Citizens of Mega City [Mega Man Fanbased]

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  1. Citizens of Mega City

    Mega Man has been captured by Dr. Wiley!
    It has been recently announced by the news that Dr. Wiley is trying to use his DNA for new robots.

    Dr. Light has chosen a couple young people to turn them into robots and save Mega Man.

    You and your parnter robots must go trough 8 stages and defeat the Mavericks! Doing so will give not give you their power, as you are given a certain power in the beginning, these are:
    Fire Man
    Create a shield of fire and launch it in any direction.

    Aqua Woman
    Launch 2 homing missiles wich create a wave of water at impact.

    Toad Man
    Launch a missile in the air and create acid rain.

    Shadow Woman
    Throw shuriken at enemies wich explode on impact.

    Cut Man
    Throw 2 deadly siccors in any direction, wich will come back at you like a boomerang.

    Pharaoh Woman
    Charge up a sandy blast and shoot away, this is very powerfull.

    These are the robots/powers you can choose from.
    Remember, these will be your only powers.
    So you cannot absorb Maverick powers, even when its tempting.

    Please, no God Modding and respect eachothers.
    Let Mega Man be proud of you!

  2. Dr Light: "Welcome fellow "students" I like to thank you all for participating in this event. As you might know, Wiley has captured Mega Man and uses his DNA for evil cloning. I here by present you, your new powerups and armour!"

    Stork: Thanks doc! I hope i can come of good use... And the rest too of course. Man, i can't decide who i wanna be! Fire Man looks kinda cool. I guess i will go with that Doc!
  3. Kutter: Well, if you really want us to turn into these 'bots, Doc, how big are we talking on those scissors? If they're sword size or bigger, Cut Man's for me.
  4. Dr. Light: Haha... Those scissors are very big, very dangerous to wander around with. You have to watch your head! Haha.."

    Stork: "Nice choice ehh.. He he whats your name again? I forget sometimes. My name is Stork. And i got a lot of 'cut' puns to follow. He he"
  5. Kutter: "Then I'm in Doc. I'm sure you're quite the cut-up, Stork. My name's Kutter, Kutter Sloley Youngmaster."
  6. Dr Light: Good to see that you two are becoming friends already. It's only a matter of before the rest has made his choice.

    Stork: Heh... Yeah... So ehm do we get a buster? Or a Mega buster? And does our power require refills?
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