City in the Clouds

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  1. The idea is this: There are two civilizations that have flourished on an island similar to Great Brittan. One is known as the Cloudwalkers, the people that live in the mountains, the highland people, and the Earthtreddrs, the people that inhabit the lowlands. They aren't too fond of each other, and what the Highlanders have done is to build walls separating the highlands from the lowlands. (think retaining type walls) So, this gives the Highlanders a terraced world in various levels of the mountains. The rp would take place in the modern world, with the Highlanders being just as advanced is every way as we are, just add airships instead of planes. The Lowlanders are somewhat advanced. Think of them as post apocalyptic level advancement. They have guns and tanks, but they aren't the modern people we are. Anyway...I like this idea, I just need a plot. Help?
  2. There could be a rebellious group from either side, or maybe some lowlanders want to escape to the Cloudwalkers