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    City Lfye is a role playing forum that offers you the roleplayer three different groups of Role Play action.

    The first place and our name sake is the forum City Lyfe, this is all set in the fictional metropolis like city of Raven Cove. Here is where you can place your standard Humans, or you can be all sorts of supernatural creatures taking on elements from the likes of True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and the underworld series. As well as all sort of mixed breeds of those supernatural creatures. This area is all original characters only no one from any known shows or series listed above.

    Now if your a wrestling fan as some of our members are you are welcome to join for the wrestling portion of the site. This area allows you to play your favorite wrestlers from any of their promotions out there. As well as playing original characters for this.

    Lastly we have the super hero section was broken down into three main sub forums. We have A DC sub form which is for all your DC related heroes and stories, then you have your marvel section which again is for all Marvel related things and lastly you have Power rangers which like the other two forums is dedicated solely to Power rangers and all three of these sub forums also allow you to play your own original characters.