City 47: An Original Superheroes RP [Character Sheets]

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  1. ----------------WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW RPERS TO THE FRAY--------------


    All you need here is:
    [Every Character and Story Arch Will Be Subject To My Approval for Quality Control]

    First Name/ Surname
    Alter Ego Name
    Powers/Skills (1-4)
    Normal Appearance: [Please include height] [Pictures are okay]
    Alter Ego Appearance:
    Brief History: [Optional]

    --------------WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW RPERS TO THE FRAY----------------

    Also for those who want a summary of what's going on as of May 7
    New Progressions and occurring archs will be added as time goes on. Post (far) below if you want to see your idea here.

    -GUARD DOG's hub was infiltrated and destroyed by The Dream Hopper
    -Alexiana has been abducted
    -Gray has been hospitalized, Caramon's heart was ripped from his chest
    -GUARD DOGs are told to leave all facilities until security has returned
    -Someone needs to assume Gray's place until he heals
    -Black Star and The Midnight Sisters are to be briefed by Leon
    -Gray demands to find White Rabbit, sending them to find her.
    -Alice tells Rabbit of his condition, forcing her to seek for Gray
    -Gray goes missing, 'M' Arises
    -Rabbit goes missing as Leon turns her into 'The Mime'


    -Alexiana will have her moment with Leon , Mime (briefly) and the Owls.

    -Days have passed in the lapse and its been quiet. Alice has regrouped with everyone at her small safehouse. They've been invited as extra security for a 'guest speaker' at an upcoming press conference at the City 47's "Citizen Hall".

    -Professor Leon will be addressing the people City 47 about the rise in crime and superhumans.

    -He will start what he calls an anti-super initiative to replace GUARD DOG. It will be called 'The Inquisition'. It will fill the old facilities with the rogue agents that have been in hiding for years. To replace The Crow, who he will fully reveal as being a real entity, he will replace it with his Dream Hopper (LUCID-X). He'll also address the strange masked man 'M' (Gray).

    -The Court of Owls will be secretly attending, having their own little commentary.

    -Bombs will go off that day around the city that The Sisters had planted all over the city the night before. They will also come in with Blood to have a mass genocide at the speech. Our heroes will need to do something and track Leon down.

    -The crew will have to raid the old GUARD DOG hub (now belonging to The Inquisition) to confront him.

    -Additionally to enforce his point, Blood Money,Mime and The Sisters will be spreading his formula around, "terminating "Supers and brainwashing them into Leon's own army, as a brand of power to take over the globe. (Noceur for scene :P)

    In my mind, I secretly made a mission I wanted to RP..I called it the "Save Klaus" would happen after the above ^
    -Dream Hopper would visit Angel late at night, disclosing information on Leon while the rest of the group awakens and has a confrontation.
    -Meanwhile 'M' would accompany her, and be noticed by Caramon. He'd tell it was him secretly, but be forced to pretend as thought it as not the case.
    -As GUARD DOGs, it's be nice if Gray were giving information to Angel and Victoria.
    -I kind of want Blood Money to abduct Klaus and Roberta's other super (Firefang? Idk) to get some conflict going with Roberta & Leon.
    -Sisters and the Mime...Noeceur knows already. Theyll have a giddy little fight. It would have to be in a scene where they accompany Blood to find Klaus.
    -When Klaus is in Leon's lab, the crew would have to infiltrate the lab to find him because of Gray's secret message to Victoria and Angel.. Cue scene with Alice. She will think that Klaus is one of her people and become furious.

    More Coming Soon As Plot Progresses!

    -A new threat, Blade, is kept at the Delta Squad Police Station for interrogation
    -Black Star Machinery is about to make their attack

    (The last two can happen at any time)

    Leon's Plan: 'ENDCALL'

    -Get White Rabbit's formula [Done]
    -Get Alexiana to make the perfect antidote to superhuman genetics [Happening]
    -Use The Dream Hopper to invade Gray's database for an update (possibly involving dream travel) [Done]
    -Create an army of obedient supers / androids [Happening]
    -Corrupt GUARD DOG through political movements [Happening]
    -Create a super race of humans by splicing DNA with super DNA with superhuman genetics [Happening]

    -Use dimensional travel somehow (idea under planning) (I'll need Caramon's genius)
    -Rapidly expand the space program to create a super weapon
    - Create a United Federation , using City 47 as the capital
    -Reactivate 'The Flying Country" (an ancient structure used as an airborne weapon used to devastate countries.)
    -Resist the Court of Owls

    To Happen with Leon

    -A new villain by the name of Mime will emerge
    -The Midnight sisters will run into the White Rabbit character
    -Leon will run tests on Alexiana
    -"The Court of Owls theory"has become a concern for Gray
    -Begin experimentation with splicing DNA with Alexiana
    -Being a political movement in shutting down GUARD DOG
    -Use said politics to indulge in his space program
    -Begin infecting citizens with the help of 'the muscle' of the team
    -Devastate the globe with his new, rising power.
    -More to be added soon

    This Universe's Organization and Races

    - GUARD DOG is an initiative to combat rogue supers
    -Rogue GUARD DOG operatives (Dr. Leon) has developed 2 formula to 1(neutralize supers 2) create supers through mutation and brainwashing

    -GUARD DOG Initiative
    Associated: Caramon Zero, Alexiana

    Rogue GUARD DOG initiative
    Leon/The Midnight Sisters/Blood Money/White Rabbit (Mime)/ Ms. Frost/ Dream Hopper/Omega

    Dr. Roberta E. Frost
    • Lead scientist and Director of the Laimetre-Hoyle initiative
    • Also a GUARD DOG experiment, but separate from Wiles
    • After much experimentation, only two success but both proved the serum used was also a success
    • Reason for for only two was because of an accident involving them and Frost almost being killed.
    Dr. Leon de Wiles
    • Developer of the brainwashing tech/anti-hero serum for GUARD DOG
    • Also participant in many other controversial experiments

    Black Star Machinery
    Members: Blade

    An advanced warmachine making and selling, with a shadowy back ground, They sell to most of the worlds military forces, Mechs, Androids, and other robotic units, most of them specialized in fighting.In truth, they are growing their own armies from expanding their machines to the armies, and once they get enough power, they will activate the "Kill Switch" which will cause a robotic rebellion, and ultimately destroying un-Black Star supporting humans. They have robotic enhanced assassins, and mercenary they send to kill off organizations that could stop them (Ex. Guard Dog and Leon).

    The Court of Owls

    A secret society hidden in mystery since before the founding of CITY 47. They have a vendetta with the GUARD DOGs, especially their natural enemy, posterboy of the initiative, The Crow. They're goals and objectives are to stop the threats around them: any organization of great power is a threat.

    Marquaydro Race [Mar-kwa-ay-dro] (It's meant to sound tribal)
    The only Earth-based non-human type of intelligent life. These deep sea dwellers have hidden in secret for years. Ancient folklore says they only appear when the peace of their land dwelling friends are greatly threatened. There are many variations of the folk. They have grown in parallel to human beings. They come in an infinite amount of variations from fish-like to humanoids. No. They don't smell fishy XD and are able to interbreed with humans, hence humanoid forms. (I use the Zora models of Zelda or any human picture)

    Contact me if your ideas are missing from the above list. I will add them if reminded! Comments and ideas go (wayy) down below d--(^_^)

    These are the characters I don't exactly know where to fit them in as yet. Any ideas?
    -Black Star Machinery
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  2. First and Last name

    Gray Sauveterre

    Alias Name ‘The Crow’, ‘The Doctor’ , ‘The Guard Dog of City 47’

    "A plague doctor (Italian: physici epidemeie, Dutch: pestmeester, German: Pestarzt), was a special medical physician who saw those who had the bubonic plague. They were specifically hired by towns that had many plague victims in times of plague epidemics. Since the city was paying their salary they treated everyone, the rich and the poor. They were not normally professionally trained experienced physicians or surgeons, and often were second-rate doctors not able to otherwise run a successful medical business or young physicians trying to establish themselves." –Wikipedia


    Super Human Strength/Stamina

    The Doctor is well able to lift over 900lbs when his limbs are sent into overdrive. As a standard, his military grade bionic limbs are able to lift 500lbs with ease.

    Elemental Protection

    The Crow’s suit is not affected by being exposed to extreme heat/cold/water/electricity.


    ‘Crow Gas’ – An odorless, colorless and toxic gas. Once inhaled, The Doctor’s mysterious formula causes the victim to become poisoned. The gas has never been documented and various random symptoms occur to each victim. Extreme unease, fear-induced hallucinations, loss of dexterity and hand-eye coordination and confusion are the typical symptoms. Victims typically become paralyzed or fall into deep slumber after the initial phase of 20 minutes.

    ‘Crow Song’- Once activated, a long range frequency will sound that attracts a frenzy of violent crows.

    Tear Gas- [Self Explanatory]

    Grapple Wrist- Grapple gun technology has been integrated into The Doctor’s arms.

    Detective Equipment – Common goods all held in a convenient utility belt compartment.

    ‘Blade’ – An unidentified black blade is kept concealed somewhere in his body.

    ‘Crow Feet’ – A set of unidentified 3-pronged shuriken is kept concealed somewhere in his body

    Tracking Beacons

    White Blackness –The Doctor is permitted to carry flash bangs bright enough to cause immediate blindness even able to burn the eyes through the eyelid and standard protective gear. These specially created projectiles cause a burning white flash to envelope around its victim. The retina is completely destroyed. This explosion commonly causes fires and civil casualties: a reason why The Crow hesitates to use them.

    WEAPONRY [Standard Suit]

    - Smith & Wesson 500

    - ‘Electric Knuckles’

    - Stun Gun

    - Auto-Shuriken Set

    - Explosive/Electric Discs - Used to blow down larger opponents or doors

    - Foam Pellets- Used to incase larger enemies in a tough foam that typically renders them immobile from below the neck.

    - EMP’ Explosive

    -Grapple Gun

    - Lock Pick

    - Collapsible Staff

    - Vital Signature Nullifier – Stealth Purposes

    - Heat Nullifier – Stealth Purposes


    -Enhanced Vision – Used in dark/clouded areas and to scope out farther , smaller objects.

    -Recording & Analytical Capabilities – The Data is linked back to his main computing system

    -Gas & Pathogen Filter: [Pathogen Filter is permeable to completely unknown pathogens]

    -Voice Distortion

    -Internal Fail Safe Switch – Blows all of the circuitry and memory in his suit

    -Database and A.I. Access

    -Homing Beacon


    Many say that the Watchdog of City 47 is nothing but a man in a suit. However, the vigilante is not only gifted with all of the cutting edge and secret technology the governments of the world have to offer him in order to have a leg up on the super humans of today, but he’s also been given the luxury of owning one of the most secured safe house’s on the face of this planet.

    The Doctor’s strength need not come from the idea of his power suit or his bionic limbs. The Doctor uses a global network of secret operatives that have archived super humans and criminal terrorists across the globe. He is also given the latest upgrades on vehicular, A.I and suit related technology.



    Its important to note that The Crow is just a human being. Like every human being, he can be out smarted or bested in combat. The hardest skill The Crow has to deal with is his lack of speed and agility which he makes up for in strength and stamina. Being able to ‘out speed’ and outlast The Crow is the quickest way to win a fight with him. Be warned, it takes more than a few hard punches to take him down. He is a little slower and less flexible than his other operatives typically because of all the gear he carries around.

    -Class A Hacking

    The Crow’s suit collection is an integral part of the super computer gifted to him by ‘his directors’. Only one hacker managed to completely compromise The Crow in the past. To do so, one would not only need to locate his safe house, which is officially taken off the map, but would need to trespass property that is secured by military operatives. If you’re not gunned down by then, you’d have to find the secret entrance to ‘The Cage’. To enter, one would need to pass two bioscanners, each responsible for a vault door. The Crow’s computer is guarded by sophisticated A.I. and highly encrypted information. Only the best of A class hackers would be able to trespass. After this, one would have complete access to the suits and private databases at The Crow’s disposal. Although the possibility of finding his safe house is near to 1%, it’s still listed as a weakness because it has been successfully done before by a mole within the GUARD DOG initiative.

    -Anger Control

    Although highly moral and ethical in his pursuit for justice and safety among all civilians, The Crow can and has been pushed to points where his rage has gotten the better of him. The Crow has been charged with civilian casualties, destruction of property, murder and torture. Claiming to be a changed man, The Crow will probably never go back to his darker ways. He has created for himself a moral line. But when the two lines of justice and safety overlap with a seemingly necessary it still a crime for him to be pushed passed his limits?

    -New Encounters Elude Him

    He may have an archive, but it takes time and preparation to have a leg up on a given super human. This takes time, time he doesn’t typically have. Finding new supers to enter the fray with would mean extensive planning. As for the supers in this RP, he will be learning them for the first time.


    Combat with this vigilante is no ordinary form. The Crow is well able to use and theatrical effects as well as regular combat to aid him in battle. He typically uses his gear in order to phase superhumans. He is also able to use shadows and vantage points for stealth and optical illusions. Fighting him is typically NOT a ‘head on’ approach. However, it should be noted that, like all beings, he can be damaged and defeated if taken on with a cool head and fearless heart. Defeat begins in the mind for this vigilante. Give him a tougher time by being focused.

    “After all, I’m fighting Superman, aren’t I?”

    Brief History:

    Gray Sauveterre is by no means your average 'Batman-esque' vigilante. As a child, Gray was classified as a regular boy of his age. No rich household, no unusual traumas. Gray thinks of himself as the missing link between the dark and light side of humanity. He fills the shoe only because his foot fits it. Doing well puts bread on the table. It was up to him to chose a profession: enrolling in an anti-terrorist division was simply there at the right place at he right time. The hero tends to think of himself as 'a storm trooper with a little more history.' Gray gets the job done. After all, someone has to keep the city safe.

    As a trusted member of what used to be The Secret Police of City 47, Gray was elected out of a subset of individuals whose rigorous training and mental stamina had already earned them the title of (not so) super human. With the consistent growth curve of appearing super humans with a continuous variation in powers, the UN secretly partnered with the IMF to give rise to the world’s first ‘protectors’.

    The world was threatened by those super human individuals that use their powers to harm and break the law: a threat the world was creating in its own backyard. The Superhero Initiative, codenamed ‘GUARD DOG’ was created as a countermeasure to such a threat. Various simulations were ran, contingencies were created and super humans have been archived all over the globe. Such an initiative does not technically exist as this is a completely under the radar operation performed by the governments of the world to keep their people and shores safe.

    Each GUARD DOG is different. Gray Sauveterre, the poster boy for the GUARD DOG initiative, has obtained a free movement of labor and capital agreement across the globe that allows him full access to every detail required to keep human beings safe from what the ‘regulars’ deem, abominations.

    The ancient garments of The Plague Doctor was fused with cutting edge technology to create a mythos by which criminals and human civilians are able to identify with as ‘a force of good for the innocent and a counter attack for those who are evil.’ Of course, no one really known if The Plague Doctor or ‘The Birdman of City 47’ actually exists. Why the Plague Doctor suit? Because the GUARD DOG initiative believes ‘crime is a disease.’ The Plague Doctor’s standard suit may be the only version that remains true to its form as various version were created for different situations. The Doctor’s suit’s image had to be changed as design was not a luxury for various different suit variations [TBA for RP].

    His mythos is one commonly compared to The Dark Knight, although wildly different to any GUARD DOG that knows the true scope of the initiative. As such, his persona is covered with a consistent layer of folklore and urban legends.

    His mission? Similar to all GUARD DOG operatives: Follow the Directors. Protect mankind from dangerous super humans. Carry on operation ‘WITCH HUNT’.

    Age: 35


    Appearance: His appearance is typically remained a secret. However, Gray stands at 6’4. His normal appearance looks like the following.





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  3. I'll join in as soon as I decide on a concept to use for a character. I have on that can be a little tough to describe powers-wise, because it involves adaptation and evolution as themes, but that's in part because it's for a friend's M&M game concept that starts the characters as "street" level lower-power heroes, but ends with them as Justice League style big shots. I'm also reluctant to use it because it's for something that might happen later. On the one hand it'd let me get some aspects of the character hammered out, on the other, I don't want to end up ruining my interest in them.

    I might also do a sort of Lovecraftian Horror take on some common archetypes, likely a mage sort who is fairly straightforward. Or I might just pick some things up somewhat at random. I'm not really sure yet. I kind of want to see what others might come up with, but I also don't want to just sit around too long. My fall-back may be some form of android or cyborg, and I have to say, the setting's pretty much perfect for that.
  4. That's fine with me. I also thought of a street hero-to-Justice League like progression but I decided not to force anything into a specific plot point. But now I feel like just letting the characters drive it and see where it goes. Dont be afraid of writing a rough draft your character and posting it for questioning. You can always edit it later and fine tune it before he/she (it..whatever xD) enters the RP.
  5. Work In progresss
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    "You'll get there a whole lot quicker if you chase me."

    First Name/ Surname: Victoria Summers
    Alter Ego Name: Stray or simply 'The cat'
    Ego nicknames: Plundering bunny -or rabbit or hare-, Queen of plunder, Bunny, rabbit, long ears.

    Gender: Female

    Age: 26



    {. stealthiness + Agility .}
    {. Escapologist .}
    {. Hand to hand combat .}
    {. Enhanced jumps .}

    {. Legs .}
    Ever heard the term,'Break A leg!'? Well that's exactly what you'd have to do to slow down this quick rabbit. Breaking any part that involves her legs most of all, even her ankle, will ultimately slow Victoria down from escaping or running as quick as before. She won't be able to easily escape her opponents but will try to anyways, it won't slow her down as much -depending on the pain- but it'll still help in some cases.

    Weapon + Utility list:
    {. 12 feet long white bullwhip .}
    {. Goggles .}

    Yet in her alternate outfit she wears in the colder seasons:
    {. An umbrella that's a shot gun .}
    {. Knives .}
    {. Smoke pellets .}
    {. Goggles .}
    {. Disrupter .}

    Normal Appearance:
    Victoria in her normal appearance stands at 5"9.5 feet tall and weighs 119 pounds (54 kg). Her natural eye color is blue and her hair is blonde (naturally it's brown/black) and goes down to her mid back section. She is petite and curvaceous. In real life she is also a known super model. How does one not know her white rabbit persona? Because she appears to be quite sweet and childish. If someone does find out, they'll end up with a concussion then dead.
    Show Spoiler

    Alter Ego Appearance (outfit):
    Victoria wears a White corset along with the signature 'Panty' look. The outfit itself isn't made of what a regular corset is made of nor the bottom wear and is quite durable and what Victoria says 'dirty proof'. The corset is just above her belly button, moreover her stomach area slightly and is connected to her cowl securely. The blonde is nearly able to do anything freely that seems impossible to do in such a bizarre outfit--meaning the suit is 100% comfortable and adjusts to whatever she's doing. Fighting, high kicks, back flipping, etc, you name it.

    She wears a fitted and slightly hard cowl attached to her corset that is connected to her long rabbit like adjustable ears, making her able to hear from different comms or some distances away depending where she connects it too and which comm she wants to listen to. She wears a mask under the cowl just in case if someone ever manages to take it off, or if she gets to hot and It has proven quite useful helping her succeed with many tasks given, becoming much more alert and keen hearing wise.

    Victoria also bares goggles around her neck. When placed over her eyes, she is able to shift the vision to night vision, detective vision, or thief vision for her many adventures. Even thermal in some cases, though it's not as used. Other than normal vision it also has magnification in it. Around the goggles are located various lights around it if she turns it on. It is able to take a certain amount of pictures and record things at will.

    The girl bears a garter belt on her left thigh containing her whip. Before it was a white revolver but she replaced it as she has no intention to kill, just intimidate and mark. A white braided bull whip that's retractable and the handle appearing to be shaped as a rabbits foot. Seems small, but it's about twelve feet with 9 small and light bolas at the ends.

    Footwear isn't really important or special. But she wears white thigh high ones with a silver almost metallic heel. They're quite sharp slightly, but not sharp enough to stab you -just hurt you better than a normal heel- and are rather surprisingly sturdy. Her long elbow gloves also have retractable claws.

    Note that her outfit also varies depending on the seasons.

    Show Spoiler

    {. Flexibility + Acrobatics .}
    Victoria is quite flexible. She has done ballet as a child, and gymnastics. Up until now, she ties those in with her white rabbit persona, mixing them in with combat moves.

    {. Costumes are a girls best friend .}
    Victoria is indeed a master of disguise. To pull off her many capers, Victoria resorts to disguises and aliases. She once posed as an old lady in order to steal a valuable piece of jewelry while on a cruise ship. Later, she posed as a night club goer in order to get acquainted with it's owners and return later to rob them.

    {. Manipulative behavior + Master seductress .}
    White rabbit is a master seductress and can be manipulative when she wants to. It usually gets her whatever she wants in most cases and takes her wherever she wishes. She's a femme fatale and a dangerous woman with gorgeous looks that can kill.​
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  6. Name: James Caramon Harris

    Alter Ego: Caramon Zero, The Crimson Hero

    Twilight Manipulation:
    The ability to be able to control a mixture of Light and Darkness by using his body as a conduit, allowing him to fuse the two within himself, and either fire orbs or beams of Twilight energy at his enemies.
    He can also infuse objects with said energy, allowing him to transform a stick into a sword, and so on, yet be unable to produce one out of thin air, due to the effects of this reality, which branches in a direction that somehow prevents that extent of this ability.
    If used near a bright source of light, it appears as if it were composed of crystals enveloping whatever is being used as a conduit, yet it is merely the overload of Light energies causing the excess light to be reflected instead of absorbed, because of this, he uses a dimmer version within the Pure, giving it a golden color whenever it is fired or attached to something, so that he is better able to see it.

    Masterful Regeneration:
    The ability to heal at an incredibly fast rate.
    He has obtained this ability through a nanoscopic race of robotic aliens, that could reproduce using "junk" parts built into each at their "birth", injected into his blood stream when he was accidentally reawakened 1,000 years after nearly dying from saving the world in his original timeline.
    After he went through time, most of the Nanotrons where destroyed to preserve his essence, which fused to his past self, yet there were so many within him that even with the remaining 10%, he retained his hyper-accelerated healing, up to being able to reattach, or slowly regrow, depending on the state of the damage, severed limbs, as well as his anti-aging, yet he no longer possesses his ability to completely reconstruct himself from mere atoms due to the number of times he's been sent back to his "convergence point", the deciding moment in which each major timeline he's involved in branches from.

    Flawless Dexterity:
    This ability has to do with his abilities of stability and hand-eye-coordination, allowing him to attack or defend at any angle or from even the most unstable surface effortlessly, as well as allow him better flexibility and precision of his movements, maximizing his combat prowess.

    Extra Sensory Perception:
    This ability allows Caramon to see things differently from other people, as, due to this power, he can learn things instinctively, without having to train or experience them firsthand, and see things within other planes of existence, causing some to believe him crazy, even though he can perceive them as if they were in our own dimension, even so far as being able to touch, feel, and hear them as well.

    He is trustworthy to a fault, and is willing to aide nearly anyone, as long as it does not go against his morals.

    He doesn't care if his actions cause him pain or harm, as long as he is able to protect those he cares about.
    He would rather take on a daunting task alone than put others in harms way, yet he hypocritically tells them not to do the things he does.
    (Despite his recklessness, he is actually fairly wise, and only plays the hypocrite to keep people out of needless danger or trouble, making him appear reckless.)

    Due to the nature of his existence, being unable to age, he is filled with great deals of self-hatred and depression brought on by the fact that if he doesn't die some time in the reality he ends up in, he will be forced to watch those he loves wither and die, yet he knows that in wanting to spare the ones he loves grief, he'd only cause them more, trapping him in a vicious cycle of time travel and heartbreak.

    Personal Items:
    A black and crimson blade, which he wears on his belt, across the back of his hip under his trenchcoat, or on his left hip when wearing his combat uniform.
    The blade is usually only used for time when he is unable to use his powers, yet he tends to practice a quick draw style of swordsmanship when he needs to remove certain obstacles from his path, covering the rounded blade with Twilight in order to cut what needs to be cut, while preventing as much killing as possible.

    A large, silver locket, almost the size of a pocket-watch, containing miniature drawings of every wife he had in each reality as they were there, reminding him of what he's fighting for: the happiness he is no long able to have a chance to give them.

    A small diamond ring resembling the one he's given to every woman he's married in every reality he lived through, waiting for the day when he'll give this one to someone, hoping to be able to finally find happiness.

    Age: 21 (In Appearance) 2,487 (In Actuality, since last Re-Covergence)

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 325lbs.


  7. I was originally going to make stray 'white rabbit' with the same face claim only in a rabbit costume but thought if she was based on Catwoman she'd have more weapons OTL.

    Kinda not amused. But it's true... White rabbit wouldn't have many weapons :d might attempt making a twin or something. Or change the whole stray thing to white rabbit, i don't know yet,
    white rabbit (open)
  8. Weird but..My idea would be..look at the biology of a rabbit for inspiration? Jumping/Seduction/Enhanced Eyesight.
  9. I'm actually doing that now XD
    Just ignore that RP post for now. It'll be edited shortly after.
  10. I get the feeling the hard part for me will be coming up with meaningful weaknesses outside of the limitations of a character's abilities. It's the fun part, too, but it ca be very tricky. I can think of planty of complications ,but nothing as clear-cut as, say, Superman's issues with kryptonite.
  11. I'm just asking is crow something like the batman -only awesomer-
  12. I know what you mean. That's sort of the issues with 'weaknesses'. My question is. Can he/she/it be damaged with regular combat? Or mindplay? Or persuasion? etc. As a living being (assuming here. since there is no forumla), is damaged by combative means? (For R-9)
  13. You hit the nail on the head Noceur. He's similar. He's just a man in an animal suit with a lot of tech at his disposal. Except he's a lot more sarcastic/cynical and has an evil undertone sometimes. He's a lot more of a gray area than the Bat. (Hence his name).

    He's also very 'mythological'. Perhaps only large criminals or rings know he actually exists.
  14. He sounds awesomer 8D

    White rabbit is gonna have fun trolling with him.
  15. I was hoping you'd say that!
    Every serious vigilante needs a character like that :P
  16. First Name/ Surname: Maxwell Turley

    Alter Ego Name: Natsel
    Shortened term for natural selection, based off of his powers.

    Powers/Skills (1-4)
    Accelerated Evolution: Maxwell's body respond quickly to threats, adapting various parts of his physiology to suit his purposes.

    Genestealer: Using a special structure that he had evolved that resides in his shoulder, Max can steal another beings genetics for a time. This grants him some of their traits, including powers if it's a superhuman.

    Accelerated Regeneration: As can be expected based on his other abilities, Max can regenerate wounds at an astonishing rate.

    Weaknesses: Upon using his gene theft, Max has about five minutes to use it before his body begins an immune response. This leaves him weakened for a time and removes the ability, but can be resolved through repeated exposure to one beings genetics. However, every being is independent, and it doesn't carry over between different organisms.

    Every time Max changes, he loses some of his human traits and can not regain them, unless they're favorable for conditions.

    Cancer is a frequent problem for Natsel, and structures from his adaptations may become tumors on occasion.

    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Normal Appearance:
    Show Spoiler
    6‛2" [​IMG]

    Alter Ego Appearance: Can't find a picture for it, mostly depends on what's going on.
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  17. No, every dark and brooding or rude character does 8D
    If they have a thing like the cat and bat I'm gonna make her constantly say 'I only date nice guys'
    8D but I'm not sure if they even will.
  18. Name: Alexiana Ageha Arissa
    Nicknames: Alexi, or Lexi
    Alias: Silver
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    1: Power immunity.
    Alexiana is immune to powers being used on her directly. If someone for example attempts to read her mind, or move her with telekinesis it will not take effect. She will feel a tingling sensation in her body, but that is it. But that is only where her blood flows. Hair, nails, and clothes are able to be affected by other powers.

    2: Nullification.
    Should Alexi draw blood and spatter this out over the power of another person, the power will be cut off and stopped. If the opponent were to reactivate what they were doing before, she would have to spray her blood out again.
    If a weapon is laced with the blood it can be used to cut through powers as well, but this technique has not been made aware to Alexiana just yet.

    3: Acidic.
    When Alexi's blood comes into contact with another person's skin her blood will have a scorching effect. Like battery acid. It is mainly just an annoying sting, unless a larger quantity is applied and remains there longer than two seconds. In that case it will burn harder. The longer the contact between blood and skin remains, the more damage it will have. Getting her blood in someone's eyes could potentially blind them (this will not be used in the RP unless specifically requested)

    4: Bending.
    Later in time Alexi will learn to be able to manipulate her own blood so she can send it more effectively towards her objectives. At first it will entirely depend on how well her throwing aim is, and if the distance isn't too great. Once she learns to manipulate her blood she will be able to be more specific about it's landing point, as well as bridge a slightly larger distance. Not very far, just a little bit farther than a throwing distance.
    She will never be able to blood bend other people's blood.

    1: Her greatest weakness is her own bodily limitation. Just as any ordinary human being her body can only handle a limited amount of blood loss before passing out. If blood is still drained from her then she will die.

    2: Her blood replenishes at the same speed as a normal human.

    3: The cuts leave scars. Meaning she has no super healing.

    4: To be able to access her power she has to have something sharp with her at all times.

    5: The immunity from powers is not the same as immunity in general.
    All though Alexiana can't be burned away by fire powers (for example), she is not immune to fire in the form of a torch and would burn like any human.

    6: Aside from the nullification her powers give her no physical advantages over her opponents.

    Normal Appearance:

    Alexiana stands at 1.72m tall, and all though she wears small heels on occasion, Alexi is more the type for flats. She has platinum blonde in hair color, though it leans more towards a silvery tone. The length of her hair reaches to her lower arch. Alexi's eyes would sparkle a lovely blue normally, but due to her often lack of blood they tend to be a bit dim.
    In a world with people standing more and more out, Alexi tries to blend in. Though her hair is long, she just keeps it bundled up, and wears simple clothes. Jewelry wise she doesn't wear anything specific, save for a small silver ring on her right ring finger.
    Alter ego appearance: For her alter ego Lexi doesn't really go all out. At least, not yet. At this point in time Alexi's way of being her other self is by letting her hair loose, and clip on a silver colored mask over her eyes. She does at least try to wear a different outfit while being Silver, but it's not always easy to just have a suit nearby. So for now if she changes at all it is into a skin tight sleeveless top (preferably silver colored) and just a regular pair of pants.
    Once she'll invest more effort into her alias she will have a skin tight, halter top with blue (or red) and silver complimented with blue (or red) and silver short skirt, and knee high boots in the same color scheme. She wears the same ring as she does when just normal, no other jewelry.
    In order to fight Alexi has a simple, very sharp, short dagger with her. Multiple in fact. Tucked in wherever she has a place for it.
    (I am working on an image)

    Still working up a brief history, basic gist of it is Alexiana had no idea of her powers or when the started (or if she was born with them) but she does know that once a villain attacked her and a group of friends with mind controlling powers. All except her were affected. Later she tried experimenting a little bit, carefully, and came to realize it was her blood that protected her from powers and she could affect powers with her blood directly. She isn't quite sure what to do with herself now, but definitely doesn't want to end up hurting someone innocent with her blood.
  19. We'll see where the moment takes us :P