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  1. [​IMG]
    (An example of a Padrone with her Soul-Mate in her hand.)
    The RP will be taking place in present day. All non-GM characters must start out with a level one Soul-Mate.

    City of Souls
    “That was what this place was called… The City of Souls. There are probably many other Padrones within the world but in our city, Tokyo, is where most of the activity seems to be. Everywhere I go I see dead people, and they can be so noisy sometimes. Their conversations are annoying and they are pretty uninteresting, except for the ones that talk about a certain organization known as Pieces. The Souls apparently get a bad vibe from them, and that group apparently has some pretty strong Soul-Mates. The Souls can sense it. They can sense their bonds and they can sense their bloodlust, or at least that’s what I have been hearing. I have no idea if they are real or not, but the Souls tend to be really scared of ‘em so I guess I should believe them. The group apparently causes a lot of murders or something like that. I was even stopped by a Soul once telling me that every murder or disaster is caused by Pieces. Actually, never mind believing them. That’s probably a lie anyways.”

    Tokyo is the city that has the most Padrones, Soul-Mates, and Souls. The City of Souls is what most Padrones and Souls call the area. There is a potential that other areas of the world may have Souls and Padrones but no evidence has been found yet. Tokyo is quite a bustling city with many attractions and skyscrapers. It is as if the people of the city are always busy. The sidewalks are always littered with people and the roads with cars.

    The Soul-Base System (open)

    The Soul-Base System
    The Soul-Base system is the general rules and terms for usage of Soul-Mates and anything to do or relate to Souls. Souls are the spirit forms of those who have passed on, whether it be a human or an animal. Inanimate objects or things that have not had life cannot become Souls or become Soul-Mates in anyway, shape, or form. Souls can be obtained and confined in objects called Catalysts. Catalysts have to be of great significance to said individual, so it cannot be some item that you have just achieved in life. They have had to be with you for at least one year. Catalysts can be any inanimate object, ranging from teddy bears to pencils. Even an old can of a soft drink can be a Catalyst as long as it has been with you for a year, even though that is quite unethical and unhygienic.

    Soul-Mates are dead beings that have been confined within a Catalyst. You do not have to know the Soul for them to be your Soul-Mate, although that would be better in some regards. Bonds between Souls and their Padrone are what make the Souls better in the long run. If the Soul was a person or animal that had a great bond with you during their life, they will be more obedient and be of better use to you during the time they spend in the Catalyst. Padrones may also form bonds with their Soul-Mates within Catalysts, even though that can prove to be more difficult.

    Manifestation is when the Soul-Mate within the Catalyst transforms into an item, ranging from a gun to a large axe. Manifestation requires part of the Padrone’s energy to use, and that depends on what bond the Padrone has with their Soul-Mate. You must focus your energy to manifest your Soul-Mate. A word of releasing is usually used to manifest a Soul-Mate, such as “release” or “rise”. A better bond means less energy to use Manifestation and a lesser bond means more of the Padrone’s energy to manifest the Soul-Mate. Soul-Mates may only be manifested for a minute to an hour and in that time period the Padrone’s energy will be drained. Any longer than an hour of Manifestation will cause the Padrone to start losing days on their lifespan.

    Rare items called Soul-Books are Catalysts which are multi-layered. They have the ability to hold multiple Soul-Mates, based on how many pages the book owns. More Soul-Mates means less bonds (in some cases) and more energy expended to manifest them. Soul-Books also have the ability to write a description of each soul within each page, like a biography. There are only eight Soul-Books in existence.

    Catalysts can be destroyed, although this is sometimes detrimental because you have to find yet another item that has been with you for at least a year to capture another Soul within. When a Catalyst is destroyed, Soul-Mates tend to say the most regretful thing they did in their past before going to the afterlife completely. Soul-Mates that were in Catalysts that have been destroyed can never return.

    Each Soul has a type, attribute, and level and there are currently three types, attributes, and levels known. More may arise within the future, but who knows?

    Soul Traits (open)

    Soul Traits
    How does one exactly know if they are seeing a Soul? There are a few ways to tell, ranging from appearance or how they talk. Not all Souls are talkative or noisy, but most are. They are dead, losing all regret that they once had in their past life. Souls also have transparency by their legs, so a Padrone will be able to slightly see through a Souls leg area. Souls can also phase through buildings and most modern day structures. The only places that Souls cannot phase into are religious areas such as churches.

    Attributes (open)

    Fire Type Attribute: The fire type attribute gives Souls the abilities to use flame based abilities, such as manifesting fire.

    Water Type Attribute: The water type attribute gives Souls the abilities to use water based abilities, such as water manipulation and the creation of ice.

    Earth Type Attributes: The earth type attribute gives Souls the ability to use earth based abilities, such as moving dirt around within the air to moving rocks around.

    Wind Type Attributes: The wind type attribute gives Souls the ability to use wind based abilities, such as manifesting gusts of wind or manipulating air

    Types (open)

    Sword Type Soul: Sword Souls are Souls that can be used to manifest swords. These Souls tend to have grudges held against others and are quite cocky.

    Axe Type Soul: Axe Souls are Souls that can be used to manifest axes. These Souls are usually righteous and brave, loving the feeling of battle.

    Range Type Soul: Range Type Souls are souls that can be used to form many ranged items, going from bows to guns. These Souls are usually humble and tend to be quiet. Note that Range Type Souls use energy as ammo or arrows. They are usually used by those who have had many Catalysts or know how to expend energy well.

    Bludgeon Type Soul: Bludgeon Type Souls are Souls that can be used to form bludgeon weapons, such as hammers or maces. These type of Souls are usually nervous when it comes to speaking with their Padrone.

    Levels (open)

    Level One: You have a poor bond with your Soul-Mate. Level ones can be imbued with their element and can slightly manipulate existing sources of it to a low extent.

    Level Two: You have an OK bond with your Soul-Mate. Level twos can manipulate their element to a higher extent and also can manifest their element out of nowhere if they are wind or fire type elements. Water type elements can now create ice and earth type elements can now use steel.

    Level Three: You have a great bond with your Soul-Mate. Level threes can manipulate their element to an amazing extent. Each element can now fire balls of their respect trait and more. Fire types can create explosions out of nowhere. Wind type elements send out blades of wind that can cut their enemies and use wind to increase their speed to great extent. Water type elements have a greater control of water and can now freeze the ground. Earth type elements can bend and manipulate cars and lamp posts.

    Note that levels determine what kind of weapon you will be using. You cannot have a level one Soul-Mate yet wield a sword that goes to the heavens. Padrones can tell the type of level their Soul-Mates have based on their weapons appearance once it is manifested and how their Soul-Mate speaks to them. Padrones and Soul-Mates speak telepathically and out loud. It is up to the Soul-Mate to determine which way he or she wants to speak.

    Padrones and Soul-Mates battling together usually make their bond stronger, causing them to level up faster. Weapons will change appearance and gain more power after a level up.

    (Do not worry about leveling up. I shall let everyone know when you do. Also, post as if you and your Soul do not have that great of a relationship in the beginning. Gradually bettering the relationship makes for better plot and character interaction.)

    Soul Capture (open)

    Soul Capture
    Capturing Souls within Catalysts can be easy or hard. It depends on the Padrone. Capturing Souls will probably seem awkward to the normal mortal. It involves throwing the Catalyst at the Soul and reciting the incantation of sealing. Once the incantation is spoken, the seal below will form under the Soul.

    “Oh being of death, become my Soul-Mate. You shall regain life once more as a being by my side, and you shall not be alone anymore.”

    (Specialized Seal)

    To increase the power of Soul Capture, one must render the incantation loud. The louder it is, the less resistance that the soul can give. Once it has been captured, the newly acquired Soul will telepathically whisper its attribute to the Padrone, the default level being one. Newly acquired Soul-Mates cannot be used until an hour after Soul-Capture.

    Padrone Abilities (open)

    Padrone Abilities
    Padrones are randomly chosen from humans, although most of them tend to be individuals who have experienced a great deal of grief in their life. A human will know that they have become a Padrone once they see an odd tattoo form upon their shoulder and also gain the ability to see the dead. That means that they will be able to see old loved ones and even victims of murders. The incantation will sound throughout the Padrone's mind and they either have the choice to write it down and memorize the incantation or completely ignore the call. The voice will also ring out through the Padrone’s head, saying that they must go to a Soul and say the incantation with an item they adore before disappearing from their mind.

    Pieces: The Soul-Mate Terrorist Organization (open)

    Pieces: The Soul-Mate Terrorist Organization
    Most Padrones in the city of Tokyo will have at least heard of the organization known as Pieces. Souls converse about them quite a bit, mainly about the fact that they target important and large places and areas. Not one single Padrone has a definite idea of why they are doing these things, and it is the Padrone’s choice to check out what is happening or let more explosions and mysterious accidents happen around the city. There may be a surprise waiting for any Padrone that checks out the areas that are attacked or predicted to be attacked.

    Character Sheets (open)

    Character Sheet




    Skills (5 at max):



    Soul-Mate Character Sheet





    Backstory (If they have a significant one):


    Level One Appearance:

    Level Two Appearance:

    Level Three Appearance:

    Rules (open)


    Note that if you do not post for a whole week, your character will be made into an NPC or dropped altogether (Message me if their is a serious issue/something that is going on and I will not. Real life comes first).

    Posts should at least be one paragraph

    No god-modding, meta-gaming or power gaming.

    GMs may make an attack hit with no questions asked but of course that will be used in dire situations. We will NOT abuse this. You may only see one post where I force your characters to be hit by something.

    Please have battle moves attempted. Rather than saying "The bullet hit his chest." say "Drake aimed at his enemy's chest and fired the rifle, hoping that the bullet would pierce his skin or at least graze the man's cheek."


    Padrone List (open)


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  2. David O'Callaghan


    Age: 25

    Personality: David is a pretty chill guy. He is slightly popular, has an alright paying job, and is single (ladies beware). David isn't all that pompus, and knows how to restrain himself. He is also a man keen words and quiet ambitions. David can sometimes be detached from reality when he is alone, which may be considered weird but it is one of the small things that keeps David sane.

    Skills: Manipulation, Single weapon fighting, Playing his cards right

    Relationships: Several women, his mother, and two brothers.

    Occupation: Bartender



    Age: 12
    Personality: Samantha is quiet and often never speaks. She is not the opposite of David, and very different from him. Samantha seems damaged, hurt and broken from her past life. David tries his best to comfort her when she is in need, but she doesn't prefer when he is around. They both keep their distance, but know what is right.
    Soul-Mate Type: Bludgeon Type
    Soul-Mate Attribute: Water
    David's Spear (Levels 1-3 )
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  3. This is beautiful. Expect my profile soon.
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  4. Are Magic type souls still around?

    please please please say yes
  5. No but you can still imbue your weapons with their attribute and use those attributes as if you were a mage.
  6. Akiora Irwin

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Her tattoo is a dragon running down her back, with its wings spreading out onto her upper arms. With her ordinary wardrobe, it isn't visible.

    Age: 22

    Personality: Usually quiet, Aki has been known to explode after slight provocation in the past, though she refuses to speak of it afterwards and never says what exactly it is that provokes these fits. Ordinarily, however, she acts as a control rod for her more volatile Soul-Mate and for most groups she's in.

    Skills: Mildly athletic, and is a natural talent with Nathan's magic.

    Relationships: Zip zap zippo. Just met her Soul-Mate, hasn't talked to her family in years.

    Occupation: Waitress at a relatively high end restaurant.

    Soul-Mate Character Sheet

    Nathan Smythe

    Personality: Eager to fight and quick to anger, Nathan fits his magic attribute to a T.

    Backstory (If they have a significant one): Nathan burned to death under unknown circumstances.

    Soul-Mate Type: Sword.

    Soul-Mate Attribute: Fire.

    Soul-Mate Level: Level uno.

    Level One Appearance: [​IMG]

    Level Two Appearance: [​IMG]

    Level Three Appearance: [​IMG]
    This, plus a tattoo of a golden mail gauntlet decorated with green gems on her right hand. At this level, flame magic can be used without the sword (through the gauntlet tattoo), but it's not near as accurate nor potent.
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  7. ok, now that this is back up. Am I still allowed to use the last character I used as long as I tweak it to accommodate the new changes you've made?
  8. Yeah I'm sure that will be all right.
  9. Interested. Wondering, can two people play a set instead of one person controlling both the wielder and weapon? Got ideas rolling. I'm assuming it's alright but if not, we'll accommodate.

    Edit: We'd write all posts as one, if you were curious how that'd work. We'd just collaborate when needed ect ect and post both's actions/reactions in a single post.
  10. @Daze Seems odd to me but as long as you two operate within the level system I am ok with that.
  11. @Daze : I'd be willing to do the other half of the pair if you need someone.
  12. I'd be down with this. ^-^ If I'm allowed, unless there are already four other people who haven't posted yet?
  13. You're free to fill up spots before they do.
  14. @Archangel Thank you but I'm sorry, I already have a partner. Her name is @Sleep. I thought it was obvious in my post that I already had one but apparently not, sorry about that! However, if you have some ideas or something of the sort and want to work together I don't see why not. I'm good at dual wielding if our GM allows it.
    Will have the cs up sometime soon... working on a name. Stuck on a name. Damn name.
  15. Trishia Banten

    Personality: Like most of the 22 year olds in Japan, Trishia has a party life and a business life. She tries to keep them both seperate, but often they blend together because of her line of work. Once she gets home though, she likes to curl up on her sofa with a tub of ice cream and eat herself to sleep.

    Skills : Running, Mental Mathematics, Cooking

    Relationships: Her aging mother, one ex-boyfriend.

    Occupation: Manager of a night club one the East side of Tokyo

    Renumin Tsukomorin

    Age: 25

    Personality: Renumin isn't quiet, but at least what he says is funny. He tries to keep Trish laughing as much as he can, at least when they're alone. Besides that he wants to progress more as a Soul. He might be one of the most talkative Sou-Mates ever.

    Backstory : Ren had been at his wedding when he passed. What happened before the wedding was just like any other normal life. He went to school, though he did have high grades, and graduated to go on to University. He was a student at Tokyo Uni. before he passed. He loved his life and though he was sad that it ended, he loves being a Soul-Mate a little more.

    Soul-Mate Type: Axe

    Soul-Mate Attribute: Water

    Level One Appearance:
    Level Two Appearance:
    Level Three Appearance: [​IMG]
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  16. >.> I'll redue the pictures in a little. T-T tried to do something and it didn't work.
  17. @Daze look up some names online. This is based on Tokoyo, Japan so it's likely that you are Japanese. Unless you are like my character and moved there for business.
  18. Haha, I know. Seems Tokyos got few natives. Taking a break, for now because I've been up at least 24 hours and I'm also hungry.

    But, hey, look here's something.

    Akihiko ???

    [I do not know how to make it smaller...]

    Age: 20

    somewhat athletic/fast runner[formerly did track],
    Relationships: Has always been on great terms with his half sister; Lieselotte. Shaky relationship with his father. Mother died seven years ago.

    Occupation: Former student of Nōkōdai [Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology], flunked out due to poor grades and attendance. Currently... napping?

    Lieselotte Greene [Played by Sleep]

    Personality: Cheerful and courteous, but prone to prodding at people for her own amusement. Lieselotte tends to be straightforward with people in an energetic and friendly manner, despite the barbs in some of her words. She takes her duties as a Soul-Mate very seriously and hates to have her strength questioned.




    Soul-Mate Type: Bludgeon Type

    Soul-Mate Attribute: Wind

    Level One Appearance:

    Level Two Appearance:

    Level Three Appearance:
  19. @Wriggle I just need the photos fixed so I can see them.
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