City of Cerberus (Modern Fantasy RP)

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  1. Welcome to Cerberus!
    The Underworld is not exactly what one would expect. It’s not all fire and brimstone, it’s an entire world, filled with a variety of environments and people. Not humans though. Mostly elves, centaurs, satyrs, shifters, and mages, Hell, you can even expect to see some cernunnos, and devas every once and awhile. Large forests, huge mountain ranges, deep ravines, and of course, fire and brimstone make up a bit of the landscape, but the most populated area is the capital, Cerberus. Cerberus is mostly inhabited shifters, satyrs, and mages, a majority of the other creatures prefer to live in the lawless lands outside of the city, where they can live however they would like.

    Inside the city walls, many of the laws were constructed by mages, mostly to keep different races cooperating with each other. Unlike the Surface, the world of the humans, people here have their lives based around magic rather than technology. Don’t think we don’t have any science though. Thanks to the few non-humans that travel across the two planes, we have learned from the technology humans. In fact, we are only about 7 years behind when it comes to that kind of stuff. Things like computers, phones, cars, cameras, and television aren’t that unusual to see around here, as a way of decreasing everyone’s dependence on magic. The rumor is that we the magic supply is slowly getting blocked off,the officials say it’s just a conspiracy, but it really makes you wonder…

    More info I have about the setting... (open)

    [BCOLOR=transparent]In short, the Underworld is more like a giant underground world, with more of a dark reddish sky. It’s layout is more Greek inspired, having a verity of lands, rivers, places where it is less dark and gloomy and more Earth-like. The city itself is located in more of a desert-like area, but there are more fertile areas where plants and forests can grow. The climate, in general, advantages warmer temperatures that the ones on earth, one would have to travel quite a distance away from the city in order to reach the cooler weather. The city itself is what people consider to be the center of the Underworld, and the most populated area. Outside of the city, there are various civilizations who mostly have their own cultures and lifestyles, they are free to make their own society, but risk the chance of being wiped out by rival in the process. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]In the city, there is less religious practice and a heavy focus on cooperation and acceptance of other ways of life. Outside of the city, people will stay to their own religions and practices, which reflect more on the creatures real life place of origin. For instance, creatures originating from Norse mythology will have more of a lifestyle based on Nordic paganism. Because of this, there are often wars based off of different beliefs. Hence the reason Mages had begun making rules inside the city, to prevent beings from two different cultures for starting wars with each other (And to prevent werewolves from hunting satyrs in their free time). Aside from the high console of mages, Cerberus is ruled by a single person who was once noted as a hellish and once feared ‘demon’, but has now taken up the responsibility of running the place. He had accepted a deal when Cerberus was formed and has regretted it ever since.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Magic is run off the power of one’s own soul, or another’s soul. A common mage can only use the power of their own soul to fuel their magic, which limits their potential as a mage. A mage can adapt their own soul to be more effective when using a specific type of magic, which can be elemental, summoning, wards, cursing, healing, etc. More powerful mages can use multiple forms of magic, and the most powerful kinds can use their own soul in multiple ways along and can also absorb harvested souls and/or the souls of the deceased which flow throughout all of the realms, to fuel their own magic. Using other’s souls is considered to be taboo unless one has gone through years of training and have proven himself as one to not use it for black magic or illegal necromancy. Mages are the most common magic users, due to the power if their souls it comes naturally to them, but other races can use magic with enough power and training, but their magic is typically more limited than that of the mage’s. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]In order to travel between realms, one would have to make it to a gate, a large stone structure that can be powered to become a portal into another realm or be or be able to find a mage strong enough to make a Key, a portable more discrete way to travel between realms. Humans are similar to mages, they possess even more power than any of the races but lack the ability to actually use it. Because of this, they were initially seen as source of power, rather than another species. The numerous amounts of conflicts involving them eventually led to the separation of the humans and everyone else. Humans are very uncommon since they cannot open gates, those who do somehow make it through are usually identified immediately and either killed or sent back to their own realm before they are singled out by the more bloodthirsty types. There is occasionally the occasional human who can disguise themselves, but risk the chance of being caught every second of their time in the underworld.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Other than Cerberus, there is a few outposts and allied civilizations, but there is no other centralized and as well organized nor protected area other than Cerberus. And due to the size of Cerberus, there seems to be no need for another one. [/BCOLOR]

    Just a little blarb from a concept I've been working on for a story I would like to write. I was thinking about making into an RP to test out the setting and interactions. It would most likely be about a group of agents investigating the sudden drain of magic that has been occurring. You would be able to be just about any mythical creature you want to, weather they are actual myths or of your own creation. (provided they were not completely over powered. I do have more info, but I didn't feel like it was that necessary in an interest check. If you want to know more, just ask.

    Anyways...Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Harsh Criticisms?

    Let me know what you guys think.
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  2. This sounds pretty cool as a setting, but I think it could do with a bit of work; it feels a little bare-bones for an environment that could be very deep with a relatively small amount of development. I'd rather not flood this, so if you'd like some suggestions feel free to PM me. I happen to pride myself on my world development, especially for magical settings, so hopefully I won't let you down :D
  3. Yes of course, I do have a bit more information that I just did not include in this (mostly do to being poor transforming thoughts into words).
    I am glad to see someone interested in the idea though.
  4. I would be interested!
  5. Great, it's nice to see that some people are interested.

    I will add more info once more people show intrest
  6. I'll throw my interest in as well
  7. Hm, I would start this, but I would like to have more people interested beforehand...
  8. No harm in putting up the OOC anyway. Sometimes doing that will get a few extra people.
  9. Time to bite.
  10. I'm interested.~
  11. Alright then, I guess I'll start organizing the OCC.

    Any suggestions on what Fantasy/Supernatural creatures I should put in at first? ( I plan to add more as people ask about playing as them.)
  12. To the people who have already responded, I added some more of the info that I already have written out on the world/setting to the initial post, so just check it out if you want to, ignore it if you dont.
  14. Are you accepting of half-breeds? Not just the normal ones but like half dragons and whatnot?
  15. Yea sure. I don't see why not
  16. If you're okay with a newbie giving a go, I don't mind trying to RP here. Can I ask if there is a solid idea what is causing the magic drain? I feel this has potential to fizzle quickly if there's no mystery to uncover, you know? I may just be rude, though, asking such questions. :)
  17. Yep, I have a reason. I know how RPs without direction go so I try to have a plot to follow, but still allow room to deviate if one chooses
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  18. In that case, if you would have a newbie like me I would love to participate. :)
  19. Alright, cool

    I will try to have the OCC up sometime this weekend
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