Cirque du Gothique

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  1. Warning: May contain descriptive gore and/or violence along with other cruel wrong doings. Rape is possible but will not be detailed.

    In this world of secrets, nothing is as it seems, and the price of misplaced trust may even be worse than death.

    Those of us watching Cirque du Gothique from the outside could say everything seems splendid and admirable, however things are not always as they seem. What happens behind the curtain's rise and fall is just one giant enigma of this well names Circus.

    Behind thes curtains is a trouched unlivable environment. Those who take the stage are treated like nothing more then trash, slaves, seeing as most of them were either brought or kidnapped by the owners. If the owners are not pleased its up to the Ring Leader to punish and put them in their place. Though the owners themselves are rarly seen and when they are its with a mask. None know the faces of these two men.

    Once apon a time, most loved doing what they did however all that love is now lost and forgotten. The energy of the enwonderment which they brought to the stage, now lost in the darkened future. Some have tried to escape and have fail, being killed in the prosses. Most don't want to leave for the fear of their own lives and others simply want to make a change.
  2. Miya Naji
    She was laying somewhere on a wooden floor. She slowly opened her eyes and rubbed them thoroughly as she looked around. She could only see a red curtain and scratched her cheek. She didn't remember much of how she got here but what she did know is that she didn't know what was going on. She then remembered something about a circus. She stood up as her snake crawled up across her legs and it twirled itself around her stomach staying there. Her spider was on her head as she sighed
    Where the hell am I? I don't remember who or what got me here but it's freaking me out so hopefully someone can come and explain this all to me right freaking now!
  3. The darkened d├ęcor gave a hauntingly vivide description of what was going on behind curtains. "Dante, you know what must be done and I expect to to be done." Says a raspy voice. The older man, the one who owned the circus, looked down at Dante. Long black tresses flowed down the males back, a finally chiseled jaw line, crystal blue orbs, tall masculine body, Dante was the embodiment of a god and to top it off he wore a rebel look of leather jacket, red v neck tee, black fitted cargo pants and combat boots. "Yes, Master." He says with his a naturally arousing tone from where he knelt down. He stood and left the room, heading towards the room which the new comment lingered. Upon arrival to his destination Dante steps though the red curtains seeing a woman on the hard wooden floor. "You must be Miya. Get up. You don't have time to waste." He reaches down snatching her up from the ground.

  4. Miya Naji
    She stood up as she looked up at Dante. He had a weird aura to him. Also, his appearance was different from what she had ever seen. She quickly bowed and went off soon coming back in her tight suit she chose for her act
    Alright sir. I am ready to perform when you tell me to. I promise I will do my best to entertain every person that is here
    She giggled and smiled as she bowed again standing behind the closed red curtain her snake and spider crawling into her mouth to hide there for her act
  5. Nothing was different to Vincent, everything was the same as always. Get up, get dressed, perform, take a break, perform again. It was always the same shit routine that he had always foll.owed since he came to this circus. Not that he cared anymore, he had numb emotions, and his mind was often blank and void of thoughts. He knew his act was never quite the same as the last, but he wanted to try something strange and erratic today. Something new to spice up the routine that had become bland to him, just to give it a little bit of a flair. But he could never tell what would result of his little charades, yet he was going to do it anyway. He had his hands tucked into his pockets, and he was slouched forwards a little in a very lazy manner, a blank look on his face.
    "Maybe something interesting will happen today. I wonder if anyone will fall of the tightrope perhaps, maybe break a few bones..."
    He had a very sadistic sense of humor that often frightened others, but he didn't really see it.
  6. Dante simply leaned against a pole and watched her. "You do realize their is no point in trying to impress me. You have joined. There is no turning back." He hissed. He simply motions her to come along. "I could care less what you are able to do. You will do as the masters wish of you. What the ringleader tells you to do. If you don't...well you can ask the others what will happen. Remember your not the only one who has to practice." He says before walking out before slashing his whip at her. The long whip sliced threw her shoulder as a sadistic grin tweeked at his lips.

  7. Miya Naji
    She sighed as she got hit and let out a screech. It didn't hurt like hell, but it stung pretty badly. She now just waited for the curtain to go up
    Well I just want to start okay? I'm getting bored here too you know
    She tapped her foot softly on the floor as she looked around
  8. Vincent watched the little assault, feeling not even an inch of sympathy for the girl. If you didn't follow the rules in this place, you got bitten. Simple as that. Punishment was harsh and rules were strictly enforced, but Vincent didn't seem to have a problem, he did as he was told., What got him in trouble was his cocky attitude, even if he wasn't talking to anybody and more-so himself. People often took him talking to himself in response to others conversations as him making remarks and trying to snap back to things, which was completely the opposite of what he was doing, but he didn't really have any control over others thoughts. Decked out in vibrant shades of blue, he stood off to the side by the curtains where a rope was, waiting to be told to raise the red suede sheathe that kept the background of the circus hidden from public view.
  9. Luna was simply practicing her juggling act for the show, throwing the three small red balls up in the air with one hand while catching them with the other in a counterclockwise pattern. It wasn't like she had anything else to do, after all the show wouldn't start for a few more minutes, and she was all prepared for it, her face white and he rest of her wearing a white shirt with some red suspenders, not to mention that except for Hades and Dante, nobody was even arou-
    The colorful spheres bounced off of Luna's head as she fell onto her backside. Well, that should've been expected, since she was walking backwards. Looking up and behind her, much like turning her head upside down, she noticed that there was a new girl, one who was dressed in a tight suit. Standing back up, she quickly turned around to face said stranger, a big grin on her face as she asked,

    "Ah, sorry about that, I wasn't expecting to see a new person around here, are you new?"

  10. Miya Sayi
    She rubbed her shoulder as she felt someone bump against her back. Turning around, she saw a girl on the ground. She was carrying some red balls with her which made Miya asume she was a juggler of some sort
    Oh yeah I'm new here. Miya Sayi is the name. I'm an acrobatic. And not only the one that flies from rope to rope or whatever but you'll see
    She grinned back as she opened her mouth her pet spider crawling from under her tongue and her snake poking it's head out from her throat
  11. Dante had wondered back to his dressing room. It was only a matter of time before people crowed the theater like circus. A giant stage and nice comfy seats for the audance to watch acrobats and other circus tricks turned into a story such as Cinderella. However since today was an opening to a new session and a new play of sorts it was rather random and unique. Dante sat in his dressing room pulling his long black hair into a pony tail so he could slip on the blonde short ish long wig and red hat after making his face white and placing gems around his eyes. He then pulled on a red suit with black shirt and put his whip at his side. This was in look when he opened and closed the show, but he portrayed an entirely different look when he performs.
  12. Aurelia had finished changing into her costume and was running a brush through her hair lazily as she stared at her reflection.Setting the brush aside,she began on her makeup,leaving it simple for the night as she would be doing more tricks tonight than acting.Looking around her table,she searched for her hat but soon remembered she had given it to Dante to repair after it ripped last show.With a sigh,she headed down to his dressing room.
    Knocking on his door gently,she leaned against the door frame."Dante?You in there?"She called out to him through the door
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  13. Dante looked up with the call of his name with a familiar voice. Knowing exactly who it was he reached over to the coat hanger which held her hat. Picking it up he walked over to the door and opens it up. "Could this happen to be what you were seeking?" He asks holding out a hat which had a purple rose attached to the side which had a rip. Of course he fixed it up but he added the rose thinking it needed something else. He gave her a smug smirk as amusment flickered in his crystal blue orbs. "We best get going. The show starts in roughly three minutes." He sighs stepping completely out of his room closing the door behind him before walking the hall infront of him.

  14. Aurelia gratefully took the hat from his hands,taking note of the newly placed purple rose over where the rip had once lay.Securing it to her head with a couple bobby pins,she rolled her eyes at his smirk and felt a playful smirk creep onto her lips as well.As they headed down to the stage,she noticed Dante seemed be more tense than usual.Though it was subtle,she had learned through the years his body language.
    "Are you alright Dante?You seem a little a stressed."She asked with concern.
  15. "Normally I wouldn't tell however your a bit of an exception. Tonight the owners will be in the audience and we have a newbie in the show to night. We all know how things play out when they don't like what we do. Around these times they are a bit more harsh and want results." He says flatly with a shrug. "I don't want to be the one they take anger out on." Making his way behind stage he cracks his whip and a dark amusement flickers in his orbs. "Don't fuck your self over out there to night. Maybe you won't meet my whip." He smirks slashing at a clown before reeling the whip back up.
  16. Aurelia rolled her eyes at his words,having become accustomed to his dark humor over their years together."I know this routine like the back of my hand,Dante."She stated with a gentle smile."Everything will be fine and tonight I will even give you one of my famous massages too."She said with a reassuring smile,standing on the balls of her feet to press a kiss to Dante's cheek before turning and heading to her place behind the stage.Warming up her muscles,she began to practice her routine as best as she could on the floor.
  17. "Sounds enjoyable Princess." He smirks before walking out on stage. "Ladies and Gentalmen! Boys and girls of all ages, tonight Cirque du Gothique brings you, Ombra Gales!" He booms to the audience as fog filled the scene and the lights dim as curtains drop. "Ci auguriamo che le ombre!" Was the last thing he said before the room grows dark. A crack of his whip and he pushes Miya on stage. "Get out there." He whispers after turning off his mic.

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  18. Luna simply smiled as the other girl in front of her introduced herself, happy that this new recruit was at least a positive one, unlike a certain person who was clad in blue. It wasn't like the clown disliked Hades, but sometimes she needed to be able to try and annoy somebody who wasn't as...chilling.
    As for the spider and snake crawling into the self-proclaimed non-rope-swinging-acrobatic's mouth, let's just say that Luna decided to ignore that, suddenly hearing the faint crack! of an all-too familiar whip. "Oooh, it looks like the show is starting, we better get out of here, or else Dante will probably get mad, you get what I'm saying?" Winking, Luna grabbed Miya's hand, attempting to pull her towards the side of the stage where Hades was standing idly, probably lost in his own thoughts. Turning back around to her new fellow performer, she made an even larger smile, preparing herself for her act as she introduced herself.
    "Ah, by the way, I'm Luna, and in case you haven't noticed by the nose...I'm a clown." Giggling a little, Luna couldn't help but add a little bit more to her introduction, saying something she's always wanted to say as the ringleader began the show.
    "Hey, welcome to the circus!"
  19. Miya Naji
    She giggled at the girl who he just met. She wanted to talk a little more but got hit with the whip again and got onto the stage. However, she entered by making a few weird movements. She walked in as one of her legs twisted around the other one and her arms behind it. She stood with her mouth open her snake crawling out. It moved around her body as it suddenly disappeared. Miya also did. She suddenly appeared at a swing at the top of the circus her snake crawling up someone's leg. She grinned as she swing towards that person as she made some flips and weird movements landing right in front of this person. She opened the man's mouth taking her spider out. She giggled as she got on her hands walking up his lap. She wrapped her legs around his head as she got up right her snake crawling around her. She stood on his head but felt very light. She then jumped back to the main stage with some tricks. She landed on her wrists a few cracks beig heard but she standing right up. Now, her mouth and eyes leaked out blood. She went back to the backstage with some disgusting movements as she disappeared
  20. A flick of his wrist sent the curtain away enough to reveal what needed to be seen by the audience which was only whichever performer's turn it was to go out into the ring. He watched as the newbie spoke to one of the more enthusiastic performers whom he didn't necessarily care all that much for, mentally shooting daggers her way, hypothetically. She was just to happy for his liking. He knew that Dante would tell him when he needed to go out, and he was planning out his own little melodramatic scene to exhibit when his turn came around. Meanwhile he might as well introduce himself. Can't have a newbie running around without at least knowing who he is, and this action of him talking to somebody he didn't even know was highly surprising., even for him. He stepped over to her and extended his hand towards her in greeting, his red eyes piercing through the dullness of the room as they did on a regular basis, but that much more now that it was darker in the whole place.
    "Hey. You must be the new one, right?"