Cirque Du Sleep

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  1. ((Keep in mind that this is my first RP on this site, so I'm sorry if I don't do this right.))

    Plot/Backstory: It was only supposed to be a family outing to the Cirque Du Sleep, the circus so famously known for its fantastic production with the clowns, contortionists, and the infamous Ringmaster Strudwick. He practically ran the circus on his own, and was very proud of what he did. When little Errol Plank found out he was going to the circus, he squealed like the little pigs they let you pet after the show.

    But little did anyone know what lay under the fickle skin of this joyous event. The Ringmaster, in some point of history, decided that the only way to temporarily stall his ravenous hunger was to hunt down the souls of certain people. Innocent people, for that matter. Yes, they all had to be innocent, pure souls. There was no other ulterior motive-- only that deep inside, he just felt like it.
    After years of searching, he found his outlet. The Cirque Du Sleep. Over the course of decades of the CDS, he'd seek out one poor soul from the audience, and kept it a secret. Nobody ever found out-- they simply lived their lives as normal without that person. Strudwick would torture them physically, by making them complete borderline impossible tasks. Mentally, by tying them down to a chair while showcasing gore as they were mesmerized by the sight.
    And then he would rob their souls.
    This particular show, The Ringmaster pointed out Errol Plank.

    Characters who MUST BE RP'd

    1. Errol Plank ((Submit your idea of him to RP))

    Submit Your Own Characters

    • Name
    • Gender identity (male, female, genderfluid, agender, etc)
    • Age
    • Role in circus show (IF IT APPLIES TO YOUR CHARACTER)
      • Basically what they do to assist Strudwick in the show, or what they do in the show, or how they assist to torture Errol in the end.
    • Bystander of the show (IF IT APPLIES TO YOUR CHARACTER)
    • Personality traits (evil, condescending, nice, etc)
    • Physical Appearance (through picture or description)
    • Significance to RP
    Ringmaster Strudwick

    • Ringmaster Strudwick/Strudwick/The Ringmaster
    • Male
    • Unknown
    • Ringmaster
    • Evil, condescending, misleading, mentally sick
    • 6'8', thin, pale face, long slick black hair (shoulder length), crimson eyes, large, red lips, perfect teeth.
    • He plays the main role, and the one who creates conflict within the plot.
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