City 88: Kill-Switch

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  1. City 88:

    Character Sheet
    First Name:
    Alter Ego Name:
    Normal Appearance: [Please include height] [Pictures are okay]
    Alter Ego Appearance:
    Brief History: [Optional]

    Have Fun!
    Be respectful.
    Try not to make an overpowered character.
    If you have questions, ask me.
    I have final say.

    Accepted Characters

    Will be added once characters are accepted.

    It'll be added once the roleplay begins.

    This roleplay IS a sandbox, but it does have a main plot if anyone is interested in it. Feel free to do what you want with your character, but if you want to introduce your own story arch, run it by me first please!

    Back Ground

    The Plot
    The beginning will be sandbox like, and will be available for everyone to introduce their characters. After a few days, Kills Switch will begin, and all Black Star Machinery will turn hostile to non-Black Star members, or those that are hired by Black Star. Before Black Star can activate the rest of the machines in the world, they will have to get to a radar type station, and send the final signal. The heroes will be stopping them of course.

    Everyone can have their own personal plot, but I would ask them to run it by me first.

    The City
    City 88 is home to two districts. The first is nicknamed White Wall for the white walls surrounding the town hall and the HQ for Black Star. The surrounding buildings are high class businesses, expensive hotels, and luxury shops.
    The second district is nicknamed Gray Walls for the gray, dull walls surrounding the police station and prison. The rest of the buildings are factories and lower class businesses and motels.

    The News
    The main news stories are on the neighboring city of City 47. With the recent developments due to the attacks to GUARD DOG, the destruction of the police station, the good will of Black Star, the rise of a new agency, City 47 Inquisition, and the most recent attack on the city itself.

    Black Star Machinery
    A global robotic weapon, machine, and appliance company. To the public this company is a saint, often giving cities robotic soldiers to guard the streets, weapons for their police officers to prevent crime, and tools to help people live their lives.
    Behind the scenes, they are a war ready monster. In truth the units they spread out to prevent crime and to help in wars are helping them. As soon as the time comes...the world will be theirs.

    The truth behind the genus Tanner Dilliton Black Star Organization. Once he believe they are ready, the war of the world will begin. He will simply press a button on his computer at the top of Black Star, and the city will experience a minor black out. Upon reboot, all Black Star robots will become hostile, killing those that arent Black Star employees, allies, or those that don't submit to their army.
    Dilliton will then have too travel outside the city to a radar station. From their he uploads a virus that will travel to a satalite, and cause the rest of the major cities too experience their very own war against the machines. And slowly, Dilliton will become ruler of the world.

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  2. So, out of curiosity, what powers are/aren't allowed in this case?
    Would mimicry be allowed? (muscle memory, see it once, be able to copy and perform it)
  3. Not to the extreme..... Like you couldn't hold onto a power without practice and/or a long period of time..... But short term to copy a power would be alright: But I'll have to add that you wouldn't beable to copy robotic weapons, and you have to touch the person before you can use that power.
  4. This is interesting, would we need to be familiar with City 47 in order to join? And if the RP is set in the same universe is their any backstory or elements that we should be aware of when making our characters. One question that I have right off the top of my head is why are the cities named by numbers?
  5. I think while it's the same "universe," so far there's no real continuity issues or need to be familiar with what's going on in City 47 to join this one. Or, so I'd assume, as I haven't seen anything anywhere to the contrary. My guess is there would be some common elements across them, but the different RPs are primarily their own continuities which won't directly interact with each other.

    Of course, I'm just a player, so I can't give a really valid answer, just my own take on things.
  6. Not sure why the cities are named after numbers, just based it off of the other roleplay...... You wouldn't have to be familiar to City 47, but some things will be referenced: Such as the current attack that just happened during the roleplay.
  7. Will there be any backstory provided before we create our characters?
  8. I suppose I could add a section for that.... Good idea
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  9. I'd appreciate that too, actually. A little setting and backstory to help frame characters can go a long way. I still get a heavy cyberpunk vibe from this one, at least form the interest check pitch.
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  10. Some info on Black Star and Kill Switch would be awesome if possible,
  11. I think this is probably enough. Although if there are any major themes or influences to consider, it might help. City 47 feels very Batman, I'm still not sure where this goes, but it's much more cyberpunk in style, with the (evil) corporation and all the mecha and such going around. I don't think I need to limit myself to a character who'd fit into a cyberpunk setting, of course.
  12. Added it!
  13. Character Sheet



    Subjects Name:

    Adam Crattan

    Subject Prefers to Go By:


    Subject's Powers:

    Can lift objects with his mind, and throw them with deadly accuracy.

    Nightmare Touch-
    Whenever he makes skin on skin contact with anyone, he manipulates their fears, and causes them too zone out, and go into a dream like state.

    Their body collapses, and has a high chance of having a heart attack, and their brain shutting down.

    Enhanced Conditioning-
    Stronger, Faster, and has more Endurance than a normal person.

    Subject's Weaponry:

    High tech Scythe with three modes:
    Normal, long hilt and blade.
    Double Sided, both with short blades for short range too medium range.

    Sickle, short hilt with curved blade. Short range only.

    Blade in his right boot.

    Blade's strapped to wrist.

    Smoke pellets.

    Subject's Flaws:

    Afraid of not being afraid of.

    Loses of energy during Telekinesis, based off of the items weight.

    Little too no ranged fighting.


    Subjects Gender:



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  14. ~SNIP~
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  15. WIP

    First Name: Estelle Coulson
    Alter Ego Name: Paper Doll
    Powers/Skills: Paper manipulation
    Power's weakness: Water, sound, strong gusts of air. Must have dry paper on hand in order to be able to use the power.
    Personal fears: The dark, insects, eight legged creatures, dogs.
    Personal weakness: bla-workingonit​
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Normal Appearance: [Please include height] [Pictures are okay]
    Alter Ego Appearance:
    Brief History: [Optional]
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  18. Hey guys, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to withdraw my interest for now. I'm too behind on all my other RPs to justify starting a new one. Maybe sometime down the road I'll be able to join again.
  19. First Name

    Miranda 'Rosetta' Waller II

    Alter Ego Name The Sleeping Detective. Assassin's name is Rosetta.


    Dream Manipulation
    Miranda can manipulate and contort reality by blending dreams and current reality seamlessly together. This is done by a special brand of patented technological coding called LUCID.EXE.

    Perfected Dexterity
    Versatile Combat

    Having made shady profits from the inventions of her 'sleeping algorithms', Miranda Waller was able to afford herself a solid stay within the White Walls. Miranda's skilled crew of dedicated assistants are one of the reasons why the underground psychotherapist and assassin is able to live under a roof that hadn't already been set to flames. Although not being wealthy, Miranda is well trusted and highly viewed in the eyes of the City 88 White Wall socialites.

    Standard Equipment

    -LUCID Agents (Both Explosive Gas and in Spray)
    -LUCID.EXE Tranquilizer Firearms (Concealed)
    -Dual Blades (See Photo)
    -Throwing Needles/Knives dipped with LUCID Agents (Concealed)


    Emotional Trauma

    Note that Rosetta does not typically fight hand to hand. Her usual style revolved around elaborate traps or confusing the enemy with her (secretly) patented technology. This is why she doesn't require a typical alter ego. Her dream manipulation is her smokescreen.

    Gender: Female

    Age: 23

    Normal Appearance 5'3 in height. Wears Various Outfits Due To Status.

    Alter Ego Appearance Various in Dreams. She tends to disguise herself as personal acquaintances or public figures.​
    The Sleeping Detective

    Brief History

    Daughter of leading government-hired professor Miranda Waller Sr, Rosetta grew up as a stifled teenager in City 88 while her constantly travelling mother worked on her unique technological coding devices. LUCID++, a unique programming language used to enter the universal subconcious of all dreaming organisms was inveted for a breakthrough in psychotherapy, interrogation and travel. At the dawn of its creation, the LUCID.exe program was introduced and turned down by government officials for its unethical treatment of the human subconscious. With her mother's life work being thrown down the drain, her family spiraled downwards into poverty, finding no place on the streets to live. At the age of 17, Rosetta became a criminal in the shadows and set a name for herself in the black market for the sake of redeeming the work her mother had once done. By manipulating the technology at hand, Rosetta was known as The Sleeping Police for her strange ways of interrogation and information retrieval. With the extended use of the LUCID++ programs, the sleeping interrogator often found herself trapped in delusion. The longer you remain in the dreaming realm, the more difficult it becomes to distinguish reality from fiction. This quickly gave her away while she tried to hide the fact that she used her mother's stolen equipment. In a nightmare delusion, Rosetta one day woke up to find herself holding her single mother to a bloodied knife. Rosetta's mother discovered her illegal use of her disclosed technology. Rosetta became an adult and ruthlessly moved away from her mother's presence after feeling 'dishonored for her hard work'. The Sleeping Detective disappeared from the black market, as did Rosetta's old LUCID++coding system.

    At this time and day, Rosetta works as an (under the covers) psychotherapist in a small local clinic beyond the White Walls, earning far above the six digits with ease for her expertise in treating socialites with her constantly improving (stolen) LUCID.EXE programs. In the meantime, Rosetta learnt various forms of combat and equipment manipulation. Rosetta also goes by a silent alias as an assassin that works for hire as the socialites and corporate monsters (including Black Star) please. Yet, there remains a void in the girl's life. Her fortune and adventure does not fulfill her. She urges for the day where she can pick herself up and become something greater, to allow her mother's work to be marvelous. She remains clueless about Black Star's plans and roams the streets as the mysterious Rosetta.
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