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    "There are countless stories told throughout history. Stories of grand heroes defying the odds in the name of peace. In this hour though, there is no Legend. We have only ourselves. We are the New Justice."
    Year 2064. The Justice League is now a shell of its former self. The seven founding members, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern (John Stewart), and Aquaman have long fallen from their pedestals of glory. The universe and planet Earth are as they always were: crime and evil abound and often serve to overtake the helpless in the wake of Earth's involvement in her first Galactic War of 2032, which served as the catalyst by which the League had originally disbanded and the reason why most of the planet is in a state of unrest regarding super-powered lifeforms of any kind.

    The Galactic War began with the invasion of the Red Martians, a strange hybrid project conjured from the ancient labs of our sister planet in order to expand her influence and terrirorty across our galaxy. They were powerful--too powerful for all of Earth's heroes. The Galactic War began with a systematic invasion of Justice League and Lantern Core and ended with the near total destruction of all civil life on Earth.

    Most of Earth has already been salvaged and fully repaired to its former glory and is at it's normal state of peace. Earth's mightiest hero may have thought to been Superman, but the savior that went down in history for single handedly saving the galaxy through great sacrifice would be The Flash. The Great Disappearance is the term used to describe The Flash's lethal use of the Flash Force in order to jam the matrix of reality into an alternate dimension where the Red Ones had never gotten the chance to invade. By vibrating far past the speed of light, all of the Red One's had cleared the sky and the Earth was left in peace. Wally West was declared dead as having been killed during the war. The Flash has yet to be found since his disappearance.

    The void left by the war was felt for the next twenty years as humanity charged itself with repairing much of the damaged planet to the best of it's abilities. The United Nations had already unanimously agreed to petition for the disbandment of The Justice League and all super-human affiliated groups in fear that they may have been growing their greatest threat in their own backyard. Most would not call this the World War IV for planet Earth, but the purge of super-humans had finally begun which forced many members into hiding after the public killing demonstration of the Green Lantern. The Justice League fell.

    Enter year 2064. Many generations have passed and the stigma held against super-humans has finally lifted. With a new campaign for super-human equality heavily rallied by the global populace, the World Leaders (Illuminati) has finally had their hand pushed in order to re-welcome and publicly apologize for their misstatements of Super Humans. The New Justice Society, headed particularly by Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter, is now recruiting super-humans at the New Hall of Justice at New Metropolis' Capital in order to reaffirm peace and justice to the galaxy once again. Auditions and initiation begins on D-Day.

    If you read the backstory comment below! More coming very soon!

    Quality Control & Rules (open)

    First, some words on Quality Control.

    This RP has a minimal quota of 1 paragraph per IC post. We type in complete sentences that are as grammatically correct as we can get them. That being said, quality over quantity is the name of the game. Please be as concise and content filled as you can. Try to be immersive. You are encouraged to post relevant pictures in-character in order to immerse the reader.

    Every character created or used in this RP will be subject to quality control of some sort. Dont worry, this is just to make sure you're character is sympathetic and not one-sided or OP. Your character, once used in this RP, also becomes canon within this RP's lore and will be used as a GM tool if you so happen to randomly vanish. This is in order to keep up the quality and flow of story. By RPing in this thread I'm assuming you agree to this. Dont worry, your character will be safe with me. If not. Well. Click off I guess.

    Romantic interests are allowed but graphic sexual intercourse and libertine roleplaying is forbidden here. Take it to your PM if your character's plot so demands so. Please also keep graphic forms of gore out of this RP. Keep it PG-13. I also do not want blatant and overused profanity for the sake of decency and quality roleplay.

    Although this RP will have a lot of action and adventure, it's about living breathing characters which requires a degree of atmosphere, finesse and development. I suggest you craft a character that can do both without seeming overpowered. Bad ass gunslingers are cool but can only go so far in a long-term RP. I much prefer a carefully crafted character with real human, grounded flaws and over a super-human bad ass with not much personality and a rock for a weakne--oh wait. Anyways, you get what I mean. Keep it SUPER HUMAN but realistically so.

    Finally, we're about having fun here. Although a GM's word is final, everyone's input is just as important and I try to factor in everyone's wishes if possible.

    Thank You

    1. Regular Iwaku Rules

    2. Metagaming, Godmodding or creating Mary Sue's are not allowed. Characters will be checked for this.
    3. 5-7 Complete sentences per post as minimal requirement. Quality > Quantity

    4. Every IC post must have the name of the character you are writing for. Please choose a color (not white) in which to bold it. Once you chose your color for this character please keep it.

    5. Please be respectful to all players. Please be able to separate your IC drama from your real world OOC drama.

    6. Adhere strictly to the combat system. Please wait 2 posts before posting again ICLY, or atleast it is discussed in the OOC to do so. We want everyone to have an even chance to RP.

    7. If you read this far and understand the rules please say so at the end of your CS.

    CS Sheet (open)
    Feel Free to Ask Questions!
    Full Name
    Alias (If Any)
    Appearance (Please use discretion to try and fit the RP visual style) (Pictures are encouraged but not needed. Where you can't find a picture please describe in detail.
    Sexuality (If any)
    Weapons & Arsenals (If Any)
    Powers (If Any)
    Weaknesses & Flaws
    Special Skills (If Any)
    Background Story

    Plot (open)
    It's 2064. Superhumans and their meta-lifeform counterparts are gather around planet Earth at New Metropolis. Its Friday, December 21, marking the first day of what's planned to be an incredibly snowy Winter for Metropolis, CITY 47, Gotham and Arkham alike. A recent press conference held by the now out-of-hiding Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter has been on replay for the past few weeks. At the celebratory opening of The New Hall of Justice, Wonder Woman sets a definitive date for the New Justice League auditions where superhumans are encouraged to come out of hiding and join their cause for good. Starting in the new year, January 5, Meta-humans will be greeted in joy by the affiliates of the Illuminati and Justice League as they introduce themselves to their new colleagues and begin their journey for global and galactic peace. Many have seen the audition flier and newscasts all over the globe, but will your character make the cut?

    This RP will follow the story and missions of the new team formed out of these auditions.

    Setting (open)
    This RP Universe is pretty big with a lot of potential for multiple story archs. I consider no area in the DC Universe off limits. Here are some of the known areas that will be explored in the RP. I've also created some places of my own to fit into the RP's unique lore. Think of this as a hint to the RPs content. Im going to lightly explain the history of each location as pertains to this specific universe's lore. Some locations are self-explanatory and can be either googled or described IC when it's needed. If you have any questions though feel free to ask?

    NEW Watch Tower

    The Watch Tower is a secure and fortified satelite space station forged from highly advanced Earth, Martian and Thanagarian technology. It serves as a companion unit to the Hall of Justice located in New Metropolis. It serves a fort, headquarters and defense system over Earth and is manned by the Martian Manhunter round the clock. It's host to multiple teleportation tubes and Javeline Space Jets and is armed with a powerful binary fission ray.

    NEW Hall of Justice

    Although fancy in appearance, the Hall of Justice is reinforced with 400 tons of blast concrete and titanium plates. The hall acts as a foreign embassy ran by the Justice League and also hosts private teleportation tubes up to the Watch Tower. It's secret labrynth and basement holds a private burial ground of superheroes who have since passed on. The hall also sports a private morgue with a colleciton of deceased supervillains, protecting them from being harvested by the wrong hands. The Hall also has a nuclear lab, a robotics lab, and the most advanced VR training system on Earth.

    Titan Tower

    Located near East River, New York, the Titan Tower is a steel, glass and concrete structure overlooking the city on the artificially constructed Titan's Island. It requires a specific league-prodived ID input to enter. A high-tech robotics lab covers most of the upper region while the emergency escape routes and Sub-pen within the East River are located in its basement. The Tower stands more as an abandoned memorial to all those young heroes to risked their lives in order to save Earth from the Red Martians.

    Mount Justice

    A secret base hidden inside the mountain near Happy Harbour, Rhode Island which originally served the early formation of the League and would later serve the Young Justice team. It hosts a standard docking bay for seacraft, a high-tech VR training system and teleportation tubes coming to and from the WatchTower. There are no escape routes underneath Happy Harbor however.

    Arkham City & Arkham Asylum
    Located near New Jersey, Uptown Gotham, Arkham City is a super prison that once was Old Gotham which holds patients and prisoners from Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison. The city has been even further destroyed with the invasion of the Red Martians and lays as a complete wasteland void of most civil life other than bands of criminals and drug lords. Arkham City and Asylum remains as a last resort to hold Earth's craziest villains. Batman's original nemesis' locations remain unknown but are suspected to be somewhere within this area.


    Gotham City & Gotham Bay
    Even years after repairing after the war, Gotham returned to its own twisted way and lays as a danger zone for crime lords and villains of all sorts. Since the vanishing of Bruce Wayne and Batman, both corporate and petty crimes have soared while the police lay helpless to the evils of Gotham's spirit. Gotham Bay's Blackgate Prison has long overflowed and has been transferring its member to Arkham City & Asylum. Talks are in the works to create a new super asylum compounds: City 47.

    New Metropolis
    After being totally destroyed during the Red Martian Invasion, the local Metropolitan government funded enough money to recreate a bigger, more impressive Metropolis after an intense relief aid effort spearheaded by many global charity givers. New Metropolis now stands strong in Delaware and is an example for others as a safe civilized city where families and communities can live in a post-apocalyptic world.

    City 47
    With the Galactic War came the total destruction of what once was Metropolis. What remained was City 47, a wasteland that not closely resembles Arkham City more than any other civilized city in the world. Buildings have crumbled and most of the civilians live in a state of constant poverty. Because of this City 47 has become a nest for super villains and crime lords much like Gotham. The sky is dark and black at all times due to the intense smog and smoke from nearby burning piles of chemical waste found throughout the city. City 47 is a wasteland that has been quarantined from civil life and is now commonly called "The Dumping Zone". Surrounding the general area that once was Metropolis is a large wall, blocking out potential visitors from the constant hazard and danger of Old Metropolis.


    The third planet from the Sun, Earth's sister galaxy is an enigma. Shortly after a supposed civil war between the White Martians and Green Martians (both are actually the same race of The Burning), Martian intelligence began to experiment with a new breed of super-alien: The Red Martian. These mutated organisms hold enough power to outclass Earth's most advanced military weapons. Mars itself is an extremely harsh climate that often evens the playing field for many super-humans. It has some of the thinnest air in the galaxy and its red icy cold desert is some of the harshest an Earthling may ever come in contact with. Apparently, due to the presence of the Red Martian, there seems to be more civilization on Mars than we once had thought.

    Cadmus: Area 51

    Cadmus' base is said to be located somewhere within City 47, beyond the jurisdiction of government agencies. The area works closley with Area 51 which is located in Nevada. Experiments on alien life form hybrids, advanced A.I robotics and cloning technology are heavily rumored to occur around here.

    Tower of Fate

    Thought to have been destroyed during the Galactic War, the Tower of Fate stands properly at an alternate area in space-time. It's Earthly anchor was completley destroyed which renders it impossible to visit by conventional means. The Tower itself has no doors or windows and is only accessible to those with the Fate persona. Fate must grant access via spell or through touch to first allow people to pass through. The Tower serves as Dr. Fate's solitude for those who host his persona and also serves as a storage for many ancient Egyptian artifacts including the all seeing Orb of Nabu. The Tower holds multiple magical items. It's quite a challenge to navigate the Tower without specific knowledge as it is difficult to find and enter.

    New Krypton & The Dreamscape [CONTAINS PLOT SPLOILERS]
    An original setting that is created in the mind of Superman when he holds Dr. Fate's Orb of Solomon, a sphere that peers into the hearts of the wielder and crafts an intricate illusionary dream around. This is New Krypton, Kal-El's dream where he lives on a newly inhabited planet that will host his Kryptonian companions.

    The Dreamscape is an interconnected network of life's conciousness. It is the world behind our eyes where anything is possible. It is accedible through particular magical artifacts and rituals such as The Orb of Solomon and The Dreamcaster's Ritual.

    The Lazarus Pit
    Classically known as The Fountain of Youth, The Lazarus Pit is a natural phenomenon that instantly heals afflictions and can even grant immortality when dipped in it's pool. It is heavily protected by Raz al Ghul's league of assasins and affiliates of the Illuminati.

    The Fortress of Solitude

    The Batcave & Wayne Manor


    Members of the League (open)
    League Member Statuses & The Illuminati

    The Founding Members
    Superman (Retired) In Hiding.
    Wonder Woman (Active, Lively)
    Batman (Retired) In Hiding.
    Flash - Deceased
    Martian Manhunter (Active, Lively)
    Green Lantern - Deceased
    Aquaman (Retired, Slightly Aged)

    The Illuminati Affiliates
    Amanda Waller
    Bruce Wayne
    Court of Owls
    Lex Luthor
    Dr. Hugo Strange
    The League of Assasins
    Emil Hamilton
    Wade Eiling

    About The Illuminati
    This RP universe has a secret organization called The Illuminati, often referenced as The Enlightened Ones. The Illuminati is an unknown organization to the public funded by the most powerful and wealthy men and women of the DC Universe in the wake of the first Galactic War. Their goal is to build Earth's influence and colonize the Galaxy in order to make Human Kind the most dominant and wealthy species to have ever existed. They also concern themselves with an Anti-Hero agenda in order to protect "the real humans" from their superhuman counterparts. They fund multiple projects including Cadmus, Project Lazarus, Project Phantom and Project RED, which will be ideas covered in this RP.

    This RP plot and universe is pretty big, so if you decide to embark on the long-term you can expect us to go through at least a few members of The Illuminati before the RP ends. You'll find that each member is on the team for their own reasons, sometimes directly contradicting the groups actual purpose.

    Mission & Episode Synopses (open)

    Here will be the missions and episode title panel. Before each mission in OOC I will give a biref synopsis. This is no way means the RP moves in a strictly linear motion, but instead just tells you what's at hand here. You'l also be brief in IC. Here are the titles. Hopefully, they interest you.

    Introduction Season

    D-Day: Initiation
    Rise of the Manbat
    Trouble in New Metropolis
    Arkham City
    A Sick Joke
    Mad House Escape
    Saving Manhunter
    Spiders From Mars
    An Issue of Fate
    The Equinox
    NEW Krypton
    Birds of a Feather

    The Illuminati Introduction Arch: Project Cadmus

    Identity Crisis
    Question Authority
    The Sons of Superman
    Olympus has Fallen
    Finding Batman
    City 47: Green Lantern Memorial

    Messages From Mars


    Finding Flash
    An Old Friend

    The Court of Owls

    Combat System (open)

    The combat system used in this RP is about playing equal more than anything else. I strongly encourage players to think out their attacks in a logical, realistic way even though we all play characters far above normal human capacity. Immersion, fun, and epicness is what this RP combat really strives for alongside player equality.

    Combat System Rules

    To initiate an attack you will roll a single die. You can use it in the "more options" drop down tab in the OOC thread in a post they make. The number that's landed on will determine how your attack will occur IC. The combat system does not casually permit OHKO's or instant deaths unless agreed upon with the RPers involved or GM. This counts for NPCs too. I rather prefer to ask and discuss than for you to assume. You must acknowledge the damage your character sustains, or the GM is allowed to assume your damage in-game. Here's what the numbers mean:

    Every time you attack, please wait a post or two so that those RPers around you may react. When you are typing a fight scene, alongside your colored title of choice must go under a notification that you are writing a fight scene. Include your character and their opponent. Here's an example:

    Batman vs Superman
    Blah blah blah (Rp Text Here)

    1 = Total Failure. Immediate and full counter is possible by defender. Defender must roll die.

    2-5 = Partial Failure 1: Some of your attack hit well, some aspects did not and does not damage and hit as hard as you had imagined. Attacker decides. Decide with consideration. (Max 2)

    6-10 = Partial Failure 2: Your hit connected, but something was missed and defended against. The defender gets to decide with consideration and gets to counter.

    11-15= Almost Perfect 1: Half of your hit connected. Attacker decides with consideration.

    16-19 = Almost Perfect 2: Half of your hit connected. Defender decides with consideration and gets to counter.

    20= Epic Moment: Total Hit. Everything connects and works well.

    The person who makes the attack can roll a die, determining whether or not that hit lands. However, to keep everything equal, if the number that the person who attacking rolls is undesireable. Say they got an epic moment, the person defending from the hit may "reroll" the die in the OOC. However, the number that is rolled will take a +3 penalty modifier, meaning that even if you roll high, it could still have a chance to take you up on the scale, and therefor hurt you. Risk = Reward but Risk = Penalty too.

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  2. Seems sensible so far. But...what is the combat system? Just "wait a bit before you post more during a fight?" Or is there more to it than that.
  3. The combat system and the rest of the tabs will be going up around tomorrow. Ive got a bad headacbe. Its very simple and takes the guess work out of who hits who. It also evens the playing field for a better story.

    Sorry for the wait though
  4. No big deal. Hope you feel better after some rest. And if this involves some amount of dice, I always enjoy that sort of thing.
  5. Wow.
    Just wow.
    It's amazing, now I'm interested even more! Are we free to post our characters, or we will wait until OoC appears?
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  6. Feel free to use this space as a scrap paper sort of place to toss your ideas around :)
    Use this space until I finish brainstorming the RP and make the official OOC where it will be neatly reposts alongside our CS
    Thanks for the interest!
    Make sure to tell your friends :)
    We can use some momentum!

    Combat System (Dice Included) and plot panel will be finished today, completing the OOC draft section. Ontop of that Ill be launching new ads and an official OOC and IC today. Thanks so much for waiting :)
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  7. No problem, on waiting. Part of me would suggest a look at Mutants and Masterminds for the combat system. could be a bit tricky to try and get everyone to build characters for that system. I've tried before, with mixed results.
  8. Im a bit ill today so im very slow in posting. Ill try and consider it.
  9. OOC Draft is complete. Ill be opening the OOC and IC official threads in a minute :)
  10. OOC and IC Threads are up. Please post CS there :)
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