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  1. The year is 2019 and Tokyo is thriving in populace and wealth. With stocks valuing higher than ever, and a decently sized wealth boom throughout the city and its wards, the residents are happy, and the tourists minimal due to the high prices of airfare and hotels. Everything is fine in big, bustling Tokyo.

    Or so it appears.

    With the rise of the economy, the four Color Clans are running rampant and stronger than ever. The Color Clans are renown throughout Tokyo. Rivals who often fight over territory and morals, the Color Clans have become more hostile to each other, lately.

    The King governs the clan and protects its members.

    The Vanguard leads patrols and acts as second in command.

    The conflicts are casual, never-ending and rampant. However, as of late there has been an increased amount of conflict due to the recent death of the Red Clan's leader. War is brewing, as the death was believed to be an assassination.

    Yet, as war brews and ambitions heighten, deadly secrets are being unveiled. Things that never were supposed to be spoken of again are reemerging. And not all will survive.


    Before anything else is said, this is an Interest Check for an RP Group and not one, singular thread. There are too many locations for me to keep track of in one thread.

    This RP draws an extreme amount of influence from the anime series K Project.
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  2. Ooooh Clan War in Tokyo.

    May I ask what the groups role is in all of this subterfuge?
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  3. Hi!

    Although can you be more specific in your question? ;w; which group?
  4. Sorry, heh

    People participating in the roleplay.
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  5. Oooh! Okay, sorry. ;w;

    The RPers can take a variety of roles, with a variety of alignments. The main purpose? I'd say it's either to further your characters' own goals, or to uncover the secrets behind the murder, to prevent an all-out war. ^^
  6. Omg is this like K Project? Cause I love K Project...
  7. Yes! It's very much like K Project! Just with original characters and in a different location. ^^
  8. Well hot damn, I guess I have to make time for this!

    Which Clans will be involved?
  9. Awesome! :3 I'd love to have you join.

    Red, Blue, Gold and Silver. ^^
  10. Oh good. The major Clans then.

    Gotta tell my friends about this!
  11. Mhm! I might add in Green much later, but for now I'm just sticking to the main clans.

    Thank you so much! ;o;
  12. Eh, I've been part of a K RP before, and the GM had Red, Blue, Green, Gold, and Silver. The only ones that got much attention were Red and Blue.
  13. I'm definitely hoping to get all clans involved. If one is getting more members than the rest, I might close it off so the others can get involved. Gold and Silver should not be overlooked. :)

    There'll be story arcs dedicated to individual clans, and maybe even characters...
  14. Oh man. Definitely have to. Might get you three more interests by the end if the day.
  15. I'll join it soon!

    What are the restrictions on powers? Last time I was in one, there was a magical lolli that was so annoying...
  16. I'll be listing restraints on powers in the Clans and Strains section of the RP! Most of the limits will be on strains as well as the Gold and Silver clans. Those three groups would be immensely powerful and above the Blue and Red Clans if I didn't put at least some restrictions on their powers
  17. Alright then!

    Also, is there already some set plot or are the Clans just warring now?
  18. The clans aren't warring yet. This starts in the calm before the storm. Feel free to make plot arc suggestions, or anything of the sort.

    This RP will have sandbox elements, so the players can influence the way the story goes instead of having a rigid, already laid out plot.
  19. Nice! I love it! Do you have anyone else who might join?
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