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  1. Plot Summary: In 2017, while studying a new breed of virus, Scientists are disrupted by Animal Liberation Activists, looking to free Chimpanzees being used as test subjects. Nicknamed 'Rage' due to its symptoms of increasingly Volatile and Savage Behavior. The Virus is rumored to be a prototype Biological Weapon, but is actually a failed attempt to create a Cure for Terminal Illnesses, but the Scientists were now studying to find a way to cure the Chimps of the Virus. Despite Warnings from Lad Techs and Scientists, the Activists release the Chimpanzees and in the process, releasing the Virus into the Population of New York City. The Virus is capable of spreading through blood and saliva. Currently, the City is under Quarantine. All Exits have been blocked off by the US National Guard. No one is allowed in or out. So far, 75% of the Population has become infected by the virulent man-made virus, while 25% of the City's Remaining Population continues to fight to stay alive until the infected are wiped out or until Special Forces decides to step in. Once a day, the National Guard will drop off care packages to help the survivors stay alive until Special Forces can be deployed. In the meantime, the Survivors must fight...



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  2. A month has passed since a man-made virus has been released into the population of New York City, home to over eight million people. Sadly, out of that 8.4 Million, up to 75% is infected, leaving the Survivors still trapped inside the city greatly outnumbered. Day and Night, the Infected Numbers continue to grow if the Survivors are not careful. National Guard Troops are not taking risks and continue to guard entrances leading to and from the city and is also a no-fly zone, any non-Military Helicopter shot down on sight. However, the Government has announced that they will send in Special Forces to clear out the entire city to rescue Survivors, but until then, the Survivors would have to hold out...

    Last month, before the Infection ravaged the city, widowed expecting mother Kassandra Crawford awakened from her coma inside a deserted hospital. She looked around, seeing no one and finding nothing. All she was in was a Hospital Gown and laying in bed. It was sunset outside. If she could get home before dark, then she should be safe. Something was really wrong, what happened while she was sleeping? Guess she'll find out when she gets outside. All she saw on the counter nearby were her keys. Her car was totaled, so for sure she was walking. Not like there was an Active bus right now. She took a deep breath before looking down at the bump underneath the covers. As she removed them, she seemed to have dreaded the fact that she was in a Hospital Gown. Oh well, not like she could remember what she wore like a Month ago. However, one of the last things she remembered was that her Grandpa had committed Suicide. shortly before her accident. Not to mention her pregnant belly got bigger while she was sleeping too. Not that she minded that. She rubbed her belly a bit before swinging her legs off the bed as she stood up. The baby felt heavier, that was for sure. As she took a deep breath, she made her way down from the Lobby. As she got out into the street, they were completely devoid of life. Where was everyone? She sighed before starting her long walk home.
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  3. [a month ago]Ari sat on the roof of her small flat, watching the sun takes its decent into the sky. She laid back upon the slanted slats, folding her arms behind her head. The knife in her boot tugged at the wool of her sock. The blunt of the blade felt comforting, a safety blanket in this shit world. She was here, alone on the roof, no place she would rather be. She let the cool evening air fill her lungs, her bones, until her head throbbed with the need for air. The sky continued to get darker. She shifted her legs, one knee bent torward the sky, the other folded beneath her other. Her fingers laced through her black hair.
    Without warning, anger surged through her body until it felt like her bones were melting. The deaths of her parents surged through her brain, replaying over and over like a skipping movie scene.
    She bit her lip until the stale taste of copper flooded past her teeth. Damnit. The world has turned to shit, so what else could go wrong, right? She felt around in her bra, taking out the small journal she kept hidden next to her breast, next to her heart. She felt the worn leather between her fingers. Mom. Damnit, she missed her so much. That damn drunk had to take her life. Why couldnt he take his own, instead of her sweet mother? What Ari wouldnt give to taste her famous egg and mushroom quiche.
    Ari slid the knife from her boot, ultimately replacing the notebook back inside her bra. She twisted the blade around her hand, the last light of the day glinting off the polished steel. With a sigh, Ari gripped the handle of the knife, holding it tightly against her chest.
    She breifly noticed how quiet the world had become. As if the sunset had hushed the world, casting the city in its gloom, silencing all who dare wander the streets within the night. Overcome with sleep, Ari passed out upon the cool roof of her flat, against the thick silence of the streets below.
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  4. [Present] Trevor's blue hues shot open as he awoke from his slumber. He scanned the ceiling as his eyes opened. He could see the morning light dance on the ceiling as the curtains waved. Most lightly because he brushed them in his sleep. Trevor spent most of his time devising a plan on how to escape the city.

    All the while trying to live long enough to put his plan in motion. He almost struggled to set up from his bed. Once he was in a vertical position the lack of suger and insulin levels ,began to take its toll. He swayed some and, began to perspire excessivly. He stood as quickly as he could and, made his way to the fridge.

    Once there he quickly opened the door and fumbled around. Grabbing for his last bottle of insulin he clicked it into his pump after removing the old bottle. The way he seen it he had about three days before he'd run out. That's only if he used it sparingly Which ment consuming less carbs.

    The electricity was also running a mile in Trevor's head. He hadnt really been to the generator room sense day one. When he did some wire splicing to divert the eletiricty to his apartment. Mostly for a selfish reason he was paranoid the other tentats would stay and use up all the resources. The building had also he was afraid they would attack him. Taking all the electric made the surviving tenants leave the building. "How much further must I go to satisfy my hunger for a challenge?" He sighed just once with regret before finally going about his day.
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  5. [present day]
    Ariadne turned on the welcome mat she managed to scavange, using it as a makeshift bed. The gun that was gripped tightly in her hand clicked as it hit the cement, causing her to wake. The rosy fingers of dawn were clawing its way across the sky, devouring the night and turning the sky a golden-peach color.
    Another day in hell.
    The room, located in a barred room in a seven story building, smelled stuffy with the growing morning. Dust motes floated through the window as she sat up, the bones in her spine creaking. Holstering her gun she stood, stretching out her back, she listening.
    Everthing was silent, the quiet so thick you could slice through it with her knife. Time still moved. Ari became obessed with the movement of time. The world had gotten worse, yet time stil ticked on.
    The tanktop under her tattered black hoodie was sticking to her body with sweat. It wasnt until her stomach growled that she knew she would need food. She hadnt eaten in God knows how long ago.
    With a sigh she took the bars from the door, flipped her hoodie onto her head, and made it slowly out the door, her ears trying to peirce through the thick silence that permeated the entirety of New York City.
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  6. Charlotte Dubois had her head in her knees, clutching her legs tight. She sat alone, tucked in the damp corner of an empty parking ramp.

    Outside she could hear the groans of zombies as they shuffled about, searching for food. Her location probably wasn’t the safest, but for now they didn’t see her or even detect her. If she were being honest with herself, however, they should find her and just rip her apart for everything she did wrong.

    There was a loud bang and she looked up to see a zombie stumbling towards her. Automatically her hand pulled out the gun she found at her side and pointed it at the walking corpse, firing multiple times until a bullet hit its head and it fell over.

    As she stared in shock at what she just did, a group of zombies approached the parking ramp, drawn to the location after hearing the gunshots. They shuffled inside, their groans startling Charlotte. She aimed her gun, firing once again until her bullets ran out. She only got one zombie but that wasn’t enough to stop the rest. She scrambled to her feet, running away from the zombies as fast as she could.
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  7. ~Shane,Ally, Samara~

    Month prior to out break:
    The twins had just returned from there tours and were back with there sister and family in there house. They would play with her and do silly missions. one night they were watching There little sister and got the call about there dad and mom. It was emotional next couple of weeks. They were to deploy out soon and had to find someone to watch there sister when there commanders told them they would bot be deploying so to the infestation. They were not happy about this, but they had to try and get out till then they would pack and leave this place.

    Now: They were sleeping in an old abandoned shack. Samara woke with a yawn. She sat up they had slept on the dusty floor hiding from infected. Her brother was sick and they were not moving till he was better. She looked around her and sighed. She grabbed him some water and held her little sister as ahe woke. They played quite games till dusk. She told ally to watch shane as she went outside. Samara scouted around and scavanged what she could before returning to the small shack. To take care.of her siblings.
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  8. After about half an hour of walking, Kassandra felt her back acting up. Looks like she forgot what back pain felt like while she was in a coma, where the symptoms of pregnancy never really affected her. As she held her back, she took a deep breath. While walking, she saw a Newspaper. Picking it up, she started reading it. She then started learning about why the city looked so desolate, yet there were a lot of Infected, they were just hiding and were mostly roaming around the Buildings and scattered across the city. She then started hoping that there would be none in her Apartment Complex. Afterwards, she looked at the Date of the Newspaper, which was apparently a few days after she had fallen into a Coma. After another fifteen minutes, she got to the gate of her Apartment Complex, which also seemed completely deserted. Afterwards, she entered the building. With the current situation, she didn't want to take the risk of the stairs where the Infected could be roaming, so she decided to take the Elevator. When the Elevator dinged, she walked in and went up to the 8th Floor. She continued down the dead quiet hall until she got to her own Apartment. Although it was difficult thanks to her swollen belly, she bent over, still holding her back to relieve the pain as she lifted a corner of the mat, revealing her spare key. She opened the Door to her Apartment. Nothing seemed out of place to her either, which was good. First, she checked the fridge. With all that's going on, she'd probably only last here for about two to three weeks. In a time like this, didn't seem like her Wifi was working either.

    Finally home...

    The first thing she decided to do was lock her door, but didn't barricade it because she will eventually have to leave to go search for food and water, unless the Military somehow drops their care package for her on her roof. This Building was Empty for the most part. If there were any Infected, there were a couple in the streets below and she didn't have the time or resources to barricade the entire first floor. Not to mention it would put strain on her body. Before going out to take a Shower, Kassandra grabbed a radio from in her Closet and turned to the Emergency Broadcast before walking into the Bathroom and removing the Hospital Gown to take a nice, warm shower while she listened to the Emergency Broadcast.
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  9. Trevor breathed heavily a moment then made way to his computer. His router was still intact and running. WiFi really didn't need someone to man it to make it work. The most the man with the switch did was engage or disengage ones connection. Trevor knew how to disengage or engage connection. So he still had access.

    The only real reason he even bothered was so he could try to tap into government files. So he could see what the did to engineer the rage virus strand. To see if it could be reversed that was the backup to his escape plan. That way if he couldn't run from it he could at least possibly stop it ,from progressing further. He sat down at his chair and faced his computer.

    "Still no emails I never thought I'd really miss people. Figured I'd be in paradise if everyone just vanished..." He pushed the thought from his mind. Then began running his invasion program once again trying to hack into the government's files.

    Once he started that he swung his chair to his second computer setup. Using that setup to hack into the city's sanitation center. Once he was in he pulled up his city blocks sewer system blueprints. Mapping them up on a separate program all of this was him trying to find a safer way to the nearest pharmacy. He hoped that the insulin there was still cold. Otherwise it would be usless.

    "Ill have to leave out today otherwise if I dont and this pharmacy is a bust I may not have time to look in other places." Trevor thought a moment he could check the emergency broadcast. "Someone there might know where a sure stash of insulin is. But do I really trust them they could lie lead me to a trap! No! Ill do it alone I dont need anyone I've got my own back."
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  10. Ari had her Kap at her side as she ran. Her bag bumped against her shoulder blades as she took off down a backstreet. She was weak from hunger and needed to find something to satiate it before her body quit. She stopped running, and through the pounding of her heart in her ears, she heard it.
    A group of Infected were coming to her left, advancing quickly. She could outrun them, but surely there was another group ahead, and then she'd be trapped.
    Her plans of going to the department store a few blocks from here were soiled. She would need to find some apartments to scavange before she made a bigger round.
    She cursed silently and took off opposite of the group shambling torwards her, teeth gnashing against raw gums.
    She jumped up into a fire escape, growling as it creaked under her weight. She ran up the steps, her other holstered Kap bumping against her hip.
    Ari used the butt of her gun to smash in a window on one of the higher stories, rolling in the window and landing in a crouched position, Kap aimed at arms length, and listened for any signs of life.
    "Hello, is anybody... Or anything in here?"
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  11. Kassandra listened to the radio as she cleaned herself up. Since she took that Hospital Gown off, she felt better, even more so after she stepped into the shower. The radio was blurting out all kinds of information concerning what was going on. After cooling off, she dried herself off and took a deep breath before turning off the Radio, having all the information she needed from the Emergency Broadcast. She then went to pick out something nice and comfortable to wear, feeling fresh.

    It's getting dark...

    After looking through her clothing in the closet, she grabbed her favorite dress, one that she had planned to wear for her Baby Shower. After putting it on, she started doing her hair, braiding a long ponytail and parting it on the side. Lastly she put on a pair of Jewelry. By the time she had left the bathroom, the sunlight got dimmer and dimmer, meaning that nightfall was near. She turned off all the lights that were currently on. As she went to her Balcony, she looked down and saw a bunch of people, most likely the infected, walking around, roaming the streets and around in circles, even occasionally bumping into each other.

    The Dead Walk...

    As Kassandra looked down, she felt a bit horrified and sick. Even though she was safe from the height she was at, she was still worried nonetheless. As she listened closely, she could hear gunshots coming from across the city. People were definitely alive out there. She may be able to cram maybe three or four into her apartment. If only she had a house...After heading back inside, she turned on her outside lights to let Survivors know that there was someone in the Complex, seeing that all the other lights in the building were turned off besides the hallway lights. She then picked up a Pregnancy Guide from her Coffee Table, looking to catch up on what she missed thanks to her coma. For lighting, she used a couple of candles. Kassandra then sat down in a Rocking Recliner, opening the book as she rested her free hand on her enlarged belly, slowly rocking back and forth as she began reading.

    Book being read:
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  12. Johnny was looking at the time on his most prized possesion, a vintage pocket watch that his younger sister Alicia had given him right before they had to be seperated, along with his parents. Letting out a heavy sigh, he looked out of his window in an abandoned house he had decided to spend the night in. He was traveling alone. It wasn't his most favorite thing in the world, but knowing how other people would react to him, he knew it was a bit safer.

    Armed with only his trusty baseball bat, Johnny grabbed his backpack and began to head out, making sure that there was no zombies around. He frowned as the stench of rotting flesh and fresh blood welcomed him as he stepped outside. Johnny traveled behind alleyways and empty, isolated streets. Hearing the occasional moan of a zombie nearby, he was alone, with only his mind to give him company.

    At times like these, Johnny would start reciting lines from plays. It helped him calm down and feel at peace, while helping him not go crazy. After making a quick glance around to make sure he was alone and not with zombies, he found himself an iron beam suspended by two smaller beams, kinda resembling a balancing beam for ballerinas. Johnny grinned, got on the beam and balanced himself by stretching his arms out. Then, he began.

    "I am Captain Jack Sparrow," Johnny exclaimed softly. "I am Captain of this vessel, and this rum. I will fight for my things, and my huge jar of dirt!" As he spoke, he pretended to be sword fighting with the enemy. "Davy Jones is no match for me! Ah, he wants to get me, you say? Well let him try to! I doubt he ever will get me, that old cthulu man is utterly blind!" He laughed, before losing his balance and fell to the ground.

    Johnny shook his head and sighed. "Enough of that. I should be finding a temporary shelter.." He said to himself, getting up and brushed himself off before continuing his journey.
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  13. Trevor looked to his unfinished device wondering what it was to become. He had been working on this device even before the virus was released. He pushed the thought of it back as he looked to the time. "Its getting late if im going to get to that pharmacy and back before dark I need to leave now."

    Trevor stood up from his computer chair. Then walked over to his footlocker ,he entered the combination and opened the box. He grabbed up his grandfather's shotgun and several shells. He checked the chamber seeing how many he had in the gun. He counted three with a sigh he closed it back up and, then grabbed his map.

    After he checked his gear and grabbed his backpack he headed for the door. Once he was out in the hall he shut and locked his apartment door. Trevor knew of a maintenance line in the complexes basement that lead directly to the sewers. That is where he is headed he took the stairs mostly because all of the buildings power was routed to trevors apartment.

    Also Trevor had a fear of elevators, he's never trusted them. Once he was at the maintenance line trevor did something uncharacteristic. He pulled his pack from his back and pulled his radio from it. He then tuned in to the emergency broadcast.

    "Hello my name is Trevor and I am sending this message to all survivors. I may have discovered a cure for the virus and I alone have access to this information. But I have ran into a road block I'm diabetic and I have no insulin. Im heading to the pharmacy on 5th and 10 in hopes there is some there. If you believe what I am saying meet me at that location and help me find some. If not dont bother and leave me to my fate whatever that may be." Trevor then turned the radio off and descended in the sewers. Making his way to the pharmacy starting to regret his discison already.
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  14. After about half an hour of reading, Kassandra decided to set her book down on the Coffee Table before looking down at her belly. All that reading helped her catch up on what she had missed. Luckily there were Medical Professionals taking care of her. She sighed before patting her belly and getting up from her rocking chair. Since all the lights were off, the gleam of Twilight could be seen. The Sun was still setting. She looked at the Clock and saw what time it was. Did she have enough time to go out and get supplies. If she were to go out and get supplies, Kassandra would need a vehicle, because travelling on foot was just too dangerous. But then again, from what she heard about the Infected, its probably best that she travels quietly, and engines make too much noise and will attract the infected, not scare them away.

    First time out since getting home...

    When she looked outside, the Skies were mostly clear, with some clouds. Afterwards, she went over to a Lockbox in her bedroom. Upon opening it, she took out her Handgun and examined it. Its not often she used it, but she still cleaned it and everything. In terms of ammunition, she had up to 300 Bullets, so she had to use them wisely since most of the Gun Shops were either locked up tightly or completely looted. It was imperative that she travelled light. She was carrying a baby and it was already heavy enough as it was. So she just took a Satchel to keep her Spare Magazines, which held fifteen rounds each, a First Aid Kit and a Knife. Next she had an empty Rucksack. The first thing she put in there was a Sweatshirt, just in case it gets cold after dark. After grabbing a Flashlight, she locked her Apartment and took the stairs. Holding the Railing so she wouldn't slip, Kassandra grabbed her Gun and kept it at the ready. Its only been one month she's fired a gun, so she wasn't worried about Rusty Marksmanship, though she should probably be careful since she's pregnant.

    The Scavenging Begins...

    As soon as she got outside, she heard the Emergency Broadcast...It was Trevor's Message! If only there was a way to communicate with him. She knew what street he was talking about. She kept her Finger on the Trigger and kept aim, scanning the streets for the Infected. With no Infected in range, she put it on safety before storing it in her satchel before continuing to walk. When she looked down a Street Corner, a few blocks away from her Destination, the street had a huge mob of Infected, roaming around in circles and sometimes bumping into each other, even devouring corpses. That made her feel sick and she vomited into a trash can. Feeling a stomach ache, she took a breath before wiping her mouth and spitting into the trash to get the excess saliva out of her mouth. She then started down an Alleyway that would give her a shortcut to the Pharmacy on 5th...

    After spending a couple of minutes sneaking around the infected, which was difficult with that bulge in her belly, Kassandra eventually made it to the Pharmacy, which showed no outward signs of being looted. It was locked...She got out knife and broke the lock that way. Even with everything going on, Kassandra was in a delicate condition and she had to handle herself, and her baby, with care. She gently rubbed her belly as she felt kicking. Afterwards she used her knife and broke the lock, only allowing a brief cracking noise to give away her position. When she got inside, Kassandra noticed that most of the store had been looted before being locked down. She browsed the Meds to see which ones were safe for her to take and which ones were not, she grabbed the medication which were safe for her to take, not wanting to harm her baby, no matter how sick she may get. Feeling a contraction, she took a deep breath before attempting to comfort her baby. Looking around, she noticed that the lights were flickering. Then she went around to the back of the store. Hearing footsteps, Kassandra drew her Gun. When she got around to the back, she saw a man in a white lab coat, which was covered in Red Stains. It was probably the Pharmacist. "Sir...Are you okay?" She asked pointing her gun at him.

    He turned around, revealing himself to be one of the Infected. Before he could charge at her, she shot him in the head, causing blood to splattered all over the window behind him as he fell to the floor dead. Remembering from what she heard on the Emergency Broadcast, she had to be extra careful, because not only she could get infected through bites, but through saliva and blood as well if it gets into her eye or mouth, or even an open injury that is not properly bandaged. Afterwards, she started looking around for more meds that she could take back with her. As she checked for Insulin, she noticed a box half-full of them. There were at least eighty insulin pens. Luckily it was the Intermediate Acting Insulin, which lasts for eighteen hours maximum and twelve minimum. Even though she wasn't diabetic herself, it would be nice to have some on-hand in case someone did. She then filled her backpack with at least twenty of them, wanting to leave some for others who may need it, like Trevor...The man she heard on the radio. While waiting for him to arrive, she decided to see what other Medication or First Aid Supplies she may end up needing.
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  15. Sylar's beard trimming had become a religious practice. As he hadn't been outside in almost 2 weeks, he often found himself bored to death - So trimming his beard was almost considered fun now days. As he finished up, he wiped his face off with cold water and wiped it with a towel. He washed his razor and set it in the cup on the sink. Beams of sun illuminated the bathroom so, Sylar didn't bother turning the lights on. The same applied to the rest of the apartment, save for the hallways.

    He stepped from the bathroom and look into the living room. "Meg?" He called. A moment passed.

    "Outside!" She responded, peaking her head in from the fire escape window. He sighed momentarily and glanced at her.

    "Meg, I thought we agreed that we wouldn't go out on the fire escape?" He said. Meghan rolled her eyes, climbing inside. "Someone could see you."

    "And do what? Throw rocks at me?"

    "Or shoot you." He said. She sighed and plopped down on the recliner with her book. "You don't know who - or what - is walking around out there."

    She leaned her head back against the chair, puffing a lock of red hair from her eyes. "I have been stuck in this apartment for a month, Sy. I've watched every movie you own, and I've read almost every book on the shelf. And your Nintendo thingy is officially boring... besides that one game with the old dude and the little girl that kill zombies is totally ironic." She locked her blue eyes on him, pursing her lips. "I'm - am - bored."

    "First, it's a Playstation. Secondly, just cause you don't like Last of Us doesn't mean you have to hate it." He said, sarcastically. He looked at the TV, which thankfully still turned on. "I'm- planning on going out later today - I'll see if I can't find some stuff."

    "So - you're going out, and you're making me stay in?" She blurted, incredulously. "That's so petty, Sy."

    "It's dangerous out there, Meghan. People are desperate." He retorted. "We're almost out of food, so I have to go look for more. I wouldn't go out if I had another option." He looked at her, waiting for a response.

    Meghan rolled her eyes and fished her phone from her pocket. She scrolled through it longingly. Sylar's eyes softened as he watched her. "Has- uh... Has Eric contacted you?" He asked. She shook her head, sadly.

    "No... I still don't have service or wifi." She said, looking like she might cry. Sylar waited a minute, sitting on the couch. He hated to see her so sad.

    "Look.... Meg, I'm sorry, but I couldn't live with myself if I let you get hurt, so it's in our best interest if you stay while I go out." He said. She shrugged, sliding from the chair to the couch. She sat down beside him and leaned against him.

    "I know... I'm just... I'm so worried about Eric. Is he even alive, still?"

    "Of course he's alive, M." Sylar said. "Don't talk like that."

    A brief silence cause him to stand a go to the kitchen. He looked out the window at the street. It was empty as usual. The sound of a faint gunshot set his nerves on edge. He looked down 5th street - from the pharmacy on one side; to the grocery story at the other end. He silently observed, wondering where the shot had come from.
  16. PO1 Jessica Shin-Ryu

    With nightfall approaching, Petty Officer First Class Shin-Ryu had at least an hour and a half to find shelter. Last night she hid on the tenth floor of an Office Building, sleeping in a Lounge that was once used by Office Staff. Tonight, she needed to find another place. However, leaving the Office Building was going to be tough. While travelling through a room full of Cubicles, Jessica kept her gun at the ready, and of course had a Suppressor on it so she doesn't attract large numbers of Infected with making undue noise. Some Night-Vision Goggles would be nice, that way she wouldn't draw attention using a Flashlight. She heard a scream coming from down the hall. An Infected Man seemed to have ambushed another Female Survivor hiding in the Building. There was no way she could get a clean shot at the Zombie, but the Woman was probably infected already as well. Instead, she just shot them both and continued to the Elevators. However, the Elevators may be swarming with the Infected and were probably out of Service, so she opted to take the stairs. When she got into the Lobby, she saw Blood all over the floor. This must have been the scene of a horrible massacre. Dismembered Corpses and Infected. She looted the Bodies for Ammunitions, and luckily they were compatible with her Gun and she was running low on Ammo as well. Taking the main exit was a bad idea, so she made her way towards the rear exit. Sadly, the door was locked tight with a Padlock. Without a Key, the door wasn't opening. Breaking it down was impossible and she didn't know where the Janitor's Office was, so she just decided to try the Bathroom, there had to be a window. Suddenly, she heard a bestial roar from down the hall. A dozen infected had spotted her and were now heading in her direction, she just went into the Males' Restroom. The Window was small, but it was either that or death. She was able to escape the infected with a few seconds to spare. Jessica dropped out of the Window and landed on the sidewalk with a heavy thud. She stood up and continued down the main road. Within a Police Car, which was flashing its lights, she heard Trevor's Message. Her Best bet must be the Pharmacy, but that was quite a ways. She continued walking until she saw what looked like a Middle Aged Man and a Woman in her Late Teens. Not wanting to take any chances, she decided to go around the block. She was now one block down from the pharmacy. Hopefully it hasn't been looted yet...
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  17. Ariadne listened, her Kap poised in front of her. Nothing moved, everything seemed to stop while she waited.
    She uncurled her body from the crouch she was in, holstering her Kap at her hip, all the nerves in her body coiled, ready to spring in case of a threat.
    Ari started with the kitchen, throwing out drawers, opening the cupboards, and only managed a packet of mint gum and a can of peaches.
    Peaches? Out of everything, she found peaches. Atleast it was an unopened can. Dinner.
    She moved quickly but silently through the family room. Ari stifled a laugh. Family? No such thing anymore. Hell, did it even exist before all the shit went down? Hardy. People still lied to their loved ones. Cheated. Stole. Besides the walking dead outside her window, the world hardly changed.
    Ari ransacked the bathroom, finding bottles of pills and tubes of insulin. Why hadnt anybody taken this? These were all antiboitics that could save somebody from infection. From what she learned during her time as a medical student, these were the medicines between living and dying.
    She fit what she could into the pockets of her jeans and the makshift ones by her breast she had made with her knife. They felt uncomfortable and rattled when she moved, sure to draw all sorts of attention, but she wouldnt complain when they saved her life.
    She looked at the insulin tubes before static filled the room next to her. Ari cursed and dropped the assortment of tubes, hissing in frustration as they clattered in the sink.
    Unholstering her Kap, she pressed her back against the wall by the door and listened. The static sparked and popped, a mottled voice trying to squeeze through the frequency.

    She rounded the corner and came face to face with an Infected.
    It lunged at her with broken teeth and bleeding gums.It made a strangled noise and lifted its rotting arms torward her throat. Its molars gnashed with a sickening sound, clacking its cavities together like a starving animal. She lifted her elbow to its throat, its face only inches from hers. Its breath smeled like rotting meat and garbage. Christ, these things stank.
    With a grunt, Ari shoved the thing backwards. It stumbled like a baby first learning to walk, and started its pathetic shamble torward her again. With was a good yard away at this point, and she simply lifted her boot and hefted the sack of meat to the ground. Taking her heavy soled boot, Ari smashed the pumpkin-like skull until it burst. She scowled. It was all over the floor, and now her boot.
    It must have gotten infected while it was waiting to be rescued. Ari rested the same fate if she waited like this pooor thing. She couldnt decipher if it was male or female.

    Walking to the radio, she adjusted the dials. She turned the crank until a man's voice came in clearly through the speakers. Trevor? So somebody else was alive. Shit, she was heading to that pharmacy, and she had just scored insulin. She wanted to believe it was a happy coincidence, but nothing was happy anymore. That word no longer existed.

    With a final search of the apartment, she found nothing. Not even any spare clothes. How she scored gum and peaches was beyong her reasoning, but she wasnt going to argue. Food was food, and the gum would atleast hold over hunger pangs if the moment arose.

    Jumping out the opposide window, away from the approaching Infected party, she climbed down the windowsills and onto the road below. Shocker, it was deserted. With a sigh, she headed off torward the direction of the pharmacy in hopes of finding the man who needed the tubes stashed in the makeshift pocket of her boot.
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  18. "Anj?" Cameron murmured, peering out of the small room they had made into the bedroom. The building had long been boarded up and the dead removed but he was still wary. It was very much possible that after a month, the boards could have rotted, or a door may have collapsed out. Perhaps a wall may have fallen. "Are you sure we're safe here?"

    Anjelica rolled her eyes, glancing up from the textbook she was studying. She had always loved reading and learning and she had no clue how far the epidemic had reached, compelling her to learn absolutely everything in case it was lost to time. Besides, so far the knowledge she had compiled over the past month had saved them several times. "Positive, but if you're still so scared, then go out and check. Look, I'll even go with you," she murmured.

    Cameron straightened out his jacket, pretending to look casual. "Pfft, I'm not scared. Just gotta look after my big sis. Besides, it couldn't hurt to check, right?"

    "Right, of course," Anj replied, standing and walking over to the door. With her brother's help she removed the barrier and stepped out, grabbing her sword on her way out.​
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  19. *Color Code
    White- Kassandra
    Indigo- Jessica

    Kassandra Crawford

    While looking around at the Medical Supplies, Kassandra stumbled across something that she might need. With no Doctors around, she wouldn't be able to attend any Prenatal Appointments, which meant that she'd probably want to either one, team up with a Nurse or learn how to take care of herself. Upon picking up the item to examine it, she saw that it was a Portable Ultrasound Machine. Since it wasn't too big or anything, Kassandra decided to put it in her Backpack. The last thing she decided to take was a Basic First Aid Kit. It was already a heavy load, hopefully she would be able to get home before dark. When she looked out the window from behind the Pharmacy Counter where she was, she noticed that it would be at least another half an hour before dark. At her pace, she'd be lucky if she is even able to get home right when the sun sets. However, her baby didn't seem to be listening. As she felt a contraction, the heavily pregnant woman took a deep breath as she held her enlarged belly, gently caressing it because it hurt. "Its okay, sweetie. We'll be heading home soon. But Mommy needs to rest for a few minutes, and then we can leave, alright?" She spoke to the baby before sitting down on the ground and stretching out her legs. She checked her Gun. Luckily, she's only used it once. Briefly, she looked at the corpse of the Infected Pharmacist before looking down at her belly, gently patting before closing her eyes, taking deep breaths once every few minutes to alleviate the aches and least to a certain degree.

    PO1 Jessica Shin-Ryu

    After going around the Block yet again, Jessica looked down the road, where abandoned vehicles seemed to be endless. Keeping her gun at the ready, she came across three infected. To her bad luck, the wind changed direction, blowing her scent towards the Infected. They sniffed the air before looking directly at her. Not even a second later, the trio charged...Since there was only three of them, Jessica's quick thinking and reaction time allowed her to take all three of them out before they even had a chance to even bite or scratch her. From what she remembered, if the contagious blood were to get into her eye or her mouth, she'd become one of them, so Jessica had to keep her distance or she'll become one of them...Not really something she wanted either. As she walked passed an abandoned car, Jessica decided to zero in on the Pharmacy. From the Message earlier, a man named Trevor was broadcasting a message. Maybe she could join him and take care of him until Special Forces comes in to rescue everyone. Without further ado, she got to the front door and tried it. Surprisingly it was unlocked. Was there a Looter in here? Other Survivors? Someone's here, she could tell. When she looked back at the Pharmacy Section, she noticed blood splattered all over the window. Yup, someone was definitely here. Seeing that there was blood, which prompted her to keep her gun at the ready. When she entered and got behind the counter, Jessica was greeted by a heavily pregnant woman in a gold dress and some jewelry, who was surprised to see that anyone had stopped by. A pregnant survivor? This was getting weird. Seeing how Jessica herself was a nurse, she wondered what she should do next...

    As the door opened, Kassandra opened her eyes, looking up to see a casually dressed woman, carrying a Messenger Bag and a Tactical-style Rucksack. Judging by the Visible Dog Tags, Kassandra guessed that the woman was Military. As a sign of good faith, Jessica holstered her weapon and kneeled down to the woman's level. She smiled before putting her arm on the Woman's Shoulder, glad to see another friendly face. She hasn't seen a single friendly face since the Outbreak began and unable to reach her parents or her sister. All of whom were not living in the City. "Hi, my name's Jessica. What's your name?"

    Now would be a good time to be friendly, considering she has yet to encounter any friendly faces. "Kassandra. Nice to meet you, Jessica." She looked at the Dog Tags, dangling from Jessica's neck. "Are you Military?"

    Jessica answered truthfully. "Yeah, I'm a part of the Navy Nurse Corps."

    Kassandra breathed a sigh of relief, as her first ally was a Medical Professional. She looked down at her belly, causing Jessica to look down as well, before putting a hand on it, to which she didn't mind. "How pregnant are you?" Jessica asked.

    Kassandra answered before gently caressing it. "Eight Months, its a Girl."

    Jessica smiled. "Well, congratulations." With Formalities over and done with, Jessica then got straight to the point. "Are you here as well to meet with the guy you heard on the Emergency Broadcast Channel? I got the Message too."

    "Yeah. But its getting really dark. I'm hoping he gets here before Dark." Kassandra answered.

    Jessica sat down next to her, all that sneaking around having made her tired. Now she was next to an Emotional Time Bomb, but in a situation like this, she'd probably want to do her Job, which is helping others. She was probably going to stay by Kassandra's side until they're rescued. Leaving a pregnant woman, especially in the stage that Kassandra was in, in a situation like the one they were in now, was just cruel. "By any chance, you wouldn't have a place to stay, would you?"

    "Yeah, I have an Apartment. Food, Blankets and the like. I just came out to get some Medical Supplies." Kassandra said.

    Jessica was overjoyed when Kassandra told her that she knew of a safe place to go. No place like home, she thought. When Trevor gets there, then the girls can figure out their next move.
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  20. Trevor kept following the path through the sewers. Just as he thought their wasn't any infected in here. He continued to walk through the smell bothered him a bit. "I wonder if the smell keeps the walkers away?" He pondered that theory as he come a pon his destination. He folded the map up before pulling his bag from his back. Once it was out in from of him he dropped the map and flashlight into his bag.

    He then put it back on so he could climb up the ladder. He began his ascend up the ladder struggling to open the manhole. Once it was open trevor squeezed out his meter began to beep. It was time to eat but Trevor couldn't stop just yet. So he silenced his meter and quickly pulled his shotgun from his bag.

    He held it at the ready and pumped the first shell into the chamber. He was afraid the noise he caused might attract walkers. Luckily the butt of the gun was heavy an club worthy so he wouldn't fire unless necessary. He scanned around his surroundings trying to figure out where he was. To his delight the manhole was practically right behind the pharmacy maybe a 5 minute walk if that.

    He made his way to the pharmacy only to be stopped and greeted by a group of walkers this would be the time to fire a shot. But at what cost he could run for it maybe loose them. But with is health he could only make it to the pharmacy. That might endanger the other survivors of there was any. He decided he'd risk it he darted to the entrance of the pharmacy. He peered in and noticed there was survivors.

    He was about to walk in and tell them to get ready but one of them was pregnant. "DAMNIT" no mater how much this went against Trevor's belief that he's all that mattered. He could not endanger a defenseless child especially one still in the womb. Trevor pulled all the shells from his bag the peaked into the pharmacy.

    "Hi I'm Trevor and I may have endangered you all." He threw his bag into the building. "In that bag is a map to my apartment through the sewer system. The manhole is just about a block back still open. If some else comes they should unblock this door juat encase I dont make it back there is food and water in there as well."

    With that Trevor picked up a loose lead pipe and crammed it into the doors handles. So the girls could run out to help him. Then Trevor fired a shot into the crowd Dropping 4 of the infected with his buck shot sense he was in close range. He then darted around them adrenaline surely being the only thing keeping his going.

    He pumped another shell into the chamber and fired again. He kites the infected around the building continuing to take out the infected. Though it seem the more he takes out the more that fill the gaps. Trevor was running out of energy his body starting ,to shut down because his insulin level was dropping. He pounded in random carbs just so the insulin would flow into him. If he lives he'll just eat the number of carbs he put in. Trevor breathe heavily as he continued his assault thinking that this was his last stand.
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