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  1. In the age of ancients people worshiped various animals as avatars of the Gods. For centuries this religion was upheld and followed by the majority of people across the continent, but nothing lasts forever. Due to the increased framing of humans as superior being, new gods began to arise. Despite the fact that when push came to shove, these two religions were the same save for the representation of the Deities, a war erupted between the two different beliefs. Despite their best efforts, despite all the blood they shed and all the steel they clashed... the animal cult was defeated.
    Crippled, broken and scattered, few followers remained true to what they believed in and fled into the snow-kissed peaks of the north and there they built their final city and stronghold. Desperate for safety and protection, the settlement was carved into the mountain rather than being built on top of it. Every building in the refuge was built almost exactly opposite of regular housing with one floor above ground and the majority underneath.
    To top it off, sturdy, thick and high walls were built around the entirety of the settlement and the pass up the mountain blocked off with well placed avalanches and rock slides.

    For generations they hid and for generations they saw their doom grow ever so close. Their numbers began to dwindle, the younger generations became restless for exploration and their prayers were left unanswered. And just as everything reached a climax and a breaking point, their leader, he who kept everything in line, died without announcing a successor.

    Now here they are; few in numbers, isolated, hated by the world, kneedeep in snow, living beneath the earth and leaderless. Shall the animal cult survive, or shall it dwindle into nothingness and death?

    Wanna RP with me and find out for ourselves?


    A little info on the animal cult pantheon.

    The dragon
    The dragon is the supreme deity, it is the beginning and the end.
    From its fire was the world forged and with its fire shall the world burn away. They say it accidentally created the world after it fought a mighty battle with its sibling over dominion over their territory; the fallen dragon's bones became the foundations of the planet, its flesh became the soil, its blood the oceans and the blood that vaporized by dragonfire became the sky.

    The hawk
    The hawk is the ruler of the weather.
    When it flies, it brings with it the sun and when it lands it brings the moon and the stars. A flap of its wings brings forth terrible storms and its shriek clears the skies.

    The snake
    The snake is the deceiver of the gods and the harbinger of death.
    A great many legends state the death and return of the snake with every shed skin being a former life. Seemingly immortal, the snake began to reside over all that was, is, and would be dead, but also became fair game for all other gods to kill.
    Tired of being a plaything, it often tricked other gods to bringing forth ruin upon themselves.

    The fox
    The fox is the creator of humankind and the giver of wisdom.
    Myth states that the fox was a smart and cunning creator, favouring wisdom over strength and speed, and yet, he was tricked by the snake into creating humans. The snake stated that if the fox was so wise, that surely he would know the secret to life. The fox, insulted at the mere thought of it not knowing everything, claimed it knew all and that it would create any animal the snake could conjure up. And so the snake demanded an animal that could walk on merely two legs at all times, that could both swim in water and survive on dirt, one that had all six senses and unlike any other animal could kill one another without reason. The fox scoffed at such an easy task and so humans were born.
    The fox knew many things, but it could not see the future, unlike the snake whom saw the death of many foxes by the hands of man.

    The bear
    The bear is the bringer of strength and war.
    The bear was the mightiest of the gods, save for the dragon, and none could match his strength, though its wits were more easily beaten. When the fox created mankind, the snake slivered up to the bear and whispered in its ear that such weak beings should not be allowed to be. For after all, the fox knew nothing of strength, so what could he have given this new being?
    The bear, insulted by the presence of humans, wished to kill all of them, but was stopped by the fox since they were its creations after all. The bear and fox fought for decades without winner, for the fox was too weak to kill the bear and the bear too slow to catch the fox. So they came to a compromise and the bear would let them live as long as he could bestow on them strength and the lust to prove that strength, thus creating war.
    The fox was not eager to see its creations kill one another, but knew it best that some died in war rather than all died in the claws of the bear.
    The snake, however, knew this would happen for it was part of his plan to have humans crave the ability to prove their strength, and what better feat to show that than the pelt of a dead bear.

    The wolf
    The wolf is the patron of love and beauty.
    The wolf knew above all the strength in numbers and bestowed upon mankind the ability to reproduce to create a larger pack. Once it did that, it taught humans the value off loyalty, which in couples would later be named "love".​
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  2. I LOVE this idea and would be more than willing to roleplay with you! :)
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  3. Ok, very nice, thank you. If we get three more people then I'll be good to go, I mean, part of the RP is isolation so I don't think having more than 5-8 people is wise. But, by the look of things that won't be a problem.
  4. So, our characters are the animal cult, correct? Are we the animals themselves, humans, or humans with the ability to become this animal/god/deity? I was assuming we were humans that are gods who usually are in an animal/god form.
  5. Hmm, no, could you show me where in the text you thought that said that so I can change it? Seems like I didn't properly explain that if that is what you concluded. We are the followers of the animal religion driven into the mountains by those that followed the "same religion" but where they changed the representation of the gods from animals to humans.
  6. You don't need to. It was a misunderstanding, so that's why I asked for confirmation because I assumed from what I read. So, we're followers of the animal cult, but what are we? Humans?
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  7. Aye, humans.
  8. Okay, thank you! :3
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