouble! Aria works her way to her feet and double checking she lightly jumps down the the ground showing her wings for a milisecond to slow her landing and dashing over to the building. That person said nothing...are they an experiment as well? Aria laughs nervously as she walks up to the door and knocks on it lightly hoping to get an answer quickly, she didn't like being in the open too long.
  5. Jinx woke up and stared at Kara. "Please stop touching me." She stood straight up. "Someone's at the door I'll get it." Jinx ran over to the door and opened it. She stared at the black haired girl for a while. "Come here." She pulled her inside and kicked the door closed. She sat on a coffee table in the middle of the room. "I bet your worried about the scientists. I expect them to be here shortly." Jinx hopped down off the table and made a sandwich.
  6. Kara looked at the two girls "ok first a little girl now a 21 year old, What the hell" She yelled and straightened out her clothes although they were perfectly straight, force of habit. She looked at them both Please god i was living such a peaceful life. "Now i want names! and ages and names!"
  7. Jinx gulped down a piece of her sandwich "I am Jinx. Age 19. Thank you for the food."
  8. "Honestly I was terrified you were going to kill the little girl...I was in the building just across the way and noticed her dive into your space...I came to fetch her away from you. Sorry...I'm Aria Flantia age 21. Pleasure to meet you." Aria glares at the girl just munching away on a sandwich she was terribly annoyed that this girl hadn't thought to hide until night. "Do you have any idea how dangerous flying around in the day time can be? And wait what do you mean the scientists will be here soon!?" Now Aria was twitching nervously wringing her hands together as she tried to calm down and not panic.
  9. "Your 19?!?!?!?! But your so short ;~; And your older than me?~!?!?!?!?" She looks at the black haired one "And you?". She goes to the fridge and takes out an ice cream cake. My whole routine ruined ;~;. She cut 3 slices of cake and put them on paper plates "Here you go flying can be quite tiring" She puts the plates out "So little girl you need to learn safety" At this moment her wings unfold with her nodding her head.
  10. Name: Cyril Noland
    Subject number: 021
    Age: 18
    wings: Massive brown wings. The tips of the bottom feathers are black.
    Bird dna in you: Sparrow
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Personality: Fairly quiet. Only loud when he gets angry, and he gets angry at anyone who is cross with him.
    Bio: He was abducted from the hospital after being born. The mutations were applied to him at an early age to study the growth of his wings. He escaped in a fit of rage during which, he had killed several people before flying away.

    Cyril sits on the roof of his apartment block, staring at the sunset. He fiddles with some coins that were in his pocket to keep his hands busy.
  11. "Fear not my twin is almost here. Jax." Jinx took the cake. "So good." Suddenly Jax enters through the window. "Ooh Cake. Sis Give me some." she nodded and gave him some of her cake. "The scientists are about three miles out. 5 caravans of soldiers. You attracted a lot of attention sis."

    {Jax and Jinx are one in the same. Only difference colors}
  12. Aria blinked and managed a smile at being offered the cake. "Well that is true and this looks yummy...Thank you." The 21 year old bows her head politely in thanks. "I said something a moment ago about my name and age as well, were you listening?"
  13. "A-another one?!?!?!!? What the hell and 5-5 Caravans" Frantically kara starts packing a giant bag filled with food, money, first aid, and clothes. "God this is bad Are you kidding me my life just settled down! ugh!" She goes out to the balcony and reaches under a panel grabbing a suitcase. She then opens it and assembles a sniper rifle and a few pistols. Using the sniper rifles scope she sees a strange boy on a roof "What the heck to if my memory serves me correctly there's no way to get on that balcony.. well im gonna start flying soon you can join me if you want....
  14. "Correction. You are not going to fly. Your going to run. If you fly without these EMPs." The twins pulled out two metal cylinders out of their pockets "They will drop you like a rock." Jax went and made a sandwich. "If we take the alleyway we can go around the caravans. Aria you said your name was. Go tell that guy to come with." Jinx hands her the two EMPs "One for you. One for him."
  15. "Fine!" Karas wings popped out and she fell off the balcony catching the wind with her wings and quickly heading to the roof top the strange boy was on. "H-Hey uh you should come with me 5 caravans are coming to catch us and soon!"
  16. Aria followed the other person swiftly also not wanting to be here when scientists showed up; she had only a spear in her hand and that was all she needed, "I was already working on that whoever you are!" She takes off wings spread wide and flies towards the boy on the roof. "Scientists are on the way, hurry up and get down, you're gonna come with us like it or not!" She snatched his hand even as Kara arrived and pulled him down supporting his weight and her own with her strong wings.
  17. "Brother." "Yes sister." "We need the roads barricaded. How fast can you do it." "49.4 seconds." "Hurry." Jax ran out the window and walked in the middle of the road. A car came at him he reached his arm out and grabbed it. "Get out." A frantic young man got out and ran the opposite direction of the caravan. Jax did this several times until he had a blockade in the middle of the road. He flew back into the apartment "Are we ready." "No it seems our host got a little light headed on the roof. Retrieve her. Her care will be your responsibility." Jax nodded. He zipped to Kara and back.
  18. Cyril grabs his gun off of the floor as they left the roof. "What are you doing?!" He struggles, trying to get out so he can fly on his own.
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  19. The sky goes dark. "Sis Ms.Aria and Ms. Kara are too heavy to carry. There is a barn 50 meters from here. We will leave them there." "Alright brother." The two took Aria and Kara to a near by barn and took off down the path.
  20. Kara wakes up in the strange barn "what the hell am i doing in here?" She looks around the barn and pulls a piece of ahy from her shoe. Man this is what i get for helping? She walks out and spreads her wings ready to fly out
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