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  1. Legend says that there will be four. They will bore the runes of the original Guardians. Family heirlooms will be at their disposal. Each with powers, and each with handicaps, they will work together to raise the City of the Guardians from the ground. They will regain control. They will protect us.

    The City of the Guardians (City of Kadarvez) was buried over 1000 years ago, and the people of Luma (Planet 6 in the Ulter Galaxy) were left only with the Legend of 4. The Shadows took over, no longer retained by the Guardians. The people hoped for the legend to come true, and little did they know, the legend was already in progress.

    Guardians are Angels (wings) or Half-Angels (Half-Angels have no wings.)
    Civilians are Human (but they have EXTREME technology)
    Shadows are Demons (red eyes and pale skin) or Half-Demons (Half-Demons look human)

    Character sheet-
    Species: (Half angel, Angel, Human, Half demon, Demon)
    Abilities: (Only for a guardian or shadow)
    Handicap: (Only for a guardian)
    Role: (Guardian, Civilian-Humans, Shadow)

    Guardian Roles:
    The Leader brings the four legendary guardians together.
    The Healer helps them through battle with powerful magic.
    The Warrior is unnaturally skilled with weapons and mechanics.
    The Seer can sense danger and where the city lies beneath the dirt.

    Shadow Roles:
    The Leader leads the Shadow Army.
    The Lookout is like a Guardian Seer, they can sense oncoming danger.
    The Healer helps them through battle with powerful magic.
    The Wisher causes the civilians pain, absorbing their happiness.
    The Hunter is the one who fights mostly.

    Guardians (1 space open)
    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler
    Healer: Amie Maileke (CrimsonMaiden)
    Warrior: Hai Kazo (djrae315)
    Seer: Areiz Kadvez (SilverJae)

    Civilians (Unlimited Spaces Open)
    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler
    Civilians 1: Nolan Ryder (Master Of War)
    Civilians 2: Arzen Wayne (HueNost)
    Civilians 3: Andrew Tuvi (NorwayFOO)
    Civilians 4:
    Civilians 5:
    (More slots available)

    Shadows (All Taken)
    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler
    Hunter: Violet Ilia (SilverJae)
    Lookout: Pako Kazo (djrae315)
    Leader: Kiro Chi (Shadowheart26)
    Healer: Onomi (HueNost)
    Wisher: Sable Rose (CrimsonMaiden)

    Once your character is accepted, IC thread:
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  2. Guardian Runes: (Located on the Left Shoulder)
    Leader: [​IMG]
    Healer: [​IMG]
    Warrior: [​IMG]
    Seer: [​IMG]
  3. Shadow Runes: (Located wherever)
    Hunter: [​IMG]
    Lookout: [​IMG]
    Leader: [​IMG]
    Healer: [​IMG]
    Wisher: [​IMG]
  4. Name: Areiz Kadvez
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Species: Half-Angel
    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] and she covers her eyes like this [​IMG] and always looks down.

    Abilities: Can sense danger within 3 days. She can 'feel' movement in the air, telling her who is around. She can also 'read' people's minds, meaning she can sense if they're lying or hiding something. She can also tell their emotion.
    Handicap: She's blind, sadly.
    Weapons: She wears a necklace given to her by her mother. She wears it for confidence. She carries a dagger with her, hidden in the jacket pocket.
    Role: Guardian, Seer
    Other: Her father was unknown to her, her mother died in childbirth. She grew up in an orphanage and very few people actually know she's blind, because she never looks up.
  5. Name: Hai Kazo
    Species: (Half angel, Angel, Human, Half demon, Demon) half angle
    Appearance: 5'11" he wears slim fit jeans black a red T-shirt a leather jacket his hair his crazy in all directions he carries a long board.. on his feet are red and black vans.
    Abilities: (Only for a guardian or shadow) He can manipulation electricity and fire . The electricity Allows him to move very fast. He has weights on his arms and legs keeping him at normal speed . But when removed he can reach high speeds and at times he can become intangable .. both the fire and electrical elements can be used offiensivly or as a sensory type technique. Ex: sense heat in a figure .. see the electrical current flowing through the body.
    Handicap: (Only for a guardian) he can't hear
    Weapons:his weights given to him by his dad they can connect to become a blade and his energy can be projected through it.
    Role: warrior
  6. Name: Amie Maileke
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Species: Half angel

    Appearance: Amie's usual attire is a long sundress in monochrome colors (dark shades) with matching sandals and her hair is either up in a ponytail with bangs or loose around her shoulders. She dresses casual for the most part and avoids wearing the same colors too close together.
    Show Spoiler

    Abilities: She can heal small injuries(cuts, scraps, less severe gashes, etc.) with a touch but need extra herbs or has to make herbal remedies for bigger or life threatening injuries. She also has the ability to set traps that lock enemies in place like invisible walls, landmines that lock onto a person's individual essence and holds them to that spot. Offensive wise, she can deflect attacks from her allies with the walls she create and double the power of them to deal damage to enemies.

    Handicap: Short term memory. She has learned to write down everything that happens within the first ten minutes it happens in a small notebook that she keeps on her at all times. She writes down everything in moderate detail and has many other small notebooks which she has filled with daily occurrences over the years.

    Weapons: She has a silver band that she wears on her ring finger that allows her to project the walls traps as well as amplify her healing abilities.

    Role: Guardian, healer

    Other: She lost both of her parents in an accident that was lost in her memory. It was speculated that the stress from the lost caused her memory loss. She lives with her grandparents who love to spoil her and have taught her many of the things she knows now. Amie has a special notebook she keeps for the things her grandparents tell her and their conversations.
  7. Yaay!! 8D

    So it's starting in a school, yes? Should my character be in the same classroom? Would you prefer we hold off their meeting for a while? Sorry if I'm just piling on questions~ I just want to make sure I don't end up starting thing off in a weird way or too fast.
  8. CrimsonMaiden -Yes, school. Sure, if you want. And our characters can meet, but the legend can't be known until we have all characters. No problem with questions, I'll be glad to answer =)
  9. Okay, gotcha! No talking about legend stuff until we got everybody. *nods*
  10. Yep =) Awesome, can't wait to see what you all come up with =D
  11. ah dont mind me just a random humen walking around making a CS XD
  12. I must join!!!

    Name: Nolan Ryder
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Weapons: A high tech phone that allows Nolan to hack into any system he desire's, The phone can also show him who people are on record. He also carries a blade that can elongate to any length, by the push of a button
    Appearance of weapons:
    [​IMG] :Phone[​IMG]
    Role: Civilian/Human
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  13. If the 'Leader' position for the Guardians isn't filled by the end of this week (July 14, 2013) then I'll allow people to introduce a 2nd character if they want
  14. smiles at thought of second character. .
  15. Second characters are open for anyone who wants them! There's the following spots open:

    Leader of the Guardians

    Hunter of the Shadows
    Leader of the Shadows
    Healer of the Shadows
    Wisherof the Shadows

    And Civilians are open, unlimited. only 2 characters per person unless I give specific permission you're allowed to have 3. (pm me if you're interested in 3)

    We've got 6 positions to fill =/
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  16. ill be look out of the shadows
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