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    There is a place were terror lives. There is a place where death is certain. There is a place where your pain is everlasting. There is a place where you are the prey of all your worst nightmares. And that place is the City of Hopelessness.

    The City itself is normal and harmless enough. Just an old fashioned City with dirt roads and no animals. Who cares? But the City is so much more. It's an experiment whose purpose is unclear. All that's known is that everyday in the City, a monster is released, at least one each time. And these monsters are intelligent, and they speak their own tongue. Outside of the City, they live in the laboratory the scientists conducting the experiment stay in, with honors. To be honest, the monsters are given much respect from the humans.

    Faith Carter has lived in the City for as long as she can remember. And that's not saying much, considering her first memory was attained on her thirteenth birthday, and she's only sixteen. Faith is, in fact, the only citizen in the City. She doesn't know this is an experiment, all she knows is terror. For each day, the monsters released kill her, only to have her painfully regenerate overnight. Such it has been for three long years.

    One young monster is released, and, having been taught that the City is full of people, he is confused to find it seemingly deserted. This particular monster is a Morpher. That means he has a human form, one that he's usually in. He scopes out the town in this form, and when he meets Faith, he's stunned. He knows he's supposed to kill her, but he's not sure he should. He talks to her as a human, gets to know what she's been through.

    Eventually, Faith comes to find who he really is, and he becomes an outlaw for not killing her. They begin to learn what has become of the outside world, and why Faith is there.

    For CS...
    Name: (full)
    Age: (16-19)


    Appearance: (anime pic, realistic pic, or worded description is fine)
    Monster Appearance: ( for you, anyway cx )
    Personality Traits: (five minimum)

    Faith Carter
    Sixteen || Female || Human || Subject

    Mistrusting || Cautious || Suspicious || Determined || Single-Minded

  2. I s a a c
    [No Known Surname]

    18 / Male / Shape-Shifter / Monster



    Human ||| { 6'01 / Black hair / Silver-blue eyes }


    Monster ||| { 9'07 / Black (slightly navy-blue tinted) fur / Ice blue eyes }




  3. ((Great, we can start! Oh, and a little bit about the City's boundaries: They are surronded with a force field that can knock out even the monsters. There's no way out, and no way in unless you're permitted. And might I say, Issac's monster form is amazing! cx ))

    Goddamn it. Faith groaned as bright sunlight streamed through her eyelids. She must've died facing the positioning of the morning sun. In a few moments, she should be able to prove or disprove her theory, although the answer was already clear to her reawakening mind. It's not like the monsters ever moved her after her deaths, and she highly doubted (or rather feared) the idea of her being a zombie. Shuddering slightly at the prospect, Faith testily stood up. Her limbs were numb, as though they were not her own to control, but she knew from past the feeling would soon pass, just as her memory block would.

    As blood circulated through her legs, Faith staggered, slightly unsteady, to the street sign at the end of the alleyway. Death's Doorstep Alley. How convientient, wasn't it, that she had been killed in a place named with such foreboding? Although, she supposed it was to be expected. All roads were named to promote the terror-filled aura that the City maintained, but they usually just came off as cheesy, amusing compared to the horrors she had seen.

    As if on cue, memories rushed back into her head.
    Faith allowed herself to be pulled into the day of last.

    She was running nonstop. Why, oh why must it be a Danago? The spider-like monster scuttled along the sides of the buildings to her right side, its human eyes nonblinking, shining in the midday sun. It uttered a phrase in demon-tongue, a low, throaty hiss of which she could not understand, nor locate the source. But Faith knew where its mouth was placed, fron past experience. She shuddered at the mere thought. Hoping to loose the terrifying beast, she veered right, into the alleyway. But no. The thing was not to be outsmarted. Knowing the place, Faith ran to where the path split either way, left and right. What the hell? she thought, gazing upon dumpsters placed to [prevent her escape. When'd they do that? She sighed, then slid underneath one. Or tried to anyway. The Danago had seized her from behond with one of its tentacle-like legs. It threw her to the ground, and she felt her left leg crumple beneath her own weight. She looked upwards just as the beast lowered itself on top of her. Its mouth, which rested on the underside of its belly, was a gaping hole with thousands of needle-sharp teeth. She was soundless as it latched onto her.

    Legs no longer shaking, Faith walked from the alleyway. The dumpsters were gone, she knew without looking. She stepped onto Main Pain (who the Hell came up with these names?) Street, pondering what terrors were in store for her today.​
  4. [ Alright, noted. :> ]


    There was a gloom that he didn't understand.

    All of those voices, all of those humans who trained him about what inhabited the expansive town appeared to be false - or false for the most part. Of course, other monsters lurked, waiting to snatch a victim to tear joyfully apart, as they so enthusiastically had clarified.
    However, the promise of plenty of humans roaming the streets and living their lives was utterly incorrect.
    Of course, the sheer emptiness of it all was more than likely a large factor in the feeling of the City's atmosphere. It was eerie, in a way, and no doubt uncomfortable to remain in for long.

    He had been released that morning, without a particular path to follow. Of course, he had one main objective, as all of the monsters did - kill any humans that you come across. He was beginning to doubt that there were any in the seemingly deserted landscape of buildings. What kind of a mission was this?

    He was getting ahead of himself. The city was pretty winding; it would only make sense for a human, so small in comparison, to get lost, and to be difficult to find.

    Isaac pulled in a deep breath and huffed it out, not entirely sure if he was ready to scope out the entire cityscape for some human. It'd better be worth the search, he thought irritably. His metallic blue gaze scanned around, searching to spot a figure of any kind in some nook or cranny of alley-ways. His vision was sharp and his hearing zeroed in on his surroundings.

    There was some time of walking, peering about the buildings, and picking out scents that made shifts in the breeze. It wasn't so much fun that he was eager to do it, but it felt like a game of sorts still. He felt like a house cat prowling it's home in search of mice to prey on. He knew how weak humans were; this body of his was many times weaker than his monster form. His strength in the body of that beast could allow him to rip through metal with ease. Any human would be no match for him, even in his own human form. His strength, thanks to his monster blood, was enhanced as well - but once again, not even close to matching the monster's.

    The morning was beginning to turn to noon before he heard something. It was very faint, and echoed slightly, as if surrounded by walls. Light footsteps. It was relatively far from where he strode, he noted. He had to strain to keep track of the noise. But it was worth the effort. He picked up the pace and began following after the noises, refusing to let it escape his senses. It was no animal. They were too paced and rhythmic for that.

    A couple of minutes of meticulous chasing passed before he actually caught a nearby scent. Very nearby. He smelled the air. It was similar to his, yet sweeter and much less dominating than the bite his scent held. Definitely human. No monster ever smelled that airy and light. God, finally.

    He quieted his steps as he crept towards the scent, looking out from behind a wall of the building in front of him. There was indeed a figure, and he ruled it to be the source of the scent. Though he found himself slightly ... mystified about the human, and he wasn't sure why. He had never smelled such an appealing scent coming from a human. It prodded at his curiosity.

    No, his mind hissed. You're supposed to kill the human, you idiot. Don't get all soft now.

    Reluctance quarreled with the voice. What was this? He couldn't understand why he was suddenly hesitating to complete his task, why he was resisting the tingling feeling in his body that signaled preparation to shift into the beast. He didn't know how to approach it, and all at once, he lost everything that the other humans had drilled into his head about humans in the City.

    He sighed. There was a certain talent that his inquisitive nature seemed to have, and that was winning over in decisions. He stepped out from behind the wall, and gathered up his voice before calling out to the human.

    " ... H ... hello?"
  5. ((My sincere apologies. This is the first chance I've had to get on today. /).(\))

    Faith strode down the street, grateful for her bodily functions, both voluntary and involuntary, having returned to normal. Regeneration was Hell. Heck, regeneration made Hell look tame, safe, a paradise, really. It was painful, couldn't be counted as rest no matter what way you look at it. Faith couldn't name the last time she'd had a good night's sleep; sure she napped here and there, when only some of the weaker monsters were released, but it just wasn't the same, even if sleep wasn't really needed for her continuous existance. An existance of lonliness. An existance of terror. An existance she wanted to end. An

    Stopping short, Faith frowned deeply to herself. Footsteps were coming towards her. No, no, no. Not already. But she wouldn't just run. Some of those ungodly creatures were intelligent, capable of creating traps using teamwork and trickery of all sorts. If only she could survive a day, perhaps this everlasting nightmare would end forevermore. She had always held on to that last shread of hope, a hope to get out of this godforsaken place of pain, terror, and death. So she held strong, facing the direction the foreboding sound had come from with a scowl upon her face. She'd come out with the upper hand eventually. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually she'd win. Gritting her teeth, she stood there with apprehension as the footsteps approached, carrying embodied horror, no doubt.

    Suddenly, the footsteps stopped. Brow furrowing, Faith chewed on her lip wonderously. What the Hell...?

    "... H ... hello?"

    Stiffling a gasp of surprise and disbelief at the sound of understandable words (for the creatures in the City... well, they had their own, odd language that she had never managed to pick up on very well), Faith pursued the voice, though her body screamed for her to run, to run away like she had been doing for three years. But piqued curiousity and wonder overtook habit and normality without an issue. And when she rounded th corner, there before her stood a tall young man. The first real human Faith had seen in three years., her whole eternity. It was overwhelming, frightening even. Another human. Friend or foe, it was not yet clear. She hoped for the former, yet expected, ultimately, the latter. Calm washing over her face, she eyed him, moving no closer, keeping a decent distance between herself and the newcomer as she crossed her arms, eyes shooting daggers.

    "Who are you? And how did you enter this cursed place?"
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