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    Arc #1: 'Eve of Armageddon'

    Something was wrong with the midnight sky. It seemed as though the Earth was crying. A gentle rain covered over the city and the beige of the moon's light reflected on all the puddles it had created. City life was gritty. The miscellaneous noise of news channels gave word of a 'World War 3'. Shockingly, it was the world against the Supers. '

    'The name of good heroes were tainted by the overwhelming destruction brought on by their villains.' Various activists lined up day and night to protest government offices. Its noise could be heard far away from its origin.

    ' For an average night in the city, there's a lot of noise and traffic tonight' Gray said
    'This isn't time to take a stroll, Gray.' his intercom said 'For all you know this is the eve of Armageddon if you don't do your job.'

    He stood from a far away vantage point looking onto the wet pavement of the highway. GUARD DOG Helicopters ripped through the sky, spotlights ablaze as they chased a man down the speedway. Travelling at the pace of a sports car, the helicopters were having a chase with a man running on foot. Gray zoomed his cowl's vision on the approaching man to see a burlap sack dangling from the man's wet back.

    'Its like I'm in a comic book or something.' Gray hopped off of the vantage point and into an alleyway sandwiched in between building complexes. An internal timer in his cowl began to sound off silently.

    'It's time.' The sound of wet rubber sliding across the cobblestone would easily give him away as he jumped from this rooftop to the other one of the nearby building complex.

    'A rogue GUARD DOG operative is about to have a trade off of classified 'hero antidote'.' his intercom told him

    'I thought the formula wasn't figured out yet.' he said

    'Which is why you're going to stop them.' the director said 'Hitting a super with the unfinished antidote will kill them, not neutralize them.'

    'Your mission is to stop them, retrieve the formulas and bring them back to the lab.'

    'Yeah mom.' Gray turned off his intercom to proceed to the stakeout point.

    Gray was sent flying from his rooftop as the nearby building he previously stood on rattled from a violent explosion. The white flash and vibration of the combustion was enough to send the operative falling from his rooftop to the streets, scaring several civilians. People ran and screamed in terror. With a flick of his wrist Gray grappled into and apartment of the burning building.

    'Tick tick tick Birdman.' a hefty voice said
    Gray rubbernecked to the television set that began to speak. It was rigged with timed explosives.

    'If your not dead, you soon will be.' echoed all throughout the building.

    Gray rushed to a nearby window, being squished by pieces of the collapsed building. His arms were being crushed, and the building began to collapse.

    'If you can still hear me Birdman, you've got 5 minutes.'

    'Imagine all the poor children!'
    'I smell your GUARD DOG formula already.'

    The loud screams of a few, probably bound up,children and adults inside the nearby room filled the air along with the crackle of falling wood.
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  2. The lovely Rabbit appeared to be walking around while hiding in the shadows away from sight. Chaos beckoned, and where she was at -not to far away from where The crow may be located- people dashed at her like a herd of rampant cattle frightened by a wolf. The girl came out of her hiding spot, her heels not even making a single click and wrapped an arm under her chest, resting her other elbow over the arm and biting her finger watching nonchalantly.

    What was going on? Why were these people frightened unlike the neutral yet troublesome bad and good luck bunny called White rabbit? Standing Infront of an alley while watching some people run, she leaned her side on a brick building keeping her straight posture as a cat wrapped around the back of her heels, also seeming somewhat unusually calm with her.

    White Rabbit placed a hand over her goggles around her neck pulling them on and observed from afar, magnifying the view more clearly and closely with some lens. Perhaps she shouldn't risk her safety for now, and she continued to observe the building that had exploded in silence before looking down at the cat that had followed her. A orange tabby cat.

    "Well, you're the only thing with me..~" she sighed pulling the goggles up to her head now before letting them hang down her neck."What do you think? You think the bird is there?" She asks wide eyed in fascination. The cat blinked before nodding its head and White rabbit smiled leaning down slightly."Think we should stay for now and watch?" She adds. The car sat down in response and looks across the street leaning it's head at a nearby Jewelry store before looking back up at White Rabbit.

    White rabbit tilted her head then back at the building on fire but shakes her head."To boring, we did that already." she mutters and she continues from afar again, yawning as she covered her mouth.
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  3. Gray snapped to his senses under the wooden post that thumped his midsection to the wooden floor. A loud crackle echoed through the building as the burning oak of the floor gave out before him. He tumbled below to the next floor, whipping his body around the girth of the falling post. Gray fell on his feet as the building fell on the third story of the complex.

    Gray frowned behind his mask as his head darted around the fiery building. Making a sprint and dive out of the window, the vigilante flicked his wrist in midair to latch onto the edge of a building on the other side of the street. Almost missing the rooftop, Gray struggles to crawl up the ledge of the rooftop. Gray remained on the floor of the rooftop, laying down in exhaustion. The streets vibrated as several bombs inside the building went off, causing the building to collapse to its foundation.

    ' with you!' his intercom sounded off.
    'For all I know I could've died.' Gray said
    'And the civilians?'
    'I'm a GUARD DOG, not Superman.'
    'Apathy is your problem Crow,' the intercom said 'what about the antidote?'
    'Gone.' Gray grabbed his head 'Armageddon begins.'

    A plastic limb grated against the rooftop near Gray's resting place. Gray scattered to his feet to out the fiery limb with his boots.

    'A plastic..leg' the intercom said 'someone in there had a fetish.'
    'Something tells me this was a setup' Gray said

    Plastic limbs were thrown everywhere.

    'Database Look Up for this address,' Gray mumbled 'I want the status on this building.'

    Gray looked to his scanner.

    'This building was supposed to be taken down in a few months..' his A.I said 'everyone had already been evacuated.'

    The inky black of Gray's caused a shine in the midnight sky as he stood on the rooftop, slightly illuminated by the nearby fire.

    'Call the police,' he mentioned 'I'm forwarding this to the embassy.'
    ''There's a mole somewhere in the GUARD DOG facility.'
    'We need to find the mole and find where those vials were going.'

    His intercom was turned off as Gray stood over the rooftop in a crouching position. He stuck out almost like a gargoyle. Using his visor to scan the streets extending the area, Gray noticed a line of leakage leading away from the building. The visor identified it as a thick green line, cloaked over by the pitch black smoke of the explosion.

    'Could that be leakage from a broken antidote case?' he thought
    'Of course, going by car would be too obvious.'
    'They must be hiding it somewhere.'
    'I'm going to need bigger toys for this one.'

    A dark figure stood over the crime scene with glaring white eyes in contrast to the fiery red that lit the sleek black material of his suit. He organized the sequence of events to determine his next move.
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  4. Once again Caramon awoke to another world, something about this place seemed both strange and familiar at the same time as he looked over himself and removed his ID from his left trench pocket, checking over his credentials as he ran his fingers over his moustache and beard as they began to change from a dark brown to a dirty blonde.
    He needn't do it, it had just become a force of habit due to some realities restricting the use of some of his powers, even though he already had the information from this reality's version of himself.

    "So, this reality's convergence point is here, and I'm 21 now.
    I wonder if this familiar setting will be just like that other city I was in a few realities ago.
    Man, was that a heck of a way to go out."

    As he walked along, he could feel the gentle beat of the midnight rain, almost as if it were singing to him, guiding him along to this reality's destiny.
    As he walked past the building ahead of him, he saw a brief flicker of light before it expolded, collapsing in on itself, something flying out and nearly slapping him in the face.
    As he knelt down to see what it was, he wrapped his hand in Twilight and lifted the item into the light.
    It was an arm, but, luckily, it wasn't real.

    "Someone either has an odd fetish, or another crazy doctor turned people into giant Barbie dolls.
    Either way-"

    He stopped talking as he noticed a figure on the roof of an adjacent building to the one that exploded, hoping they might have some answers, if they weren't the one that caused the explosion in the first place.
    Reaching out a hand and placing it on the wall of the building, he created a a handle and grabbed tightly onto it as he ascended the side, reaching the top in mere seconds, gaining enough momentum to fling himself onto the roof just as the dark figure knelt by the edge of the building, looking into the flames below.

    "Hey, you, do you know what this is about?' he said, holding out the limb still clutched in his fingers, animating it with Twilight, the energies appearing almost like crystal in the light of the flames, as he pointed at the man with the plastic hand.
    "I know a trap when I see one, but the question remains: were you the trapper, or the trappee?"
  5. 'That depends who I'm talking to.' Gray stood up straight from his hunched position on the rooftop. His hands lay behind the robe, almost cape like structure that cloaked him in the night. He had his concealed on two things: his pistol and a density foam pellet.

    'I can be a nightmare,' he said 'or your ally.' he paused.
    'Trapper or trapee.'
    'And your participation in these events.'
    'I want answers.' his mask looked blankly into the man's face
    'I know you've got something.'
    'Especially because your not in my database..yet.'

    'I've had a few bad experiences, a few elaborate plots to kill me.'
    'You're either trying to help me, kill me, or are scared to death by me.'
    'After we clear that up, maybe I'll decide what to with you.'

    Gray didn't know what to think of the situation. This could be another elaborate setup. Gray was pulling blanks on this one. He wasn't prepared to fight a super he had never met before. He didn't even know if he meant good or bad.
    Gray backed up to the ledge of the rooftop, rolling his density pellets in this right hand and clutching his smith & wesson tightly in the other. He glared at the figure. It was all guesswork from here.

    'So which is it?'
    'Friend? Foe? Or a civilian trying to be Batman?'
  6. Caramon looked at the strangely clothed man with a smile, sitting on the edge of the roof in a chair-like structure seemingly made of golden crystal.
    After a few moments, a small, golden creature walked out from under the man in black's cape-like robes, climbing up the 'chair' to rest on Zero's shoulder, turning to him before they both laughed.
    Getting to his feet, Caramon offered the man his hand as the creature and crystals disappeared, a large smile on his face as he spoke.

    "I suppose you could say I'm a friend.
    The name's Caramon, Caramon Zero, and by the looks of it, you're the one trying to be a Brandon Lee version of Batman in that get-up."
  7. Gray's eyes squinted in silence as he silently continued to scan Caramon up and down.

    "I am the chief Guard Dog of City 47.' he said
    "Criminals call me the Doc, or Crow' he stares 'choose your favorite.'
    "He would've attacked by now." he thought
    "Im assuming you're new to this country and you have no idea what's going on.' he said

    He set his guard down, more than ready to get some 'super human muscle'.
    "I was sent here to intercept a dangerous trade off.'
    "It was a setup.." he looked over to the source of the fire that hadn't been outed yet.
    "I can still find them, and if you are what you say you are.' he paused
    'Follow me, friend.' his tone was emotionless, almost to contrast Caramon's boy scout and campy approach.

    "I swear if he's going to try and kill me.' he thought as he free fell from the rooftop onto the wet pavement nonchalantly. His legs felt no pain as his robes created a parachute effect as he spread them wide with his arms.
    The streets weren't completely empty, but that only meant that the panicking citizens wouldn't pay a such a sleek dark figure any attention.
    Gray walked over to the other side of the empty street clouded in airborne ashes. He looked down to the streak of unidentified liquid he saw before. Crouching and touching it with his glove, he looked at its consistency with curiosity. A broken piece of metal slathered in the substance was also on the floor. He picked this up, placing it in a detective bag and hiding it away in his robes.

    "It might be a bad lead, but I'm going to follow this." he said

    Gray paid no mind to whether or not Caramon had followed him. In his mind, he believed he would anyways. His attitude would only, in turn, encourage him to to some extent.

    "Follow me if you'd like, I can show you the ropes around here."
    "I want all my list of past encounters on screen."
    "Habits, patterns of crime.' he said to his visor 'Everything.'

    The figure stood upright, walking confidently despite the chaotic sirens and civilians around him. The sound of gunshots, burning wood and breaking goods filled this part of the city. The moon was blocked by a cloud of smoke, the fire of the explosion as their only fading source of light. Home invasions and robberies erupted, downtown was a mess. Criminals, supers and humans, were taking this opportunity to fulfill their deepest plots. Alerts were appearing that Gray couldn't put his hands on. GUARD DOG operatives were in the shadows, and all forms of beings were against them. Gray was out to stop them..somehow.
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  8. White rabbit flew in the air before landing Infront of crow. She seemed to hold a valuable Serum around her neck hanging from a chain belonging to some deliverer and had two sacks filled with money. It was payment and she had set up the biggest chase ever between two rival gangs who wanted the serum that she stole. One had it, the other wanted it. It was simple, she stole and team 1 was angered while team 2 are also after her head for not giving it and taking the money. She was paid to protect and steal yet kept all payments and didn't do either jobs. The serum was considered valuable and well, 'had power' and she noticed crow ahead."Uh oh." She mutters to herself before wrapping a hand around the small serum container and yanking the necklace off. The rabbit quickly shoved it between her cleavage where it would be hidden by her breasts and corset and she ran ahead before spinning around and turning to the crow, mockingly leaning forward behind him.

    "No no no little birdie!~" she muses skipping forward and nearly interrupted his walking. She looked up at him innocently grinning, though that just meant she caused trouble and she soon grabbed his hand and forced him to walk her way to where the chemicals that had been broken were. There were still pieces of the container and she grins. Perhaps she can use trickery. The group would see the crow near the serum and think he broke the one she has, they'd be more scared and try to fight whereas crow would fight for her quickly. Win her fight allowing her to escape.

    But she would need to make it more realistic... How? White rabbit quickly thinks and turns around facing him. She wrapped his hands around her neck, making it seem like a simple strangle and once the group of thugs arrived behind him her eyes glistened in mischievousness. Just as expected, fear crept once they saw crow and white rabbit stand there as if losing a fight with him.

    "WHAT DO WE DO?"

    They yelled. Some cursed, others taunted, and most shook in fear. White rabbit looked up at him she heard more footsteps coming behind her as she tippy toed."Care to be my dance partner?" She mumbles to him. There was probably only about 6 thugs Infront, but another 6 soon appeared after making it 12 total and everything went still. She'll help fight off a few before running off but who knew and she stands there continuing to look distressed. Her hands were around his on her neck, forcing him to have a posture of trying to strangle her and she sneers slightly. Maybe his walking buddy can do the work too.
  9. In the rush of the moment Gray had already forgotten about his partner, Caramon. He decided to be particularly rough and blunt, given the solution to his problems was willing to beat up a few thugs alongside him. He'd have his chance to investigate more once they were on the floor, bleeding. Gray unhooked his robe and violently threw it violently at three the thugs in front of him. The mass of his robes kept them confused, netting them in darkness. Gray dashed to them in an unnatrual speed, gripping their heads with his mechanical hands. Slamming their heads onto the pavement, a hard knocking sound would echo through the alleyway they stood on. Gray laid there in a bent over position, about to get up and continue.

    Gray was kicked in the side as he was about to raise himself from the floor. Grabbing the leg of he third thug who happened to have been forgotten by the vigilante. Gray gripped his ankle and squeezed it. The preceding noise sounded almost like a screaming child opening a bag of chips. Breaking the nose of a thug with his elbow as he charged him, he seized the metal pipe of another thug.

    'Pipes don't work on me.' he said

    He stomped the kneecap of the thug, breaking the hinge joint with his boots, swining around with the pipe to knockout another thug.

    'I lost count here.'

    His mechanical arms meant that he can exude enough pressure and momentum to perform 'one hit knock outs' as easily as regular punches.

    "It takes two to tango, White.'
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  10. Caramon followed the man down, the ribbons of his trench forming wings as he descended to ground level.

    "Doc? Doctor? Doctor who?"

    As he continued on silently, he stayed several feet away from the Crow, noticing the activity around him, and seeing the movements in the shadows, ignoring the crimes he would have stopped otherwise.
    When the woman in white appeared, he noticed her remove something from her neck, as well as where she hid it, following her as she drug Crow along with her and posed him, waiting for some thugs to arrive, which seemed rather scared seeing the Crow and this "Rabbit" in the position they were in.

    Smiling as he walked out of the shadows, he hung his trench on a nearby railing, and drew his blade, walking over to the thugs and turning back to the pair.

    "I'll take care of these guys, Doctor, you keep ahold of Bunny. Oh, by the way, don't mind the little guy, he's just gonna do some explorin'."

    At this, a small patch of transparency covered the ground, and an even smaller creature, not 4" high, began to walk over to the pair, climbing the Doctor's coat and along his arms before diving after a small string in the Rabbit's cleavage, yet being sucked in after it, finding a bottle or vial of some sort and trying to push it out of his new entrapment, though the thing didn't want to move, despite his best efforts.

    As Caramon went against the rabble, the look in his eyes changed, seeming full of bloodlust and rage, yet his movements appeared as if he were standing still, each foe falling to the ground every time the handguard hit the sheathe with a resounding 'click', yet they lay almost unharmed, no cuts or lacerations to be seen, though they were out cold and unmoving.
    As the last man fell, he began to drag them to the nearby wall, setting them side by side before returning to the other two, his face almost as dark as his sword.
    He smiled as the small creature climbed out of the bustier, pulling on the string once more before giving up and jumping off, disappearing before he reached the ground.

    Caramon's smile grew into a wide grin as he sheathed his blade and replaced his trench, leaning against a nearby wall before speaking.
    "So, what'd ya think?
    Pretty fun, huh?
    Well, I guess that's what you're having now, that is, if you're both into bondage play.
    If you want some privacy, I saw a few thugs run off before the fighting started, so I could chase them down if you two want to be alone."
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  11. Gray looked over to Caramon. He let his guard down around him. This wasn't a criminal to Gray. This was a boy that came at the right place at the right time.

    'Not the time to say thanks yet.' he thought

    His mind had been clouded, almost obsessed over finding the details of this most recent attack. Picking up his bloodied cloack, he threw it back over his shoulders, hiding his military grade suit under his fabric again. The figure approached the criminals, gripping two by the neck and violently pressing them against the brick wall of the alleyway.

    'It's always the alleyway, isn't guys?'
    'Sometimes I like to think we're in a comic book.' he switched tones, becoming extremely light-hearted and friendly.
    'Y'know, the superheros put you in jail, break out a few years, and we meet back here 3 years from now.'
    'Wouldn't you like that?'

    The thugs nodded, almost smiling along with the Crow. Gray pulled them from the wall to slam their backs back onto the bricks behind them, lifting them off their feet and looking up to them.

    "Spill the information"
    "All of it." he said "I'll know when your lying." he had them squeezed by the neck, expecting their pressure and bpm to go up once they began to lie.

    'Aṣiwère! o maṣe paapa ye ohun ti wi pe !"
    "Mo ki yoo so fun o ohunkohun " the thug to the left yelled.

    "Mo ti ye." Gray said
    "Ati awọn ti o ba ti lọ si sọ fun mi ohun gbogbo."

    They continued to ramble on in a foreign language. The tip of Gray 's mask issues small bursts of gas towards the criminals.

    "W-we'll talk!"
    They issued all of the information regarding the White Rabbit, issueing some lies here and there.
    The Crow dropped the thugs, allowing the to squirm and shake as their widened eyes rolled back. They screamed and rolled around, screaming their past traumatic memories and crawling slowly away from 'The Bird from Hell".
    Gray turned around to Caramon, looking for White Rabbit.

    "You." he looked to him
    "You've just earned a new partner, welcome aboard Caramon."
  12. Once released, almost immediately The crow accepted to fight for her, or Atleast half the fight. She watched not at all surprised as the group of thugs also watched not touching her yet and soon the fight was over within minutes and the crow looked at the smirking rabbit."It takes two to tango, white. Your parts up." He called to her before she ducked at a thug who swung a metal bat at her and tripped him before grabbing the bat and whacking another behind her before looking back down at the thug and hitting his crotch with it, dropping the metal bat 2 easily down, 4 left.

    The rabbit didn't get hit at all, she was to fast. When a thug came at her she quickly ran up a wall landing behind him and grabbed the back of his head smashing it against the wall breaking his nose. As on as she turned around, white rabbit grabbed a thug behind her and kneed him to the face hard, her jaw breaking knee move nearly made a loud crack noise when it hit the guy and upon landing she quickly jumped in the air kicking a thug armed with a knife on the side of his head before grabbing the last one and yanking him towards her quickly pinning him down against the wall behind her.

    White rabbit grinned at the thug pinning his arms behind his back while she pressed against him."You bitch, when we find you, we're going to rip those pretty little legs off of you." He threatened weakly. White rabbit chuckled softly before she took out the serum, holding his hands with one of her gloved ones and she showed it to the thug."Take one good last look at it then." She said mockingly before banging his head against the wall roughly.

    Guess she miscounted as caramon had some thugs and she placed a hand up at Crow grinning."So are we going to fight, or are you going to chase me?" She asks after crow rounded up the boys.
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  13. What in the world had gotten into her. It was well past sun down and this city wasn't exactly known for its safety on the streets, especially around midnight. Her silver colored tank top was hidden under her jacket and her bundled up hair hidden by the hood while her mask was an ever present weight in her pocket. She had changed clothes for this, and what's even worse, she was actually outside, walking from where she lived to the hub of all the commotion.

    Just half an hour earlier Alexiana had been leisurely laying on her couch, watching a movie with a cup of chocolate vanilla ice cream. She would have gone to bed once it was finished and hear all about it in the morning, but instead she got the phone call.
    One of her friends was near the current explosion of criminals and flying fake body parts (which made absolutely no sense to her what so ever) and with Alexiana's apartment being on the other half of the city, her friend had pleaded if she could spend the night at Alexiana's place. Sure, no problem with that, obviously. A friend in need and all that meant quite a deal to her, even with her friends not knowing a single thing about the girl's super powers. Not that they were really super, just powers really as she saw little to no benefit in them. But it wasn't going to be that easy now was it.
    Her friend had gotten frightened to the point of not wanting to go out of her house on her own, so Alexiana had to pick her up.

    Any sane person would have refused, she was sure of it, but not her. She had gotten up and changed into her 'outfit' just in case, and set out on foot. She would have taken a car if she had one, and public transportation if it was still active after midnight, but since neither of those were in effect, walking it was.

    Turning a corner gave Alexiana a view of what she had been hearing. Great, there wasn't really an easier, other way to get to her destination, and walking through this as a normal person would not make any sense.
    In front of her was the exploded building, and the people that currently were present definitely were not very friendly looking. No wonder her friend didn't want to exit her door alone. And that was great and all, but now she had to get by them, on her own.
    It was true that Alexi had less to fear while walking through a crowd like this than a normal person, but she was only immune to magic and powers, not pipes, fists and knives.

    She had stepped back into the shadows and undid herself of her jacket, hiding it behind a trash can, and clipped on her mask. Feeling at least a little more in place Alexi, now Silver, let her hair loose and walked onto the scene, her guard up. She stopped at an alley near the explosion when she saw two, no three people there. She hesitated, should she continue on her way or go back after all, find another route. She took a step backwards and knocked against another trash can by accident, letting it tumble over to the ground.
  14. "Where'd you get it."
    "And from who?"
    "I want answers, White."

    Gray seemed to ignore her comments, cutting straight to what his interest was. He knew this scene all too well.

    'Chase..or fight' he thought to himself. Regardless, Gray prepped his legs and arms to exert a bit more power. He was ready for whatever was about to happen.

    "I don't have time for mind games, you know we're all at stake here."
  15. 'Caramon?' he looked behind him, pressing himself against the wall once silence confirmed it wasn't him. He looked to White, making a 'shh' motion with his finger and mask.

    'I believe we've just found our new lead.' he whispered

    The Crow grabbed White Rabbit's hand tightly, but not enough to damage her.

    'I'm not letting you go either.' he said 'Be quiet and sidle on the wall near me.'

    Gray, uncharacteristically, touched her back, attempting to place a homing beacon onto her bra-like get up.

    'Maybe then I won't need to chase you later.'
  16. Caramon turned towards the direction of the sound as Crow grabbed the Rabbit, seeing a young woman standing not far from them.
    Straightening his posture, he walked over to her, standing not three feet away from her before smiling and looking into her blue eyes through the silver that hid her face.
    Her eyes felt so familiar, yet so new at the same time, causing his eyes to soften and take on a faint glow.

    "I'm not going to hurt you, not even if you ask." he said jokingly, extending his hand to the girl, a golden rose forming before he continued.
    "I'm Caramon, may I know your name milady?"
  17. As crow began to question her she grinned. He already knew and with that she giggled offering a hand to him before shrugging."What's wrong..? Feeling skittish?" She asks noticing how he was prepping his legs."Seems like we're prepping for cardio." She joked as she hid the serum back where it was before and took a step back looking over her shoulders at the crow but he yanks her up and holds onto her hand.

    "You're a fool bird brain." She retorts beside him listening before focusing her gaze up at him. She grew impatient and grinned before pinning him against the wall."Hey! Can I come home with you?" She grins and of course there was no answer from crow."Can I?" She asks grinning mischievously again. If he said no, she already had a plan for that already and looked up at him.
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  18. Out of pure instinct Alexiana stepped back half a step when one of the figures came forward. The situation looked hostile in that alley so she had no idea what to expect.
    When the person that came to her held out his hand and offered a rose with slightly glowing eyes she realized this person was a super as well. He seemed to have the best of intentions towards her, but never the less she was still on guard.
    "I'm-" She hesitated for a moment. "Silver. I'm called Silver." She eventually replied.
    Her eyes fixated on the outstretched hand and the offered flower. Etiquette deemed her to at least take his hand to complete the greeting, but at the same time if she touched the rose, what would happen to it?
    Curiosity got the better of her and she stretched out her right hand, letting the tips of her fingers brush over the petals as her silver ring gleamed in the light. If the flower would remain in existence she would take hold of it, if not, well there was that.
  19. "I need answers, not a travel buddy."
    "Do you have any idea who that came from?"

    ***Transition to Leon***
    The professor paced around his unknown safe house, cellphone in hand. He messages a certain client.

    'I have errands for you.' he texts Blood
    *** ***
  20. White rabbit rolled her eyes and backed away from him."You've never had any fresh pickup lines Crow." She quickly scowled momentarily."And as for for answers, You Chase me." She shrugged arms over her hips."Maybe I do know maybe I don't." Added white rabbit.

    She soon salutes him with a chuckle before running off with the serum."Serum goes to the one who can catch or kill me!" She called."And neither is easy.." Before jumping to a rooftop and running off.