City Of Thieves

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    The City of Thieves, located on the outskirts of Italy. Rumored to be home of those with strange powers.

    Magic, Supernatural?

    No one knows but those who dare venture there are never to be seen again.

    A group of young adults dare to explore this empty city.

    What will they find?

    Only time will tell.


    Standard rules apply

    You may be a character in the group or one of the unknown in the City of Thieves


    Character sheets encouraged

    -Gif or picture perferred no anime-

    -First, last and middle name if you perfer-

    -Please include traits-

    -If your character has any tattoos, scars or markings-
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    Killian "Kian" Creed

    Tends to be a smart-ass and has a bad temper but it takes a lot to get it to come out. Very loyal though to the few people he likes.

    Has an intricate knot of tribal markings covering most of shoulders that go to the front of his chest, curling around his collarbones.

    Lives in the City of Thieves

    Nature controller, can make almost anything grow in the way he wants it to almost anywhere.
  3. DJ "Ginger" Warner

    2014-05-01 12.04.37.jpg

    DJ, called Ginger by most of her friends, is a quiet girl. She tends to avoid conflict when possible. She's still a very adventurous girl and loves to explore, which is why she agreed to go to the city of thieves. She's very protective of her friends, in an almost motherly sort of way. She doesn't have a temper, but can be easily frightened.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.