City of Souls

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  1. Chapter One: Assassin

    Rika Nakamuri


    The red headed girl who wore a green winter coat everywhere as if it were a fashion statement was walking across crosswalk, staring each driver to her right dead in the eye. It was obvious that this individual was in an awful mood, but there was no way that she could use her Soul-Mate against normal people. Rika didn’t usually think about hurting others unless it was an assignment from her higher ups, but today was a different day. She had already gone on countless assignments, assassinating low grade targets. Sure, they did have various positions in the government and such but their security was AWFUL. The crude red head would rather have people put up a fight against her rather then them being killed within an instant. There was nothing interesting about her assignments. Most bullets that were shot at her by bodyguards were knocked out of air by one swipe of her Soul-Mate against the air. God damn, she really wanted a real challenge. Maybe she would receive an actually interesting mission today.

    Rika’s train of thought was snapped by the honking of a car on the street, obviously waiting for her to move since the street light had turned green. She frowned at the man before throwing up a middle finger at the driver, which resulted in another honk at her. The people in this city were almost more annoying than the crowds of Souls that littered various places such as street corners, alleyways, and even bridges. She cleared the street, watching as the flurry of cars crossed the intersection. It seemed as if all of those people had a really important place to be.

    Raus Azules

    Rika made her way into the coffee shop, looking around before seeing a lean man at a table, wearing a fake set of cat ears. “Oh god, it is the cosplayer again…” she thought. Raus Azules was his name, and being truly lame was his game. The red head giggled for a moment, thinking that the rhyme she made in her head was pretty clever. She watched Raus look up before giving her a smile, and she rolled her eyes at him before sitting down at the table. Raus pushed an iced coffee across the table before leaning back in his chair in a rather comical manner. He leaned his neck from left to right, cracking it before opening his mouth to speak.

    “Astrulis wants you on another assignment. You up for it?”

    “Well, of course I am. I just hope that I actually get to have some fun this time around.”

    “Oh trust me, you will. You’re going fishing today, or rather, a fish market.”

    “I hate fish.”

    “Doesn’t matter. Higher ups orders. You gotta do it.”


    She took a sip from her iced coffee, before sighing. One sip of her favorite drink seemed to make her problems go away.

    “I knew that you would say yes! Anyways, you’re going to the Tsukiji Fish Market. Your target, is Arata Asuka, CEO of the Asuka Boats Corporation. Based on the secret term that we use for people like him, his Soul would probably be really valuable to our efforts. Your job is to take him out while he is having dinner. You know how them nasty fishing guys LOVE their fish. He will probably have a few bodyguards, but that shouldn’t be a problem for you.”

    Raus then slid a rather old looking book across the table, and Rika clapped her hand on the cover, stopping it in it’s motion. She nodded before finishing her iced coffee, tossing it at a trash can. The empty cup missed, splattering the rest of the ice on the ground. The manager groaned before glaring at her, but she didn’t care. Normal people were nothing to her anyways. She pushed the door open before heading out. Raus stayed in the shop, finishing his kid’s hot chocolate. Rika flipped through the pages of the Soul Book, looking for an empty page. It had quite a few worthy Souls inside, all from her work. Maybe she would get promoted after this mission?

    Rika walked into the middle of the street, stopping a cab. She opened the door to the back before getting in and telling the driver to go to the Tsukiji Fish Market. The driver complied, and she was on her way to her next target. She rubbed the silver necklace with an emerald jewel in it. Nako was probably dormant right now, but he would be awakened soon enough.

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  2. As he walked the streets to the cacophony of honks, shouts, and motors running, Evan let himself relax slightly in the uncommon sunlight. Eyes wandering every which way, hands resting at his sides, he resigned himself to another day of minor crimes and misdemeanors. His jacket was unzipped, but still hung around his shoulders as concealment for his service pistol. Stopping momentarily as the light of the street he is approaching signals not to walk, he waited at the edge of the sidewalk for the light to shift. Tapping his foot softly, he awaits the changing of the light with practiced patience.

    His district was District 146, which consisted of the fishing and aquatics part of Tokyo. He hated this district the most of them all, unable to stand the smell of fish. Slipping a hand into his pocket, he closes his hand around a small crystal of Garnet. It had been so many years since he got it... Sometimes her face blurred, and he could hardly remember. The sound of her laugh, the glint to her smile, the feel of her hair- Shaking his head violently, he stopped that train of thought. He knew that it always lead him to that same sadness, which lead to several hard drinks, which lead to drunken reminiscing.

    Forcing himself to keep patrolling, he continued his path. Pretty soon, he'd be walking by the fish market. He remembered his briefing today, and how there was some big shot that was going to be eating there. May be a wise idea to hang around for a bit. Never know what problems can pop up around the big guys. Stepping into the market, he forced himself to stand the smell as he searched for a place to observe from. Settling down at a small table, he ordered a coffee as he sits to watch and wait. His mind began wandering, as Sweeper hovered above his shoulder. The previously dormant Soul offers an encouraging presence to the veteran, unconditional and complete.
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  3. Rei had just finished arranging a bouquet of flowers to her costumer that left with a satisfied smile on their face. Watching them leave, Rei turned to look at the clock to see that it was closing time. Untying a red ribbon that held her long black hair up to let it down, she tied it around her wrist and announced her leave to the costumers. Before leaving the shop for Rei to close, they told her that they would come visit again when they had the time. Smiling to herself, Rei looked around to see everything in place and changed the sign to her shop to closed and left, turning the lights in her shop off. Locking the doors before she left, Rei decided to walk idly on the sidewalk without changing out of her black, sailor highschool uniform, and white necktie, walking to another district.

    Yes, Rei still went school. She lives alone and owns a flower arrangement shop. The previous owners who had passed it down to her, died a few years ago in a car accident. Before they had passed away, Rei had gotten their permission to take over their business and they agreed. Her parents however, had opposed of it because it was their business rival. Shaking the memory away, Rei walked around. Her hair flowing behind her as she walked with a straight posture that made her movements graceful. It was expected of a daughter from a traditional family that had strict morals and confined their children to their ideals.

    "Ugh, I hate fish" Saigo complained. Not responding to her soul-mate's complaint, Rei just silently shook her head dissaprovingly. "The smell... The taste... It's terrible!" He continued.

    "It's not like you're going to eat it" Rei spoke, making people who passed by her look at her strangely.

    Ignoring the glances people gave her, Rei spotted a bench in front of a store that had tanks with fish swimming in them. Walking towards it and admiring it before she sat down, she watched the people around her pass by. Everyone was noisy... It wasn't just everyone though... It was the soul-mates that wandered around. Although she was used to it by now, it still bothered her.

    Sighing, Rei looked straight ahead and saw a shop that was called the Tsukiji Fish Market right across the street. The moment she looked, she spotted a girl walk into the store and saw a man walk into the shop afterwards. Somehow, Rei had a feeling that something was going to happen, but she wasn't too sure. Staying where she was, she crossed her arms and closed her eyes to block the voices that surrounded her. Her soul-mate, staying silent, as to not disturb her.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Smiling sweetly, Catherine slid a milkshake to the family's little girl whose eyes lit up when she sighted the plump red cherry atop a massive glass of strawberry, banana, and vanilla goodness. The mother frowned and then look up to her with a mind of confusion, "Don't worry about it, its on the house." Putting down each porcelain plate in turn she simply smiled one last time before asking if everything was in order. The mother patted her hand and looked as though she may be on the verge of something like tears. Cat wanted to hug the woman and tell her everything was going to be alright, that things would get better, but that would be unprofessional. Waving goodbye to the little blonde haired girl she clicked over to the counter and sat down on a stool. The Cafe was more or less empty excluding the family, so she had no reason to stand up and walk around aimlessly. The two newest additions were sitting a table giggling and whispering, which in all honesty irritated Catherine. No wonder during the morning rush she felt so overwhelmed, Remy's new pieces of ass weren't doing a thing around her. Slamming her trey on the counter she walked calmly over to the two girls.

    "Wow, like, you guys must have gotten a ton of pictures to put up on the net yeah?" Catherine leaned over on the table, her hands sprawled on the surface. Both girls first had a mask of irritation, but as soon as their slitted eyes looked up to see Catherine standing there, they began to sing a different tune. "U-uhm, yeah! But... we..." The girl, Dani, was having trouble getting over her stutter as Cat's eyes bore into hers. "We had nothing to do since you were doing such a fantastic job and all!" The pink streaked head of Joann spoke up, trying to use flattery to her advantage. Smiling a cheshire's grin she clasped Joann's chin between her well-manicured finger nails and leaned real close to her face. "Listen, guppy, when you were hired, Believe me it wasn't for beauty or talent. So get off your cute little asses, and get back to work." Cat flicked her fingers, causing Joann's already bobbing head to jerk to the left before she looked down. Dani was already in tears as she scrambled up to grab a rag.

    As the two girls were now exuberantly polishing and shining the entire cafe and bar, Cat walked over to pick the checkbook from the family's table. They had under-payed their check, but over-payed her tip. Catherine smiled and slipped all the money in the cash register, she didn't really need the money. And at least this would get them out of trouble. Remy would have been absolutely furious were he to find out their indiscretion in his establishment. Just then two hands slid around her waist causing her to grown mentally. "Hiya Remy."


    Remy chuckled against her neck as he pulled her closer, causing her to nearly stumble in her heels. The man was a nasty thing at times, but when the sun sank he was back to his crisp gentlemanly self. It was quite odd, but Catherine never bothered to ask. "Oh Cat... my you smell good today." Wiggling out of his arms, Catherine chuckled and began to pick up the plates the family had left behind. "Honey, I assure you that sweat and stress does not smell anything like a bouquet of roses." He only slapped her rear abrasively before sliding into the booth his chin resting on the knuckles of his enclosed hands. The only reason she took as much as she did from Remy was the simple fact that just like her, he was putting up a front. That and in both in cover and outside of it, he was her boss. While still cleaning up she kept her gaze locked on him, "Cat, baby, you are going to the fish market today. We are having a huge house tonight at the grill down the street and you are working it." Catherine almost dropped a plate in her hand as she stared at Remy. She wanted to scream what in his face, but she had to find a better means of doing so. Joann and Dani were off in the corner staring daggers into Cat's back, thats when it hit her.

    Sliding into the booth next to Remy, she pulled on his tie in turn dragging him forward. Pressing her lips against his neck she whispered in a low voice. "What's in the fish market?" Remy's hand slid around her waist as it landed on her bottom. "Jonny said that there were some murmurings down in the Red Light District, something about a 'Big Bang' ". Nibbling a bit on his neck she smiled and whispered in his ear, "Finally some activity, What about you?" Remy pushed her back with a serious look in his eye, "I need to stay here, be careful." Catherine smiled and pushed him back against the seat, with a look of "whatever boss" written all over her face. Sliding out of the seat she untied her apron on the way to the back room. Joann and Dani's angry whispers following her in.

    Finally dressed in her street attire that consisted of super tight black skinny jeans, a low cut silk white top, and a red leather jacket she waved at Remy who was making himself a drink at the bar. "You said Red Snapper and Yellow eel right?" Remy held his glass up to her and nodded, "Get some of the Maine Lobster too, if its on sale at Tatsumi's." Catherine nodded and like that, she was out the door.

    It was a bit chilly out, and the sun was having a hard time piercing both the overcast clouds and Tokyo's smog so it seemed to just resign to wave at the earth every once in a while. Standing on the curb she hiked her purse up on her shoulder and tapped her foot as she awaited the black cab that would take her to the aquatics district. For some reason she had always like the fish market, the people were real there and she wasn't surrounded by fakes. Though a lot of shady business went on around the area, it was still a friendly atmosphere. It wasn't as if she was on the actual squad, she was something shady herself as Padrone's were still going through a vast political war. Is it acceptable to see the dead? Especially if they can turn into hardcore weaponry? Looking up at the buildings that surrounded her, she saw a giant LED screen flash a red advertisement about Padrones being a safety anamoly. Sighing she caught sight of the black cab that splashed through a restaurant's drain puddle to stop in front of her. The door opened and the face of her new partner smiled up at her from the screen. Rolling her eyes she slid into the car and began to listen to the updates and mission from the bubbly voice of the girl who had just been accepted into the agency a week ago.


    A half an hour later, after two thirds of it being spent listening to Yuuki ramble about what type of sushi was her favorite and the other third being Mata yelling at Yuuki to shut up, least to say Cat already had a major head ache. Flinging the cab door open she slammed it shut to finally drown out the irritating voices of her partner, her colleague, and his partner Rise all debating if Red Snapper was healthier than Tuna. At times like this, Cathering wanted to pull out Abaddon and shoot herself in the face. "You know it doesn't work like that Kitty." As the cab sped of, poor Ky probably sick of what was going on as well, Rosey stood smiling in front of her, Daisy pulling up the rear in her shy manner. Catherine shook her head and walked past both of them, never really having the stomach to walk through them. The last time she did that, she had been stuck with nightmares of the twins being ripped apart for three weeks. "I know, that's why I wish the Agency would issue out a nice cyanide tablet like they to in the Yokohama agency." Daisy flinched and followed after Rosey as she skipped after Catherine. The smell of fish was already filling the air, and with it followed the saltiness of jetty that was behind the huge market warehouse. "Now you two better be on your best behavior." Catherine gave them a soft look, before it hardened upon memory of her last practice with the two. "And please for the love of Buddha be around when I need you." Rosey opened her mouth to retort, but Daisy caught her before she could. "Okay Kitty!" She smiled and gave a big thumbs up with the hand that was clasped over Rosey's mouth.

    Catherine walked on ahead looking at all the fishy wares that shined in what little sunlight there was. Her perception was on guard as she listened to the odd hushed whispers of the place. What exactly was going on she wondered. Stopping at the best Red Snapper seller, she looked over the plump fish as the woman and her husband smiled and pointed and nodded to all of her questions. Whatever was going on, Catherine would make sure she was on top of it. Meanwhile the twins stood on either side of her, their almost human-like arms wrapped around either of her legs as they looked around at all the souls Catherine had become adept at ignoring. They all stared back, their round mouths talking obnoxiously loud about the tattoo that shined through the red leather jacket she was wearing.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Aniela was working a job, bodyguarding some old guy named Arata Asuka. He had came to her when she was working in the bar one night and asked her to work for him, something about someone trying to assassinate him? She didn't remember specifically. But she did know he was the CEO of a boat company. Maybe when this was all over she could have Micah buy her a boat when the job was finished.

    Overall, she knew nothing of the guy. He only approached her with two grand and asked her to guard him for today.

    The black haired girl was walking around the table Arata sat at now, he was eating his meal. These fishermen sure love their fish. There were a few other bodyguards walking around with her and she didn't know a single one of them. That's how she wanted to keep it. This would be a quick job, and if anyone came for him, she would defend.

    That's when her phone rang, she pulled it out of her back pocket and looked at the screen. It was Micah. She clicked the talk button and held the phone up to her ear.

    "Micah! I'm on a job, what do you want?"

    "You need to leave there immediately. I don't want to see my little sister getting hurt."

    "I can take care of myself. I'm twenty-one now."

    "No you can't. Remember when you started screaming last week, having vivid hallucinations and such? You were by yourself and you called m-"

    "Shut up! Fine! Fine. I'll go. He already gave me the two grand anyways. "

    She hung up the phone with a sigh. Aniela glanced back at Arata before walking away from the table. Her bright yellow eyes were brighter than normal. Only in a moment, she was out in the somewhat fresh air. The smell of smelly fish filled the air. It stank, terribly. She hurried off down the street when all if the sudden she froze.

    Then she screamed.

    "No! Get away from me!"

    She seemed like she wasn't talking to anyone, and in reality. She wasn't. Aniela thought one of the dark creatures from her nightmares, the towering creatures with talons and slimy black skin, with piercing red eyes and gigantic black wings, and horns. They reminded her of the devil, she wasn't ready to die. She didn't want to die.

    The creature struck at her, it's talons grazed her cheek. She imagined she felt the most terrible pain she could ever feel. But in reality, she was not hurt.

    The screaming continued, and she eventually crumpled to the ground. Her head in her hands, she began rocking back and forth. This was terrible.
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  6. Pierce Crux
    Pierce had a broad blank expression on his face as he leaned on the desk of video store he worked at. The various customers were milling about picking up movies, looking at the description on the back of the box, and putting them back down on the shelf again. Pierce HATED this dead end job, but he couldn't find another one so he had to deal with the tedium. Another customer walked in, the bell at the top of the door jingled, "Welcome to the Video Bin." Pierce said in a very monotone voice. He reached in his pants pocket and pulled out 1 inch metal cube and placed it on the counter "Langston, buddy, time to get up." he whispered. A small calico baby bunny appeared on his shoulder "Hi Pierce is it time to go yet?" the rabbit said in a very small cute voice. Pierce smiled and scratched Langston under the chin, the bunny reared its head back in delight "Not yet Langston. Mark is my replacement today *Pierce picks Langston off his shoulder and rubs noses with him* and we both know how much of a lazy idiot Mark is." he says in a cartoonish adorable way. Langston floats back onto Pierces shoulder and looks rather disapproving "Where are you're normal cloths, I don't like these?" Pierce sighed "I know you don't buddy, but I have to wear this stupid dress shirt and ugly dress pants for work you know that." Langston stretched "Human customs are strange." Pierce rolled his eyes.

    Finally Mark showed up running through the front door "Yo sorry Pierce, I forgot to set my alarm." Pierce just shrugged "Whatever man these people are your problem now, Later man." Pierce grabbed his stuff, clocked out, and headed out the door. Pierce stretched as he walked outside "Well Langston we have to head off to the fish market Ellica wanted me to get some tuna for dinner tonight, and you know what that means right?" he had a smile on his face. Langston ran circles around Pierces head "Soul carrots!" he shouted in glee. "Right, but only if your good!" Pierce said in a stern way. "I just wish I had time to change cloths ugh!" he sighed.

    Pierce and Langston finally made it to the fish market, and Pierce found a few dead carrots at a stand "Eat up buddy." he smiled. Langston took the souls of the dead carrots and ate them, his eyes lit up "Thank you Pierce! I love you so much!" Langston said in a very cute tone. "I love you too Langston." Pierce's heart melted.

    Pierce heard an ear grading scream and looked around, he saw a young women about 20 feet in front of him screaming then just curling up into a fetal position. Pierce knew that position all too well and ran to her. Ignoring the other rather large looking guys behind her he knelt down in front of her and very calmly but firmly said "What you are seeing and feeling isn't real. Nothing is hurting you you're imagining it I know because I kind of have the mental illness as you, though I know how to control it." He took her had and placed it on his chest "My heart beat is really. It's ok calm down focus on me and come back to reality." he said in a kind of soothing voice.
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  7. "Adame!"

    After distributing the burger and fries to the young gentlemen at the table she made her way over to the voice, an unreadable expression on her face. The person who stood in front of her crossed his arms, his eyes taking on a serious look. With short black hair and golden brown eyes, Tori was perhaps the best looking guy out of the cafe employees.If it wasn't for how handsome and intelligent he was, she would never put up with his flirty attempts. However, it didn't look like he wanted to flirt today. She waited quietly for him to tell her what's up.

    "I need you to run to the fish market."

    She gave him an odd look. The fish market? "Why?" she questioned. "This cafe doesn't offer fish."

    "True," he wrapped an arm about her shoulders. "But that's going to change. Besides, boss's orders."

    She glared, throwing his arm off of her. "You are the boss."


    So that was how Luna ended up in front of the huge warehouse that was the fish market. She hated fish. The smell was just too overwhelming, and it's taste was always too soft for her liking. She walked inside with a sigh, and it wasn't until then that she realized she had no idea what kind of fish he wanted. She growled lowly in frustration, her irritation causing the tattoo on her wrist to glow just as furiously. 'Well fine then,' she thought. 'He wants fish. I'll get him fish.' anime-girl-brown-hair-green-eyes-hd-wallpaper.jpg
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  8. When Aniela felt her hand being tugged away, her first instinct was to pounce. Take her sword and stab it right through him, but she didn't. Just because he said that he had something that she had. He had put her hand against his chest and she felt a heart beat underneath her fingertips. Aniela took in a deep breath.

    "But.. it seems so r-real. The creature w-was big and dark. " she murmured, looking up at the boy in front of her. She was relieved to see that he wasn't a creature. He was real . Not something of her imagination, she could feel him.

    Aniela's breathed slowed and she sighed. She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him, giving him a hug.

    "Thank you. I mean it."

    Just as quick as she hugged him, she let go. Aniela hopped up and turned around to see a few large men that had been standing there. Her yellow eyes narrowed. But she didn't say anything, she turned back around and held her hand out. She appreciated what he did, no one but her brother has done something like that. With another deep breath, she spoke.

    "You said that you have the same thing I do?" she cocked her head to the side, her black curls bounced.

    (I'll post Micah later on tonight. )
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  9. Most of the days were slow...
    Well slow enough anyway, slow enough that he was bored. David didn't enjoy his job, even though it came with the casual sex and life of a bachelor. His apartment always had someone in it, whether or not if it was a girl or a close friend. He would end up sleeping on the couch either way. David liked sleeping on the couch more than he did his bed, he liked the hardness of the cushions when he slept there with a small blanket and one pillow. It didn't matter that he got less sleep than if he were to sleep in a bed, he just found it more enjoyable. Tonight he had a gig down at Club Zega, he would have to DJ there for a couple hours then head down to the bar to pick up some extra cash. He wasn't lonely, he was just simply alone. Which by his standards didn't really count because he had Samantha. She was quiet, too quiet for his liking. This was probably because during her life he mother was like that. That is what she told him at least. Samantha was special to him, she was like a daughter to him almost. Minus all of the feeding, clothing, and paying for her. The way he found her was interesting, she was sitting outside a hospital minding her own business. At the time David was still trying to understand what is meant to be a Padrone. It was like he knew her, he knew her struggle, what she had gone through. He took her in an captured her and she became apart of him almost.

    It was around lunchtime and he was hungry. There was a local fish market around where he lived that he often visited for something to eat. He knew the guy who owned it and had DJ'd for a party for his daughter. He seemed like a nice guy, but David never judged someone based on a couple meetings with the guy. David walked out of his apartment with an empty stomach, maybe some fresh fish will cure this.
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  10. Finally, booker was back at his office,
    A quaint little place on the far outskirts of the busy metro. Booker wasn't one for all the hustle and bustle of the life with all of the busy business folks, or "yuppies" as he'd call them.
    And he quickly learned that from his short lived adventure to the city lights. The metro chewed him up and spit him out quicker than ever, but that's just what booker wanted.
    He yelled at the passing bus that almost flattened him as he exited the streets.
    The only positive occurrence happened when booker stopped at the fish market. He figured he'd soul his burning temper with some sea food, after a long talk with the owner, and being it the only positive time he had.
    He decided to set up his fliers here and do some shameless self advertising.
    Under it was a trail of addresses and a map where to find his office.

    Booker opened his office door, yellowed roof and a smog from yesterday's cigarettes looming around the ceiling.
    He pulled out his chair and put up his feet on his rather mighty desk. Opening up one of the drawers and pulling out a rather cheep bottle of whiskey.
    "Down the hatch..."
    He said sloshing back his brown liquid. He grimaced as he sat the
    Bottle on his lap and lit up a cigarette.
    The same routine, sit and wait for phone calls and hope people don't call to late in the day.
    Money had been a tad bit short on his back and he needed a case to pick up. With all of this craziness floating around, soul-mates, pardons or whatever they called themselves. Terrorists, crime rates going up.
    This all was enough to push any man to the bottle.
    But one thing was for sure.

    He took out his pistol and lay it on the desk, he looked at it, his eyes threatening and angry, began to soften, and the ice over his heart became warmer, not yet thawed though.

    The sides of his face tugged into a small smile.

    "at least I have you..."

    He followed his statement with a heavy swig and a drag of a cigarette.
    And he waited for what he prayed would be a break in this monotony.
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  11. Rika Nakamuri


    As Rika arrived at the Tsukiji Fish Market, she looked out the window at the crowds of people and Souls that littered the areas around the market stalls. She didn't think that this many people would be in this area, but it didn't matter. The only thing that mattered right now was getting rid of Arata Asuka and having the Soul Book which was on her lap absorb his Soul. The cab turned back, asking for a few yen as compensation for him driving her. Rika didn't really feel like paying, but releasing Nako here just to kill a lowly cab driver would be a bad decision. The red head was pretty messy with her kills and usually got blood all over the place.

    Rika was a sadist, and she enjoyed playing with the bodies after the person spirit became a Soul. It was always funny to watch the Soul scream in horror as it's old body was being torn to pieces. A left hand into her pocket pulled out the cab drivers money, and she tossed it at him before blowing him a kiss. Of course the cab driver thought she was awkward for this gesture but he didn't care. He got his money. Rika placed the Soul Book inside of her jacket and opened her door before getting out, taking in the disgusting, fishy air that resided in the area. As she strolled through the market, she looked at the various market stalls and displays of fish. A stall even had a bunch of lobsters, her least favorite kind of sea creature. Getting pissed off, she murmured to herself.

    "God damn, where is my tar-"

    Rika stopped in the middle of her sentence as she bumped into a duo that was on the ground. The male of the two had put the girls hand on his chest, and she had no idea what the hell he was doing. What kind of crap was this, some scene from an anime love show? She sniffled a bit before sucking in a large amount of mucus. As she walked past the two who were in the middle of some romantic scene she spat at the ground by them. That's what they get for being idiots and standing in her way. Rika still walked on her way, looking around for Arata Asuka. This little game of hide and seek was annoying her, and she would have just killed a lot of people within the market before calling it a day. Of course the rules of Pieces stated that she shouldn't kill someone unless they were a target or unless the individual was in the way of her goal. Suddenly, Nako spoke out as soon as they walked by a cop who was sitting a table, drinking coffee.

    "Hey, when are we gonna get the target!

    "Shh...shh.. don't you see him to our right?"

    "Who cares! Let's kill someone already! I wanna get some blood on my b-"

    Nako suddenly became quiet, realizing that the cop would probably ruin their efforts at getting Arata Asuka. Rika looked at the cop before giving a wry smile, and continued on her way. A few ways away she saw her target, sitting idly with no one by him. She thought that there was going to be a few bodyguards by the man but Raus probably briefed her with some false information. That cosplaying idiot messed another thing up.​
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  12. Rei opened her eyes when she heard a girl scream and spotted a her down the street, on the ground. Uncrossing her arms, Rei stood up and walked towards the girl, only to stop a distance away when a boy approached the girl. Seeing that he had her under control in a strange way, Rei turned around, but stopped when she heard them speak. Creature...? Rei thought to herself. Turning back around, she stared at them.

    Are they talking about-? I don't know, but it sounds like it... Rei said to Saigo. She was frozen in her spot, as she just watched them. Having no idea that there might have been other people that saw and heard what she has, or atleast she hadn't met anyone who had.

    Thinking back, she remembered the time of when a mark appeared on her shoulder. It was eactly when she began to see and hear things that most people she knew couldn't. Although she kept it to herself, knowing that she had know who would believe her, she had to put up with weeks of migraines from her world suddenly getting loud. But of course, she had gotten over it and met Saigo afterwards when she heard a voice in her head and repeated some sort of chant, making him become her soul-mate.

    Ms.Rei? Saigo asked concerned about her. It's nothing, Rei answered, snapping out of her thoughts as she ignored the people that stared at the girl strangely, just as they had done to her before. It was the look of scorn and disgust that made her look up and glare at them coldly, making them glare back at her and walk away. She hated it when people looked at her that way, and she didn't feel any different if they did it to someone else. Even if the person they were sneering and looking at with disgust was disabled or in a certain situation, it was despicable.

    Hearing someone sniffle, Rei turned to see a girl spit a large amount of mucus on the ground beside them, making Rei look at her in disbelief as the girl walked away.
    C-calm down, Saigo stuttered, knowing that Rei absolutely despised people who were rude. Taking a deep breath, Rei tried to calm down and walked towards the two that were sitting on the ground. No longer able to stand that people were staring at them, Rei held out her hand for them offering help them up and looked away. "Are you ok?" Rei asked them quietly, waiting for them to take her hand.
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  13. A girl walked past the two, then.. then she spat at them. Now, that was uncalled for. Before she could attack her, another girl approached.

    Aniela gave her a small nod and stood up, she looked down at the boy. She would have to get to know him more, he could help her.

    "No.. I mean yes! I'm fine, thank you for asking, I just had... a small breakdown." was all she said, afraid if she said more the other would begin to think of her weird. A sudden thought filled her mind, what if that girl was the assassin?

    "Thank you both. I, uh, have to get back to my job."

    With that, she turned around and ran after the girl. She found her in the dining area where Arata was. Her suspicions were correct. This girl WAS the assassin. With a sigh, she walked over to Arata and took a seat across from him. Fuck Micah, she was doing this job.

    She leanes across the table and began to speak softly,
    "Don't be scared but I think our friend assassin is here." she murmured. Then she leaned back in the seat.

    There was a cop sitting near the redhead not far away, and he obviously knew about Souls. He would ruin ant efforts on a fight. Thank god he was here.

    "So this is it? Our job?"

    "Yeah. It is. Shh. Just be ready."

    And with that, she waited.

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  14. Pierce smiled at the girl happy that he was able to helper out of the darkness. "Yeah you have schizophrenia, you see things that aren't there, but you feel and see them." he explained. Before he could further explain his situation a rather pretentious looking red headed women spat on the side walk right next to them. Pierce clenched his fists and whispered in contempt "Oh man lady, gonna punch you in the face so hard!" However, another girl came by and offered her hand to help him up "A little annoyed, but yeah I'm fine." he sighed. As the girl he helped left he called out to her "740-111-2891 thats my cell number if you ever need help again!" Pierce turned his attention back to the girl that helped him up "Thanks for the assist. Miss.....?"
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  15. Ahh... So it was schizophrenia... Rei thought, slightly dissapointed in herself for assuming they were similar to her. Rei turned her head to look at them as the girl spoke and watched as she stood up and began to act strangely. Not saying anything to the girl that left in a rush in the direction of the red headed girl, Rei look at the man that yelled his number to the girl and responded to her question. Rei nodded her head when he thanked her, but hesitated to tell a stranger her name. "Reika" she finally answered, wondering why the man had called her Miss. Rei found it odd, hearing it from a stranger when she's only ever heard her home and Saigo call her that. "...Rei is fine" she stated, implying that he could just call her Rei. "And you are?"
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  16. There was still something lingering...
    The breakfast he ate, aka poptarts and a half glass of milk, was settling okay but it wasn't all that enjoyable. Tonight would be fine, it would be normal as usual. There would be some guy who would get way to intoxicated and most likely puke all over his bar and he would have to clean it up. This happened every so often, and it was only new a couple of times. He was always out by himself, he never really took Samantha anywhere, just because she liked it at his apartment. He would be there from the morning to noon, then head out for lunch then go to the bar to set up. All of the people who came there seemed like the same people from the night before. It wasn't the same people, but people who had the same personality. The douche, the slut, the nerd, and the lowlife. All of them changed positions, depending on what group of people decided to show up that night. David liked the idea of being in a clique, but he hated the stereotypes that ensued. It occurred to David that he really didn't fit into the stereotypes of today. He was raised in Ireland, moved to America because his father had some business there, and then he moved to Japan. All while maintaining an American accent with a flair of Irish here and there. Most of the Japanese people he spoke to understood him, but it took time to really prove a point.

    David moved through the market and looked for his stop. Akimoto's Fish Fry and Deli, or whatever it said in Japanese. He knew Japanese enough to be able to get around, but he still was having issues with the whole word placement thing. He walked in and sat at the end of the counter and whistled at one of the workers. David ordered some tempura and rice along with a sprite. It took some time, but it was brought out and David ate his meal. He finished up his meal and sat in there letting the sun blanket his body.
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  17. The sweet goodnight kiss of his liquor began to lull him.
    Him head bobbered up and down.
    Normally, it would take him quite a lot more to drink to knock him out.
    But as of late the conversations he'd been having with her, he'd stay up all night for.
    "f*ck..." he closed the file he had open on his desk.
    Rika... (the name in the file) for being someone so rough and tough, you're putting me to sleep...
    He slid his desks clutter space, clearing a spot for his head.
    "maybe a little nap will make me feel better..."
    Almost instantly he began to doze
    But then

    "maybe you should eat something?"

    He shot up gasping,
    He still wasn't use to hearing her voice, but he obeyed, it was "her" idea after all. She knew what was best for him, always.

    "yah... Yah I guess I'll go grab some sea food at that place, it is feedin time after all"

    Pleased with himself, he downed the last bit of his whiskey, and staggered out the door.
    He was quickly reminded why he retreated to his office though.
    Getting bumped and pushed around the crowed he muttered every provakative there was That he could think of.
    But finally he broke through and made it to the fish market, or Buffett, or a restaurant. He didn't know, he could hardly read these folks dialect.
    Traipsing through the place he decided to stop and say hello to his policeman friend.
    Then; he moved to his own seat alone in the corner.
    Slid out his file again, and waited for his order.
    On a secluded corner he saw the owner of the bar he enjoyed going to in fact, he was a regular.

    "ah... It's 2 for 5 yen bottles tonight..."
    Making a quick annotation of this momentous occasion on the corner of the Manila folder.
    "can't forget that..."

    Then he was back to this case file,
    All of them had a rather repeated theme.
    Murder, and of the messiest type.
    For someone being so sloppy, he couldn't believe how she'd stumped so many law enforcement.
    But booker, tasked by the local police along with some grieving families, was asked to take the assignment.
    Before he could get to in depth, his food was here.
    Fish sticks and French fries.
    He figured he'd take his time and think while eating,
    And that he did.
    Spacing out every now and again, letting his thoughts take him every which way.
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  18. [​IMG]
    With a ten pound bag of red snapper, its plastic handles cutting off the circulation in her fingers, Catherine stood at the entrance of a seafood restaurant that was known for both its coffee and its sushi. Sniffing and redistributing her weight she thought otherwise and began to turn around. She wasn't really hungry to begin with. As soon as she looked away from the window she was toe to toe with a soul whose eyes bore into hers angrily. Swallowing, she took a deep breath and walked around the Soul who began pointing and ranting about the chef being a liar and a cheat. This was one reason she hated souls, they allowed for no compassion due to their incessant lamenting. There wasn't a moment or beat they allowed for silence. Before Catherine had completely walked away from the restaurant she saw a woman passing by an outside table.

    "Shh...shh.. don't you see him to our right?"

    Cat cocked her head slightly to the side as the man sitting at the table simply sipped his coffee, but her eyes was drawn back to the woman with the red hair who makes her way around a few tables. Well isn't that interesting... Catherine tightens her grip and rethinks having a bit of sushi or coffee. As she approaches the man's table she recognizes Arata Asuka at the far end of the eatery. The CEO of a huge boat making corporation, and even better yet he is completely unguarded. Adrenaline kicking in she whips out her phone and speed dials Remy who answers the phone with a little less than savvy greeting. "Remy, you wouldn't happen to know if Asuka of Asuka Boats being unguarded at Tsukiji is part of the big bang do you?" Ending the call she slides it into her pocket and plasters on her best smile.

    Dropping her bag next to the chair across Asuka, she sits at the table and flips her hair over her shoulder. "Arata-san? This is incredible!" The man looked at her with such a mask of confusion that it literally brightened her smile. "E-excuse me?" He stuttered in Japanese, keeping her eyes trained on him she hoped the twins were being just as diligent. "Its me, remember? Last summer in Osaka? Its Rachel!" Arata was taken aback as he looked at her then around, mumbling something about a girl that was supposed to be somewhere nearby. "Arata, after that summer I am surprised you are so distracted right now." She crossed her arms, deepening the cleavage the low cut shirt already revealed. Though Arata was married, the charms of one miss Catherine is enough to bewitch anyone.
    Something was about to go down, though she wasn't exactly sure what it was.

    Just then she realized that there was indeed a girl sitting at the table, turning to face the young yellow eyed girl she giggled and tapped her forehead. "I am so sorry, I didn't see you there." Catherine inwardly cursed the twins, and herself for not being more perceptive. She could have sworn that the girl had not been there a moment ago. "Who are you again?" The Padrone smiled and crossed her legs. Whoever the young looking girl was, there was no way Cat was leaving either of them alone.
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  19. Red Mervin
    Red laid in his bed with his laptop in his lap, it was seven in the morning. He was working on something, he quickly shifted through things on his laptop, he had his headphones on and music played through them. The light of the monitor reflected of his plain face, he turned to the window noticing the sunlight coming through the window blinds, checking the time he stood up and closed his laptop. Heading for the bathroom, he had a quick shower and got dressed, putting on his jacket and taking a pair of keys he walked out of his house. With hands in his pockets he looked at the ground, thoughts quickly shifted through his mind. He walked through downtown not noticing his surroundings.

    Ansley Reanna
    Laying on her bed, she woke up softly... rubbing her eyes gently and stretching out of bed. She went to Red's room to find him not there, she closed the door and continued to the bathroom. She looked at the mirror and stared at it deeply, trying to draw a smile out of her face but couldn't, walking out of the bathroom she went straight for the kitchen, she took a bowl and some cereal and poured milk on to it. Taking the bowl with her to the living room, she sat down on the couch and turned on the TV... she noticed her phone on the table and reached out for it, slowly looking through her contacts she found Red's number and dialed it "This user has turned off his cellphone." was the only thing that came through the speaker, her face now looked slightly sad and depressed. She turned back to the TV and slowly ate her cereal.
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  20. A girl sat next to Arata and began talking, she completely ignored the fact Aniela was there. A small frown played against her lips, Who does this girl think she is?
    I don't know, she should have seen you by no-

    Markus was interrupted when the girl turned around and giggled. She claimed that she hadn't seen Aniela, but Aniela didn't believe her.

    All of the sudden she froze, but unfroze quickly after. She gave a huge grin at the girl.
    "I'm Jeanine! You are?" she had a different, foreign accent. It almost seemed country. Aniela was no more, Jeanine was occupying her mind.

    "Aniela. Snap out of it. Your not Jeanine. Your Aniela McCoy."

    "Who is she? Markus. I don't know a Aniela McCoy. I'm Jeanine Poss, of Tennessee. This is Tennessee right?"

    "No. This is Tokyo, Japan. Your Japanese. Not an American."

    "Lets just drop it, okay ghost boy?"

    Jeanine grinned even wider, it couldn't have been possible to be grinning as wide as she. She leaned across the table and held her hand out.

    "Nice to meet ya! So how do you know my dear uncle Arata here?"

    Somewhere in her mind, she still knew she was on a mission. Bodyguarding Arata Asuka. That was why she lied just then, Jeanine usually wasn't a liar. But for now she was.
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