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  1. ((OOC and plot: ))

    Areiz stumbled into the classroom, her cap pulled low over her face and looking down as always. She took the seat closest to the door, easiest to leave when the bell rang. She pulled out her journal and opened to a page covered in little runes. A language, so far, only she can understand. She began writing, one hand with the pencil and holding her necklace with her other hand. 'The voices have stopped warnings. The last thing they said was I was half-angel...but what does that mean? Is the legend true? But I can't be her..that's impossible..I can't see.' She wrote in the ancient language.
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  2. Amie wrote as she listened to the teacher's lecture, not once glancing down at her school notebook. Her write tresses fell in waves around her shoulders as she nodded every now and then when he looked at her. She sat in the front row so she could ignore the distractions easier. If she lost anything then it would throw off her notes and everything. The next day would be interrupted by the loss of information.

    She had gotten pretty good at writing as others spoke like the people in courtrooms that take down the trial as it happens. What were they called? It had been too long since she last heard the proper title she couldn't remember. It hadn't been important enough to write down in her notebook. Her foot bounced lazily, making ripples in her long sundress. Today it was a deep shade of purple. She couldn't remember what color the shade was the day before, but it was different. She paused to turn the page in her notebook for more writing room.
  3. ((The answer is Sanctum...))

    The teacher looked up at Areiz. "Areiz, can you answer the question?"
    Areiz shook her head. "Repeat the question please, ma'am."
    "What is the country that produces lots of oil that is in the middle East?"
    "It starts with an S.." Areiz said quietly, ignoring the sneers from a few of the kids in the class. "I-I don't remember Ma'am."
    The teacher sighed. "Does anyone else know the answer?"
  4. "I do" I whispered as my hand went up into the air . "is it sanctum " my eyes shot back and forth waiting for her to speak so he can read her lips. yea hai could read lips almost like a pro which was awesome but he being deaf wasn't good. he always wanted to hear the birds chirp the whistle of the wind right before the rain. . he kept looking not know if anyone else answered . he was given a translator someone to write things down for him but he didn't like it . the thought of some one relating messages for me what if they were corrupt and fed me false info . this made him want to be more independent . this is why he began reading lips and figuring things on his own. Yes Hai that is correct he was new to the school but not many people knew he was deaf cause he almost always responded when he was being talked to . . the teacher went on to talk about something else I fell asleep
  5. Areiz set her head in her hand, pulling her cap down lower. She hated being called on, she almost never knew the answer. She ran her hand over her textbook, the braille words etched into her mind.
  6. Teacher: Areiz, can you answer the question?

    Ariez: "I-I don't remember Ma'am."

    Hai: "I do. Is it sanctum?"

    Teacher: Yes Hai that is correct

    Amie quickly jotted down the exchange between the teacher and students answering the question. It would come in handy when recalling the lesson later on. She did not look to see who was speaking on either account because, luckily, the teacher had said the student's name. She looked up when she had finished and tuned back into the lecture.
  7. The teacher asked no more questions, but 10 minutes late the bell rang. Areiz collecting her things and stood up. She stepped towards the door, but ended up walking into a desk that had been moved. She froze. I...I just walked into a should have been further left...and... The teacher walked over, putting a hand on her shoulder and pulling her towards the door. Areiz shrugged her off. "Leave me alone." she mumbled, picking up the notebook she'd dropped. She hadn't taken any notes, this class wasn't mandatory.
  8. the person who I refused to associate with woke me up and motioned to follow. im assuming the bell rung disoriented from just waking up I follow but before leaving I saw that no one else left and the teacher was still at the board writing. .. I turned out the door and was met with a fist to the face . did he set me up that's the first thing that went through my head I stumbled across the room . "oww shit. you hit me." I swing smy arm as if to hit him from across the room I jumped toward him the weights loosened up I hit him 3 times but it only looked like one . he fell to the ground. 2 other guys came in followed by the schools security we were taken to the office where we waited for the principle.
  9. Amie started when the bell rang. She had noticed that the bell rang later and quickly jotted down the time it rang before gathering her things. She paused when she saw another girl walk into a desk. Had she not seen the desk? It was sitting right in front of her though, how could she have missed it. Amie took out a small notebook and wrote down the occurrence. Someone who sits in the back row walked into a desk today. She stared at the page for a moment before closing it and put her things away.

    She took a small, folded piece of paper from her pocket. It showed her next classes and where they were. Everyday her memory was reset. She woke up to a recap of her activities of the day before and the plan for the next day written on a note next to her pillow. It always had a map to the school as well. It had been a problem since she was in junior high. She looked over the paper until she memorized the layout then put it back in her pocket and started out the door.
  10. After making it silently to her next class, she sat down and buried her face in her hands. She didn't cry, she never cried, but she was hiding. I just walked into a desk...everyone will know I'm blind...then what? She pulled out her notebook again and turned to a picture she drew when she was younger. It had little angels flying around a baby, guarding it from the demons beyond.
  11. Amie wandered through the hallways looking for her next class. It was so crowded outside the classroom she felt a little lost in all the people swarming about like an ocean. She stumbled along to class, thankfully finding it before he had a panic attack in the middle of the crowd. She fell back into her seat and put her head in her hands. Maybe one day she would wake up and remember everything, maybe not. She was apparently surviving her classes so she would probably graduate. Until that day she forgot to write the note to herself. DON'T FORGET TO MAKE A NEW NOTE OF THE DAY FOR TOMORROW!! That's what was written at the bottom of the note that morning meaning it was something important for her to do. Out of the few things she did remember, writing in all capital letters meant something important was the one that sat in the back of her shallow mind. She waited silently for the rest of the class to come in as she took out the designated notebook for that class.
  12. Areiz put her notebook up as the teacher walked over. "Okay, today, you are working in pairs. You will be working on growing these Acerlay flowers. Remember, the spines under them are poisonous, but the flowers, when in bloom, are the antidote to the poison."
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    "Everyone chooses their own." Areiz sighed. we need PARTNERS.
  13. After 5 minuets of waiting. I got bored and left . I found my class and walked in . my eye was black.. science. I said as I sat in the back of class. . my head was down a black eye if the teacher saw this she would talk to me. and im in no condition to read lips. guess everyone will know I am deaf. .. I just layed . this is how most of my classes went . even though I got the material and did my work I either didn't pay attention or .. paid too much attention. and got called weird for looking at the teacher so hard. .. .. for now I was free the teacher hadn't said anything to me I think
  14. Areiz turned to the nearest person, Amie. "D-do you want to be partners?" She asked quietly, her eyes on the ground.
  15. Amie wrote as the teacher spoke. Once the assignment was explained she decided to attempt a drawing of the flowers. It turned out pretty rough with lots of eraser marks but it got the point of the flowers across. She looked around the room, noticing how mot of the other students found partners rather quickly. She sighed and flipped to an empty page in her notebook. "Maybe someone will decide to partner up with me even though I may not remember everything tomorrow..." Just as the words left her mouth a soft voice addressed someone close by, maybe her. Amie looked to the girl next to her. She recognized her as the girl from her other class that had walked into the desk. She blinked a few times with her eyes et on the other girl. "U-umm... Y-Yes, I would like to be partners with you..." She turned toward her and smiled as sweetly as she could. out of the corner of her eye she noticed a boy sitting with his head down. She didn't notice when he came in because she was so focused on writing everything that the teacher said. He looked a little down. "I-I'll go get our seed," Amie said as she stood and went to retrieve their project.
  16. people probably think im sleeping which is good for me. I picked my head up and read the board. .
    find a partner
    get supplies
    grow plant.
    I get up and head to the seed and pot area. looking across the room I see a girl headed the same direction. Maybe she does not have a partner I got to the table the same time as he.. "uhh excuse me " he looks at the girl hoping that when she spoke she was looking at him so he could read her lips. ..
  17. Areiz nodded a little and pulled her cap down a little further so it hid her bandaged eyes. "O-okay. Thanks." She said to Amie.
  18. pako usually stayed to the shadows .. scared of being outcasted .. but for some reason he felt the need to be out in the open.. he was walking down the street passing by the people who for his whole life said he was ugly and would never amount to anything. as he moved down the streets toward the school . people heading toward him moved to the side and put their hands to their lips . as the looked at his eyes. is sword was in the form o an necklace until removed from his body. then it takes its true form .. . once at the school he jumped to the roof and sat at the edge and just looked down.
  19. Violet walked silently down the streets, smiling like a little girl. She loved watching the humans walk by and smile back. Her red eyes flashed over to a school. "Oh ho, is this where they learn?" She said quietly to herself. She stood across the street and hid in the shadows of an alleyway, crossing her arms and closing her eyes. She shrunk down, her hair shortening to her shoulders and turning white, her dress shrinking to fit her smaller body. She looked like a young human, only her red eyes gave her away to her friends in the Shadow Army. She forced tears into her eyes and ran across the street, straight into someone who walked out. They looked down at her and immediately started apologizing at the sudden burst of crying from the little red-eyed girl. "Y-y-you hit me!" She yelled. The man turned bright red and shook his head at bypassers. Dumb human She thought to herself.
  20. Amie hadn't noticed the boy come up at the same time as her until they stood next to each other at the table. She picked up a cup holding the seeds and a container to plant it. She looked up when the boy said something to her. She smiled seeing that he was up and moving around. It was a little surprising seeing that he had a black eye. She was curious as to what had caused it but didn't ask because he seemed the type to not talk about such things. Amie turned to him, holding her cup in one hand and flowerpot in other. "Y-Yes? Are you looking for a partner?"
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